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Bayanihan or payuhuan in the Ivatan language of Batanes stands for cooperation and this is truly evident in the Payuhan festival, a five-day event every June. The Church sponsors a province-wide procession, recalling the route of evangelization; schools and communities sponsor the Ivatan Olympics, celebrating indigenous games Events Related to Batanes Day Sinagingan Festival. Attractions Related to Batanes Day Balon Falls Batan Island Bird Watching at Cuyab Di-atay Beach Hill 120 House of Dakay Japanese Tunnel Mahangin Falls Malinta Tunnel Mavudis Island Melco Beach Mount Iraya Radar Tukon Sabtang Islan

Tourists Delight: Festivals in Batanes for Every Travelers. The grand champion of the 1st Vakul-Kanayi Festival from Barangay Sinakan in their winning moment. Fiestas have huge influence in every Filipino culture. Districts, barangays, cities and provinces in the Philippines celebrate fiestas to reminisce the past, to keep the Filipino spirits. The local government gives free food to everyone on Batanes Day Like any other festival in the Philippines, Batanes holds a weeklong festival to celebrate its foundation day but the most awaited event is every June 26 where street dance performances and other sports competitions are held The festival kicked off with a Maritime Parade, where decorated boats sailed near the shore of the island. Faluwas, the traditional boats without any outriggers that are used in areas with strong waves, danced on the sea treating us to a roller-coaster ride on the water.Unlike the ride going to Sabtang in the morning, the waves were pretty strong towards noon

Payuhwan Festival / Batanes Day Anniversary celebration of the establishment of the civil government of Batanes emphasized by cultural activities and demonstrations commemorating how the Ivatans became sturdy survivors of history, more established ,more united, and closer to the world through songs, dances, and rituals I went to Batanes on June because it's the best time to visit Batanes as locals say. Every June, the locals celebrate Batanes Day— one should experience when in Batanes— where they hold fun activities, parades, sports fest, pageants, trade and food fairs for a week-long festivity


Special Events and Festivals in Bataan - On the eve of a fiesta in Bataan, the merriment already begins with a serenata (brass band) concert or contest at the town plaza. On the big day itself, a drum and bugle band marches around the main thoroughfares with the kurakol or kuraldal or sambale (street dancing) strutting along its wake Payuhwan FestivalBasco, Batanes / June 21-26. Batanes steals the festival scene in the north of the Philippines every last week of June as it celebrates Batanes Day. Albeit simple, this occasion is never short of fun. Witness how the Ivatans party in the most coveted travel destination in the country This site is currently UNDER MAINTENANCE. We will be back shortly. ☺. We're a SEC registered travel agency in Makati offering affordable vacation packages, hotel reservations and visa assistance worldwide

Batanes celebrate Payuhuan Festival #BatanesDay2020#Batanes#BatanesCOVID_FREE#BeingIvatanLivingIt#TheWholesometimesBuddies#BatanesToday, June 26, 2020, marks the 237th BATANES FOUNDATION DAY.Ho.. Vakul-Kanayi Festival: Celebrating Ivatan Traditions. Sabtang Island is one of the 10 isles in Batanes. It is the heartland of architectural heritage of the province where villages of stone houses like Chavayan & Savidug still stand to this day. This island town is so cinematic that being here is like stepping into a period film set Batanes is known to be a typhoon spot in the Philippines so many avoid visiting it in June when the rainy season starts. But it's actually the best time to go to Batanes because Ivatans are celebrating Batanes Day, a yearly festival where locals perform street dances, beauty pageants, local bazaars, and the most exciting part, the community. BATANES DAY - Batan Island - Fête officielle : Elle commémore le jour où les îles devinrent une province. Des parades animent les rues de Basco

A must-try when in Batanes. FESTIVALS . PALU-PALO FESTIVALS. The Palu-Palo Festival in Basco, Batanes is a one-of-a-kind cultural presentation of different municipalities. The Festival got its name from the palu-palo or sticks that were used by the native ivatans to battle with the Spanish and Dutch colonist Palu-palo Festival Held every 1st week of August, it is one of the must-see feasts in the Philippines. This is the time wherein people get to have a glimpse of the rich lands of Batanes. It is. Welcome to the Batanes Agro Industrial Prayer. The month of June has always been a much anticipated time of excitement and a moment of pride for the Attatan. It is a month of celebration as they remember and honor their wizard things and glorious past commemorated in the annual Parival Festival and the Batanes Foundation Day BATANES, Philippines - Gathering hundreds of excited Ivatans and tourists, the small island of Sabtang became the heart of fun in the entire Batanes isles as it celebrated the first Vakul-Kanayi.

