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Run mocha with mocha-junit-reporter: $ mocha test --reporter mocha-junit-reporter. This will output a results file at ./test-results.xml . You may optionally declare an alternate location for results XML file by setting the environment variable MOCHA_FILE or specifying mochaFile in reporterOptions The command for Mochawesome differs from the command used with the default Mocha report generator on two terms: reporter is used to specify that we want to use the reporter option to generate Mocha reports.; mochawesome is used to specify that we will be using the Mochawesome report generator instead of the default Mocha reporter.; Here is how you can run the command on the search_basic.js file Since mocha@8 test files can be run in parallel using the --parallel flag. In order for mochawesome to work properly it needs to be registered as a hook. mocha tests --reporter mochawesome --require mochawesome/register. Due to differences in how parallel tests are processed, statistics may differ between sequential and parallel test runs

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So I use grunt-mocha-test with 2 configuration where only the reporter is different (once xunit-file and once spec). And then I have grunt-mocha-istanbul that runs the tests yet again,and generates the coverage report. I tried using { options: { reporters : ['xunit-file', 'spec'] } parallelMode (enableopt) → { Mocha } Toggles parallel mode. Must be run before calling Mocha#run. Changes the Runner class to. use; also enables lazy file loading if not already done so. Warning: when passed false and lazy loading has been enabled via any means (including calling parallelMode (true) ), this method will not disable lazy loading Mocha provides a basic way to pass command line arguments to the reporter through the —-reporter-options flag. This option isn't particularly well documented — the main documentation only says Because Cypress is built on top of Mocha, that means any reporter built for Mocha can be used with Cypress. Here is a list of built in Mocha reporters. Mocha's built-in reporters; By default, Cypress uses the spec reporter to output information to STDOUT. We've also added the two most common 3rd party reporters for Mocha Mocha allows you to define and use custom reporters install via npm.. For example, if mocha-foo-reporter was published to the npm registry, you could install it via npm install mocha-foo-reporter --save-dev, then use it via mocha --reporter mocha-foo-reporter.. Example Custom Reporter. If you're looking to get started quickly, here's an example of a custom reporter

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{ scripts: { test: nyc mocha --timeout=3000} } that's it! this will instrument the code that your tests execute, and any subprocesses that it spawns. #Using Alternative Reporters. By default nyc uses Istanbul's text reporter. Various other reporters are available. You can view the full list on the Using Alternative Reporters page In general, Mocha reporters are mostly terminal based. There are different types of reporters available as part of Mocha, of which, spec and dot matrix are the commonly used reporter types. Spec is the default reporter. The spec reporter outputs a hierarchical view according to the test cases. The dot matrix reporter is a series of characters. Mochawesome is a custom reporter for use with the Javascript testing framework, mocha. It runs on Node.js (>=10) and works in conjunction with mochawesome-report-generator to generate a standalone HTML/CSS report to help visualize your test runs

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  1. ; mocha --reporter markdown will print the same test report we're used to, but using markdown formatting; You can add a --reporter flag to your package.json-- file in your test.
  2. var mocha = new Mocha ({reporter: 'mocha-junit-reporter', reporterOptions: {testsuitesTitle: true, suiteTitleSeparatedBy: '.' // suites separator, default is space (' ')}}); If you want to switch classname and name of the generated testCase XML entries, you can use the testCaseSwitchClassnameAndName reporter option
  3. mocha-simple-html-reporter. This is a custom reporter for use with the Javascript testing framework, mocha. It generates a HTML/CSS report that helps visualize your test suites. Sample Report. Install $ npm install --save-dev mocha-simple-html-reporter Usage. Tell mocha to use this reporter
  4. JUnit Reporter for Mocha. Produces JUnit-style XML test results. Installation $ npm install mocha-junit-reporter --save-dev or as a global module $ npm install -g mocha-junit-reporter Usage. Run mocha with mocha-junit-reporter: $ mocha test--reporter mocha-junit-reporter This will output a results file at ./test-results.xml.You may optionally declare an alternate location for results XML file.
  5. Mocha doesn't come bundled with a JUnit reporter, so I used mocha-junit-reporter which outputs a test-results.xml file to the root project directory by default. I don't like the default, so I have it output to a directory of my choosing. So, first we run: npm install --save-dev mocha-junit-reporter. Then, we update our npm test command in.
  6. Cypress is built on top of Mocha and so it gets the mocha's bdd syntax, hooks and mocha reports. In this post we will be discussing about Mocha Reporters. Mocha provides a whole bunch of reporters to choose from. Some of the mocha built-in reporters are spec, dot matrix, nyan and json

