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The Maine Coon is a breed native to the United States and was first introduced in the New England state of Maine. In fact, the Maine Coon is now the official cat breed of the state. While it is unclear which state the Black Smoke Maine Coon was first identified, now there are breeders across the country that specialize in them. The. Maine Coon Male & Female. Birthdate 03/22/2021. Location: Ohio, United States The Black Maine Coon is as dark as night with the exception of two bright shining eyes. Black Maine Coons are a more common and popular color. Dark As Night! Black is a solid color. The Cat Fanciers Association states that black should be a dense coal black, sound from roots to tip of fur. Free from any tinge of rust on tips or smoke. Black smoke Maine coon is friendly, playful, and sweet in general. However, you need to pay special attention when they are a kitten. The average weight of adult male black smoke Maine coon ranges from 5.9 to 8.2 kg and female rage from 3.6 to 5.4 kg. Their average life span is 10 to 15 years. Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Personalit

KefiKattz Maine Coon Cattery 125 Followers · Pet Breeder Pages Businesses Local Service Pet Service Pet Breeder Brushykreekcoons-Maine Coon Kittens and Cats Videos Introducing Mimi, a black smoke female Black Smoke Maine Coon. When we refer to the smoke color in a Maine Coon cat, we're actually referring to the silver undercoat that is seen on a solid color cat. It's not always easy to detect a smoke undercoat in kittens, as this can develop and become more prominent with age Maine Coon females are the largest domestic cats. The weight of sterilized cats varies from 9 to 16,5 lb. It is one of the top ten most popular breeds in the world. And while looking at strong, graceful, and clever animals, you understand that it is simply impossible not to love them. The main pride of the Maine Coons is their thick and long coat One notable exception is the colorpoint gene, which can carry through a number of generations (see #21 & #24) but Maine Coons are NEVER colorpoint. A kitten's pattern can be inherited from either parent. A dominant characteristic (all dominant colors and patterns such as shaded, smoke, white, tabby, bi-color, etc.) cannot skip generations (Especially-black smoke and black smoke torties), some with white. available kittens. History about maine coon. The Maine Coon is the only truly native American cat. But its origins are lost in myth and legend, and strange stories about them abound. So where did Maine Coon cats really come from? The Maine Coon is known as a gentle giant.

All other Male Colors are $2600. Black Smoke and Silver Tabby or Blacktorbie Silver females are $2300. Black or Black/Brown Tabby females are $2100. My POLYDACT Maine Coons--Black poly's are $3200 and Black Smoke poly's are $3500 (will be available in 2022). Maine Coons from reputable breeders range from $2000 to $4000 and above Maine Coon Female. Birthdate 08/03/2019. Location: Missouri, United States Maine Coon Breeding Cats overeasydigital 2020-05-10T17:25:48-04:00. We are expecting to get new female breeding cats very soon! Pictures to follow The smoke Maine Coon is a result of banding on a cat's fur, which gives it a smoky appearance. The tips of the cat's fur is dark, often black, but the shaft is paler in color. While the most common color of a smoked Maine Coon is black, they can come in a variety of colors, including cream, blue, and red, among others

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Do you own a Maine coon cat & looking for some inspiration of popular name? We have compiled a huge database of best and most popular maine coon cat names of this year. Regard of the gender, male or female, I am sure we have gathered enough for everyone. But first, here are some of the-Most popular maine coon cat names of 2021: Corduroy; Samson. The debate over black maine coon kittens for sale your cat needs to be combed often enough to be sure it stays free of hair mats. Specialize in silvers but produce all colors. We are proud to breed purebred, health tested maine coon cats in ada, michigan. Producing maine coon kittens with exceptional health, temperament and breed type. Find. Photogallery. Name: Kungsbacka. Birth date: April 16 2021 Color: Black smoke Status: Reserved by Mary Ann from Norfolk, Virginia Sex: Female Breeder: Mark and Jillian F

