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Required Level 1 Tumbling Technique All of these skills must be performed with straight legs and pointed toes Feet must be together on landings Level 1 Jumps Jumps such as Toe Touch, Hurdler and Pike with correct arm placement and pointed toes. LEVEL 2 SKILLS Basic Level 2 Tumbling Skills Standing Back Handspring Straight Jump Back Handsprin level 1 leg stunt • straight cradle from extended 1 leg stunt level 5 junior restricted & senior restricted level 5. 2018 - 2019 all star/ performance rec club scoring system - tumbling standing tumbling skills running tumbling skills jump back tuck elite level appropriat STUNTS • Double leg stunts are allowed at prep level or below. • Single leg stunts are allowed below prep level. • Bases may move/turn while in a load in position, during a ¼ transition, and/or once the building of a stunt is completed (exception: Bases may move during a traveling Double-Based T-Lift) May 21, 2021 - Explore Learning is Awesome's board cheer-level1, followed by 140 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cheer, cheer stunts, cheerleading stunt Tumbling skills increase and get harder, but the tumbling skills on the level before that might be used in the routine too, so every tumbling skill up until that level are needed. The age categories are: tiny, ages 5 and younger. mini, ages 8 and younger. youth, ages 11 and younger. junior, ages 14 and younger. senior, ages 10-18

LEVEL 1 STUNTS A. Spotters 1. A spotter is required for each top person at prep level and above. Example: Suspended splits, flat-bodied positions and preps are examples of prep level stunts. Extended arm stunts that are not in the upright position (such as extended v-sits, extended flat backs, etc) are considered prep level stunts Stunts where the base(s) arms are extended overhead but are NOT considered Extended Stunts since the height of the body of the top person is similar to a prep level stunt are: chairs, torches, flat backs, straddle lifts, suspended rolls and leap frogs try quarter turns into stunts as they look cool, In my level 1 stunt group we did a flat front swing down to splits which worked well too Helen uk uni cheer , May 23, 2014 # *Teams that do not perform at least 1 level appropriate skill/transition by 2 or more groups in Stunts and Pyramids will automatically receive .3 off for Synchronization. **Bobbles - Stunt/Pyramid skills that almost fall, but are saved My Squads stunt groups at bca north east classics newcastle 2012! Fireflyers- 5th Skale- 5th Highflyers- 8th A-team- 7th Hotshots-

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  1. 1. I can not guarantee that everything in this video is still legal. Always check before competing. 2. The videos are saved from my Instagram, that is why th..
  2. Toss Extended single leg stunt/single arm stunt (Level 4 ONLY) COED QUANTITY CHART # OF MALES ON TEAM # OF STUNTS 1 - 3 1 4 OR MORE 2 2019 - 2020 ALL STAR SCORING SYSTEM - BUILDING LEVEL 1 - 5 & 6 JR 4.18.19 STUNT DIFFICULTY 3.0 - 3.5 BELOW Skills performed do not meet Low range requirement 3.5 - 4.0 LO
  3. I mean the Youth team is a level 1 team, the junior team a level 2 team and then the senior team is a level 3 team. So in this instance the older team is the higher level team. This does end up getting the athletes and parents the desire to compete on the older team because they are at a higher level
  4. Unicorns Day 2 at The American. Second place out of 5 teams
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Junior Rec 13 years and younger Female/Male 5-36 Athletes Level 3 (Level 2 stunts and Level 1 Level 2.1 tumbling) *No tosses in level 2.1 for Tiny and Mini age teams level guidelines for All Star cheer set forth by USASF. Teams in Performance Re 2019 Canadian Cheer ShowdownE.Y. Centre, Ottawa, ONFebruary 3, 201 Feb 9, 2020 - Explore Amy Alvarez's board CHEER LEVEL 1 PEE WEE on Pinterest. See more ideas about cheer, cheerleading, cheer stunts Level 1 stunts this morning. Showcasing our backspots 李 #headneckshoulders #level1stunts #onelegstunt. Day two @eastcoasttigers and we are ready for our private junior coaches level 1 cheer course .