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  1. Use default xunit reporter of Mocha to print xml reports. Provide --reporter xunit to get the report to screen. It is recommended to use more powerful mocha-junit-reporter (opens new window) package to get better support for Jenkins CI. Install it via NPM (locally or globally, depending on CodeceptJS installation type)
  2. reporter. Type: string Default: spec Values: Reporters. Reporter that will be used. This option can also be used to utilize third-party reporters. For example, if you npm install mocha-lcov-reporter you can then do use mocha-lcov-reporter as value. reporterOptions. Type: object Example: {reportFilename: 'index.html'} Reporter specific options.
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Mocha Jenkins Reporter This reporter is useful if you want to run Node.js backend tests using mocha and need a nicely formatted Jenkins reports of the test runs. The existing xunit reporter is very similar, but doesn't make it possible to output both XML report and a console output at the same time, which would often be useful with Jenkins In your Mocha --reporterOptions, specify cmrOutput with a plug-sign-separated list of the reporter name, the property on that reporter's options to have replaced, and the dynamic ID you would like substituted. If you need multiple reporters to have dynamic output, add additional plus-sign-separated lists separated by colons. This will produce.

Compare npm package download statistics over time: mocha vs mocha-jenkins-reporter vs mocha-multi-reporters I suppose Allure reporter also integrates with Mocha tests. You can take a look at allure-mocha for more information. I haven't used it though. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered Nov 24 '17 at 15:49. demouser123 demouser123. 3,420 5 5 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges This object is usually derived from a config file that your mocha test runner reads prior to instantiation. This is the object that must contain a key reporter with a value of mocha-multi-reporters for this plugin to be used. You can also pass the key reporterOptions with a value of any of the above listed config files (including the. Reporters. Mocha reporters adjust to the terminal window, and always disable ansi-escape colouring when the stdio streams are not associated with a tty. Dot Matrix. The dot matrix reporter is simply a series of dots that represent test cases, failures highlight in red, pending in blue, slow as yellow. Spe

This reporter provides the new compliant XML structure. Usage. Install and save to your devDependencies. npm install --save-dev mocha-sonarqube-reporter mocha --reporter mocha-sonarqube-reporter testFolder --reporter-options output=xunit.xml On mocha-test for use with grun In the reporter you can use the fs.appendFileSync() method of the fs module to write the information to the file. Since we are using a custom reporter the the test reults wont be printed on the command line. References. Mocha API documentation. Using Mocha programmatically. Third party reporters. Updated: November 25, 2019. Share o Mocha Reporter (+blanket.js). GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets The scripts do the following: test:awesome - the --reporter flag tells mocha to report the resuts to the mochawesome package; open:report - on a Mac this will open the generated report in a browser; I appended || true to the awesome script because mochawesome would report a confusing exit failure if a test failed. This makes the output a little cleaner and less confusing I have a mocha.opts file which I'm currently setting my reporter and reporter options in like this: ---reporter mocha-junit-reporter ---reporter-options mochaFile=report.xml - rozza Aug 29 '18 at 16:0

