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  1. Saddle anemone. Bubble anemone. Tomato Clown: Amphiprion frenatus. Bubble anemone. Long Tentacle anemone. Sebae anemone. You can positively ID a tomato over a cinnamon by looking at it's pectoral (front, the one it uses primarily besides it's tail) fin. If there is a black line on the leading edge, it is a tomato
  2. Most anemones are fairly hardy and easy to care for, but some can be quite difficult to keep. Care must be taken when handling anemones as some pack a powerful painful sting. The popular bubble tip anemones, and a few others, will host clownfish. Anemones need to be fed bits of fresh uncooked fish, shrimp or other meaty foods at least once a week
  3. All clownfish are tank raised in my home and introduced to anemones at 6-8 weeks to ensure hosting. All are top quality specialty clowns that include Picasso, Picasso Onyx, Picasso Extreme and Ultra, Platinum, Percula, Percula mis-bars, Percula naked or near naked, and a variety of other unique designer patterns produced from their Picasso Onyx

Quick View. Long Tentacle Anemone (Macrodactyla doreensis) Starting at: $ 41.99. Select options. Email me when available. Save 66%. Quick View. Maxi Mini Carpet Anemone (Stichodactyla tapetum) Starting at: $ 21.99 XL Peach Cobbler Bubbletip Anemone WYSIWYG $999.99 $799.99 SALE. Golden orange Tip MERTENSII CARPET ANEMONE 6 $500.00 $349.99 SALE. Blue Haddoni Carpet Anemone (mini size) Out of stock SALE. Super Ultra 8-10 Pink Tipped Purple Long Tentacle Anemone Out of stock. Blue Gigantea Carpet Anemone 9-10 Out of stock SALE

Anemones and corals have a symbiotic relationship with clownfish, so it is a great idea to get one for your little pet. Some of the best options include Bubble Tip Anemone, Duncan Coral, Hammer Coral, Magnificent Sea Anemones, Leathery Anemone, Carpet Sea Anemone, Torch Coral, Toadstool Coral, Aurora Anemone, Corkscrew Sea Anemone, and Zoas The Premium Bubble Tip Anemone 3 Pack w/ FREE Clownfish offers a convenient way to replicate this fantastic symbiotic relationship for a great package deal. Included are three premium color varieties of Bubble Tip Anemones (White Tip, Ultra Tip, and Watermelon Red Tip) and a captive-bred Ocellaris Clownfish or Captive-Bred Percula Clownfish Clownfish rely on anemones for protection from predators, while anemones rely on clownfish for food. Different types of clownfish tend to prefer living with, or hosting, different types of anemones. If you're setting up an aquarium and would like to keep clownfish and anemones, it makes sense to try one these natural pairings, but don't be. CLOWNFISH. We have a good collection of captive bred, as well as hand-collected, Anemonefish, also known as Clown fish. Juveniles, sub-adults, and adults; plus bonded and breeding pairs of most types of Clown fish, including Bicintus, Blue Stripes, Clarkii, Maroons, Ocellaris, Platinums, Picassos, Tomatoes, True Percs, Wyoming Whites

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A weekly meal of a small piece of fish such as a defrosted quick frozen silverside (piece approx 1/2 inch depending upon oral opening size) will allow the anemone to grow and even reproduce often in the home aquarium. If the anemone has a clownfish host, the clown can be handed the piece of fish and will eagerly take it to the anemone and feed it Another method to acclimate the clownfish to an anemone is to transfer them into a smaller tank temporarily. The smaller tank should only contain the anemone and the clownfish, so the latter won't have anywhere else to go. In doing this, make sure that the tank is still big enough to submerge the anemone fully The Sunkist Skunk Clownfish is an extreme and rare color variation of The Pink Skunk Clownfish. Very few have been found and collected. Its Pectoral fins are yellow and its Pelvic fins are deep yellow. This pair has been in QT for 7weeks and is now ready for sale I have a glass reef tank I drilled out myself, it uses silicone to seal it up so not sure why people gripe about hurting fish. The clown plays in it but not like a real one. Problem was the clown kept overstimulating my real anemones and they kept dying. This is a real issue for a reef tank as a dying anemone threatens the entire tank Clownfish morphs for sale. A large variety of clownfish morphs for sale exist thru the work of salt water fish breeders. Throughout careful cross breeding and isolation of certain genetic color patterns, there are nearly 100 varieties of the false percula clownfish for sale