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  1. Black Tortie and White Female; Xavier is a black smoke that truly looks solid black when you just look at him. You have to push back the coat to see the small band of white at the base of each hair. He has a delightful, playful personality and is fond of giving head butts to us and visitors alike. Best Black Maine Coon, Mid-Atlantic.
  2. CFA Registered Purebred Female Black Smoke Maine Coon Kitten. Send mgumiela a message. Only one female available. CFA Kitten to adopt and take home!! The kitten will not last long at this price!! We want everyone to be able to own a Maine Coon. We have slashed the price for pet only to $500.00. We will not deliver at this price
  3. The Smoke Maine Coon. The Maine Coon is a cat breed that's available in a wide range of different colors. That's due to natural and breeder-conducted crossbreeding. The smoke-colored Maine-based breed is available in patterns like tabby and tortie and is amazingly eye-catching compared to other colors like orange, silver, blue, and white
  4. She is a Black Smoke Maine Coon. Her eyes are gold and gorgeous! Agnes Red Classic Tabby . Agnes a very large bodied female from Rusiia! She is one year old, and growing more every day. Red females account for only 20% of all red cats. Agnes a very large bodied female! She is one year old, and growing more every day
  5. 52 days. black smoke with white - ns 09. . SOLD to Keiko. AVAILABLE - while it is free and you can reserve it. OPTION - one or more has asked for the kitten. RESERVED - the pledge is brought in for the kitten, but it can be exempted. SOLD - it is completely paid. Our kittens breeded up in our house, are healthy and also have good breeding data
  6. excited that you are thinking of adding a Southern Coons Maine Coon to your family! The Maine Coon is an amazing, lovable, gentle, and visually stunning cat. Our goal it to produce the best the breed has to offer, but more importantly, we want to provide your family with all the love these Gentle Giants have to offer
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Welcome! We are a TICA Certified 'Cattery of Excellence' based out of our two cattery's located in Lake Livingston Texas and Northern Colorado who specialize in the Giant European Maine Coon. We look forward to helping match you with the cat of your dreams! About Us Hello and Welcome to EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery! We are a premier European Maine Coon Breeder located in Kansas, USA, We specialize in raising high-end LARGE European Maine Coon cats and kittens with the latest advancements in breed's look and we pride ourselves in offering kittens with the widest range of genetic health testing and XXL size. Our kittens are raised in our home and are loving. Silver Mackerel Tabby Female - $1,800 (plus tax) Smoke Female - $1,800 (plus tax) SOLD. Smoke Female - $1,800 (plus tax) SOL Search results for maine coon kittens female for sale in Kentucky. Browse for sale listings in Kentucky The Bluegrass State - State Capital Frankfort 2 Black and White females and 1 Black female. Born 4/30/2015 - available to new homes at 8 weeks of age. Will..

Barry G. has reserved a female of no particular color. 3. Candice N. has reserved a silver, brown tabby or black smoke male kitten. 4. Mary A. has reserved a blue smoke female. 5. Steve and Jody M. have reserved a male of no particular color. 6. Michelle A. has reserved a male blue smoke. 7. Sheila R. has reserved a male black smoke Female Maine Coon Kittens. Female: Red Collar. Solid Black. Reserved: $1600. Going to be forever home with Scott A. Reserve a kitten today! Black Smoke. Female: Pink Collar Female Black Maine Coons tend to be more dignified, but they still love a good game of chase. Males also tend to be more massive than females, although they often measure close to the same length. Female Coon cats weigh between 8 to 12 pounds, whereas males can be closer between 13 to 18 pounds Female Maine Coon Kittens. Black Smoke Female. Female: Purple Collar. Black Smoke. Resreved $1500. Going to her forever home with william M. Reserve a kitten today! Female: Pink Collar. Silver Black Classic Maine Coons average near 19-40 in length, nose to tail. Male size is near 14-25 lbs (Adult), Female size is about the same typically slighter build. Historically the Maine Coon was bred for its hunting skills but now they are oversized cherished lap cats. This fantastic temperament is what we strive for in every single litter

