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Our memberships start at $1995 and go up to $10595. There are 3 things that determine the cost of your membership: 1 The cost to become a member of the Carefree Boat Club will depend on the type of membership you sign up for and at what location. You can become an active member with a one-time initiation fee that will cost from $3,500 to $5,500, followed by monthly dues which would be around $350 per month Like all boat clubs, the price is largely determined by the specific market you live in. Expect to pay anywhere from $995 to $5,995 for your one-time membership fee. Ongoing monthly expenses typically fall between $195 and $595. These fees include your insurance, maintenance, and slip fees Boat Club Membership Cost The first-year cost of owning and financing a $50,000 boat on average is $26,000, not counting any major repairs. After that, the ongoing annual cost for the remaining 9 years of your boat loan is around $11,000. Even after your boat is paid off, annual moorage, insurance, and maintenance costs can exceed $7,000 a year

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2021 Prices from $1995-$10595 Get a whole season of unlimited boating for less than the cost of a slip. It's a whole summer of fun for less than a one week family vacation! Please continue to tour our website to get more of your questions answered, or call us at 612-208-1800 Boat club costs are significantly less than purchasing a boat outright, boat club membership often comes with additional perks like boating education classes, on-the-water training, insurance coverage, and/or social events, and there are boat clubs near me, near you, and near just about everyone else who lives anywhere close to a popular waterway

Membership in the boat club is available for just $199 per month. We do all the work, you just enjoy the boats. Your only other charge is for the gas. An Initiation fee of $600.00 plus first month's payment (prorated based on remainder of the month) gets you on our reservations book immediately Club Membership vs. Boat Ownership. Compare the costs of owning a boat with the cost of joining Nautical Boat Club® the bottom line? Belonging to a Boating Country Club ® is a better deal, with a bonus no-hassle appeal Like many other boat clubs on this list, Nautical Boat Club has an initial one-time membership cost and an ongoing monthly cost. The monthly membership cost may vary depending on the boat and the location. The total for your first year with Nautical Boat Club can range from $4535 to $14,355 The sizes of the boats determine your membership level; for a general estimate, keep in mind that prices typically begin between $3,500.00 to $4,500.00 with monthly dues in the $300.00 to $350.00 range How much does a Freedom Boat Club membership cost? Depending on the membership level and the location you choose, the costs of a Freedom Boat Club membership can range anywhere from $199 to $399 per month, with a one-time initial membership fee that can be in the $3,000 to $10,500+ range, again, depending on the location

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Reserve a boat by phone or online. Then go fishing, tubing or head to a restaurant with friends. When you're done, just bring the boat back and pay for the fuel. We take care of everything else! World's oldest and largest membership boat club with over 30 years of experience. Reciprocal access to 275+ Locations in the US, Canada and France The Jacksonville Boat Club has a great reputation for always having boats available. We also have same day boating. While all of our members enjoy unlimited boating, there are two different levels of membership based on the size of the boats they want to use. To learn more about our membership levels call 904.477.9794 Welcome To Waves Boat Club - 866-857-1018 Waves Boat & Social Club is southwest Florida's premier boating club! With 5 locations in spanning Englewood, Venice, Sarasota & Bradenton, and over 22 years of experience in the boating industry, Waves Boat and Social Club provides an affordable and hassle-free alternative to owning or renting a boat. To find out more, please call 866-857-1018 to. The Freedom Boat Club one-time payment is about $5,000 (but this changes every time, so check with Freedom Boat Club). From there, you will pay a monthly fee of between $300 and $700. It may sound like you are paying a lot to be a member, but this is more than 60% cheaper than owning your boat Membership in the boat club is available for just $199 per month. We do all the work, you just enjoy the boats. Your only other charge is for the gas. An Initiation fee of $600.00 plus first month's payment (prorated based on remainder of the month) gets you on our reservations book immediately! There is no set term to your membership.