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The average size of Clownfish is three inches and most are brightly colored with white stripes on the head or side of the body. This group of fish is extremely hardy, and is well suited to life in the average aquarium. Ideally, Clownfish should be purchased in small groups consisting of one species, and introduced to the aquarium simultaneously Quality Anemones For Sale Online Anemones of all species are simply captivating to watch as the currents animate their tentacles and their bodies are buffeted back and forth. Although anemones are not corals, and do not create any kind of skeleton, they do share a common ancestor way back in time and share some of the characteristics of corals The relationship between the clownfish and anemome is called Symbiosis. Anemonefish are born male. When there are two males the larger more dominent fish will become the female. We have many types of Clown fish for sale, please enquire if you can't see what you are looking for! OATA Guide to keeping Clownfish Clownfish host parasites, Anemones host clownfish . Reply Like Reply. Reactions: Neros503 and xxkenny90xx. Aug 6, 2020 #7 D-Nak Well-Known Member View Badges. Joined Oct 15, 2011 Messages 980 Reaction score 904 Location Bay Area, CA. Just get yourself a real anemone. The interaction of clownfish and host anemone is the reason many of us started. After hours of researching and using all the models on the market, we find the best fake anemone for clownfish of 2021. Check out our ranking below! RANKING No. 1. Mallofusa Artificial Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration Silicone Sea Anemone Artificial Fish Tank Ornament Decoration (White

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Check out our clownfish anemone selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops Clownfish are often admired when seen hosting in an anemone. Clownfish and Anemones do not need each other in order to survive or live happily. Because Anemones require intense lighting and a very stable environment in a well established reef aquarium, it is often better to choose host that requires lesser maintenance for the clownfish Anemone fish, often known as Clownfish, are the most popular fish from sea and very popular with the aquarists too.However the behaviour of few species who form a symbiotic relationship with the anemones, makes them the very interesting inhabitants of the domestic aquarium.The symbiosis anemone protects them and the anemone fish even protect their partner anemone

Regular price. $249.99 $99.99 Sale Sold out. Green Carpet Anemone MCA02 WYSIWYG 13+ Diameter XLG. Regular price. $299.99 $149.99 Sale. Green Carpet Anemone MCA03 WYSIWYG Medium. Regular price. $299.99 $99.99 Sale. Green Bubble Tip Anemone Australia WYSIWYG GBT01 Size 3 Approx When Open I have a glass reef tank I drilled out myself, it uses silicone to seal it up so not sure why people gripe about hurting fish. The clown plays in it but not like a real one. Problem was the clown kept overstimulating my real anemones and they kept dying. This is a real issue for a reef tank as a dying anemone threatens the entire tank

