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The computer system stored entire files into attached hard disk i.e. internal hard drive or external hard drive. In many situations, the hard drive shows abnormal behavior like the hard drive doesn't contain any files but says its full. Also, in some cases, hard drive shows huge used space but all folders are empty 4 key reasons for an external hard drive to show used space even though it has no files: 1. May Be Files Are Hidden - Sometimes, the files stored on an external hard drive are not really missing from it; maybe they are just hidden, thus not showing up. So, you need to unhide them If external hard drive shows used space, but empty folders, then it might be the case of virus. There is a fix available to troubleshoot hard drive shows used space but no files issue: Go to Windows Start icon in Windows 10. Type Run and hit the Enter External hard drive empty but shows used space - Best answers; External Seagate hard drive is not showing files - Forum - Hard Drive/SSD Empty external hard drive - Forum - Hard Drive/SSD; WD external hard drive saying this folder is empty - Forum - Hardwar 23 Mar 2012 #1. HELP! External hard drive shows used space but empty folders! Hi, I have a 500gb seagate external hard drive, and already used 240gb space. It worked fine until yesterday suddenly i could not access the files at all. I checked disk management, and it showed that my external drive became RAW drive

Method 1. Disconnect External Hard Drives or USB Drives If the folder shows empty when you open an external hard drive, a USB flash drive, or a phone, you can disconnect and plug them in again to see whether this problem is caused by proper connection. Method 2 If I open the folder nothing shows. The odd thing is that when I view the drives properties it shows all the data is there (Used Space - 361 GB, Free Space - 104 GB). If I try to open up my media player (Media Monkey Gold) it will freeze. It scans my external hard-drive on startup for new files but it can't access the files The possible causes of the folder show empty but files are there is virus or malware infection. The virus hides the files and makes the folder shows empty but has size. Other probable reasons are improper removal of the external hard drive/USB flash drive/memory card, system update, or hard drive corruption that prevents proper viewing By running this command in the Command Prompt app, there's a good chance of this folder is empty going away. Step 1: Type cmd into your Windows search bar, right-click the system app, and click Run as Administrator SuperUser reader Andrew wants to know how there can be used space on an empty and freshly formatted flash drive: I recently purchased a SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 16GB USB 2.0 flash drive with FAT32 as the default formatting. I need to store files that are larger than four GB on this flash drive, so I decided to reformat the flash drive as NTFS

HELP! External hard drive shows used space but empty folders! Hi, I have a 500gb seagate external hard drive, and already used 240gb space. It worked fine until yesterday suddenly i could not access the files at all. I checked disk management, and it showed that my external drive became RAW drive. I tried to do chkdsk that i learned from one of. In fact, USB showing empty but its space is used by files can be simply caused by hiding files. Take steps as follows to enable your data shows up again: 1. Double click This PC in Windows 10 or My Computer in Windows 7 to open File Explorer

Step 1. Right-click Windows Start Menu and select Disk Management to open it. Step 2. In the main interface of Disk management, select a target hard drive that shows the wrong free space and right-clicks it to choose Properties Control Panel>System And Security>Backup And Restore shows a backup size of 92.24 GB and verifies the backup location as the external drive. The external drive itself appears to be working fine: I can move other files, such as Outlook backups, to the drive and verify their file size. There are two backup-related file folders on the external.

External Hard Drive Shows Used Space But No Files Empty

  1. Depending on how you look at your disk, the amount of space used can appear quite different. We'll look at some of the possible reasons. In explorer, under the properties of the C drive, the space USED is 70 gb. All folders are shown, and by selecting all the files and folders on the drive contents and properties, I get 31gb used
  2. I've been trying to get the hard drive on my MacBook Air (purchased less than two months ago) to show the correct used space. I've only put 13.5gb of music, 15.5 gb of videos and not even a gigs worth of pictures and Pages documents on so far. Maybe about a month ago the hard drive (Disk Utility) showed the correct amount of space used
  3. In case of no virus or malware attacks, this error of low disk space but nothing to delete can pop up due to saving large files or folders on drive C about which you are not aware. It will consume space and makes it impossible for further data to be saved on the drive
  4. As per the problem description, I understand that you took backup of your Windows 7 on an external hard drive and it showed that it completed without any error, however the files on the drive shows empty. You took another backup on a different drive and ended up with the same result
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  6. Take a free trial of the software before you read further. A USB storage drive such as pen drive or external hard drive may show empty when connected to a Windows PC, even when data exists within. This may happen due to various reasons such as malware or virus infection, hidden files, and drive encryption