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  1. As there are three layers of fur, you may wind up with a Black Smoke Maine Coon, where the outer layer of fur is black, but the roots of the fur are of a lighter shade. There is actually more than one shade of black Maine Coon. You see, they are less rare in the bi-color class, with tips of black fur and roots of white or red
  2. Remember to replace this with the relevant info for this dog breed! The Smoke Maine Coon is a type of Maine Coon Cat with a special coat. The coat is usually black but can be any of several colors. It usually looks a solid color at first, but closer inspection reveals the light-colored undercoats that create the smokey appearance
  3. Look at pictures of Maine Coon kittens who need a home. Meow! Why buy a Maine Coon kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Maine Coon kittens who need a home. Anything LookWeird? For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari..
  4. A female Maine Coon was named Best Cat in 1895 at a cat show held in Madison Square Garden. In Boston and New York, the home-grown felines were popular exhibits at cat shows, and when the Cat Fanciers Association was formed in 1908, the fifth cat registered was a Maine Coon named Molly Bond. black smoke maine coon kittens for sale, maine.

Black Smoke is Solid (non-agouti) & Silver/Inhibitor (if the cat is tabby, it's called Silver; if the cat is solid, it's called Smoke. The gene is called Inhibitor because it inhibits the color at the base of the hair shaft). Red, I will a.. About Us. SaraJen Cattery is located in Arlington, Virginia. Founded in 1989 in Westborough, Massachusetts, we are in Northern Virginia since 1993. We raise exclusively purebred Maine Coon Cats, an extraordinary breed. Our cattery is registered with both The International Cat Association ( TICA) and Cat Fanciers Association ( CFA ) Maine Coon breeding is very serious. Its purpose is the birth of a healthy breed with distinct pedigree traits. Therefore, the selection of partners in our cattery is treated very carefully: we flag the dates of our Maine Coon mating, fix the behavior of animals and the colors of kittens Smoke Maine Coon coat colors Female kittens will be a combination of both parent's colors. This makes it easy to predict the colors of kittens to expect from a particular pair of parents. Paws and noses Maine Coon cats can have pink or black noses and paw pads, and sometimes a combination Maine Coon Colors And Patterns Full Color Photographs. Beautiful Black Smoke Tortie Maine Coon Cat Isolated On White. Maine Coon Cat Black Smoke Maine Coon Sitting. Titan Black Smoke Kitten My Maine Coons Baby Book. Pin On Kittens. Black Smoke Princess Felis Gallery By Robert Sijka. The Black Maine Coon Cat Color

Take a look through this list of female kitten names and maybe you'll find the perfect name for her! Here is a list of the top 100 girl kitten names (according to Rover.com 's stats). These names will give you an idea of what folks are naming their kittens Per TICA website: Maine Coon male cats, at maturity, can average 13-18 lbs. Maine Coon female cats average 9-13 lbs. Which type of toys do you recommend? We start off training kittens to play fetch with soft glitter balls Drake, Big, Bad, and Black. Drake, Big, Bad, and Black. ~Ace~ Brown Tabby Male. Ace has amazing ears and markings for a Brown Tabby Maine Coon Kitten. He will go home soon to Tampa, Florida! No worries, we have more kittens available! Ace, 7 mo. Ace is Ulani's son. He is a brown classic tabby, and only 7 months old Available Maine Coon cats and older kittens. Flash, Red silver classic tabby male 10 months neutered and UTD on Vaccinations. $1000. Zephyr, Odd eyed white poly 2wd male 8 months (one blue eye one gold) $1200. Lacey, Silver classic poly female 3 years. $800. Ryven, Blue eyed white poly 4wd female 3 years. sold. contact us by email lisa.

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Black Maine Coon. The black Maine Coon is purely black. So, each and every bit of the cat is black, and that is something we will be expecting. Meanwhile, a black cat you consider to be this breed that contains a lighter black shade in the undercoat can be a black smoke.. The difference between a pure black one and the black smokey other lies in the undercoat Black smoke and white - It should have white on the four paws. How to breed Maine Coon Cats to become all black. Male felines obtain their color genes from their coon mothers while the female cats get their colors from both parents. Therefore, a kitty's pattern can come from the father or the mother. the black Maine Coon is a stunning.