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  1. Sea Anemones for saltwater aquariums shipped directly to your door at the lowest prices & highest quality online. Free shipping over $149! Call 1-877-367-4377 to order
  2. Clownfish Damsels & Chromis Eels Regular price $118.49 $79.98 Sale. Navarchus Angel (Pomacanthus Navarchus) Regular price $277.01 $186.98 Sale. Long Tentacle Grn Anemone (Macrodactyla Doreensis) Regular price $67.97 $50.98 Sale. Anemone Crab (Neopetrolisthes Ohsmimai).
  3. However, of the approximately 1,000 known anemone species, there are only 10 types of anemones known to host clownfish. The clown hosting anemones are found in parts of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean where there are tropical currents. Sea Anemone Habitat: The clown fish anemones only exist in shallow waters to depths of 164 feet (50 m)
  4. Phantom Clownfish - Small 1 1/4. Order by 3:30pm EST for Same Day Shipping (M-F) $49.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Name: Phantom Clownfish. Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris. Maximum Size: 4 (10 cm) Free Shipping on livestock orders $250.00 and greater
  5. Flurry Clownfish will readily accept a wide variety of host anemones. As a reference, the natural host anemones of the regular Ocellaris Clownfish are Magnificent Sea Anemone (Heteractis magnifica), Giant Carpet Sea Anemone (Stichodactyla gigantean) and Merten's Carpet Sea Anemone (Stichodactyla mertensii)
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  7. The Black Photon Clownfish will readily accept a wide variety of host anemones and many hobbyists keep it with the popular and hardy Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor). As a reference the natural host anemones of the regular ocellaris clownfish are Magnificent Sea Anemone ( Heteractis magnifica ), Sebae Anemone ( Heteractis crispa.

Welcome to AquaCorals! The largest Tank Raised Soft Coral Aquaculture facility in the US! Over 100 Soft Coral species are grown on Real Rock her SA Clownfish - Sustainable Aquatics. Sustainable Aquatics 110 West Old Andrew Johnson Highway Jefferson City, TN 3776 Clownfish prefer aquariums with open swimming spaces and plenty of hiding places. If you plan on providing your clownfishes with a host anemone, it's best to research the best species of anemone for your specific species. That said there is no guarantee that your clownfish will take to the anemone as a host

The anemone provides protection, shelter and supplies food for the clownfish. In return, the clownfish defends the anemone from predators and parasites and provides nitrogen, which aids the anemone's tissue growth. The clownfish is able to live among the anemone's stinging tentacles due the protective, slimy mucus that coats the body The Bubble Tip Anemone is usually found in coral rubble, or in solid reefs. Its pedal disc is usually attached deep within dead coral. It stretches its tentacles to become sweeper tentacles when hungry. That is, the tentacles become elongated to capture a meal, then the tentacles shorten and the bubble tips return. Handle this invertebrate, and all Anemones, with care Clownfish are a small to medium size damsel fish that are both colorful and very hardy. As Damselfish they can be territorial and aggressive, especially in a smaller saltwater aquarium. Given sufficient space they do not pose a problem to the other inhabitants and are reef safe. There are 4 products. Sort by: Best sellers Relevance Name, A to Z. Purple Mini-Maxi Carpet Anemone. $55.00. The Purple Mini Maxi Anemone has a mottled face that is mostly purple or magenta colored with the occasional green highlight. It is roughly 1 to 1.5 and can grow to 4 to 5 max. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Email The clownfish for sale at Aquariumcreationsonline.net are healthy, affordable, and the best saltwater aquarium clownfish species. In the wild, Clown fish live in symbiotic relationships with certain anemones. It means they live together and both the Clown fish and the anemone benefiting from each others company. In captivity anemones are.

Forest fire bubble Tip Anemone sm. Sold Out Sale View. Brands Brands; Aqua Illumination Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish - Captive. Regular price $39 View. Reef Secrets. Percula Clownfish - Captive. Regular price $28 Sale price $25 Sale View. Fish. Clarkii Clownfish - Captive. Regular price $25 Sale price $20. Rock flower anemone care is easy and they are perfect for beginner aquarium enthusiasts. Sea Anemone do well with a variety of lighting. Sea Anemone do well with a variety of lighting. However for the most vibrant display of their colors, try blue spectrum lighting or LED's; it really brings out their colors and makes them pop Haitian Pink Tip Anemone. The Haitian Pink Tip Anemone, also known as the Pink-Tip Condy (scientific name: Condylactis Anemone) is found near Haiti in shallow lagoons or on inner reefs. Sometimes they are referred to as Florida Pink-Tipped Anemone as well since they can be found in other parts of the Caribbean ocean.. It has long, pink-tipped tentacles and a red foot or base I would research nano fish. A Koran angel would be too big for your tank. Oh, so far I have BTA anemones and Rock Flower anemones, maybe things that host anemones like porcalien crabs and anemone shrim Tomato Clownfish Sml $ 31.48. Tomato Clownfish Med $ 66.48. Bullet Hole Ocellaris Clownfish Tank Raised Med $ 136.48. Extreme Snow Onyx Clownfish Tank Raised Med $ 346.48. Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish Tank Raised Sml $ 124.95 $ 74.97 SALE. Pearl Eye Clarkii Clownfish Tank Raised Med $ 100.95 $ 60.57 SALE. Orange Skunk Clownfish Tank Raised Sml.