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Southern Cross Cheerleading - Junior Level 1, 2nd Place at Nationals! Congrats on receiving 2nd place at AASCF Nationals in Brisbane, QLD Australia. Great effort for being a first year club!Coached by Stephanie Daveywww.austra.. Junior Level 2 As a competitive cheerleading team that follows the USASF guidelines we follow their guidelines to set the basis for stunts and tumbling. Cheerleaders must be 6 - 14 years old

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Junior Level 1 is one of our junior teams which is an introduction to All-star teams emphasizing basic tumbling, stunting, arm motion technique, and stunts. The Level 1 team members are expected to perform, with proper training, front and back walkovers while learning front handsprings, standing back handsprings along with working connections. Level 1-5 Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior & Senior (excluding Coed) and Level 6 Junior & Junior Coed including IASF Divisions* Level 3, 4, & 5 Senior & Open Coed, including IASF Divisions* cheerleading stunts, jumps, and motions, dance teams, competitive cheerleading, cheer coaching, and also cheerleader safety. Contact Us EGA's All Star Cheerleading program will teach girls and boys USASF Level 1 and 2 stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance! At EGA our mission is to provide all of our students with everything they need to achieve their athletic goals while having fun and enjoying their experience in a safe and positive learning environment The sport of competitive cheerleading takes a two minute thirty second routine set to music to a level of competition that compares to none. The routine includes choreographed stunts, jumps and tumbling appropriate to respective age groups and skill levels and is judged by industry experts Two years of cheer, dance, or tumbling experience required. Standing back tucks and round off handspring layout required. Cheerleaders in this class will be practicing at our MOST ADVANCED level of cheer, working on level 6 stunts and tumbling. Cheerleaders will be working on fulls in tumbling, stunts, choreography, and jumps

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Easy Cheerleading Stunts High School Cheerleading Cheerleading Cheers Cheer Coaches All Star Cheer Cheer Mom Cheer Routines Cheer Practice Cheer Quotes G-Force Mini level 1 Stunt Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Level 1. In addition to your beginner tumbling class, HINRG offers a level 1 cheer class that is perfect for athletes who want to learn the fundamentals of jumps, intro to stunt safety, motions, and limbers. We will also focus on building balance, flexibility, and strength to help advance as an athlete 1. Coed early pop down, fall or sweep where the base does not assist the flyer to the performance surface, or the flyer has a body part, other than feet, touch the ground upon landing. 2. Level 1 waist level stunts: Flyer falls/steps down early and has a body part, other than feet, touch the ground upon landing

In Level 2 stunts we need: 1/2 twisting mount or transitiion. straight cradle from a 1-legged prep level stunt. inversion into a stunt. log/barrel roll. other level appropriate creative or unique load in, dismount or transition. plus multiple body positions. coach.elle , Jan 20, 2011. #14 Continuing with level 3 stunting you may stand on 1 leg pulling level appropriate skills like shown in this picture. Now depending on youth or junior, senior division single base or single assisted base extended stunts are not allowed unless you are on a junior or senior level team There are only nine junior colleges with cheerleading—but the top programs are some of the best in the nation, including Navarro College and Trinity Valley Community College in Texas. The junior college division is split into advanced and intermediate levels, with the majority of programs competing within the intermediate level Cheer teams are broken down by age and level. Levels are 1-5 and are determined by stunting and tumbling abilities. Tiny Pre-team is an exhibition team that can only do cartwheels and forward rolls and cannot stunt. It is a great introduction team. Tiny cheer can only be level 1; all other teams can be levels 1-5 Mini Cheer - level 1. Junior Cheer - level 1. Senior Cheer - level 2/3. Adult Cheer - level 2/3. All Abilities You or your child will be placed into a class depending on abilities and age. Group Stunts. You are able to join a group stunt. This consists of a group of 3-5 athletes just completing the stunting element of cheerleading. You will be.

