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A bass trombone is a major investment and with proper care and handling, this durable instrument should last for years. Due to its timeless appeal, distinctive appearance and wide range of entertainment platforms, the bass trombone will not only provide hours of fun and rewarding creativity, but will provide options in your musical career One of the most intriguing is the bass trombone. While no trombone is a particularly high-voiced instrument, the bass trombone is especially low in the register, and that gives it a unique quality that makes it an important element in rounding out the sound of the whole band or orchestra

The bass trombone is a specialty instrument used within a section of several trombones in a band, orchestra or brass choir. Pitched in Bb with one or two valves extending to F and D, they have some characteristics of the large bore tenor trombones, but the agility and extended low range make them a solo instrument in their own right A variation of the tenor trombone, the bass trombone is considered the lower member of the trombone family, with a design and application specifically suited for the lower end of the written range for the trombone. As compared to a tenor trombone, the bass trombone will generally have a larger bell size of 9, 9-1/2 or even 10 compared. A bass trombone, with its low, powerful tone, is an important part of the backbone of the brass section of many orchestras. Since its a rather large instrument that requires a substantial amount of careful craftsmanship to produce, its often quite expensive. But whether youre a student or a professional musician, used based trombones in.

Bass Trombones. The options available for Michael Rath custom bass trombones are extensive, allowing you to configure an instrument unique to you. Available in a single valve model, the R8, and double valve independent and dependant models, the R9 and the R9D, the modular construction allows significant tailoring of an instrument The range of the E ♭ bass trombone is A 1 to B ♭4, that of the F bass trombone is B 1 to C 5 and that of the G bass trombone is D ♭2, or A 1 or A ♭1 with a D or C valve attachment (the C attachment being used expressly for playing parts written for the contrabass trombone ), to D 5 What It's Like to Play Bass Trombone. Making the switch from tenor trombone to bass trombone may seem like a giant step. The general pedagogy of brass playing that goes back decades and decades has shaped the idea that bass trombone and tenor trombone are two completely different instruments that require different conscious efforts and setups to play Bass Trombone Range. I'm just going to give a single range for bass trombone. This is because it would be very strange to use a bass trombone in any easy or even intermediate level pieces. The most common thing is for beginner and intermediate players to learn on a tenor trombone and switch later. I'd mostly stick to the. There's the Bach 36B Stradivarius Series Trombone, for instance, and the specially-designed Bach 50A Series Bass Trombone with Hagmann Valve. Are you a jazz musician, or just like the idea of a trombone that plays trumpet-style? In that case, don't miss the valve trombones

The Holton TR181 inline independent double rotor bass trombone has the reputation of having established the true bass trombone sound. The 10 red brass bell has been styled to maintain a consistent, warm timbre at low and high dynamic levels Designed with the budget-conscious band director in mind, this new professional bass trombone has a smaller bell size that offers excellent tone for the advancing bass trombonist. YBL-421G A semi-open wrap gives this intermediate level bass trombone a smoother airflow and open sound The B502-D is no longer in production. This page will remain for informational purposes only. Our customers have been asking for a Rotax bass trombone for quite some time. After years of development, we're happy to announce that the B502 is now ready for purchase. We've been testing it in the marketplace for over a..

Custom Series Bass Trombones. The clear, colorful sound of S.E. Shires bass trombones has made them a favorite of top players the world over. Available in several standard model configurations, with many custom options available, S.E. Shires bass trombones can be tailored to fit any musical setting In this film, Christian Jones introduces his instrument - the bass trombone. To learn more about the bass trombone visit http://www.philharmonia.co.uk/explor.. Shop online for trombones used and new on The Brass Exchange website, we take trades and also buy instruments. We carry Brands like Shires, S.E. Shires, Greenhoe, Conn, King, Bach, Holton, and many more

Used Bach 42B Bb/F Tenor Trombone in lacquer. .547 bore hand slide, closed wrap rotor valve section, 8.5 yellow brass bell flare. Instrument is in good condition apart from minor lacquer wear and surface wear throughout, particularly at contact points,... MSRP: Now: $1,395.00. Was Trombones For Sale on Reverb. The trombone (meaning literally large trumpet), a member of the brass family of instruments, is thought to have originated in the 15th century.For centuries it was called a saqueboute or sackbut, possibly related to an old French word for sword and how playing the instrument resembles drawing or thrusting a sword.. Protec Bass Trombone Mute Bag with Modular Divider, Model M402. 4.8 out of 5 stars 50. $48.16 $ 48. 16 $59.95 $59.95. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 1. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 7 left in stock (more on the way). More Buying Choices $36.95 (4 new offers) Denis Wick DW5533 Adjustable Cup Mute for Bass Trombone,Blck/Silver Portal offers sections on bass and contra-bass trombones, technology, and mouthpieces, with links to dozens of manufacturers offering pictures, specifications, and estimated prices for each model. Maintained by Frank Möwes of Nürnberg, Germany The most common types today are tenor trombones and bass trombones - although soprano, alto and valve models are also used. A descendant from many different unique and strange instruments such as the sackbut, the modern trombone has applications as varied as the instrument's tone and range