This anemone is widely accepted as a host anemone by many species of clownfish. The Cinnamon ( A. melanopus ), Clark ( A. clarkii ), Tomato ( A. frenatus ), Fiji Barberi Tomato ( A. barberi ), and Maroon ( Premnas biaculeatus) are the common clownfish species known to occupy of anemone in the sea. The Bubble is an excellent choice for your. Up. Saltwater Aquarium; Clownfish Anemone Compatibility Chart. Updated August 12, 2019 Author: Mike - FishLore Admin Social Media:. The Clownfish Anemone Compatibility Chart on this page lists some of the various anemone species along with compatible clownfish species that they can form a symbiotic relationship with TR Lightning Maroon Clownfish As Low As: $89.00. Tank Raised Pink Skunk Clownfish PAIR As Low As: $99.00. TR True Percula Clownfish As Low As: $49.00. TR Ocellaris Clownfish PAIR As Low As: $69.00. TR True Black & White Ocellaris Clownfish As Low As: $39.00. TR Snowflake Ocellaris Clownfish As Low As: $89.00. Two-Band Clownfish As Low As: $29.00 Salty Underground is the online store for the saltwater hobbiest! Salty Underground has one of the largest selections of WYSIWYG live Corals for Sale and cheap coral frags online. Salty Underground also has an ever increasing variety of Marine fish for sale! These saltwater fish are some of the healthiest marine fish for sale online

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Black Ice Ocellaris Clownfish Tank Raised Sml $ 128.75 $ 77.25 SALE. Gold Dot Maroon Clownfish Tank Raised Sml $ 74.95 $ 44.97 SALE. Snow Storm X2 Snowflake Clown Fish (Pair) Package W/ Sebae Anemone $ 190.54 (X2) Black Ice Clown Fish (Pair) Med - (X2). Sustainable Aquatics Tank Bred Clownfish. Clownfish, often called anemone fish, belong to the subfamily Amphiprioninae in the family Pomacentridae. Approximately 29 species are recognized - there remains a healthy debate about the number of species in the subfamily with new species recently named. All species fall within the genus. I let the tank cycle and later added the first inhabitants: a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone, a colony of Palythoa, and a clean-up crew. Then I started to research clownfish. I definitely wanted something different for this tank: designer clowns, clarkiis, skunk, tomato, maroon—I changed my mind 100 times until a rare opportunity arose

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The Ocellaris Clownfish, also known as the False Percula Clownfish, False Clown Anemonefish, and Anemone Demoiselle, is found associating with anemones throughout the IndoPacific It can attain a length of 32″ (8 cm) in the wild, but aquarium specimens rarely exceed 2″ (5 cm) unless they are imported large This fish is sometimes sold asThe anemone's tentacles provide the clownfish with. Online saltwater fish store. Buy healthy hand selected saltwater aquarium fish, Personal Service, Quality shipping. Buy Now Sale

