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call us: (225) 223-9711 titan kennels. where legends are bor We selectively breed dogs that fit our breeding standard. Our dogs must meet several criteria before they are chosen for breeding. We do not have accidental breedings. If someone claims to be Red Storm Kennels, please send us a text and we can confirm that you are getting a strong healthy puppy from us Redboy Jocko Bolio/Tombstone, Boudreaux and Boyles bred stock have created working dogs of high calibre. We do not offer studs at this time. We very rarely offer pups for sale. Any pups we breed are usually put back into our program. Thankyou. WE DO NOT CONDONE CRUELTY VIOLENCE OR ILLEGAL GAMBLING WITH THESE DOGS!! American Rebel Kennels promotes the positive side of this breed. We will only allow our dogs to go to loving homes who understand this breed (APBT) and have the means to give the dog a fulfilled and enriched life. These dogs have a ton of energy and drive and require owners that have the time to give their companion plenty of exercise, training.

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WE HERE AT STAND-ALONE PIT KENNELS BREED THE BEST OF THE BEST OLD SCHOOL BLOODLINES. GARNER'S CH CHINAMAN-CRENSHAW'S CH JEEP-REDBOY-HAMMOND'S-CH HOPPER'S OUTLAW-OFRN- ECT. 662-279-1463 662-610-6133 Noble APBT Kennel. 1000 Walter Rd. Spearsville , LA. United States. jc_pitbu lls612 @yahoo .com. Home. Noble Kennels is a small kennel in North Louisiana / South Arkansas striving to produce some of the best working American Pitbull Terriers around. We utilize mainly Eli and Eli crosses bred down from Eppinette's (Mr. Floyd Boudreaux) Rajun Cajun

email protected send us a text! 850-974-0958. real people. real pedigrees. real dogs . stay in touch Comments: Knothead is one of 2800 Kennels best producing bitches. He bred her to Machokane last time and produced the infamous Covid-19 dog. Because Knothead is getting old, he bred her to one of the most sought after Redboy dogs in the world, Taz tramp Redboy. This breeding is 50.414 % Redboy and 50% Buck-Boyles-Jocko-Eli cross Queenie is 50% Boudreaux' Eli, 25% Boyles/Bolio, 25% Jeep. This a recipe for excellence. She is an exceptional animal who definitely makes her pedigree. Queenie has great conformation, natural athleticism, strength, and stamina. She is a complete and total package Welcome To Cenla Boyz Kennel. Cenla Boyz Kennel Is A Small Kennel Located In Central Louisiana. Specialize In These Lines Hall, Nigerino, Redboy, Jocko,Carver Bloodlines. We Are Focus On Keeping The Bloodline True And Strong. We Are Dedicated To Raising Quality Pitbulls. Not Intended For Any Illegal Purposes

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Breeders of Mayday, Jack Sparrow, Weird Jack, Machobuck, Tants Yellow, Redboy Jocko, Tombstone Bolio American Pit Bull Terriers, apbt, RBJBT, rbj american pit bull terrier breede 376 Fall breedings repeating MATAYGO x RUTHLESS II the Father/Daughter breeding last litter sold out before the pups were born.We have dedided to repeat it again which will be only two times ever it has been done in the WORLD! Also DAWGDAY shall be bred this fall into a 376 gyp that will match his genetics perfect to produce great offspring.Once each breeding occurs will post them both along. Game breed female eli bolio redboy jeep - $1,500. Female 10 months never been in heat or touched. Great with kids and family, but she is a bull dawg/ pit bull terrier Bona fide... member: anthonyjohnson. from: Severn, Maryland. member for: 5 years. listing updated: a day ago

376 KENNELS. 793. 2. Jul 1, 2021 1:14pm by Redboy tab carve... Dog. G. 98. 0. double bred jenkins jeep redboy and jenkins boyles redboy bolio dogs ALL FOR SALE . 880. 3. May 2, 2021 8:01am by Eli. Heavy Ch Conan bred pup for sale please serious inquiries only. Heavy Ch Conan pup for sale . 459. 1 Scratch And GO kennels is a small hobby kennel who specializes in absolutely pure JEEP American Pit-Bull Terriers through two of his most prolific producing sons TAB and FLOYD. Check the FOR SALE page to view current availability of pups. UPDATED 4-24-21