However, that doesn't mean they can't stunt! Level 3.1 and 3.2 will likely be popular with older athletes who are just now beginning to understand the basics of tumbling. If prep all star cheerleading sounds like a good option, contact your local gyms to learn more. Elite Teams. All Star Elite was designed to push athletes to their highest. RLS Elite Cheer & Dance - Ultron [Junior 1] 2021 Virtual JAMfest Europe. Jul 14, 2021 . 2:32. Enigma Cheerleading Academy - Enigma Junior [Junior 1] 2021 Virtual JAMfest Europe Fierce - Ultra Violet [Level 1 Junior 1] 2021 Virtual JAMfest Europe. Jul 14, 2021 . 3:00. RLS Elite Cheer & Dance - Mystique [L1 Open] 2021 Virtual JAMfest Europe. Every prep level stunt needs a spot at level 1 - in your coed 1/2 the side spot makes it legal. You don't need anyone else to make your single leg legal - just have one of the bases (side base) hold the back of the ankle. They are then considered a spot and the stunt is legal. annauk , Dec 9, 2012. #23 2020-21 USA Cheer College Cheer Rules Pub date: 4/22/20 Pg. 1 SUMMARY OF CHANGES Added cast rule. (C.8) Require inversion releases to be on a mat, grass, or rubberized track surface. (H.1.b) Stunts: o Require spot only on extended handstand, not at shoulder level. (D.6 Jr Fly - Level 1; Fly, MM, JV & Varsity - Level 1, 2 or 3; All stunts must have proper spotting as outlined in the USASF CHEER SAFETY RULES. Mascots may not be involved in a moving stunt. They may only be involved in stunts up to a prep (half-extension) level. No Tosses, Fulls or one legged stunts are allowed etc. Back spotter must have.

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  1. coed, and 13+ is unlimited. At the junior age level, 1 or more males would be coed. At youth age and below (and at Level 2 and below), there is no distinction made for gender. There are currently 6 competition levels. The level refers to the type and difficulty of stunts
  2. Artemis Bracknell Cheer is a competitive program for cheerleaders aged from 7 to adult. £50-£125 per term (12-14 weeks per term), training is every Sunday at Pinewood Gymnastics Club in Crowthorne. Levels 1-4, teams and Stunt groups
  3. or changes year. The former AACCA Cheer Rules are now the USA Cheer Rules since the two organizations merged
  4. We put together some on-demand, multi-level stunts. Here's our Junior Flyer Gia doing her Hitch. Related Videos. 0:18. We have 11 flyers and 11 different pyramids. We are at the beginning of pyramids 12 and 13. We put a couple of our hitches together and it looks great. We have some additions for it too
  5. imal experience but would like the opportunity to learn and compete at three competitions a season. Minis train on Mondays from 6.00pm - 6.50pm and are encouraged to attend tumbling sessions
  6. East Elite Group Stunt Level 1 5 45.800 4 Pandora ∟5 Athletes Weston Super Stars Group Stunt Level 1 5 0.000 Total 141.100 Group Stunt Junior Co­Ed 1 ­ Level 1 Gym Type Athletes Score 1 Winchester Elite Sapphire ∟5 Athletes Winchester Elite Group Stunt Level 1 5 47.400 Total 47.400 Open 1 ­ Level 1 Gym Type Athletes Scor

The level 2 'British Cheerleading Qualification' aims to give coaches a full understanding of how to teach the correct techniques across level 2 stunt and tumble skills. This 1 day course is ideal for coaches who wish to gain proficiency or refresh their knowledge in level 2 skills Junior Cheer level 1 - We are so proud of you all ### Love these 2, found them practising their dance for cheer, such dedication xx Junior Stunt group level 2 (Amy, Niamh, Chloe, Katie & Freja) College cheerleading recruiting is unlike any sport. While there are cheer programs at the NCAA Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 levels, as well as NAIA and junior colleges, it isn't recognized as a sanctioned sport. Therefore, college coaches and student-athletes can initiate the recruiting process at any point during high school

• Partner Stunt routines are the same for both 8-athlete and 12-athlete divisions, with a different number of stunt groups required for each level. • For the 12-athlete division: • Routines 1 and 2 require three (3) stunt groups. • Routines 3 and 4 require two (2) stunt groups. • Routines 5 and 6 require one (1) stunt group All Group Stunts placed 1st or 2nd in their divisions, Limitless (Open All Girl Level 2) brought home 2nd place and all other teams came away with 1st place in their divisions. Our Junior All Girl Level 1, Relentless, brought home Level 1 Grand Champions out of over 40 teams of all ages also earning them a bid to AASCF Pinnacle Cheer Coach and Owner. Tumbling Coach and Available for Privates. Coaching Highlights. Tosses Level 2-5, Stunts 1-5, Tumbling 1-5; and most recently has coached our Summit-qualifying Junior 1 team! Available for privates. Coach Dave Hi, My Name is Dave . Dave comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge in cheer and tumbling..