#--reporter <name>, -R <name> This will specify the reporter that will be used, defaulting to spec. It permits the use of third-party reporters. For instance, mocha-lcov-reporter can be used with --reporter mocha-lcov-reporter after it has been installed. #--reporter-option <option>, -O <option>, --reporter-options <option> This was updated in. CypressIO supports all Mocha functions since Cypress is built on top of Mocha. Mochawesome is the reporter used in CypressIO to provide the analysis of the tests. Mochawesome generates a custom HTML report so that we can easily view the passed and failed tests Since Cypress is built on top of Mocha testing framework, it supports the same test reporters as Mocha does. One of the most popular reporters for Mocha is Mochawesome. It provides an interactive HTML page together with JSON file with all the details about your test suites. This is the most user-friendly report I've ever seen

I know that Mocha has support for this using 'html' reporter and mocha init <dir> however neither seem to be working for me (the reporter actually throws errors without even running a test). Could someone give me a good example of running a test via Mocha and generating a HTML report?An example I want to mimic is on the visionmedia site The root cause of the issue is due to the way nyc instruments the files for coverage. It does this by watching it's child process and keeping track of what code is ran. This is why you pass mocha to nyc. You can test if this is the case by adding the --show-process-tree flag to nyc, as described in the nyc docs.If you see nyc at the bottom of the output, but nothing under it, you will know. The default reporter is spec, which is what is being used throughout this guide. Mocha.js also allows you to specify third-party reporters using this flag. mocha -R list Mocha.js in the browser. The Mocha test runner can also be used in the browser. Every release of Mocha.js contains builds of ./mocha.css and ./mocha.js for use in the browser. The following command is used to invoke the Mocha binary installed locally in the ./node_modules directory: $ npx mocha --reporter spec. Note that we have many different report formats to choose from. You can explore other reporters on Mocha's official website. Next, we will update the test command in package.json to contain the above command.

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Karma Mocha Reporter to the rescue! Once installed and configured, here's what the outputs will look like. 1. Install Mocha Reporter. If you use NPM then here's the command to install the Karma Mocha Reporter and add it to your Angular application as a dev dependency. npm install -D karma-mocha-reporter. Or, if you're a yarn guy, then here's. Learn how to use mocha-multi by viewing and forking mocha-multi example apps on CodeSandbox. About A bit of a hack to get multiple reporters working with mocha 49,022 Weekly Downloads. Latest version 1.1.3. License MIT. Packages Using it 12. Issues Count 77. Stars 72. External Links Finish this test command to use a reporter showing a cat: mocha --reporter _____ 2 Answers. Cosimo Scarpa 14,044 Points Cosimo Scarpa . Cosimo Scarpa 14,044 Points October 1, 2017 1:26pm. the answer should be nyan. Benjamin Barslev Nielsen 18,958 Points Benjamin Barslev Nielsen. Configuring Mocha's reporter on Cypress.io is so simple, just set the value of the reporter parameter in cypress.json file. First of all, let me show you some built-in Mocha's reporters and. Mocha Reporter (+blanket.js, +no try/catch). GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets

Project Skeleton. The first step is to create an empty project directory and run npm init inside of it, then create two folders src and test: - src - test package.json. Installing TypeScript. The project will written in TypeScript so let's start by installing the typescript package: npm install typescript --save-dev Karma reporter with mocha style logging. - 2.2.5 - a JavaScript package on npm - Libraries.i Mocha-JUnit-Reporter is a JUnit Extensible Markup Language (XML) reporter for the Mocha test framework. This technology provides test result reporting. Technology/Standard Usage Requirements: Users must ensure their use of this technology/standard is consistent with VA policies and standards, including, but not limited to, VA Handbooks 6102 and. Since Mocha only allows for the use of one reporter at a time the trick is to use the mocha-multi-reporters package to act as a proxy reporter for multiple reporters. This is how we setup our Gulp script to make use of this to enable both the spec and the above Slack reporter simultaneously Last but not least, we will be learning about the different types of reporters generated by Mocha like, spec and dot matrix. We will be using Visual Studio Code as IDE and Terminal for console programming. Of course, you can use the IDE of your own choice as well. Now, let's get started