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Go to previous slide - Best Selling. Palatino Wi-817-tb B Flat F-trigger Trombone With Case. 5 out of 5 stars. (2) Total Ratings 2, $409.99 New. Jupiter JTB720VR C Valve Trombone with Rose Brass Bell. $1,299.00 New. Allora Atb100 Aere Series Plastic Trombone Black 1-24 of 942 results for Trombones Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Mendini by Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide Trombone, Gold Lacquered, 1 Year Warranty, Tuner, Pocketbook and More, MTB-L. 4.5 out of 5 stars 835. $189.99 $ 189. 99. Get it as soon as Mon, Aug 9 Our customers have been asking for an Artist Rotor (AR-1) bass trombone for quite some time. After years of development, we're happy to announce that the B502 is now ready for purchase. We've been testing it in the marketplace for over a year. In that time, refinements have been made to our original designs. As..

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  1. Bass trombones like the RS Berkeley TBB706 or the Conn 62H are equipped with a wider bore and bell which create a much richer and deeper tone due to their increased size. Lower pitches are attainable because of extra tubing and rotary triggers that are standard with this type of trombone construction
  2. By sophomore year in high school, she had mastered the bass trombone, a common instrument used in orchestra performances. This year, she started producing and distributing independent lo-fi music, relaxing and slower-paced music commonly used for studying
  3. Before 1850, bass trombone parts were mostly played on a slightly longer F-bass trombone (a fourth lower). The first valve was simply a fourth-valve, or in German Quart-ventil, built onto a B ♭ tenor trombone, to allow playing in low F

Proudly I present this video of my friend and former student Martin van den Berg. Listen to Martin's super sound on his Kühnl & Hoyer bass-trombone in Sat.. Music Store: The online shop for musicians. 55,000 items in stock. Speedy delivery times. Financing options available. Give us a try today Professional bass trombone (0.562) with dual independent (inline) rotary valves tuned to F and Gb and open wrap valve tubing (for better airflow). Features include a 9.5 one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell, brass outer slide tubes, seamless chrome-plated nickel silver inner slide tubes, nickel silver slide handgrips, tubular nickel. The Greenhoe GC5 is a true classic, designed in the style of an early to mid 20th century bass trombone. This incredibly versatile bass trombone excels for everything from orchestral to commercial music. Featuring a two-piece bell with unsoldered rim, The GC5 is incredibly responsive and vibrant Bb/F/Eb Bass trombone with bore 13,10mm/13,95mm or 13,95mm. Bb/F/Eb Bass trombone with D-extender, gold brass with Hagmann valve, 230mm diameter, wide nickel silver rim, Valve lever thumb/finger, nickel silver slider, long waterkey

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  1. 2 alto saxphones, 2 tenor saxphones,1 bariton saxphones ,4 trumpets,3 trombones,1 bass trombone, percussions,1 guitar,1 piano,1 electric bass, drums / 18 PDF Connect to add to a playlist Added the 03-12-201
  2. Bass Trombone Small Bore Trombones Contrabass Trombone Large Bore Cimbasso HAAG Brass by Fabian Bächi. For decades already, HAAG Brass has been the name for top-notch quality in the music scene. Since 2016, Fabian Bächi developes and built all Instruments. Fabian is Switzerlands first Mastercraftsman as Brass Instrument builder
  3. Reid currently plays bass trombone in the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra and the Music City Brass Ensemble and has been called to record in various studios around the Nashville area. Reid is an active bass guitarist, and has played in a wide range of genres with bands such as 7th Generation, Deadnote, The Euclids, Jon Reynolds and The Aches.
  4. I've known about Olds trombones since 8 th grade. They have always been highly regarded. The P-16 Custom was the last top of the line small bore Tenor trombone that Olds manufactured before going out of business around 1979. We have just added to Olds P-16 Custom slide trombones, an Olds R15 Recording trombone and a Reynolds TO-02 bass trombone
  5. Butler Trombones - Where the art of trombone making meets the 21st century! Where the art of trombone making meets the 21st century! We are builders of carbon fiber trombones. Explore the freedom of of an ultra light, extremely responsive instrument that allows you to express your music without stress. Experience how an ultra light slide can.
  6. BASS TROMBONE SLIDE POSITION CHART - Bb-F-Gb BASS TROMBONE. From Trombone Tips for Players & Students NorlanBewley.com. This is the slide position chart for a Bb-F-Gb independent double trigger bass trombone. (T = the F attachment trigger plus the slide position number, TT = both triggers plus the slide position number, Gb = the Gb.
  7. Trombones by Type Who needs valves!? Not you. Find the finest playable tuning slides here. Alto Trombones Small Tenor Trombones Medium & Large Tenor Trombones Bass Trombones Contrabass Trombones