Palu-Palo Festival - Batanes Events. Luzon Batanes Basco Palu-Palo Festival. Palu-Palo Festival. August 4-5 | Basco, NCCA Website. Events Related to Palu-Palo Festival Batanes Day. Attractions Related to Palu-Palo Festival Batan Island Bird Watching at Cuyab Chawa Cave Church of Sto. Domingo de Basco (Basco Cathedral) Di-atay Beach House of. Welcome to the Heart of the Batanes Islands! Pinayheneheneb: Strength, Beauty, and Unity in Diversity The Vakul Kanayi Festival 2019.----Feast of San Vicente Ferrer Vakul Kanayi Festival 2019 Sabtang, Batanes April 25-27, 2019. Credits: Syrah Caballero Help us promote our island's festivities! Please like and share BATAC CHARTER DAY & EMPANADA FESTIVAL BATAC, ILOCOS NORTE June 23. PAYUHWAN FESTIVAL: BATANES DAY Province of Batanes June 21-26. BAYKAT FESTIVAL, AMBAGUIO TOWN FIESTA Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya June 17-19. PANAGSASALUG FIESTA Maddela, Quirino June 12-15. QUEZON TOWN FIESTA Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya June 17-20. GINNAMULUAN FIESTA Cabarroguis, Quirino. Unraveling the beauty within Ivatan's Culture. March 10, 2017. March 10, 2017. ~ Rona Montilla. I. Ivatans are ethnolinguistic group that live in the Northern part of the Philippines, Batanes. There are different cultures and traditions that can be seen and observed. Some of these are being preserved up until the present

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Experience the grandest festival the Batanes Day held every June 26 th. Kulay Festival held every 2 nd week of April, the festival showcases the colorful food heritage of Ivatans. Vakul-Kanayi (Ivatan headgear and vest) Festival every 25 th of April to 27 th celebrated by having numerous cultural shows and colorful parades. Bayanihan or. A weeklong celebration to commemorate the establishment of the civil and religious authority during the Spanish period highlighted by cultural, religious activities and cultural demonstration. Agro-Industrial fair and sports activities are also held. This commemorates how the Ivatans have become a sturdy survivor of history, more united, more.

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TRIO FEST Wine, Jerk & Curry Festival Frederick Fairgrounds, Frederick #FoodDrink #Festival. Share this event. $0 - $300. Sun, Aug 8 1:00 PM Poets in the Park Gwynn Oak Park, Gwynn oak #Community #Festival. Share this event. $20. Sat, Sep 4 12:00 PM CARIBBEAN FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship. Batanes Festival. Published June 26, 2018, 7:00 PM. by Mario Casayuran and Vanne Elaine Terrazola. Ivatan from the different municipalities of Batanes take part in the 'Payuhan Festival' presentation on the occasion of the 325th foundation day of the province yesterday in the capital of Basco. (Kevin Tristan Espiritu With access to all of these and more, it's not hard to see why Batanes is on every Filipino's bucket list. Sabtang Island is the southernmost municipality of Batanes and is the smallest of the three major islands, the others being Batan and Itbayat. Bashi Eco-Tours & Adventure Batanes, Batan - Sabtang - Itbayat Mobile: +63 999 990-754 Day 3 Batanes Foundation Day / Ivatan Festival. Our 3rd day is spent mostly in Basco town proper where we watched the street parades and programs, ate and shopped at the local fare. We had lunch at Pension Ivatan, where we ordered the Ivatan Platter. It consists of turmeric rice, pako salad, lobster, coconut crab, uvud balls, grilled tuna.

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  1. MANILA, Philippines - The silence and tranquility that Batanes is known for was broken momentarily when the Ivatans celebrated the 1st Vakul Kanayi Festival on Sabtang island from April 25 to 27
  2. g together and sharing their cultural.
  3. d. It is the iconic hills and ocean view in Batanes. Racuh A Payaman is the real name of the area, however this tourist spot is now known as Marlboro Hills because one tourist said It.
  4. g from the name itself, palu-palo it is a stick used by Ivatans in the past to combat their colonizers. Vakul-Kanayi Festival • Sabtang Island just held its first-ever Vakul-Kanayi Festival this year
  5. g from the different islands and municipalities of Batanes. Booths were set-up at the plaza in front of the capitol
  6. istratively part of the Cagayan Valley region.It is the northernmost province in the country, and also the smallest, both in population and land area. Its capital is Basco located on the island of Batan.. The island group is located.
  7. The only way of reaching Batanes is by taking a flight to Basco. PAL Express and SKYJET are flying several times a day from Manila, but the tickets are very expensive - around 8,000P ($160). Luckily, now there's a much more affordable option - flying to Batanes out of Clark Airport in Pampanga