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Freshwater Schooling Fish. GloFish. Killifish - Cyprinodontidae Fish. Labyrinth Fish - Betta, Gourami, Badis, Paradise Fish. Livebearers - Mollies or Molly. Livebearers - Platy or Platies. Livebearers - Swordtails. Loach, Botia & Garra Aquarium Fish. Plecos Plecostomus Algae Eaters Saltwater Clownfish for Sale - Clownfish are great beginner saltwater fish, that are both brightly colored, and easy to care for. Given the space they do not pose a problem to the other inhabitants and are reef safe. These fish will easily adapt to most environments and will eat any kind of meaty seafood, flake or pellet

Clownfish as a Pet Many clownfish are bred and raised in tanks for sale in the US. If the aquarium has an anemone, they will sometimes live in the anemone, but not always. They don't need an anemone to survive in an aquarium. They can live around 3 to 5 years. Fun Facts about Clownfish. Once a male clownfish becomes female, there is no going. Clownfish and Bubble-Tipped Anemone. This Month in Photo of the Day: Nature and Environment Bleached by high water temperatures, this bubble-tipped anemone is largely devoid of the algae that. ORA Black Picasso Percula Clownfish Captive-Bred. $ 179.99 $ 89.99. Add to cart. -62%. Quick View. ORA Blood Orange Misbar Clownfish Captive-Bred - Limit 2 Special. $ 38.99 $ 14.99. Add to cart. -33% Pet Sebae Clownfish For Sale. The Sebae Clownfish, like all anemonefish, lives in a symbiotic relationship with the host anemone where the fish is unaffected by the stinging tentacles of the anemone. Like all anemonefish it is usually found living in association with sea anemones On sale this week only $40 each or 2 for $60! 1 WEEK STAY ALIVE GUARANTEE ON ALL CLOWNFISH ! we only sell healthy fish We have about 40 super healthy, colorful o.c clownfish for sale ALL CAPTIVE BRED We only sell captive bred fish that are grown sustainably, we are trying to promote responsible reef keeping and preserve are oceans On sale this week only $40 each or 2 for $60

Clownfish vulnerable to increased bleaching caused by rising ocean temperatures. Clownfish became a household name over a decade ago when Disney released the movie Finding Nemo. Found exclusively in the Indo-Pacific, clownfish are symbiotic animals that only live in sea anemones, a close relative of corals that don't have a hard outer shell Maroon Clownfish for sale 4Less! Top Care Facts For The Maroon Clown (Premnas biaculeatus) Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful Diet: Omnivore Origin: Captive Bred Reef Safe: Yes Cora Pet Clownfish For Sale - Clownfish are hardy members of the Damsel family, with huge amounts of feisty personality. If you plan to have them, Clownfish for Saltwater aquariums are a great beginner fish. There are many varieties of Clownfish for Saltwater aquariums. Pet Fish For Sale is the best place to buy saltwater fish online and many other tropical marine fish for sale The orange clownfish for sale are just like those you've seen in popular animated films. Other than their established career in Hollywood, these clownfish species have earned their place as one of the most popular saltwater fish pets. Ocellaris clownfish are excellent beginner fish as they are relatively easy-to-care-for, hardy and don't.

Clarkii Clownfish are the most widely distributed clownfish species and can be found in the Pacific Ocean west to the Arabian Gulf, east to Fiji, north to Japan and south to the subtropical regions of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Clarkii Clownfish are known for their hardiness and is an excellent beginner's choice for a reef aquarium Clown Fish Anemone Relationship There is no sure evidence about the clownfish immunity from anemone's stings but, the most realistic and commonly accepted theory says that clownfish have secretory cells. As juveniles, clownfish perform a ritual o Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Anemones Anemones are best known for their host, Clownfish. Anemones come in various colors shapes and sizes. Anemones poses stinging tentacles, so they are best handled with gloves. Anemones require moderate lighting and moderate flow. Anemones will also benefit from the occasional feedings of krill, shrimp or si