Bass trombone - George Roberts - made this model famous. This one is in very good condition for its age, the slide is smooth and the inners have no slide wear. The valve has just been serviced and works great. The tuning mechanism needs one little solder joint to fix the long screw in place. Except that, it is ready to gig Untitled - Bass Trombone - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Open navigation men

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Bass Trombone. Buy On Amazon. About the same length as a straight tenor trombone, the bass trombone (also sometimes called the tenor-bass or B/F/E trombone) has a bigger bore and bell than either the straight or F attachment tenor and is consequently a larger and heavier instrument, weighing anywhere from 20 to 22 pounds The bass trombone is one of three commonly seen trombones. These are; the straight tenor, the trigger-type tenor (also often called F-rotor or F-attachment), and the bass trombone. Whilst the tenor trombone is usually the trombone most musicians start out learning, the bass trombone is often the next step in their musical journey Accessories: Bass Trombone Case, Mouthpiece and Trombone Maintenance Kit (Valve Oil, Cleaning Cloth, Snake and Mouthpiece Brush.) The Marinelli Rotary Bass Trombone Rental is quality well built instrument. Very close in style to the YBL-613H Bass Trombone. Select from 3, 6 or 9 month rental options The JTB1180 Bass Trombone features a 10 yellow brass bell and an inline double independent standard wrap rotor design in the key of Bb/ F / Gb and D with tapered bearings and precision linkage for outstanding performance plus a .562-inch bore for excellent response

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In this film, Byron Fulcher introduces his instrument - the trombone. To learn more about the trombone visit http://www.philharmonia.co.uk/explore/instrument.. Jupiter 1100 Series JTB1180 Bass Trombone . Msrp: $3,839.00 / Savings: $690.00. $3,149.00. Just $131 per month! 24 Months Financing* Ltd. Time. Learn How Add to Cart. Add to Compare . Courtois AC280 Trombone. The tenor/bass trombone is a rather new design on the bass trombone. It has the tuning of a tenor, Bb, but the bore of a bass. Daily it is called bass trombone (See the picture below) The advantage with a shorter trombone is; you don't have to use the extra stay (see above), to reach the lowest positions. The old bass trombones tuned in F had. Bass Trombone Audition Repertoire. All bass trombone applicants must submit the required bass trombone repertoire in INDIVIDUAL AUDIO TRACKS. Two contrasting solo movements (fast, slow); accompaniment not required. BERLIOZ: Hungarian March (6 m. before Reh. 4 through 2 after Reh. 5) SCHUMANN: Symphony 3 Rhenish (first 2 passages of movement 4 The Getzen 1062FD Eterna Series Bass Trombone for intermediate or professionals produces an extremely wide range of sounds. It ranges from dark round sound to brassy, lively and bright tones. The Getzen 1062FD is a dual bore, .562 to .578-inch bass trombone with three interchangeable leadpipes

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  1. Bass trombone. With extra tubing, a large bell, and a wide bore, the bass trombone has a much lower, deeper sound than a tenor trombone. Although principally pitched to B-flat, bass trombones have either one or two valves that allow you to play in F and/or G. Valve trombone
  2. Description: The JTB1100FR is a perfect trombone to move into when searching for a quality, affordable intermediate trombone. This trombone features a medium large bore for a more free-blowing instrument plus a modified open wrap F Attachment for less resistance
  3. Bass trombone. Bass trombones are actually tuned as tenor trombones, but have significantly bigger tubing and bells. They are also large bore trombones, but usually they have both F and D- attachments and are fitted with larger mouthpieces (typical Bach 4 or Bach 3). They usually have a .562′′ bore and bells ranging from 9,5′′ to 10,5.