10. Explore Naidi Hills. The first Batanes lighthouse has been constructed here in Naidi Hills. The site offers a breathtaking view of Baluarte Bay, Basco Town, Mount Iraya, and the sloping hills of Batan Island. On a clear day, the entire Batanes, including the islets beyond Itbayat, can be seen from the hills Things to Do in Province of Batanes, Philippines: See Tripadvisor's 3,131 reviews & photos of 62 Province of Batanes attractions If you're arriving in Basco in the morning and flying out in the AFTERNOON 2 days later (PAL also flies Basco-Clark in the afternoon), you can do South Tour on DAY 1, Sabtang Tour on DAY 2, and North Tour on DAY 3. Just make sure you start the North Tour early and finish at least an hour before your flight

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Travel time is 70-110 minutes, depending on your choice of airline. Here's the schedule as of June 2014: Philippine Airlines (PAL) Daily. PR 2086 - ETD 07:30am ETA 09:15am (April 1-May 31, December 1-31) PR 2084 - ETD 06:00am ETA 07:45am (The rest of the year) Skyjet Air. Monday, Wednesday, Friday Every August, in Batan, the Ivatans gather for the state- sponsored Palo-palo Festival. According to the website of the Philippines's tourism agency, the festival is a cultural presentation of the different municipalities of Batanes, showcasing their ethnic group's rugged yet storied existence (Department of Tourism 2009) A Year In Batanes. 2,989 likes · 8 talking about this. A monthly guide and travel journal featuring the Ivatan way of life in watercolor paintings from Victoria Abad Kerblat & artists of Yaru nu.. The second day of the festival features a grand carabao parade where each of the 16 barangays composing the municipality has their turn to show off their artistic talents. On the third day, local folks and visitors alike line up along the main street to watch colorful bodies participating in the street dancing competition Itinerary. Day 1 Friday 6am Manila Batanes Check in and Batanes Tour. Day 2 Saturday Sabtang Tour. Day 3 Sunday Batanes Tour. Day 4 Monday 9am Batanes Manila. BATANES is the smallest province in the Philippine archipelago but probably popular province because of it's undisturbed and unspoiled beauty of nature preserved by peace loving people

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  1. isters 12th million Covid-19 vaccine. Read More. Published on: July 06, 2021. By Adora Rodriguez. Most Viewed. Recent News. Archived News. Central Office
  2. By Jhon Ablat. BATANES - The provincial government of Batanes has ordered the cancelation of this year's Payuhuan Festival, and postponement of other province-wide celebration in the entire island due to the threat of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).. According to a statement, all activities planned for the celebration of Batanes foundation day were cancelled except for a simple.
  3. Originally made of cogon grass roofing, this is the first (Spanish) catholic church in Batanes. Built in the early part of the 18th century, it is the first church in the province to have G.I sheet roof in the early 1890's
  4. Day 1: Arrival + Basco. 11:45 AM - ETA in Basco Airport, Batanes. 12:30 PM - Check-in at a Basco Hotel, Relax. 01:30 PM - Lunch. 03:00 PM - Rent a bike or do a walking short tour of Basco . 04:00 PM - Visit Mt. Carmel Church in Basco. 06:00 PM - Dinner . Day 2: Sabtang Tour. 05:30 AM - ETD to Ivana Port. 06:30 AM - Board the faluwa for the.

Imbayah Festival, Banaue - The Kapampangan Traveller. June 14, 2019. Imbayah Festival, Banaue. If you wish to marvel at men garbed in native attire and g-strings, women in their native tapis attire, observing Imbayah Festival in Banaue is a must activity for you. The tourist town of Banaue celebrated the 4-day festival from April 26 to April. 40th Lanzones Festival in Camiguin . To give you a bit of information, Camiguin is the second smallest province in the Philipines next to Batanes. It is also home to the sweetest lanzones fruits in the country. Hence, the Lanzones festival is being celebrated yearly during the month of October