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  1. The only cost consists of the membership fee and the gas you use. We provide all the boating accessories including life jackets, anchors, ropes, tubes, etc. Reservations can be made online. A membership lasts 12 consecutive calendar months from enrollment anniversary date
  2. If you share our passion for days on the water, but have no interest in the upkeep or maintenance of a boat? Boat club membership is for you
  3. HARBOR BOAT CLUB . Harbor Boat Rentals now offers boat club memberships. Our members have unlimited access to our boats each month and get to enjoy the fun part of boat ownership. Leave the boat . payments, insurance payments, slip fees, rigging, expensive maintenance, towing, launching, detailing, and storage fees to us. Membership benefits
  4. Full membership for member, spouse and children under age 23 and their grandchildren. $500 Initiation Fee (subject to annual review) Same privileges as Senior Member Annual Dues Age 30 & Under $1,012. Vermilion Boat Club 5416 Liberty Ave Vermilion, Ohio 44089 (440) 967-6634

Cruise the blue in comfort with today's Groupon: for $149, you get a boat-club trial membership for one day, which includes a half-day boat orientation course and half-day boat ride for up to 10 people at Freedom Boat Club (a $399 value including tax), redeemable at the Venice and Englewood locations. This Groupon does not include the cost of fuel The Cost Of Maintenance, Cleaning, And Storage Is Covered With Your Monthly Fees. At SunTime Boat Club, your membership is simple and completely customizable! Every membership gives you the same access and availability to All the boats. With us, there's no need to complicate your membership with Weekday Only options or Half Day Only. A basic membership you as a member are the only person authorized to access property or operate club boat. Couples Membership $300. A couples membership either of the two members can access property or operate club boat. Family Membership $400. Up to 4 people can be named as members (must be family

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Save over $13,000 per Year. Why own a boat when you have access to a fleet of boats for less than 20% of the cost of ownership?!? Welcome Aboard! As a Member of Pleasant Harbor Boat Club, you'll be eligible to enjoy the luxury of a beautifully maintained fleet that will provide hours of boating pleasure on Lake Pleasant At Jupiter Inlet Boat Club, our plans start at $799 to join and each time you take out a boat our daily fees start at $229 plus fuel. Lower daily fees starting at $129 plus fuel are available with a $1899 plan. There are no monthly fees. Conventional and Open Throttle plans are 7 days a week without blackout periods. Membership Plans. Conventional We have a membership option for everyone. We are so sure you will want to stay that if you aren't fully satisfied after a month you can have a full refund. 028 9066 5012 info@belfastboatclub.com. Belfast Boat Club is a limited company registered to 12 Lockview Road, Belfast, BT9 5FJ.. Boat Club Membership is less than 1/3 of the total cost of boat ownership; not to mention the convenience and ease. #2 More Options Whether you're looking to entertain the family with a smooth, joy ride across the water or ski and tube for hours, we've got the right boat for you. With a luxury Cobalt 200 ski boat and the best ski water on Lake. This membership involves a $1,500 initiation fee, with a $199 per month membership fee. Gold Membership. A Gold Membership is the captain of all the 321 Boat Club memberships and is perfect for families who can't get enough of the water. This membership level includes unlimited boating from sun up to sundown every day of the week

The cost of a Carefree Boat Club membership will greatly depend upon the type of membership you sign up for and the location you sign up at. From what we researched, the average one-time initiation fee is about $5,500 to $3,500 and the monthly dues for the highest tiered membership will cost close to $350 per month , on average, to remain. Boat Club membership will cost you less than monthly slip rental at any local marina, and that doesn't even take into account the cost of the fleet you'll have access to. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions The beauty of boat club membership is the ability to captain a different boat every time you decide to set sail. We currently have 24 boats.

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Cost. Initiation fee $1750.00 one time fee during membership. Monthly fee $295.00 a month for the Standard Membership. $395.00 for Premier Membership Which gives access to Tige Wakeboard Boats Plus all other boats. Read the Boat Club Requirements Admission to the Fort Worth Boat Club is member sponsored. The proposing member should request a new member packet on your behalf from the Club office. In addition to the Application for Membership, this packet contains information on the process and the proposer's responsibilities, the steps in the process, and a current schedule of. **The boat slip cost is based on the minimum cost of a slip at Akwa Marina Yacht Club for 2021 *** The one time signing fee of $6000 is exactly that. You pay the signing fee of $6000 and never pay it again as long as you are a member and keep up with your monthly $350 fee. There is a 30 day cancellation notice Welcome to Nautical Boat Club® Nashville! Formerly known as Nashville Boat Club. New name, same great club. We have been affiliated with Nautical Boat Club since day one. Nothing has changed except the name. Same crew and same Owners. Changing the name simply aligns us better with all of our sister clubs where you have [ Why Waves. Waves Boat & Social Club is a locally-owned and operated all-inclusive boat membership club with 5 locations in Placida, Venice, Sarasota & Bradenton. Waves maintains a vast fleet and variety of over 60 spotless boats. All members have the unlimited use of all boats and locations - both seasonal and full time memberships are available