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Black Smoke Male. Dark Moon Nemo Red Silver Spotted Tabby Male. Female Dark Moon Northern Star Black Silver Spotted Tortie Tabby Female . Dark Moon Maine Coons SACC registered cattery . Lenka & Karlo Hendriksz Muizenberg Cape Town 7945 South Africa NebraskCoons Maine Coon Cats. Nebraskcoons is a responsible breeder of Maine Coon Cats based in Northeast Nebraska. We produce quality Maine Coons including Polydactyl kittens. Breeding Poly pawed Maine Coon Cats is our focus as we want to help bring back this natural trait. Nebraskcoons is a registered cattery with TICA, CFA, ACFA, and TCA

Note there are only two basic colors: red, and brown/black. Everything else is an editor, such as: the tabbies, silver/smoke, dilute (brown/black turns blue and red turns cream), etc. Also, patch tabbies (aka torties with a tabby pattern) are always female except in rare cases of chromosomal abnormalities. Color examples here Black Smoke Maine Coon. This is actually the commonly seen Black Maine Coon kitty which you will see. It is not a strong black fur colour, but a combo of whites and greys blended in. Black Smoke Maine Coon cats may have tabby patterning from the jacket, and it is really stunning I have a black smoke Maine Coon mix female that is looking for a forever home. so she is just over 2 year old. She is very sweet and completely litter trained. She has not been spayed yet. If you interested, Please send me your number for more details, Thank you. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7329573076 Chase. Best Maine Coon Cat in the world in 2001-2002 #1 internationally. Butto We are honored you are considering one of our TICA registered Maine Coon kittens! They come with age appropriate shots, worming and are flea free. Our kittens are fully vetted for pet, including alteration and a vet check. Luna-black/black smoke female wildbeautycoon's Rio x Natalia vorkun Expected colors: red, Torbie, black, black smoke.

The patterns of the Calico Maine Coon cats can be graded from Dense Calico, with strongly delineated patches, all the way down to Dilute Smoke Calico, which have the required colors, but the patches have become diluted with white, resulting in a cream look to the orange hair and a blue look to the black hair The cream Maine Coon cats are a little like the white Maine coons but differ in their beautiful looks. The slightest cream color to the white Maine coon is the recipe to this amazing cat. The cream Maine coon can be solid Maine Coon with the whole body of cream color, or it can be combined together with other colors like silver, gray or white Pura Vida Maine Coons is a TICA registered cattery committed to health, beauty, and highly socialized kittens. We are located in beautiful Costa Rica and can deliver anywhere in the U.S. We fully test our breeding cats to be clear of genetic disorders, and parents come from large Russian lines with a brutally wild look Lighting-Kittens are fast, so this is a no-brainier.Naming your kitten Lightning is a bit common, and thunder sounds a bit more creative. Gibson- Who would not want to give their kitten the name of a rich butter or six-year-old kid. Edward- This common name suits a cat who is nice and to the point. Robert- Gary is the name of the snail of Spongebob Squarepants, which happens to resemble a cat

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Calico Maine Coon: Color variants and genetics . Maine Coons come in various coat patterns and colors but the calico pattern is considered a popular choice among cat lovers. Calico Maine Coons have a white base color along with notable patches of red and black. The intensity of the blacks and reds in a calico's coat will depend on the breeding Black Smoke. Black Smoke Maine Coons have a black overcoat and white undercoat. When these cats are resting, they appear to have black fur but as they move, the white undercoat can be seen. They must have a black nose and black paw pads. These cats normally have light silver frills and ear tufts that make them look extra smoky. Black Smoke and. Blue Smoke Maine Coon Cats: These majestic looking Maine Coon cats have grey color on the tip of the fur and white beneath it. You can see the white color when they are moving slowly. The flowy nature of their fur gives them an exquisite look. The face of blue smoke Maine Coon cat has grey points and white ruff on its neck The Maine Coon cat is a large, fluffy, friendly cat. Main Coons are known for their typical love of water (which most cats dislike) and their long hair. They are the largest of the cat breeds, and they are excellent hunters European Maine Coons usually stop growing around age 5. It's based on their genetics how much they will weigh by then. Females can be around 15 lbs and males around 25 lbs. Past families have told us their female was already 20 lbs or their male was close to 30 lbs