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Tours to Marlboro Hills, Riacoyde, Batanes. FROM $150. BOOK WITH VIATOR. Batanes Tour Package. Duration: 4 days. Tours from $150 » Yami/Amianan is the northernmost island of Batanes. It is also called the Orchid Island. You can see Taiwan on a clear day. Tatus or coconut crabs abound in the island surrounded by rich marine life. Di-Atay Beach is a beautiful cove with multi-colored rocks and white sand ideal for picnics and beach combing. Located along the highway of. Also read: Batanes Travel Guide: Preparing for Your Trip This 2019. Majority of the foodie spots are homes-turned-into-restaurants—may it be in a garage or garden setting—serving home-cooked dishes that are made from scratch. Also read: Batanes 4-Day Itinerary: Experiencing Heaven's Beloved Islan Tickets On Sale Today, Secure Your Seats Now, International Tickets 202

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  1. PALU-PALO FESTIVAL Batanes Day (June 26) / PALU-PALO FESTIVAL (GRAND CELEBRATION) Marked with playground demonstrations, parades, the Palu-palo Festival, and other cultural events. Porta del Sol Plaza de los Festivales, Isabela, Porta del Sol The Isabela Patron Saint Festival is an annual event in which the patron saint is honoured.
  2. Sinuam Festival is celebrated on the 25th of April (San Jose's foundation day) and just like any other festivals, street dancing highlights the celebration. 9. Sinukmani Festival, Rosario - Sinukmani is one of the famous Filipino meriendas (I even consider this a dessert) made of sticky rice cooked in sugar (I don't know if they have.
  3. February 11 - A harvest festival in Iriga, Bicol, which coincides with the feast day of Our Lady of Louraes. Main feature is a parade of colorful and grandiosely decorated bull carabao carts. INTERNATIONAL BAMBOO ORGAN FESTIVAL. February - A ten day cultural classical performers and utilizes the spectacular bamboo organ of St. Joseph's Pan
  4. g, tending domestic animals, fishing, sleeping mat weaving commonly known as banig or ikamen making in Ilocano dialect using indigenous.
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Food is not heavily seasoned and is kept simple. For authentic local dishes try Therese Coffee Shop at Pension Ivan (+63 921 4428841, +63 926 2917686). The restaurant and pension home is owned by Tess Valiante. Here are some of the Ivatan dishes: Coconut crabs, Pancit Ivatan with homemade noodles topped with egg Describing Lang-ay Festival is a tough job for this neophyte writer. One can never express in exact words the high spirit, and authenticity of the festival. Unlike in many other festivals, where most of the performers are teenagers or children, Lang-ay Festival's participation of all ages in the pageantry of Mountain Province's diverse culture, history and tradition take the center stage. The main fiesta you should witness is Batanes Day (happens on June 26) and it's usually a week-long celebration consisting of fairs, parades, sports festivals, and shows where you can watch Palo-Palo Dance, Fundanggo, Sagalas & Gozos, and more! Other festivities are as follows: - Savidug Sabtang Fiesta (Around January) - Ivana Fiesta (May. Batanes Island's incredible sights comprise the perfect elements of a wanderlust-inspiring postcard - or a social media post, as is in these modern times. The island is abundant with views of a lighthouse perched on rolling hills and . Continue reading. Batanes ATV Tour: Driving Around Batan Island. 09/02/2016

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Batanes Seaside. Pension Ivatan. DDD Habitat. We drove to the Capitol where our tour guide, Chris, had a surprise for us. Batanes Provincial Capitol. This wasn't part of the itinerary but he thought we would enjoy the Kulay Festival, an annual event held by the local government to promote eco-tourism and sustainable environment. Kulay Festival Batanes Trip Day 1. 3. March 13, 2017 March 13, 2017. Written by ladyleemanila. Hello everyone! Nice to be back in sunny Bavaria after three weeks holiday in the Philippines. Allow me to share with you our first day in Batanes. Batanes is an archipelago province in the Philippines situated in the Cagayan Valley region The tourism industry in Batanes was caught off-guard by the sudden rush of tourists. Make sure that your agent make transportation arrangements (see #15 below). Otherwise, you'll take the whole-island day-tour in a tricycle. 12. 2 full days. That's actually three days, including travel time. First day, go straight to Sabtang Island from the. 6. Payvanuvanuan Festival. Payvanuvanuan Festival Sitio Jura in Racujaide, located in the town of Mahatao, Batan island in Batanes province, is home to the Payvanuvanuan Festival which is celebrated annually the whole month of March. Fishing is the primary source of income of the people of the northernmost province of the Philippines, and it is.