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Boat Club Membership Gets You up to 30+ Reservations a Season. Season runs from mid May to the first week in October. ALL GEAR & EQUIPMENT IS PROVIDED AND INCLUDED. ANNUAL INCIDENTAL DAMAGE & EQUIPMENT USAGE IS $185. YOUR ONLY ADDITIONAL COST IS FUE Each member is guaranteed usage every month for a fixed membership fee. The membership fee also includes the cost of insurance, marina fees, cleaning and maintenance. Being a SailTime member is just like owning a boat where you can go out for a quick sunset sail or a multiday cruise to your favorite anchorages SUNTEX BOAT CLUB. Membership Has Its Perks! Join Now & Save $500! Experience the power of choice on the water this season when you join the Suntex Boat Club. Choose from a fleet of brand new runabouts, wakeboard boats, pontoons, tritoons, center console fishing boats, waverunners and more! Even wakeboards, kneeboards, tubes and other water toys. Club Membership. Slips vary in monthly cost depending on length of slip and boat. Please send Vonda an email for more information vonda@commodoreyachtclub.net. Extended Stay $75/mo. Land Storage Option $500 per year. Yacht Club Membership $500 per year (includes use of clubhouse and all on-site amenties 0. 58. Orange Beach, AL. Jan 6, 2019. #4. If anyone is still interested in a Membership to the Orange Beach, AL Freedom Boat Club, we are moving north and have to sell ours. We enjoyed it immensely. We bought into the mid-level membership for $3,500 and FBC charges a transfer fee of approximately $1,450

To become a member of the Boat Club and our group of great venues and facilities please visit Club reception or call (07) 4128 9643 for more info. 5 Year: $60 (that's one year free!) Terms & conditions: Membership and members benefit terms and conditions apply. See Club reception for full details You keep it for 3 years. Sell the same boat 3 years later for $20,000. The boat only costs you $10,000. Now, your initial joining fee for a boat club is generally ~$5,000. Then on top of that you get to pay $250-$300 a month fee (another $3,000-$3,600 a year contractually). So far in year one your cost is already $8,000-$8,600 Do you really need to own a boat? When comparing the cost of owning a boat and the benefits of a Boat Club Membership the answer is clear

The Stillwater Boat Club membership includes access to an assortment of premium watercraft, including three 27' Sea Ray SDXs with 300HP, three Crest Pontoons and three Harris Pontoons with premium options. We are currently taking deposits to be on a Waiting List for 2022 Club Membership. Please remit $500.00 of the $6,184.80 total cost ($5,760.00 + $424.80 tax). We'll contact you when 2022. Open for Business: Freedom Boat Club. Location: 8685 U.S. 1, Micco; and 1221 Marina Village Circle, Vero Beach. Product/services: Members pay a lifetime membership fee (base pricing, $5,500) and.

The Austin Yacht Club is a private sailing club, founded in 1951 primarily for the purpose of promoting sailboat racing and sailboat racing-related social activities and water sports on Lake Travis. A completed Membership Application and the non-refundable application fee (currently $100 plus tax) begins the membership application process The cost is similar to other boating programs, but what you get is a whole other level. If you compare their costs versus owning a boat of this caliber, there's no contest. Sovereign Boat Club Member Tom S I've been a member of a mass-market boat club for over ten years. It was nice for a period of time, but their vessels were.

Welcome to Bay Water Boat Club. Discover boating made easy with Southwest Florida's most exclusive boat club. Allow yourself the luxury of enjoying a day of fun out on the water on our fleet of 60+ fully loaded boats without the cost of storage, insurance, cleaning, and general maintenance. Enjoy all the luxuries of the boating lifestyle. The club is located just minutes from downtown Bradenton on beautiful Snead Island, home of Emerson Point Preserve. BYC sail and power boaters are regular visitors to our sister facilities in the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs and compete in sail races and fishing tournaments. Non-boating activities include the book club, garden club, kayaking. Legacy Boating Club. Legacy Boating Club is a Members only private club designed for people who enjoy boating but prefer not to own a boat. Legacy owns and maintains a premium fleet of powerboats ranging from waverunners to offshore center consoles, and Members enjoy an unlimited number of outings on the fleet Club Membership vs. Boat Ownership. Joining the Boat Club costs much less than buying a new boat. Regardless of which Membership level you choose, Boat Club Members save Money and Timejust ask Einstein! New Members pay a ONE-TIME Membership Fee ranging from $2995 to $3650 based on membership level If you are already a Boat Club member and need to setup access through this website, then please use this option. Cost. Monthly: $295.00 fee (recurring) Read the Boat Club Requirements . Recurring: 1 month Cost: $295.00 Sign Up ; Details About Us. The management and staff are proud of our facility are happy to announce that we were selected yet.