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Black smoke female D.O.B 09/04. Nanette Allen October 11, 2015 1. 1 Comment. Gail Drake July 19, 2019 at 6:37 pm. Hello My name is gail drake I am looking for black smoke male kitten I have 2 dogs and a tiny Siamese 14 yrs old I have had Maine coon in past 5 yrs ago died at 15 yrs old I therefore am familiar with bree European Maine Coons. Pet price $2,800. Breeders price $3,800. Both parents are black smoke. Tica registered. One female Maine coon available. Born March 14th! Message me for more information . Photo Gallery. WE ARE A CLOSED FACILITY AND PRIVATE FACILITY Black Maine Coon Sitting On Carpet. Black Maine Coon Sitting On Woods. Black Maine Coon Sitting. Black Maine Coon Walking In Lawn. Black Maine Coon With Pumpkins. Black Maine Coon With Yellow Eyes Picture. Black Maine Coon. Black Smoke Maine Coon. Cute New Born Black Maine Coon Kitten Maine Coon Kittens. Father: Bravo Color: Silver Classic Tabby Titles: Champion , Regional Breed Winne

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You will find below top maine coon kittens for sale in the state of Maine. Contents1 1. Maine coon cross British longhair kittens2 2. Registered Maine Coons Of Various Colours3 3. Young Male Maine Coon cat4 4. Maine coon female kitten 5 5. TICA Registered Maine Coon Kittens6 6. Pedigree Maine Coone7 7. Silver half maine coon kitten 1. Maine [ Windwalker Maine Coons is committed to producing healthy, friendly, beautiful, well-adjusted Maine Coon cats that make wonderful companions. Like many who have our kittens, we can't imagine life without them, and we think they add an incredible dimension of beauty and grace to our home Maine Coons average near 19-40 in length, nose to tail. Male size is near 14-25 lbs (Adult), Female size is about the same typically slighter build. Historically the Maine Coon was bred for its hunting skills but now they are oversized cherished lap cats. This fantastic temperament is what we strive for in every single litter A Maine Coon with this type of coat has a white undercoat that is deeply tipped with black. This type of coloration can be mistaken as black, but if you run your fingers through the coat, the white should reveal itself. The paws and nose are black, while there's silver at the tips and tufts of their ears Popular Maine Coon Colors. While black Maine Coon tabbies are certainly the most common coloration, that doesn't mean they're the most popular. Here are the most sought-after colorations in Maine Coon cats. Silver: The silver coloration can come in either shell, shaded, or smoke. Shell is the lightest coloration, while smoke is the darkest

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She is a very large female with a silky coat and the sweet temperament that we require. She is negative for FIV and FeLV. In addition, according to DNA testing, she is SMA: n/n, HCM: n/n, PKD n/n and PKDef: n/n. Faith is registered with the CFA. When bred to Earl Gray, she will have black, black smoke, black tabby and black/silver tabby kittens Maine Coon Information *ALL KITTENS ARE PLACED IN HOMES THROUGH OUR WAITING LIST. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING ADDED TO THE WAITLIST, YOU MAY FILL OUT AN APPLICATION* Available Babies: Black Smoke Female, DOB 5/3/2021 Cassiopeia x Lancelot ready to go home: 8/1/2021. Brown Tabby Female, DOB 5/3/2021 Cassiopeia x Lancelo Matic Maine Coon Cattery specializes in producing all tabby colours, some with white, as well as solid black and black smoke Maine coon kittens for sale. Kittens are available year round. There is sometimes a waiting list for males as they are more in demand due to their size Maine Coons can come in a variety of colors and patterns, including solids, smokes, mackerel tabbies, classic tabbies, patched, shaded, tortoiseshell, and cameos. There are many combinations of colors, here are a few examples as a list and previous kittens photos for examples below. (Note, all colors can be mixed with white and all patterns. Best Maine Coon Female in CFA Region 9 2nd Best of Breed Maine Coon in CFA Region 9 2nd Best of Color Class in CFA National Worldwide in season 2015-2016 2 seasons in row 2014-2015 & 2015- 2016: Best of Color Class in CFA Europe Region 9-----TICA RW Regional Winner EN Europe North season 2015-2016: Best Maine Coon female in Europe North Regio