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I'm a senior in high school and am going into music in college, but I don't have my own bass trombone yet. I don't know a lot about bass trombone parts or names, but I'm hoping to learn The Conn 110H Series Bass Trombone features a single F attachment rotor with a562 large bore plus a lightweight hand slide for a responsive instrument with a full soundThe 110H also features a 10 rose brass bell for outstanding resonance and projectionIt includes a case and mouthpiece, and is available in lacquer finish

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Eterna Series Trombones are the workhorses of the Getzen line. From jazz to classical, Eterna Trombones have both the sound and dependability you need at an affordable price. Like all Getzen instruments, every Eterna trombone is individually hand-crafted in Elkhorn,.. S.E. Shires Q Series Bass Trombone - Dual Axial Valves $ 4,425.00 Finance Starting @ $100.66 per month Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate. Select options. Straight Tenor Trombones Featuring the revitalized King Legend Series Trombones, we carefully go through every model we sell to ensure that it is an amazing instrument for. Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee

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  1. Jupiter JTB1180 Performance Series Bass Trombone $3,309.00. Add to Cart. S.E. SHIRES TBQ36R Q-Series Professional Bass Trombone. Options available. $3,895.00 View Options. Getzen 3062AF Custom Series Bass Trombone. Options available. $6,361.99 View Options. Yamaha YBL-421G Intermediate Bass Trombone $3,319.99
  2. Bass Trombone English Bassposaune German Double Trombone English: Contra Posaune German Contraposaune German Contra Trombone English: Grossposaune German Grober Posaunen-Untersatz German: A chorus reed, considered imitative by some, of 16', 32' or (in one instance) 64' pitch, usually found in the pedal. Its resonators are inverted-conical or.
  3. The slightly wider bore of the bass trombone lends it a somewhat darker timbre and fuller sound than the tenor trombone
  4. TromboneExcerpts.org. Like/share us on Facebook! A hearty Thank You to Alex Iles, Travis Guidry, Brad Edwards, Bob Sanders, and Ralph Sauer for their kind donations! 11/24/2019 - Schubert Symphony No. 8 UNLOCKED! 5 total excerpts with 15 images, and 555 audio files from 111 recordings. Only 3 more pledges needed to unlock our next post.
  5. Shires Bass Trombone with inline Trubore Valves, Artist Model. A lovely playing bass trombone from Shires, top of the line specs. BII 1G bell (bach taper, gold brass), standard .562 slide. The inline trubore valves offer a non obstructed blow with a fast response, keeping the bore consistent through both the open horn and the valve register

C12 Bass trombone. Carbon-12 (12C) is the more abundant of the two stable isotopes of carbon (Carbon-13 being the other), amounting to 98.93% of the element carbon; [1] its abundance is due to the triple-alpha process by which it is created in stars. Carbon-12 is of particular importance in its use as the standard from which atomic masses of. CANNONBALL ® TROMBONES Cannonball ® Trombones set a new standard in tone and feel. Each model from the Artist Series to the Student Alcazar Series offers one of the finest feeling slides in the industry. Our acoustic customization process ensures a superior response with a full, rich tone from top to bottom Personnel: John Fedchock, trombone Nate Mayland, trombone Alan Ferber, trombone Jennifer Wharton, bass trombone Mike Eckroth, piano Evan Gregor, bass

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New Orleans (Bass trombone) Destiny's Battle (Bass trombone) Open External Player. Products including Bass Trombone: BRASS II; VI SPECIAL EDITION Volume 1; VI SPECIAL EDITION Volume 1 PLUS; BASS TROMBONE; Bass trombone - Range. Range of the bass trombone: Bb0 - F5. Low register Bb0 - F2. Middle register F#2 - F3 For the player who prefers tradition, the Model 1585 bass trombone offers traditional in-bell tuning and a symphony-worthy sound. This professional instrument includes a 9 1/2″ diameter one piece yellow brass bell, wide hand slide built with our own lightweight nickel slide sleeves and three removable mouthpipes The JP333 Rath is John Packer's Double Valve Bass Trombone and is suitable for musicians who are looking for a mid range/pro level instrument perfectly suited to orchestral playing, in a brass band section and also in a trombone section in a big band. The JP333 Bass Trombone has a broad and free sound, developed in collaboration with UK. Bass Trombone applicants who wish to complete a virtual audition must first submit a prescreening video recording following the repertoire guidelines below. The repertoire guidelines for prescreening and for the virtual audition are the same unless otherwise noted A used Miraphone valved bass trombone in F w/ 5 rotary valves. Features a .547 bore and a 10 bell. This instrument has a uniquely sized receiver that is between a euro and large trombone shank. Works best with a bass trombone cup. Used w/case. $2,795.00. Picture. In Stock. Model