Dues & fees All continuing membership dues and fees will be billed in February and are due by March 15. One's membership is active until the following March. Dues, rack fees, locker fees and all other assessments are determined by the Board of Directors for each fiscal year. If paying online there is a 2.9% charge added to the below fees To discover more about our Boat Club and membership details, we invite you to call us directly at 443.261.0741 to learn more. Benefits of Joining Annapolis Boat Club. Get All The Benefits Of A Boat Without Any Of The Burden. A boat membership at Annapolis Boat Club makes the best financial sense in most circumstances, situations, and contexts UNLIMITED use of our entire fleet of boats and watercrafts. Get either 1 boat or 2 jetskis per reservation. Our most popular and versatile JetRide package. Access to over 20 different models of boats and jet skis. Get a Quote Club members have the benefit of knowing their fixed expenses and the elimination of costly surprises that are so common with boat ownership. Plus, they can choose from various types of boats. So, in terms of annual expense, a boat club member can expect to pay between $9,000 and $11,000, the first year

Capitol Boat Club is Madison, Wisconsin's first and only private boat club, now offering pontoon and speed boat rentals - no membership required. Since 2017, CBC has been providing the most affordable way to boat whenever you want, without the hassle of boat ownership. Spend your summer on Lake Men The club is great, you will pay monthly dues of $299/ month on top of your initial buy in cost of $4700 + $1195 setup fee paid to the club. The new membership buy in cost is typically $5900 + $1195 setup fee from the club, but I bought mine cheaper and I'm paying it forward Fun Boat Club is the Bay Area's newest, hottest boat club offering an atmosphere of upscale fun the whole family can enjoy together. With the lowest member per boat ratio in the industry, you won't have to wait to join the fun! Have all the fun of boating and never flush, clean or cover your boat again! Silver Membership $299 / mont

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Basically it will cost you $3500 down and $350 per month to join this boat club.This will entitle you to use all the Carefree Boat Clubs but since we live in Aventura Florida,We pretty much were using only the boat club here in Aventura Florida at the Hi Lift marina,We do not boat on Saturdays due to our religious beliefs and were able to. Left 'high and dry' after paying club fee. Talk about one that got away. Joe Clardy, an avid off-shore fisherman, plunked down a $5,000 entry fee for a lifetime membership in a Freedom Boat. The Fleet Boat Club is Rochester's low cost no hassle alternative to boat ownership. Once you become a member, all you pay for is gas! Our memberships plans are based on the number of future reservations you can have in the system at one time. Once you use or cancel a reservation, you can make another to replace it (that's the rolling part) With about 150 members, the Crescent Boat Club is open to new members in 2021 with several available docks to choose from. The 2021 Membership Chair is Susan Gabriels. Contact Susan for information by email at: susanisabellagabriels@gmail.com or membership@crescentboatclub.com Members are the life of the Crescent Boat Club and reason for its being Boat Club Membership Costs and Payment Options. One-time $5,999.00 initiation fee plus 7% sales tax. Monthly dues for a 6-month membership: $349.00 monthly plus 7% sales tax. Monthly dues for an annual membership: $249.00 monthly plus 7% sales tax. When paying for your annual membership in full up-front, receive an additional month FREE

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Boat club memberships can bypass hassles of ownership. Some days this summer, you could find Doug Heding and his family on a 27-foot sailboat on Lake Michigan. Other times, if it suits them, they. Freedom Boat Club on Lake Travis. 105 Yacht Club Cove. Lakeway, TX 78734. (512) 828-7226. freedomboatclub.com. Freedom Boat Club makes it easy to gain access to a fleet of boats on Lake Austin and Lake Travis. We have varying sizes and styles without maintenance, cleaning, or hassles. Watch the video for all the details The Village Boat Club (VBC) is a non profit, Village of Tuxedo Park tax payer / property owner organization for the purpose of managing and providing recreational and fishing boat access to Tuxedo Park Village owned Tuxedo Lake. Membership in the VBC is required by agreement with the Village of Tuxedo Park to access the lake, at the Village. The monthly cost of membership in 321 Boat Club is less than the average slip rental in a marina for ONE boat. It's a no-brainer: get access to 30+ beautiful boats for less than a slip rental for one. No cleaning or maintenance required; just reserve your boat and show up for the fun