DAY 1 (Hello Batanes! Hello Lighthouses!) The festival is a celebratory event and thanksgiving for bounty harvest. The facade of the houses are intricately designed with Kiping, a leaf-shaped and multi-colored rice paste wafers along with fruits and vegetables The celebration of Quirino provinces 21st Panagdadapun Festival, which also coincides with its 48th founding anniversary, on Sept. 6-10 highlights the convergence of cultures of its six municipalities. Panagdadapun is an Ilocono word that means gathering *Disclaimer: copyright belongs to the rightful owners of the pictures. The link to the source could be found at the bottom of the page. Overview The Region II, or Cagayan Valley Region, is the second largest in the Philippines, with a land area of 2,826,520 ha. It is comprised of 5 provinces namely: Batanes, Cagayan (includin Batanes, Laoag & Vigan. Despite its rich history, Northern Luzon has plenty of scope for fun in the great outdoors, whether it's riding a 4×4 all-terrain vehicle (ATV) through the sand dunes, heading to one of the glorious white-sand beaches for some serious water-sports action, hiking or horse-riding. The Batanes Islands are particularly. Festivals in Batanes Kulay Festival. For Ivatans, Kulay is a native term which means anything dried that may imply dried products such as onion, garlic, rice, corn and fish among others, proudly manufactured within their locality. In this festival, Unity dance performances of young basqueño dancers are showcased

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Despite the short notice, I jumped at the opportunity to join Sawom Dabaw, a two-day dive festival organized by Department of Tourism - Davao Region, Visit Davao Summer Festival, and the Provincial Tourism Office of Davao Oriental, held last June 14 to 15, to introduce the newly discovered dive sites in Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental (pronounced he-ne-ro-so) - the southeasternmost. Batanes has been awe-inspiring tourists for years - and it's not hard to see why. For first timers, Batanes adventure usually involves exploring the natural beauty of North Batan (mostly tourist spots in Basco) since it can be done half-day - a prelude to the Paradise of the North has to offer Celebrating Begnas Festival in Sagada. The small town of Sagada in the Mountain Province gets overrun by local tourists during the holidays, not only because it's a beautiful and scenic town, but also because of its unique cultural practices. Come All Soul's Day, Sagada would again be full of tourists because of their tradition of lighting. Pagayaya Festival Another famous festival in Isabela is the Pagayaya. Pagayaya is an Ibanag term, which literally meant merrymaking and joyous gathering. This festival features proud products of the Cagayan Valley Region. Provinces to show case their culture, crafts, and cuisine include Isabela, Batanes, Nueva Vizcaya, Cagayan, and Quirino

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Also Read: Batanes 4-Day Itinerary: Experiencing Heaven's Beloved Island. A view of the Pacific Ocean from Marlboro Country. The combination of architecture, seascape, and the rolling landscape is a sight to behold, more so during sunrise when shadows slowly form amid the hills and the light clearly shows the beauty of the panoramic Rakuh a. They say is is the simplest and shortest tour in Batanes you can do that will only take half - day. The sites to see are mainly located in Basco. These are the places you will visit: Valugan Boulder Beach, Dipnaysupuan Japanese tunnel, Fundacion Pacita, PAGASA Weather Station, Tukon Church (Mt Carmel), Vayang Rolling Hills, Chapdipan Boulder. Batanes is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the east, South China Sea to the west, Bashi Channel and Taiwan to the north and the Balintang Channel to the south. It is composed of 11 islands, of which Itbayat, Sabtang and Batan Islands are inhabited while Ditarem, Adekey, Vuhus, Misanga, Dinem, Mavudis and all others are uninhabited Batanes Trip, Day 3 - Batan Southern Tour. 13. March 26, 2017. March 27, 2017. Written by ladyleemanila. Happy Mothering Sunday! I wrote a poem for my mother and I rang her. Anyway, here's sharing with you our third day of Batanes Tour - the southern part. We started with Chawa View Deck - turbulent waves smashing at the foot of the.