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If your WD external hard drive works always normally but suddenly says 0 bytes after you have connected it to an unsafe PC, virus infection could be the reason. At this time, you can run anti-virus software, like Windows Defender, to scan and remove viruses on your hard drive Problem - Files Not Showing in External Hard Drive. Although external hard drives have brought as great convenience in daily life and work, there are chances that they might fail to display some of their files or even seem to have lost them completely, despite the disk capacity in disk properties being shown as utilized Hard Drive Showing Wrong Free Space Problem. What demonstrated below is a real story of a user telling his 1TB hard drive showing only 0.18TB of free space. My WD external hard drive gets a strange problem. It's 1TB advertised, and I only use it as a backup hard drive. But today, I surprisingly find that the free space is only 0.18TB i freaked and quickly checked the I drive (where my seagate is) and everything showed up as empty or 0 bytes. but the folders were still there. i went into document and settings folder. i hovered over the user folders and they were empty. they didnt even contain any folders inside it( and there was supose to be a ton of files inside

Many of our readers had reported issues where USB Drive shows empty but it's full, and many had also reported the opposite of it. But in both cases, your data might be at the risk. Thus, you should know the ways to fix the issue where your USB Drive shows empty but it's full actually Restart the computer and check the flash drive again. If this folder is empty - run attrib command. If the folder still appears to be empty, but you know files are there in windows 10, method 6 will be your salvation. Method 6. Use DiskInternals software Select what file types and folders you want to recover. Click ' All Data ' to recover all file types from the corrupt hard drive. Click the ' Next ' button and then click the ' hard drive ' under ' Connected Drives ' that shows 0 bytes. A Deep Scan toggle switch appears at the bottom-left corner of the software window Steps to Recover Files When Seagate HDD External Shows Empty. Free download Seagate external hard drive data recovery software and refer to the tutorial for Seagate file recovery: Step1. Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer. Launch the software and choose a proper scan mode. Step2

This video tells how to show hidden files in external hard drive and how to recover effectively and quickly recover lost data with MiniTool Power Data Recove.. I have just taken off personal files from my hard drive to a back up drive, the drive is now empty of all files including hidden files but is showing 9.3gb of space being used. My recycle bin is empty and I've just deleted temporary files and I don't encrypt file Re: Hard drive shows 100GB used but no files Yes i showed protected files all that appeared was the found folders. The space should contain some 5000+ photographs and whats getting to me is that the drive recognioses that the space is occupied, recuva is even able to find files previously deleted from the drive but nothing seems able to show.

Files Missing From External Hard Drive But Still Taking Up

I have a 4tb external WD Drive. All works great, but moving I'm moving around data and something strange happened. I moved everything off the drive, it's completely empty. But in properties, windows shows me that nearly 70GB of that drive is used. The heck?! How? What is it? The drives is empty, no hidden files either, i checked For the actual data recovery you will need as much free space on another drive as was used on your external one. This might be 268GB but can also be a very different number - my 16GB USB drive was once shown with over 16000TB of used space duo to corruption. So at best you have another 2TB drive available I'm not sure if this helps clear up what the problem is, but my computer recognizes the external disk, gives it a name (f:), but shows that the disk is completely empty. No files or folders appear. Connect the USB Drive to your computer and an open explorer window. Now, in the Folder Options wizard, click on the View tab. Double click on hidden files and folders option, choose Show hidden files, folders, and drives. After this, uncheck the Hidden checkbox and apply the changes. Method 2 Nov 9, 2008. Posts: 6. Hi, The External 250MB, USB HD was freshly formatted and empty. However, there is 71.72 MB of used space shown in Disk Director and Windows Explorer. HD manufacturer confirmed that no software is automatically loaded to HD to provide USB communication, there should be no used space on HD after fresh formatting