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  1. Bubbletip anemones come in all color combinations and patterns. We aquaculture our anemones in house to garuntee that you do not recieve a wild caught one which tend to not fair well in home aquariums. Pair it up with a clownfish for a perfect addition to any reef tank
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  3. Anemones are responsible for drawing countless aquarists into the reef keeping hobby. When imagining a coral reef, often the mental image of an anemone and clownfish materializes. Anemones are one of the most recognizable organisms in our tanks even to laypersons. The motion of their tentacles are mesmerizing and several Pacific varieties make.
  4. Long Tentacle Purple (Macrodactyla Doreensis) Regular price. $73.92 $44.98 Sale. Red Carpet Anemone Mini (Stichodactyla Spp) Regular price. $142.90 $99.98 Sale. Rose Anemone (Entacmaea Quadricolor) Regular price. $241.25 $162.98 Sale

The anemone will typically deflate to consume food and then expel waste when it opens. Clownfish Sea Anemone Hosting. Most wild clownfish will host an anemone almost immediately, but some will appear to have no interest. For uninterested wild caught clownfish and tank raised clownfish, getting the fish to host in an anemone can be difficult Sebae Anemone. Scientific Name: Heteractis crispa Reef Compatibility: Yes Minimum Tank Size: 30 gal Max Size: 12 Lightning: High Notes: Acclimation to aquarium life can be very difficult for this species and its care should only be attempted by the most experienced aquarists. In the aquarium it requires strong lighting, porous live rock, and a variety of sandy and rocky locations from which. Anemone. WA GLITTER BOMB ANEMONE Sold Out $125.00. Sale. MULTI VARATION GREEN BUBBLE ANEMONES Sold Out $80.00. Sale. Whitlyn Aquatics WA Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone RBA $125.00 $199.00. Sale. Neon Tube Anemone - Cerianthus membranaceus - from $34.99. WA Rainbow LSD Anemone ULTRA RARE WA $275.00 $499.99

Heteractis malu, Sebae Anemone, Singapore Sebae, Hawaiian Sand Anemone - Column and oral disk uniform pale color, with stubby tentacles usually tipped in magenta. Column buried in substrate. Seldom confused. Hosts only Clark's clownfish in nature, and may host Tomato and Bluestripe clowns in the aquarium. Only host available from within the USA Another trick is to attach a mirror or a photograph of a clownfish to the outside of your aquarium. The idea behind this ruse is to give the illusion another clownfish is invading your clown's territory. The ideal outcome is your clownfish will feel threatened enough by the intruder to dive into the waiting tentacles of the anemone We ship livestock across Canada next day air via UPS, Purolator, and WestJet Cargo Description. Commonly referred to as Condy Anemone or Condi, the Haitian Anemone (condylactis gigantea) is found in the Caribbean waters. It can range in color from green, shades of brown or white to pink and purple. The Condy anemone will rarely host clownfish but makes an excellent addition to an aquarium with its flowing tentacles and size

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Flower Anemones. One of the absolute hottest reef aquarium inhabitants to add to your reef tank has been the Ultra Flower or Ultra Flower Anemone. Not only are Ultra Flower Anemones affordable, but they pack amazing color and hardiness into one perfect package. At Aquarium Care Center, we are proud to have one of the largest Ultra Flower. Ocellaris Clownfish - Captive. Regular price $28 Sale price $25 Sale View. Invertebrates Invertebrates; All; Anemones pink base green bubble Tip Anemone. From $40 View. Reef Secrets. Forest fire bubble Tip Anemone sm. Sold Out Sale View. Reef Secrets. Blue mini maxi.