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DIFFERENT FESTIVALS IN REGION 2 • 1.PAYUHWAN FESTIVAL(JUNE26)- BATANES. • 2.AGGAO NA CAGAYAN(JANUARY 22)- CAGAYAN. • 3.BAMBANTI FESTIVAL(MAY 1-11)- ISABELA. • 4.GRAND AMMUNGAN FESTIVAL(MAY 19-24)-NUEVA VIZCAYA. • 5.PANAGDADAPUN FESTIVAL(SEPTEMBER 8-10)- QUIRINO. • 6.GAWAGAWAY-YAN FESTIVAL(MARCH 30- APRIL 13)-CAUAYAN CITY. • 7. Posts about Batan written by mydigitalinkandpaper. Batanes [7days / 7 nights] Posted on 10.31.2016 Updated on 11.01.2016. I was sorting my files today and saw notes from our trip to Batanes so I decided to write something to reminisce and at the same time to be able to help others in planning for their trip If you stayed at Fund acion Pacita several years ago like we did, the package included a complimentary half-day cultural heritage tour of Batanes. The itinerary below is the complimentary tour we took at Fundacion Pacita in March 2010. We arrived in Batanes in the morning and took this tour in the afternoon

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Contents hide 1 Batanes Beckons 2 How to Get to Batanes 2.1 By Air 3 Going Around and Away 3.1 Around Batan Island 3.2 Going in, around and out of Sabtang Island 3.3 Going in, around and out of Itbayat Island 3.4 Going to Mavulis (Y'Ami) Island and Siayan Island 4 Accommodation in Batanes 4.1 Where to Stay in Basco 4.1.1 Marfel's Lodge 4.1.2 Time Travel Lodge 4.1.3 Book Your Stay in Basco. Uyugan has a total of 4 barangays. Registered Voters of Uyugan as of (2010) = 910. Uyugan is in the LONE Voting Congressional District of Batanes. Population of Uyugan (as of Aug 1, 2007) = 1,203. Land Area of Uyugan (as of 2007, in hectares) = 1,628. Uyugan is a 6th class Municipality and Partially Urban BATANES TOUR ITINERARIES. PACKAGE A (2 days tour for Batan North and Batan South tour only) 3 Days / 2 Nights. Day Time Activities. 7:45 AM Arrival at Basco Airport. Hotel Check - In at Accommodation and breakfast. Day 1. Batan North. 01:00 PM Start of the tour Batanes is actually a group of 10 volcanic islands, three of which are inhabited, namely Batan (where the provincial capital of Basco is located), Itbayat, and Sabtang. The fourth island, Ivuhos (also known as Ibahos), is occasionally inhabited by families tending cattle. The other uninhabited islands of Batanes are North, Yami, Mavudis, Siayan. DAY 1 (Hello Batanes! Hello Lighthouses!) We took Philippine Airline's 6am flight. I opted to book tickets in PAL because July is a tricky month and if in case we get stranded, PAL operates everyday. This decision was wise as on our guesthouse, the other group was stranded because they took Skyjet and it only serves MWF flights.

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How I Made My 4-Day Batanes Vacation Possible Under Php 15,000 - All-In, From Davao March 13, 2020 BATANES TRAVEL GUIDE: NORTH BATAN, SOUTH BATAN, AND SABTANG March 12, 2020 Batanes Travel Guide: 11 Useful Tips For First-timers February 14, 202 Beginner Day Hike from Manila Mt. Batulao (811 MASL) with transfers** 2. Full-day Tours. Accommodations and the food is affordable in Batanes Got our tour for 6500/pax 4D3N including breakfast and lunch which includes North and South Batan and Sabtang Island. so that should give you an idea. The airfare could go up as high as 12K RT so you.

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First celebrated in April 2016, the Vakul-Kanayi festival celebrates the joyful and vibrant culture of Batanes through cultural performances This includes street dances and laji or Ivatan oral poetry. Stick around for the sagala, a narration of the life of San Vicente Ferrer, Sabtang's patron saint. WHERE TO STAY IN BATANES Php 300 per person per day (ITBAYAT) Levinda Lodge (fronting the church) Sta,Maria Itbayat, Batanes. Mobile number: 0921 566 8269. Php 200 per day . Cano's Lodge. Itbayat, Batanes. Mobile Number: 0919 300 4787. Php 250 per day During this season you will find a good fare on flight tickets and hotel deals. Besides, you can also visit Basco to celebrate the Payuhwan Festival along with the locals. The Payuhwan Festival is held yearly from 21 June until 26 June. It presents cultural and historical arts. Main airports available in Tagbilaran-Bohol to Basco-Batanes It has been an early call-time, around 6 in the morning, to proceed to Mahatao and catch the faluwa (bigger boat) going to Sabtang island.It is a 30-minute rough sail of the faluwa towards the next island and one can name all the saints for protection and guidance crossing the strait. But don't be afraid, the faluwa sways to waves and the captain is an expert! :-