Storage Usage By Folder. The feature is in the Settings app. Go to the System group of settings, and select the Storage tab. This will show you all drives that are connected to your system, both internal and external. For each drive, you can see used and free space. This is nothing new and the same information is available if you visit This PC. From the DVD drive properties show zero space, zero used and zero capacity From File Explore I'm not able to find anything on each of the DVD-R's. Before tossing them I'm trying to figure if there's a way to access the written data on these unknown dvd-r drives? Their labeled MAGNAVOX DVD-R 4.7GB DATA - 120 MINUTES - VIDEO 1 - 16X SPEED Here are detailed steps. 1. Open File Explorer, click File or Organize on the top left corner and choose Folder and search options . 2. In the pop-up window, click View , choose Show hidden files, folders and driver and click on Apply button. 3. Open external hard drive to see whether files and.

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HELP! External hard drive shows used space but empty

The amount of space used by files doesn't match up with the amount of used space on your hard drive. Here, we have 272 GB worth of files on our C: drive - but Windows is using 279 GB of space. That's a difference of 7 GB or so - where did all those GBs go? It turns out that certain types of files don't appear in Windows Explorer Deleting files from Drive seems futile, as it seems to create a version of it. What I did: Move a large file (eg. my 4GB.mp4 Avengers movie file, make sure you have a backup in external USB drive) to another folder outside of Drive, and delete it. Remember to Empty Recycle Bin: Control Panel -> Shared Folder -> homes -> Action -> Empty all. Analyzes both internal and external hard drives. Return a graphical overview. Support show folder used space. Download Now. for Windows | Update: May. 17, 2021. Intuitive Interface. Scan your disk and show you all that space is being wasted in graphical form, then give you an idea of from where to start your cleaning 5. Right-click your external hard drive. This displays a pop-up menu next to the hard drive. If your external hard drive has a specific name, it will be listed in File Explorer. Otherwise, it may be listed as USB Drive or the make and model of your hard drive. The amount of space each hard drive has is listed below the drive name in File.

Portable Hard Drive Suddenly Empty. My Sister had a portable USB Slim Hard 2 TB Hard Drive that she had a lot of videos on. She had it plugged into her laptop and she says she was just playing a video and all of sudden something happened and now the hard drive appears to be empty. I plugged it into my Computer and it says 1.81 TB free of 1.81 TB I have the extract same issue. MacBook Pro with a 500gb internal drive. I have 17gb free space I spent the afternoon moving project and files to an external 1tb drive. My external show I have now used 200+gb of space and I only free up 6gb on my internal drive. Oh I am an IT tech I know the difference between move and copy The strange thing is that the folders/files that are appearing show only using half (approximately 300 GB) of the storage space used (600 GB) on the external drive. My seagate is 3 TB. Hidden files account for approximately 400 KB. I really would like to retrieve the file I was working on as it has photos on it

Click the button associated with Delete all restore points for this drive to clear the space that is currently used by System Restore. Click Apply to save the current configuration, then restart your computer to enforce the change. At the next system startup, your computer will restart and the previously locked space should become available Why Is External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in File Explorer? When you open the File Explorer - the application of the Microsoft Windows operating system - you get the Quick access view that allows you to see the most commonly used folders and recent files. As you move to the This PC section on the left sidebar, you will see all disks connected to your computer 1) If there's still lottsa free space on that external, go to step 2. If space on the external is tight, dump everything and delete trash. 2) Create a folder at the root level of the external drive and name it iTunes; inside that folder create a folder named iTunes Media

Folder Shows Empty in This PC and USB Drive, but Files Are

Possible cause 2 - file system errors: in some cases, the files may be not showing in external hard drive because the file system is corrupted or because it doesn't contain a recognized file system.At this time, users had better recover data from external hard drive firstly. Here's how to confirm: right click the external hard drive and choose Properties I have an external hard drive which shows that the drive has 48GB of data. But the folders that are visible are only totaling to ~8GB. I tried to the 'show hidden files' but nothing extra is visible. Any help is appreciated One of my hard drive partitions shows 424GB used space (its nearly full) but I can only account for 113GB. I cant figure out whats filling up the other 311GB. The whole drive is a 1TB HDD which. Note: If it's been fewer than 10 days since you upgraded to Windows 10, your previous version of Windows will be listed as a system file you can delete.If you need to free up drive space, you can delete it, but keep in mind that you'll be deleting your Windows.old folder, which contains files that give you the option to go back to your previous version of Windows Please do a full backup to an external drive before trying this. Open Disk Utility; Select your main hard drive volume and take a note of the claimed available space; Click the + Volume button in the toolbar; Set the new volume's reserved space to slightly under the supposed available amount of space (the max space and name don't.