Boat Club membership includes unlimited access to multiple types of boats, guaranteed online reservations, and boating privileges at other locations. We take care of everything so you can spend your time on the water having fun in one of our top-of-the-line watercraft! For more information, please go to the Suntex Boat Club website and be sure. PARADISE BOAT CLUB prides itself on a wide variety of boats: Bowrider Deck Boats - Pontoon Boats - Center Console Fishing Boats. Buying a boat can be too expensive and time consuming to keep up with, so a Boat Club membership is the perfect alternative. Reward yourself with a beautiful power boat and a relaxing time on the waters of. FAMILY - Initiation Fee $35,000 / Annual Dues $5,000. SINGLE - Initiation Fee $35,000 / Annual Dues $4,000. Social Membership. Membership includes access to five private Club restaurants and lounges, Pool & Beach Club facilities, The Spa, Fitness Center and Mind & Motion Studio with an open invitation to attend select Club events and activities Welcome to the Madras Boat Club. Established in 1867, we are one of India's oldest Rowing Clubs, located by the river Adyar in the historic city of Chennai (formerly Madras) in Southern India. We are committed to the cause of promoting and encouraging the sport of amateur rowing and have done so for over 140 years Club Membership As a club member the cost of boating is a fraction of what it would cost to own a boat. And you have access to a variety of boats without the hassle of maintenance, cleaning, storage, or trailering. The following are included at no added cost with a fleet club membership: Unlimited use of a variety of late model boats

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Membership is closed at this time. Please email us at cbbc5100@gmail.com to be added to the waiting list for the 2022 season. The Clarklake Beach and Boat Club is a private club open to new members. There are many reasons to become a member at the club. Our members enjoy relaxing days on the beach, laughter with friends and family, and a view. Contact our Membership Director, Opens in new window . Please feel free to contact our Membership Office at 941.387.1661 with any questions you may have about becoming a member of the Longboat Key Club or to schedule a tour. We look forward to welcoming you to the Club. Membership Categories and Tariff. Club Membership Benefits Our Premium Level of Membership Platinum Membership Includes: 365 Days full membership with FPC from activation date; Access to all scheduled FPC Poker Run events, rallies and parties (note:poker run event fees are assessed and vary per event- boat show parties are invitational and generally have no fees); Personally embossed FPC Membership car 68. 428. 491. 4/25/2021. 4 photos. I am a founding member of the Suntex Boat Club at Lake Don Pedro, CA, and I love it. My membership makes me a partial owner of 5 boats right now. Because we are new chapter, it is totally easy to make reservations on the weekend and brain-dead easy during the week

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Slip membership reserves your slip size and locks in pricing. For current pricing please call (239) 775-0506. Social membership at Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club allows boaters and non-boaters alike to experience a perfect day on the water even if you never leave the dock. Benefits of social membership also include slip leasing*, use of club. Corporate Membership benefits include: Unlimited boating with access to entire fleet of boats. Two corporate events*. Access to the whole Solent. Up to 3 named members can drive the boats. RYA Powerboat level 2 training for 3 people. Induction course (excludes fuel costs) Great views of Portsmouth Harbours and its heritage sites The Nautical Boat Club is Austin's oldest and largest Boating Country Club ®. Membership gives you private access to over 20 of the best boats available. From sailing, fishing, skiing and wake sports to room for everyone on our pontoon party boats, our fleet is fit for any occasion. Become a member, save loads of money and forget about the. COST ANALYSIS. After 10 years of being a member of Freedom Boat Club, you won't have paid a dollar for maintenance or general repair. These can be very expensive. This is great value for you! Click here to see our current price points