Also does anyone just have any type of clownfish for sale? Also wondering if anyone has anemones for sale too? Thanks! Oct 13, 2020 #2. Marshalltown, IA. Sponge Expert Reefkeeper Sponsor. 3,336. Marshalltown, IA Ratings: +233 / 1 / -0. I have a pair of clowns and bta's I can sell Gorgeous, Healthy Bubble Tip Anemones for Sale Online. Bubble tip anemones are some of the most common anemones found in coral reef displays and other tropical marine tanks for a variety of reasons: Whatever the color imparted by the photosynthetic zooxanthellae algae living in their tissue, they add color and hypnotizing motion to any display

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  1. Get the best deals on Sea Anemone Aquarium Corals & Live Rocks when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many WYSIWYG Live Anemone: Rose Bubble Tip; Coral Clownfish RBTA BTA Percula SPS LPS. $122.49. 2 bids. $50.00 shipping. 3 to 5 inches. Read Description. *SALE* $120.00. $50.00 shipping. or Best.
  2. For more information about Clown Fish anemones, see: Facts About the 10 Clownfish Hosting Sea Anemones. Giant Carpet Anemone, Stichodactyla gigantea. Report Broken Video. Anemone in captivity. The Giant Carpet Anemone is an expert only anemone that needs high lighting and strong water movement! Make sure your tank is at least 2 years old before.
  3. Clownfish & Anemones quarantinie anemone questions. Thread starter rose bubble tipped anemone and a coco worm at a sale the other day and I knew nothing about it until I come home and they are all in my QT with my sixline that was in for 2 wekks allready. Anyways, I'm fairly certain I saw a parasite on the clown 2 days ago allthough its not.
  4. Clownfish form a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones. The clownfish feeds on small creatures that could harm the sea anemone while the sea anemone prote..
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Discover the most diverse selection of live coral for sale online at Pacific East Aquaculture. We are a state licensed aquaculture facility run by a board certified veterinary pathologist - sustainable coral propagation is our passion! Shop our selection of live coral, saltwater fish, and more Clownfish naturally inhabits an anemone with which it will maintain a symbiotic relationship. Immune to the anemone's poisson, it is protected from its predators. In counterpart it feeds, cleanses and protects the anemone from its own predators. In a reef aquarium without anemone it may reproduce this relationship with certain corals like. Clown Fish Breeding: The clown fish was made most famous from the popular children's film 'Finding Nemo'. He is also famous for his seeming immunity to the stings of the sea anemone. Most clown fish are found either in or around sea anemones which the clown fish inhabits both for protection from predators but also the readiness of food Approx. size .75-1.5;. Tank raised Ocellaris Clownfish are hardy and more colorful than the wild caught ones. They are primarily orange and white when young with the black stripes darkening with maturity. - Can be territorial towards same species - If possible, keep clownfish with a companion anemone

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In the past this used to be quite tricky as it was common to see many different species of clownfish for sale in the hobby, and only a very limited variety of anemones. Over time the larger and more aggressive species of clownfish became less popular, and soon the majority of hobbyists kept either Percula clowns (Amphiprion percula), or, Common. Some sea anemones form symbiotic relationships with crabs, shrimp, or with anemone fish, also known as clownfish. In the former situation, anemones will either attach or be attached to the shell of a hermit crab, providing additional protection for the crab and allowing the anemone to eat scraps when the crab feeds The anemone fish, which are also known under the name Clownfish or Amphiprion, are a species of the family of damselfish and thus to the order Perciformes. The anemone fish live in symbiosis with sea anemones, individual species require certain sea anemones to be in a symbiosis. The sea anemones offer clownfish protection, since these are generally poor swimmers. Depending on the type, they. clownfish, anemonefish, false percula clownfish, Nemo fish, false clownfish Clownfish water parameters Temp. 75-82°F, salinity 1.020-1.025, tank size 10 gal+, ph 8.0-8.

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Clownfish are very unique because they are the only fish that can live among the deadly, stinging tentacles of the sea anemone without being killed. A coating of mucus covers the clownfish's body. This mucus is exchanged between the anemone's tentacles and the clownfish's body, resulting in complete protection for the fish Nicely and super healthy of Onyx C-quest pair of clownfish tank raised free of pest's,female around 2,male around 1.75(not tiny),lowballers will be ignored.

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