Once a scan is complete, the top entry, whether it is the system or a single folder, will always show 100%. The sub-folder percentages add up to 100%. 100% does not necessarily mean there is no space left on the partition. Total file system capacity includes the space on all mounted devices. If you have an external drive mounted, it's contents. Method 1. Reconnect external hard drive. If this problem occurs on an external hard drive and not on you main internal hard drive (this can happen on a second internal drive), you can remove it. After that, restart the computer and reconnect. This should help with the problem of an external hard drive showing 0 bytes. Method 2 Rahul sharma answer looks like its fine, but no.. The space which has been occupied is by your system files which might cause trouble if you delete them. Better option is to let the system delete the files.. There is 2 different methods to do so a..

I have uploaded around 100GB of data to OneDrive and it's not until recently that I realised that was the reason my free hard drive space was shrinking! *duh* OneDrive is integrated into my File Explorer and I thought once I moved something to there it just went to the cloud. I now realise this isn't the case and don't have very much hard disk space left Avail - The amount of unused (free) space on the filesystem. Use% - Shows the percent of the disk used. Mounted on - This is the directory where the file system is located. This is also sometimes called a mount point. The list of filesystems includes your physical hard drive, as well as virtual hard drives So, if you can't see files on your external hard drive, you should at first check whether the external hard drive is showing up in Disk Utility and mounted. 1. Go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility. 2. If the drive is visible in the sidebar, click the Mount button on the top of the window to mount this drive Note: If the external drive isn't showing up on your Mac, or the Encrypt option is missing, you may need to format the drive to a file system that macOS supports. Refer to this external hard drive troubleshooting guide to learn more. 2. Enter a password, re-enter the password, and type in a password hint It took almost 17hrs for the backup amd used almost 350 GB space of my external hard drive but when i restored it showing only the folders of my files and software programmes but when i tried to.

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Store all files from these two locations in iCloud Drive. When storage space is needed, only the files you recently opened are kept on your Mac, so that you can easily work offline. Files stored only in iCloud show a download icon , which you can double-click to download the original file. Learn more about this feature. Photos 13. How To Delete Files On Your Seagate External Hard Drive On Mac. When you want to delete some files from your Seagate external hard drive it's easy. You double click on your Seagate's drive icon on your desktop. And open up a new finder window. Click on each file or folder you want to delete Then I do not understand the purpose of using iCloud Drive as a cloud storage, when it stores files in both locations. Second problem is, I want to import photos (100+GB) to Photos app, but again, Mac OS says I do not have enough space to do it (because iCloud Drive is taking up all the local space) Picture Keeper PRO - Backup for PC/Mac. Rated 4.0 out of 5. 285 Reviews Based on 285 reviews. Starting at $129.99. Shop Now. #1 TV SHOPPING DEAL. 30% OFF All Phone Backup. Use code TVSHOP. Shop Now

Now my external hard drive is (obviously) empty. But at the same time it's not. For some reason Windows and also Linux still show around 333-336 MB of used space, even though the drive is completely empty. Yes, I am viewing hidden files. Yes, I am also viewing protected system files. The only 2 folders remaining were a Recycle Bin folder, which. Now, check if the files and folders on your USB are showing up or not. In case, if your pen drive showing empty folder, then proceed to the next method. 2. Run Anti-virus. A virus on your USB device may be causing it to show the full USB drive as empty. To rule out this issue, run an anti-virus scan on your USB device

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Just to help anyone else - i had this problem too where there was a missing 30gb of space. Turns out that the SQL DB folder itself was the problem, opening it up and clicking 'Continue' to allow access via UAC did the trick. Navigating back to select all root folders then shows the correctly used space Let's now look at what files are stored in the Google Drive section of your cloud storage area. Please post a screenshot of the following steps: Open your computer webpage to: My Google Drive Quota Usage. Take a screenshot and post it. This generates a list of known files, and it is sorted in descending order by size External Drive is showing 0 capacity, 0 free space. My 250 GB Seagate External backup drive (about 2 years old) was working fine and I only use it about 2-4 times a month for backup purposes. When.