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  1. Jackie-Machobuck/Redboy; Busy Bee-Bolio/Tombstone; Thang Thang-Redboy/Jocko; Miss Tant-Redboy/Jocko; Angie-Redboy/Jocko; Throwback Tina-RCs Magnum; Jane-Country Gentleman; Bonnie-Redboy/Jocko; Girl-Country Gentleman ; Bella-Country Gentleman; Lady Bulldog-Pure Redboy; Becky-Country Gentlemen ; Bad Brend
  2. KENDRICK KENNELS. Boyles, Redboy Jocko & Boudreaux lines. Posts IGTV Tagged
  3. Coleman Kennels. Over 25 years of experience breeding quality bulldogs. Coleman Kennels foundation consist of solid individuals representing some of today's best bloodlines Jeep/Redboy, Redboy/Jocko, Boyles, Chinaman, & Paladin. NO DOGS BRED, SOLD OR RAISED FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSES
  4. GRAVEYARD DOG KENNELS. Welcome to our website! We are a small private kennel in the south using Redboy/Jocko as a base for crosses into Boyles/Bolio and Bolio/Tombstone. Down the road we also plan to partner with a friend to create some additional crosses. Thanks for visiting

Venomous kennels is striving to produce the all around Pitbull. Our goal is to focus on producing some of the gamest dogs with above average mouth. This coming from proving bloodlines. These bloodlines consist of: Jeep, Redboy, Boyles, Cowboy blood linebread and outcrossed. We will soon be crossing these lines with some skull blood Boyles redboy kennels. Overview. 2 RedBoy Users. Boyles Redboy is on Facebook. stay in touch! HOME - WE ROYALTY KENNELS. We selectively breed dogs that fit our breeding standard. . thomas sue x rheins storm call ralph 440-969-5602 heavy bred line-bred stonewall/ch. Mr. 00:07 At Red Wood Kennels we believe in preserving the working heritage of the American Pitbull Terrier. The happiness and well being of our dogs is placed at the forefront of our program and because of this we have a very limited number of well-planned litters to insure all of our productions are placed in knowledgeable and capable hands

So your asking is Boyles as itself and by itself better than Redboy Jocko Bolio or Tombstone as a whole or cross or by itself. That easy answer is no no NO! If you have no clue that RBJ Bolio and Tombstone represents several more dogs than just the main Boyles dogs alone then nevermind, I aint trying to confuse the subject but its hard to. Central Coast Kennel's Puppeteer (Open for stud) Jun 7, 2021 Central Coast Kennel's Boss (Open for stud) Jun 7, 2021 Garrett's Tab (Only private stock) Jul 8, 2019 Mc Clinton's Little Tab Jul 8, 2019 Chicago Bulldog's Thunder (Only private stock) Jul 8, 201

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  1. by way of :eli,boze,eli jr.,bullyson,brendy,art,maverick,reno,skull,mississippi queen,nigger toby,eli shadow,six bits,ect..... home of the real bullyson dogs,straight.
  2. H-Town Kennels is a small kennel located in Central Mississippi. H-Town Kennels consists of a few quality bulldogs closely and tightly bred down from successful bloodlines perfected by Floyd Boudreaux and Tom Garner through Garner's CH Chinaman and Boudreaux' Eli. This cross is known to produce quality canines that display the true traits of.
  3. Boyles redboy kennels. This is the default global natural language description of the content on the site pages. Boyles redboy kennels Boyles redboy kennels.
  4. Noble APBT Kennel 1000 Walter Rd. Spearsville , LA United States jc_pitbu lls612 @yahoo.com.
  5. crews' red oak (boyles')(2xw) bell's dundee: ffk's sally: demarco's roy jones jr: ch desert warrior's comanche rom: vise-grip's ruby por: demarco's black cloud: ch desert warrior's comanche rom: texas express massad (2xw) (sire) ffk's honey blunt: cf & b's lil blondie: patrick's blondie: patrick's chomps: patrick's amber gal: power house's.

thompson kennels prides its self in producing the best game bred american pitbull terriers we use heavy boyle's blood red boy jocko termite blood to produce.. FIRECRACKER X MISS FIRE. This heavy Floyd breeding is being repeated because of the quality of dogs it produced the first time I made it. Firecracker and. Miss Fire's sire (Loki) are half brothers off of Chan's Apple. This breeding is very deep with ton's of high caliber athletes in the pedigree STOP! - Before you consider purchasing a pup or grown dog from American Freedom Kennels and/or Mike Morgan please read the [] and [Purchase Agreement].Before any dogs and/or ADBA registration papers are transferred, you must either print and mail in a signed copy acknowledging receipt of, and compliance with, the Policies and Purchase Agreement or send an email confirming that you have read. CALL US: 908-943-1700 Sign In / Register 0 items - $ 0.00 Checkou Williams kennels eli /jeep redboy puppies and adults dogs. Williams kennels eli /jeep redboy puppies and adults dogs