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0-4 Males Limited. 5-38 Members. Senior* (See Restrictions) 10-18yrs old. 0-4 Males Limited. 5-38 Members. Junior. 14 yrs & younger. No Males Cheer Camps & Special Events . Open Gyms . Private Lessons. Stunt Privates. Gym Rental . St. Louis Teams. Level 1. Baby Blue Cats - Mini Prep Level 1. Periwinkle Kittens - Tiny Prep Level 1. Level 2. Jazzy Cats - Small Junior Level 2. Level 3. Bop Cats - Small Junior Level 3. Level 4. Saxy Cats - Small Senior Level 4. Level 5. Indigo Girls. UKCA Nationals 2013. Senior Level 4 Cheer - 1st Place - National Champions. Junior B Co-Ed Level 4 Cheer - 1st Place - National Champions. Teenies Level 1 Group Stunt - 1st Place - National Champions. Junior A Pom Dance Level 2 - 1st Place - National Champions. Senior Pom Dance Level 2 - 1st Place - National Champions Junior Level 1 is known to be one of the most technical divisions at the 2021 D2 Summit. With 36 teams taking on the Level 1 Junior Small Wild Card division, it was the largest division at the competition and a fight to the finish for these talented athletes! Varsity.com also provides resources on being a cheerleader, cheerleading stunts.

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  1. i 1, youth 1, youth 2, senior 2 and, senior 4.2. Tara joined Power Cheer staff three years ago and has coached tiny 1,
  2. Restricted is basically no doubles and you cant tumble out of the Arabian without stopping. As well as a couple basket and stunt differences. Junior Restricted has very very little competition, senior Restricted 5 has a little more competition for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. TheVipersMom , Jan 11, 2018. #5
  3. Day two @eastcoasttigers and we are ready for our private junior coaches level 1 cheer course Junior coaches moving onto learning how to coach level 1 stunt basic #bgu #stunts #level1 #juniorcoach #thighstands. Building from the Ground Up. 40 views · June 19. 0:12

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  1. Dream Athletics StarStruk Junior Level 1 17 87.6 1PAID Magic Cheerleading Shine Junior Level 1 21 83.8 2 Keystone Platinum Jade Junior Level 1 11 83 3 Cheer Tyme Intensity Junior Level 1 8 81.8 4 NA FAME PA Gravity Junior Level 1 20 79.4 5 NA FAME PA Justice Junior Level 1 13 79.3 6 NA Keystone Platinum Diamonds Senior Level 1 10 83.4 1
  2. Our Junior Level 6 Group Stunt, Senior Level 6 Group Stunt and Senior Level 6 Cheerleading team all returned with the European title. They now set their sights on the Cheerleading World Championships in Berlin in November - Good Luck to you all! See more pictures from ECC on our 'Gallery' page
  3. g extended level stunts. Registration is currently OPEN and will end Sept 1, 2020
  4. Division International U19 Cheer Level 1 Rank: Team: Judges Score: Total Deductions: Net Score: 1: Zodiac Allstars Shadow: 68.90 0 68.90 Division Junior Stunt Group Level 2 Rank: Team: Judges Score: Total Deductions: Net Score: 1: Wildcats Athletic Fierce: 40.40 -1.2
  5. Event Date: 4/21/2007 Pkg 1) Best Cheerleader, Spiritleader, & Stunts Pkg 2) INDIVIDUAL & STUNT AWARDS Pkg 3) Tiny Level 1, Youth Prep Level 1, Youth Level 1, & Junior Level 1 Cheer... Compare Choose Option
  6. Athletes may not crossover between different size teams in cheer divisions within the same age and level, regardless of the mandatory split guidelines. E.g. An athlete may compete on only one All Star Elite Cheer Youth 1 team. This does not apply to dance. E.g. An athlete may compete on both small junior pom and large junior pom
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This is a week of cheer team evaluations for cheer teams Level 1-5 excluding our Worlds team. Shop. It's where all of our athletes get a chance to try new fun stunts and tumbles, and the coaches get to decide what team each athlete will bring the most success! Junior Level 1 Agent X: Level 2 Venom: Level 3 Icons: Level 4 Alliance. Group/Partner Stunt - Music Required - Time limit: 1:00 SHOW CHEER: Performance using music, cheer or any combination thereof. Junior Varsity Level 3.1 11th grade and under (5 - 36 members, male and/or female) Junior Varsity Group Stunt 11th grade and under (4-5 members, all female