Instead of the regular $10,000 initial membership fee, the cost to sign up has been reduced. For $7,000 new members could cruise the waters there after paying $200 a month in dues. A boat club takes away storage, insurance, cleanup, maintenance and all those other extra tasks that come with owning a boat. You even avoid making the toughest. Preisser: Our one-time membership fee and monthly dues vary by Freedom Boat Club location. Like the real estate market or gas station prices, location plays a large part in membership pricing A: The Jupiter Pointe Boat Club, LLC is a membership based boating club that offers an alternative to boat ownership. Members have unlimited use of a variety of brand new vessels for a fraction of the cost to own and without maintenance or cleanup Winchester Boat Club is a private club, located on the shore of Upper Mystic Lake in Winchester, Massachusetts. Founded in 1900 as a canoe club, we offer sailing, swimming and other recreational and social activities. Membership in the Winchester Boat Club is by sponsorship only. If you would like to join the club, you must find a current. Club Membership. For less than the cost of moorage here at beautiful Shilshole Bay Marina, Seattle Sailing Club membership gives members access to the sailboats in our fleet. Members also get great discounts on sailing lessons, sailing gear, and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun member programs throughout the Puget Sound

Detroit Yacht Club Membership is available in the following categories: • Active - Age 34 and above - Non Boating - Social. • Active Boating - Age 34 and above - Boating eligible. • Intermediate Membership in 3 categories (Boating and Non Boating available) • Age 21-25. • Age 26-29 Membership in the AYC is surprisingly affordable and interested families are encouraged to contact Vince Persano, the AYC Membership Chairman at 770-974-9809. Regular and Social memberships are currently available. If you just need a place on the lake to park your boat, the AYC may not be for you. If you are looking for an experience that will. Barrington Boat Club provides fun-loving families and anyone interested in boating with new, luxury, and fully equipped ski and pontoon boats with none of the hassle of boat ownership. Learn more about club membership on our website and explore your options for boating in Barrington, IL Out of County Resident Club Membership. Primary residence outside San Diego County. Membership Initiation- $495 (includes ASA 101) Annual Sailing Minimum* (paid in advance) $540. Exclusive Access to Fleet and Lessons. *Annual sailing minimum is fully applied towards sailboat rentals, take the whole year to spend annual minimum Along with unlimited boat usage we also offer unlimited training for the novice boater. We make sure you understand the rules of the water and are comfortable operating and docking each type of boat the club offers. Our membership consists of a one-time membership fee and then monthly dues that cost way less than owning a boat on your own

Another privilege of being a club member is that our club belongs to the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs. Thus, our members have year-round reciprocal privileges with over 30 yacht clubs in Florida. A particular benefit for our members, who visit other Council clubs by boat, is the availability of a berth for the member's vessel, with the first. Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club. Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club, embraces the stately beauty of the Hendersonville, Tennessee area offering a friendly and inviting atmosphere amid the meticulously landscaped surroundings. Championship golf, world-class tennis and a tasteful, elegant setting combine to create an exemplary private club experience

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Membership. Equity Owner Membership Owner membership enjoys full privileges of the Club. This category of membership is limited to 400 members in accordance with the Club By-Law. The following fees and dues are in effect and are subject to change. This category includes advantage dockage & fuel rates. Equity Purchase $7,500.0 Charleston Yacht Club Membership. ChYC offers Regular Membership (within 50 miles of Charleston), Associate Membership (greater than 50 miles from Charleston) and Active Military Membership, as well as Young Adult Membership (21 - 30 years of age) and Family Membership option for those wishing both spouses to have equal club privileges.. As a member, you can expand various boating, business. The Sea Tow Gold Card provides the full suite of on-water assistance privileges for every boat you own, rent, charter, lease or borrow, as well as to anyone operating your boats. Close View benefits. Nationwide Coverage. on all fresh and salt water areas. Towing, Jump Starts, Fuel Drops, Prop Disentanglements & Covered Ungroundings. 100% Coverage South Florida Boat Club Fort Lauderdale - Riverfront Marina, 420 SW 3rd Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale , FL. 33315 South Florida Boat Club Miami - Rickenbacker Marina, 3301 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL. 3314

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Freedom Boat Club is an international franchise. A membership means you can seamlessly rent a boat at 230 of their locations in the U.S., Canada and France The Louisville Boat Club is committed to providing a first class facility and programming that promotes the health and wellness of our entire membership. Our newly renovated Health & Fitness center features a strength and cardio area, a group fitness room and an indoor cycling center Bass Pro Shops is your trusted source for quality fishing, hunting, boating and outdoor sporting goods. Inspiring people to enjoy & protect the great outdoors

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