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Black Smoke big boy 5 months old Black/white Maine C**n female kitten available Be the first to know and let us send you an email when King Maine Coon Cattery posts news and promotions. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time.. Maine coon cats are available in over 84 colors and pattern variations. As a result most pet owners don t realize all of the different options when it comes to the maine coon cat. Black and white maine coon. 7 months old black maine coon cat with girl. Sxm zenlife 586 273 views. Female coon cats are more laidback than their male counterparts European Champion Bloodlines Sires & Dams, CFA & TICA registered Maine Coon cattery in SE Michigan Sex: Female. Date of Birth: 19 December, 2016. WCF Color: Black Torti Tabby (f22) CFA color: Brown Patched Tabby. Color: Black Smoke (ns A dark smoke Maine Coon occurs more frequently compared to the usual great black Maine Coon. Black smoke takes place every time a cat gets fur which is black in the strategies along with whitened in the roots. Their throat ruffs and ear tufts are silver. Actually there are just two variants of black Maine Coons: reliable dark and white dark smoke We hope 2020 will be a good year, and look forward to producing some outstanding Maine Coons, Boboons, and Ghost Eyes! Below is an update on the projects we have been undertaking through this winter. With new enclosures, a pheasant-peacock pen, pergolas added, along with extras, things look a bit different

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£395 Beautiful girl lady black smoke with white MCO N 03 full breed non registered no paperwork 2 yrs old not neutered had 1 litter full vaccinations done have proof from previous owner wormed and flead to date very friendly and loving litter trained no health problems will come with cat carrier, food, bed can deliver for fuel but fuel would need to be paid upfront then outstanding amount for. Maine Coon Female black classic torbie natysik1. Maine Coon Female in black classic torbie color. DOB 06/17/2020. Pedigree, vet health cer.. Maine Coon, New Jersey » Bayville. $2,400

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Bosley's Angels Maine Coons - KITTENS - Bosleys Angels Maine Coon Cats is Cat Breeders in WY with WY Maine Coon Cats, WY Maine Coon Kittens. Black Smoke Torti Female - RESERVED. Below are pictures of Nala and Zander's last litter from August 2014. SOLD Elsa Brown Mackerel Tabby with White Female SOLD A n n a B r ow n M a c k er el. The Calico Smoke Maine Coon Pattern. There are two calico smoke Maine Coon coats: Dense Calico Smoke. A Maine Coon with a dense calico smoke coat is white with unbrindled patches of black and shades of red. The black and red patches have a white undercoat. Pure white fur is also found on the underparts of the cat Maine Coon Black Smoke New Questions About Black Smoke Maine . Maine Coon Breeders . Maine Coon Cats For Sale Seattle Wa 318623 Petzlover . Maine Coon Wikipedia . Pin By Larry Price On Cats Tabby Cat Orange Tabby Cats . Maine Coon Black Smoke What Are The Most Common Colors Of Maine . Maine Coon Black Smoke The Black Smoke Maine Coon A Beautifu

This stunning Black and Smoke Female maine coon kitten is 14 weeks old and will be ready for his forever home in about 2 weeks. We are hobby breeders not yet registered. This kitten is for sale as a pedigree but has no papers. Both his mum and dad ca Age Age: 4 months; Ready to leave Ready to leave: No Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat Last month I visited Ken and Helmi Flick in Texas. They live with four cats, two of which are Maine Coon cats. They are Quin and Zak. Quin is a black Mac the Knife This is our Maine Coon, Mac. A very alpha, independent, curious, intelligent guy Animali Farm. These are purebred Maine Coon kittens, registered with CFA (Cat Fanciers Association). They were born April 7, 2021, and will be released to go to their forever homes on June 30, 2021. The father is Texcoon's Passport to Freedom and the mother is Maine Cool Orange Crush. Kittens are vaccinated, micro-chipped and either spay or.