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  1. boyles redboy kennels boyles redboy kennel after buck became famous, patrick later called stp and admitted to hanging papers on buck because his original customer (waldman) wanted a maloney dog. buck is really sired by little tater and red lady is really a 3/4 bolio, 1/4 zebo dog
  2. A small kennel bringing you the best of the Red Boy, Boyles, Jeep, Jocko and Rascal lines GR CH Andy Capp ROM Bringing you the best of the Boyles, Redboy/Jocko and Termite lines of the American Gamedog
  3. 4 Females and 3 Males were born on November 17th, 2019. Male. Femal

In house!!!! Rbj boyles bolio Eli #pupsontheway . 05/07/2016 . Pablo 10 months at the time . 05/07/2016 . Big man 4 months at the time . 05/07/2016 . Redboy, Jocko . 03/02/2011 . Kojack a.k.a (Jack Da Rippa) Big brother of Diesel a.k.a (Gasssss) Be the first to know and let us send you an email when MD pitbull kennels posts news and. Ready Red Kennels - Redboy Jocko & Bolio dogs - BREEDINGS - Ready Red Kennels is dedicated to breeding World Class all around, sound, & stable Bulldogs with the Redboy Jocko bloodline of the true gamebred American Pitbull Terrier Hey there we have a beautiful litter of 9American Pitbull terriers. 5 males 4 females available 6weeks old ready for rehoming!!! Father is 55lbs Jeep/redboy/boyles Mother is... member: lionk9 from: Toronto, Ontario member for: 5 months listing updated: 2 days ag

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Breeder: Tom Garner Kennels Owner: Tom Garner Kennels Color: Black and White D.O.B.: 09/01/2012 Maggie is a very special, athletic representative of the Earl bloodline. Two for 30 has proven to be a very worthy athlete and stud and is producing a high percentage of offspring that carry the traits for which the Earl line is famous Run'em down kennels. 13 likes. Building from the ground up showing my love for the APBT game dog

Hello, We are a small Kennel located in Central Texas. We have been proud to own these dogs 20 + years. Bloodlines mainly are CH. Alligator, Hammonds, Boudreaux Eli, Carver and Irish Jerry. Our Dogs are Not Breed Used Or Intended For Any Illegal Purpose. UPDATED 1-6-1 2. RAT X SCREAM 2021. WRECK SHOP KENNELS. 3. SILVERBACK X ANGELINA 2021

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  1. A powerful, energetic, intelligent dog. Intense is an understatement. A straight 50/50 cross of the King's New Blood stuff into imported Bajan stock. Bajan stock comprising mainy of tombstone/jeep strains. This dog is one of the better crosses of the King's New Blood dogs made by Blood and Fire Gamedogs. NOT AT PUBLIC STUD
  2. Patrick, Clemmons, Boyles, Redboy, Jeep, Jocko, everything was available, and in the days before internet - for me - having the SDJ was like a kid having exclusive access to a toy store! I always read what dogs were for sale first, that was my focus.
  3. NO DOGS RAISED SOLD OR INTENDED FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSE!!!! title . Click to add text, images, and other conten
  4. People are taking the pit bull name and using it for 8 different dog breeds , the apbt is the only pit bull it's a bunch of group on Facebook that's mislabeling this breed of dogs, I don't understand why people want the pit bull name with the bully/staff body the APBT is a breed it's not a category dog the name pit bull isn't a term for 6 different breed of dogs , we have all types.