Available disk spaces does not increase after deleting files. When a file is deleted, the space used on the disk is not reclaimed until the file is truly erased. The trash (recycle bin on Windows) is actually a hidden folder located in each hard drive. To completely delete the file, another step must be performed You can make a new volume if the hard drive shows up in Disk Management but not My Computer and appears as unallocated space in Windows 10. 1. Hold down the Windows key and X for a second and click Disk Management. 2. Right-click the space showing as unallocated space and click New Simple Volume . 3. Recreate the hard drive.

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There's a desktop system here that shows the C drive is almost full. (500Gig) I open, dig in, thinking there must be some programs or movies, or other data eating up the space. Nothing. No movies, music, pics. No large files, other than Windows 10, Office, etc. I've opened Program Files, Temp (empty), Windows, downloads Try it will a large file (say 5GB or greater) if you want to see it in action. Your project will show 5GB or whatever you added, but the available disk space will not have dropped. If you save as standalone and bring in files from an external drive, the disk usage will go up since the files have to be copied onto the drive where the project is. I just got the mini 4 days ago. So not much stuff on it to backup. Hardly anything much. So I backed up and reformatted. Then Command + R and reinstalled the OS in recovery. This time formatted the drive and I split the hard drive in to 2 parts 500 each. 1 for high Sierra. And 1 so I can try the Mojave beta. After reinstalling the OS all is.

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I had a music folder on an external hard drive with about 180GB of data. Now suddenly, when I connect the hard drive the music folder is empty and the folder icon shows a file of just 32KB And, if you check, it doesn't show any files even if it's used space indicates that the USB has data. This happens when your USB flash drive is severely corrupted or logically damaged. So, in order to recover files from USB that shows empty even when data exists, you need to make use of YupTools File Recovery Software When you look at your drive and see unallocated space, this references space on the hard drive that hasn't yet been allocated to a partition. Unallocated space cannot store files or programs, and is basically useless to the operating system unless the space is used to create a new partition or is added to an existing partition to extend it Codymack backs up to an external hard drive. Although it's quite a large drive, it's full. Over time, a backup can require a huge amount of drive space. Part of the problem is deleted. 4. You also need to empty the Trash. Right click on the Trash icon (far right of the dock) and choose Empty Trash :) To view your hard drive, open a new Finder window. Then in the menu, click Go → Home to see your user directory. Or choose Computer to see your whole hard drive. Share

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I have Sony external hard drive HD-E2, and it was working fine; I could save files on it and copy files from it. But then, suddenly, I was only able to read from it. I find it odd since it was working great for almost 4 months. My laptop is MacBook Pro. However I started to have this problem after upgrading to El Capitan MacOS Using CMD you can recover deleted files from external hard drive without any data loss. A step-by-step process is shown below: Click on the Window Start button from your taskbar and type CMD in it. Press Enter. Otherwise press Window icon + R from your keyboard, Run window pop-up. Type cmd and press enter button, Your cmd screen. Re: Hard drive full for no reason. Click My computer,click on tools on top, folder options, then view, scroll down and enable show hidden folders, click apply and ok. Then open C: Drive, go into documents and settings then your account folder then hover your mouse over the local settings folder, then temp folder and delete everything in there Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings. (If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, click Settings, and then click Change PC settings.). Select PC and devices, and then select Disk space.. Under Free up space on this PC, note the amount of free space and total size 2. Remove empty folders using for and rd commands. You can use the Command Prompt internal commands for and rd to enumerate the list of folders and delete the empty ones. Press & hold the Shift key, right-click on a folder and click Open command window here. This opens Command Prompt at the current folder location, which can also.