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Level 5 Stunts: Jumps: Tumbling: -1 ½ up to Extension -Triple Toe Touch -Triple Toe Back Tuck -Kick Double Basket -Right Front Hurdler -Roundoff BHS Full -Full Up Lib -Left Front Hurdler -Lib Double Down -Pike *These are only the REQUIRED skills for each level USASF Cheer Rules 2019-2020 of the top person is similar to a prep level stunt are: chairs, torches, flat backs, straddle lifts, suspended rolls and leap frogs. Flat Back: A stunt in which the top person is laying horizontal, face-up, and is usually supported by two or more bases. This is considere

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Tiny Level 1 Cheer . Youth Level 3 Group Stunt . Youth Level 1 Group Stunt . Junior Level 3 Group Stunt . Youth Level 2 Group Stunt . Junior Level 1 Group Stunt . Find us. Majestic Gymnastics, Unit 5F-5G, Aldermoor Way, Longwell Green Bristol, United Kingdom. 07800 527572. Competition cheer youth level 1 cheer - first place! division winners for three years in a row with zero deductions. senior level 3 all girl group stunts - firs place! junior level 3 all girl group stunts - first place! junior level 2 group stunts - third place Welcome to Cheer Extreme, the allstar cheerleading powerhouse that was founded in 1992!! We are thrilled for you to learn more about our program. CEA is a family-owned business that prides itself on sharing our passion for the sport with over 1,000 athletes in North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia Super Classic 2017 » Junior Stunt Group Level 3/4 Rank Trophy Awarded Team Judges Score Total Deductions Net Score 1 Cheer Force Knights (Level 3) 85.10 0 85.10 2 NEC Allstars (Level 3) 80.00 ­0.5 79.50 3 Lazer Platinum (Level 3) 77.80 0 77.80 4 NEC Allstars (Level 4) 76.50 0 76.50 5 Hartlepool Hawks ­ Power (Level 3 Coaching History: All Star Junior Level 2 team: 2015-2016, All Star Senior Level 1- 2017-present, All Star Senior Level 2 team: 2015-Present, Vanier Collegiate Co-ed team: 2015-2016, All Star/Collegiate group stunt: 2015-Present. Coaching Certification: Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association Building Skills Level 1, 2, Tumbling Level 1, 2. First.

Fierce Cheer Elite Royal Family! • Junior Prep Level 1.1: 2005-2015 (ages 6-15) • Senior Prep Level 1.1: 6/1/2002-2011 (ages 10-18) 2021 - 2022TRYOUT INFORMATION 1 Knee Level stunts, Prep level. Level jumps or Above Level jumps. - Back walkover Front Walkover 2 Prep level Division Junior Stunt Group Level 1 Rank: Team: Judges Score: Total Deductions: Net Score: 1: Cheer Starz Academy Cheer Starz Emeralds: 45.30 0 45.30 2: Sapphire Cheer and Dance Sapphire Midnight: 45.20 -0.5 44.70 3: SPIRIT ELITE Lunar Stars : 38.70.