  1. 376 KENNELS. 799. 2. Jul 1, 2021 1:14pm by Redboy tab carve... Dog. G. 104. 0. double bred jenkins jeep redboy and jenkins boyles redboy bolio dogs ALL FOR SALE . 882. 3. May 2, 2021 8:01am by Eli. Heavy Ch Conan bred pup for sale please serious inquiries only. Heavy Ch Conan pup for sale . 465. 1
  2. Boyles redboy kennels [email protected ; Firehouse kennels is a small kennel located in upstate, South Carolina. We are devoted to breeding and producing, qaulity and performance bred pitbulls. Our dogs are based on some of the purest Chinaman, jeep/redboy/jocko blood, and there crosses. No dogs are bred or sold for any illegal and inhumane.
  3. stud fee: $1000 4 generation pedigree first second third fourth imperios kennel's invicto ii patrick's invicto (pachacamac kennels) por patrick's blockhead patrick's el dos bits cortaro patrick's tessy patrick's amber gal patrick's copperhead patrick's white neck imperios kennel's miss redneck crabb's red man gomez' macho jr crabb's car keys crabb's red brick crabb.
  4. Www.Fearlesskennels.com. NOTICE: We do not in any way condone animal cruelty or illegal activities. This website does not, nor intend to violate the 1976 Animal Welfare Act. If you are thinking about doing ANYTHING ILLEGAL with a dog or pup from FEARLESS Kennels - PLEASE LEAVE THIS SITE NOW. any calls talking about dog fighting or cruelty to.
  5. TAYLOR MADE KENNEL'S BETTY BOOP (B.B.) This breeding we have decided to try Taylor Made foundation blood as a 25% infusion to these pups. Pam's top side is an excellent dog with Boyle's blood as close up front as we believe anyone can find in 2020. Her daddy JASON is a great grandson of Boyle's Bolt Action & Boyle's Black Gold
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Ready Red Kennels - Redboy Jocko & Bolio dog . Gåm ; bolio is the bloodline, I wouldn't mix a bolio pit with a bully pit because the bully pit is not a 100% all American pit bull, it is a mix three time dog which makes it a band dog, people if u. double bred jenkins jeep redboy and jenkins boyles redboy bolio dogs ALL FOR SALE . 845. 3. Boyles redboy kennels Red Devil, Redboy, Budweiser Crusher, I have 6 pitbulls 2 boys 4 girls born jan 17 2014 father redboy gator bully mother blue fawn looking for good loving Brooklyn New York Pets and Animals 300 $ View pictures Noble Kennels is a small kennel in North Louisiana striving to produce some of the best working American Pitbull Terriers around Some kennels are starting to have success with Red Boy/Patrick crosses, and one particular kennel that I know of mentioned the possibility of trying some Red Boy/Boyles crosses from some of their best stock in the near future. These should be some dynamite dogs, but only time will tell To The great Souther Kennels Macho, to the best efforts of the crosses of Yellow other than Mayday to Sassy ladyto the old Tarna dogwhich was an maximized bulldog. Add to it some of the Redboy-Jocko and Mayday blood on the bottom and you have a fantastic bitch. Boyles and asking him if he had known of any good bitches at lbs. Boyles.

Sep 13, 2009. Maybe he had a kennel name, let me know if he did so I can research. Are there good Boyles bred dogs up in the Northern States, as i'm in canada , I have a Pure Redboy female that's coming into season in 2 months time. Buck E. No I dont own it. LOL, if you lived 30 mins from T. I asked about conformation dogs and ribbon winners Welcome to Natural Born Kennels, an established registered kennel with the American Dog Breeders Association since 1995. We are not affiliated with any other kennel using the name. We are the original NATURAL BORN KENNELS. Our breeding program stays true to the dynamics and standards of the American Pitbull Terrier in structure and design

We are a small kennel that prides itself on great care and preservation of the true APBT. We breed very selectively and only offer stud service to approved females. We have the tightest Turtlebuster blood available, our dogs are DNA profiled with the ADBA. All dogs are ADBA registered. All dogs are kept according to local, state, and federal laws Firehouse kennels is a small kennel located in upstate, South Carolina. We are devoted to breeding and producing, qaulity and performance bred pitbulls. Our dogs are based on some of the purest Chinaman, jeep/redboy/jocko blood, and there crosses. No dogs are bred or sold for any illegal and inhumane activity We at GAMEBRED KENNEL specialize on CH CRENSHAW'S JEEP (4XW) ROM Bloodlines . We breed with an emphasis on gameness, strength, agility and endurance needed to excel at any level of competition.Individuality tells us what a dog . appears to be, the pedigree shows us what the dog should be, but their . performance is all that matters. The dog speaks for itself

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Pepper's owners were riding high on that win, and Mr. Abraham's passion for competing against the best dogs in the world had him calling up his friend Mr. Boyles and asking him if he had known of any good bitches at 38-39 lbs. Mr. Boyles told Abraham about a bitch they called Queen of Hearts, and he said she was a bad, rough, hard mouthed bitch voltron kennels' bo mega 1x 50.000% voltron kennels' molly musiq 2x 50.000% 376 kennels' madawg rom 2x 50.000% voltron kennels' molly musiq ii 1x 50.000% cali outlaws' debo (1xw) 2x 25.000% roll hard kennels' lady ninja 2x 25.000% ruff n tuff's luda 2x 25.000% . gr ch non stop kennels' yellowman rom 2x 25.000 workboy kennel we are a small kennel in central louisiana breeding game bred pitbulls. home; studs; bitches; bitches 2; young adult's and pups; breedings; guestbook; billy x miss stacks $850 . colt x nikky $850 . rudy x peggy sue $850 . hambone x elly . lil cease x miss dyno . willie x bobbie gean