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Trombone - Bass Clef - Mid. This page is for students who struggle to reach 6th position. Your first note will be F, and you will not need positions 5 and 6 until Level B. If you prefer to start on the lower note, Bb, you can go to Trombone - Bass Clef - Low. Use this website on its own, or get even more out of it with the accompanying. EUPH series. Euphonium mouthpieces - also useful for tenor trombone players to double on bass trombone using their tenor rim size. These mouthpieces are sort of a cross between my tenor and bass trombone designs, with some aspects of each. The interface where the rim and cup meet is larger than the XT interface, and I use bass blanks because they need the larger outside to accommodate the. The Schilke ST22 Series Trombones offer a big, resonant sound with superlative response and excellent intonation. Valve options include the Hagmann Valve and the new Schilke Valve-II. The ST30 small bore trombone which incorporates a .500 bore with a choice of bell and hand slide options. It was designed for the commercial/ jazz player. Greenhoe Music Products is available for select repair and overhaul work on Greenhoe instruments ONLY. We would be happy to provide an approximate quote for our repair services but we will need to see the instrument before providing a final quote. This work needs to be scheduled with Greenhoe repairs department The bass trombone, by the way, is the most beautiful ballad instrument in the world. Really, it's like velvet. It¹s the male voice) in Kenton¹s band, that might be the answer. I asked Gene if he minded if I switched to bass trombone. He said, no, go right ahead, we¹re going to Texas where Urbie¹s brother lives and we can get out some old.

Low Brass. Euphonium. Tuba. XO Arts. The XO 1634 is a groundbreaking instrument, combining that classic sound with a lightweight feel and a quick, free-blowing response, facilitating an ease of playing like no other horn of its kind. - John Fedchock, XO Artist & 1634 Developer Bass Trombones at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warrant Hello trombone players and music fans from all over the world. Thank you very much for visiting this page. This project , A Song For Japan was started by Japanese trombone players living outside Japan in collaboration with a group which has deep connections to Japan and includes Japanese members. The project is open for all trombone players.

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  1. Butler Trombones. June 28 at 8:37 AM ·. We will have a booth at the International Trombone Festival this year (July 14th - 17th Columbus GA) and it is open!!! Stop by and say hi and try some horns. We will have a C12, C10, C8, JJ and possibly a Lemondrop to try. Also several slide variations
  2. In 1946, Getzen produced his first line of trombones, numbering around 1,000. By the 1950s, Getzen company had established itself as one of the country's top producers of high school band instruments. The predecessor to the trombone emerged not long after it occurred to Medieval Europeans that their signaling devices, which we know today as.
  3. Audition for a 2nd trombone, playing 3rd trombone, playing bass trombone / 24th and 25th Septembe
  4. Bass Trombones • Bach 50B3OG: The biggest thing to watch for in bass trombones, in my opinion, is to make sure you don't go larger than a 9.5-inch bell. Anything bigger is too large a bell, in my opinion. This has an option for a 10.5-inch bel
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Olds Super Star bass trombone: Serial No. A476XX, Large bore professional bass trombone, Silver plated finish. Very decent shape with minor dents, Conventional wrap F attachment. Big broad sound. An excellent choice for the beginner who needs a good playing but affordable bass trombone but does not want a piece of junk 9″ bass trombone with F valve.For the 3rd trombonist (bass trombonist) in large symphony, opera, or concert orchestras or bands. Similar in construction to the previous tenor trombone with F valve (F Valve slide can pulled out to E), but has a large sized bell and a large slide bore (0.562) Trombone Mouthpieces. Any brass musical instrument will respond better and produce better tone when it is used with a mouthpiece that best fits the horn and the player. The list below consists of trombone mouthpiece specifications provided by manufacturer's literature. Different brands may measure slightly differently

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Shop for Trombones in Brass Instruments & Accessories. Buy products such as ammoon Alto Trombone Brass Gold Lacquer Bb Tone B flat Wind Instrument with Cupronickel Mouthpiece Cleaning Stick Case at Walmart and save Bill Reichenbach . A native of Takoma Park, Maryland, Bill was educated at the Eastman School of Music where he studied with Emory Remington.Relocating to Los Angeles in 1975, Bill has played on at least 1000 records, 600 movies plus countless jingles and television shows. Primarily a bass trombone player, Bill also plays tenor trombone, contra bass trombone, euphonium and tuba

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