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level 4 stunts. Monday 17th of December 2012, 18:22 But there is no limit on roster changes for youth and junior. I'm assuming this is because children will age out and therefore difficult to keep the same athletes. @post3 my bad, I thought I'd seen on Instagram they were still having tryouts for cheer the other week but age/level. 5 GG4L Cheer from the Heart Junior Rec Traditional Level 1 12 11:08 11:12 11:24 11:32 11:40 6 Kedron Cheerleading 8U Pee Wees Mini Rec Performance Level 1 15 11:12 11:16 11:28 11:36 11:44 7 Fallston Cougars Tiny Paws Tiny Rec Performance Level 1 11 11:16 11:20 11:32 11:40 11:4 waiver. Benefits of becoming a STUNT Coach member include membership card, complimentary training, discounted certifications, USA Cheer newsletters, and more. Social Media Social Media will be key for you in many areas of your program. It is the best way to communicate to the public about your program in every aspect. 1 Ages 4 - 8yrs. Cheer Dance, Pom Pom Dance, Basic Cheer Motions, USASF Level 1 & 2 Gymnastics/Tumbling skills, Jumps and Stunting. Suitable for beginners. Youth & Junior Cheer Teams. Ages 9 -14yrs. no prior training. Cheer Dance, Pom Pom Dance, Basic Cheer Motions, USASF Levels 1 - 3 Gymnastics/Tumbling skills, Jumps and Stunting (E.g If an athlete is 14 as of 31 August 2021, but turns 15 on 1 September 2021, their age for the season is still 14 and they're eligible for Junior age category). You may also be invited to or request to cross over and be on two cheer teams

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  1. Building from the Ground Up is in London, United Kingdom. 10 hrs ·. Trust falls in level 1 today in London #bgu #level1 #cheer #qualification #coach
  2. Full down from extension level (full) IS permitted for Junior Varsity but ONLY at ONE rotation. (14U) VARSITY: Ages 13, 14 Grade 8th No more than 35 Varsity cheerleaders on a roster. Stunting levels include skilled stunts at extension level (full). Full Down from extension (full) IS permitted but ONLY at ONE rotation
  3. All Star Legacy Mayhem Junior Level 1 15 86.3 1 Hagerstown Heat Blue Crush Junior Level 1 17 85.7 2 Fierce All Stars Xplosion Junior Level 1 10 85.7 2 Shore Pride All Stars Flare Junior Level 1 11 84.2 3 Hagerstown Heat Green Envy Senior Level 1 22 87.8 1 PAID AWARDS Level 1, Novice, CheerAbilities, Stunt
  4. is and junior 1 teams. Kirstie Orr - Stunting Director & Coach. As a former allstar cheerleader, Kirstie has over 15 years of cheerleading experience, more then 8 of those coaching. She is qualified up to level 3 in stunts, tumbles and tosses and has extensive stunting knowledge
  5. ute routine. A strong mix of gymnastics, aerobics and acrobatics trained on a sprung floor. We offer cheer classes for beginner athletes in levels 1, 2, 3 and novice. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device

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Competition Skills Declaration. We place a large emphasis on scoring/judging at our events. Help us make sure we are even better for you by completing the enclosed form. As the last page says, sometimes skills performed day of will vary from what you've choreographed, so we will use this information as a reference leading up the event and our. Cheervision Yorkshire Stunts : Youth Level 1, Junior Level 2, Junior Level 3! My Squads stunt groups at bca north east classics newcastle 2012! Fireflyers- 5th Skale- 5th Highflyers- 8th A-team- 7th Hotshots- ? 3 creative level 1 Cheer stunts Division Junior Cheer Solo Rank: Team: Judges Score: Total Deductions: Net Score: 1: DESTINY CHEER Leah Walker: 43.20 Division Senior Stunt Group Level 1 Rank: Team: Judges Score: Total Deductions: Net Score: 1: Eclipse Allstars Galaxy: 42.70 0 42.70 Division Youth Stunt.