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Original Bloodline Kennels. (1) HOT 1 YEAR OLD PROSPECT FOR SALE $800 US !!! Top quality animal. One in a lifetime breedingfemale on fire and ready to go!!! Contact me for more details.. NO BULLSHITERS!! SERIOUS DOG MEN ONLY!!! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MONEY BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME!! below a.m.p. young kierra the true roots of the original american pit bull terrier, a jeep bloodlined high caliber gamed female pup as real deal as it gets, this is our second foundation bitch/ outcross here at a.m.p. kennels, we keep to re-install the original gameness in our lines because technically its only a pit if it is game, but at the same time were improving the temperment, height. ADBA Registered American Pit Bull Terriers, bred for their tradition and heritage. Used as ADBA Conformation Shows, weight pull, catch dog, hunting, and general family companionship. In no way, shape, fashion, or form, do we breed for anything illegal. We have Jeep/Redboy and Crosses to include Mayday, Red Devil, a little Boyles and some Eli Croata was born of a litter of 8 puppies of our breeding thought by my partner at that time A.C. off our pure Croatian blood stud dog called Vili II. His father was the famous Ch. Vili II 4xW and his mother the killer Rika 1xW and 1xl dead game against the famous European killer Rika 2xW. Vili III was a very game dog without much mouth to compete. Vili.. Welcome to Pit Bull Chat! We are a diverse group of Pit Bull enthusiasts devoted to the preservation of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Our educational and informational discussion forum about the American Pit Bull Terrier and all other bull breeds is a venue for members to discuss topics, share ideas and come together with the common goal to preserve and promote our canine breed of choice

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376 Kennels Specializing In The Best Bolio Redboy Jocko . Are puppies male or female are $2,500 firm on any 376 breeding in addition the shipping cost which is around $400 if the puppy is not picked up in person.We require $1,250 deposit down when the puppies are one week old the remaining balance $1,250 must be paid off ARPANSA. Go to top of page. Welcome to govCMS. We are the Australian Government's primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety. We protect the Australian people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation through understanding risks, best practice regulation, research, policy, services, partnerships and engaging. the best of the jeep/rascal/redboy blood . x. x. stud page females page prospects page breeding/pups page links page. ch.honey money pups , and prospects for sale !! have other prospects not listed on the sight and proven dogs ,e-mail me for pedigrees..

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Old Family Red, Camelot, Hemphill, Bowmans Bass Tramp Redboy, Patrick, Boyles, Poole, Castillo and Heavy Broozer Blood: $5000-$20,000: Unsure: Matt: delawareredpitbulls@aol.com Website: Collins Midwest Kennels Old Family Red: $1500 ($500 deposit) Godfrey, Illinois: John Collins (618) 530 6816 scrappy_923@yahoo.com Website: Red Wood Kennels Unsur The team typically replies in a few minutes. If you are a fan of Redboy/Medlin's Outlaw blood, this blood is a must have for you. Ready Red Kennels is dedicated to breeding World Class all around, sound, & stable Bulldogs with the Redboy Jocko bloodline of the true gamebred American Pitbull Terrier. call us: (225) 223-9711 titan kennels Here at REDWOOD KENNELS we feel that we have the best of the best. All of our dogs represent the American Pit Bull Terrier as the breed was meant to be. Theses are the breeding's going down this year of 2020 at Redwood Kennels requirements $500 deposit holds your pick with remaining balance due when pups are 8 weeks. Only taking 4 deposits on. Boyles redboy kennels Bolio was born in 1969 and was raised by Maurice Carver and Eddie Klaus two great friends and connoisseurs of the American Pitbull Terrier. We bring you theСмотреть видео REDNOSE PITBULLS FOR SALE(JEEP/REDBOY/BOLIO) на Smotri. Premium seating based on availability - Bull Gator Deck - Evans Champions Club. The latest ones are on Jul 12, 2021. 12 new Boyles Bolio Pitbulls For Sale results have been found in the last 90 days, which means that every 8, a new Boyles Bolio Pitbulls For Sale result is figured out. As Couponxoo's tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of 49% on average by using our coupons for shopping at Boyles Bolio.