Division Junior Stunt Group Level 1 All-Girl Rank: Team: Judges Score: Total Deductions: Net Score: 1: Cheer Force Ten LIONHEART: 41.00 0 41.00 1: Cheer Force Ten CHANCE: 59.60 -0.25 59.35 2: Crystals Elite Princesses: 59.00 0. Join USA Cheer Membership Options General - $20 General membership includes newsletters and course discounts. It does not include a background screening. [more...] Professional - $30 For industry professionals who require a background check (i.e. choreographers, judges, contract employees, etc.) Include Stunts. Kicks. Jumps. Arm Positions/Angles. Tumbling. This cheer class will help prepare your child for any type of cheerleading squad they choose to tryout for. For more information on what level would be best for your athlete, you can contact us at 801-686-6731 Or Complete the registration form online American Cheer is located in Bakersfield, California. They started in 1994 and took home 2 bronze medals at Worlds in the Large All-Girl division (2004 & 2005). The gym follows a lot of different sayings and philosophies, but one that sums everything up is We win competitions by winning practices and we win practice an 8-count at a time. 2016 WOW AWARD WINNER - JUNIOR/SENIOR. AIRBORNE CHEER ELITE. Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Eagles - Senior Level 3. COACHED BY: FINAL SCORE: Jason Fitzler and Janelle Fitzler. 176.4. CHEER // 2016 WOW AWARD

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Division Age Comp # Organization Team Name FINAL SCORE; Junior Cheer Level 2: Junior : 30 & 62: Planet Spirit: Heat: 348.5: Mini Cheer Level 1: Mini: 27 & 69: Planet Spiri 3) Youth Level 2, Junior Levels 1 & 2, Junior Stunt Group, Junior Cheer Individual, Senior Levels 1 & 2 Cheer Teams ; 4) Youth Level 3, Junior Level 3, Senior Level 3, & Senior Prep Level 3 Cheer Teams ; 5) Junior Level 4, Senior Levels 4, 4.2, & 5, Sr. Coed Level 3, Int'l Open Level 5, Open Coed Level 6, Senior Stunt Group, Open Stunt Group. Wolverine Cheer Force is a small organization, but we get to know each individual athlete, help them set and reach goals, teach the value of commitment, dedication and team work, and ultimately help each athlete see their dreams become a reality

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stunting (Level 3-5), jump and dance technique, but does not include any tumbling. Perfect for those . cheerleaders without a gymnastics background but excel in all other aspects of cheer!Building up . stunting skillls from Level 3, working towards level 5.. Athletes compete 3 times over the season at national competitions Senior Coed Cheer Level 3. 63 & 107. Planet Spirit All Stars. Storm. 292.25. WOW Award! Junior Cheer Level 2. 56 & 113. Northern Elite

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Has been a cheerleader at Bay State for 10 years, and has competed at The Cheerleading Worlds 5 out of those 10 years. Matt coached his first season last year with our half year program where he coached Junior level 1 and Senior 2. He is very excited to see what this season brings for his first year as a full year coach Rockstar Cheer's other teams also placed well in Worlds, with Junior Level 2 team Radiohead placing 10th in the finals and Mini Level 1 team Little Mix placing eighth in the finals. Both Journey and Radiohead teams secured a paid bid after they swept the board at the eCheer Holiday Classic last December, with four first-place wins and Journey. 2014 WOW AWARD WINNER - COLLEGIATE. UW - STEVENS POINT. Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Division II & III Coed. COACHED BY: Sue Poeschl, Sarah Havens and Jo Pang. FINAL SCORE: 299. CHEER // 2014 WOW AWARD! FINAL STANDINGS Event Date: 2/10/2007 Pkg 1) Cheer Individuals, Stunts, Partners, & Groups Pkg 2) Tiny Level 1, Mini Levels 1 & 2, Youth Level 1, & Youth Prep Levels 1 - 5 All Star Cheer Teams Pkg... Compare Choose Option 6103_Chiltern Cheetahs - Chiltern Cheetahs Junior Level 3 Stunt Group 164 images Created 22 Jul 201 Badger Elite Cheer& Stunt. July 30 at 5:26 AM · Junior elite Reviewing our jumps. Related Videos. 0:07. No I in team. Last night at our first practice of the season, we spent some time playing fun games that involve a lot of teamwork and communication and some good old fashioned friendly rivalry!.