Mocha will attempt to load ./test/mocha.opts, these are concatenated with process.argv, though command-line args will take precedence. For example the mocha.opts file:--reporter spec --recursive --growl use the spec reporter; include sub directories; enable growl notification support; Now the command: mocha test is equal to the command Adding an HTML reporter to Istanbul is easy. To get set up with an HTML reporter, all you have to do is add the reporter flag to your NYC command as follows: nyc --reporter=html mocha. Now when you run your Mocha command, you're going to see a new coverage folder appear in the root of your project Cypress is built on top of Mocha, that means any reporter built for Mocha can be used with Cypress. Here is a list of built in Mocha reporters. Mochawesome is a custom reporter for use with th

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  1. A simple PhantomJS v1.6+ Mocha Reporter. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets
  2. The npm package mocha-bamboo-reporter receives a total of 7,900 downloads a week. As such, we scored mocha-bamboo-reporter popularity level to be Small. Based on project statistics from the GitHub repository for the npm package mocha-bamboo-reporter, we found that it has been starred 24 times, and that 106 other projects in the ecosystem are.
  3. > reporter. Thanks Santiago, I'll give xunit a try (I've been using the junit reporter). Do you find any advantage to xunit-file over mocha -R xunit > xunit.xml

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  1. Our html reporter is the basic HTML reporter that comes with mocha. His looks much better. To display both client side and server side results, we made a quick and dirty decision to split the screen horizontally into two reporters, one for client results and one for server results
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  3. A Mocha browser reporter that draws a line of dots and Fs. To use it, say: mocha.reporter(HTMLDotReporter); Use CSS to style pre, pre .success, pre .failure, pre .end, and pre .failure-detail inside #mocha to style pieces.. Here is a sample output
  4. Usage. Run mocha with mocha-junit-reporter: $ mocha test --reporter mocha-junit-reporter. This will output a results file at ./test-results.xml . You may optionally declare an alternate location for results XML file by setting the environment variable MOCHA_FILE or specifying mochaFile in reporterOptions
  5. read. Every Angular CLI generated project comes already with a test setup in place using Karma. I think the default progress test result report is not as nice however

The npm package mocha-junit-reporter receives a total of 612,872 downloads a week. As such, we scored mocha-junit-reporter popularity level to be Popular. Based on project statistics from the GitHub repository for the npm package mocha-junit-reporter, we found that it has been starred 112 times, and that 2,018 other projects in the ecosystem. 10. The npm package mocha-teamcity-reporter receives a total of 24,031 downloads a week. As such, we scored mocha-teamcity-reporter popularity level to be Recognized. Based on project statistics from the GitHub repository for the npm package mocha-teamcity-reporter, we found that it has been starred 42 times, and that 232 other projects in the. So what is Mocha: Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework that runs on Node.js and in the browser, it makes asynchronous testing simple and fun. All Mocha test run serially, enabling flexible and accurate reporting, while at the same time mapping uncaught exceptions to the correct test case mocha --reporter mocha-multi-reporters --reporter-options configFile=mocha.json; Pipeline Job. Everything is fully installed, configured and integrated, let's add it to our pipeline

00:00. -. +. 00:00 00:57. MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) - It's back to the Duterte government for the controversial pro-Duterte blogger Mocha Uson. Uson has been appointed Deputy Executive. A mocha reporter plugin is typically used to visualize the test results. For example, for our previous runs, we use the spec reporter. While the visualization function of the reporter is of little.

QA Touch & Webdriver Integration Process. Login in QA Touch. Click My profile - Generate API key. Install the package by executing the below command from your automation environment from the command line. Access your project's test run. Click wdio config button. In the resulting popup, copy the API key and the details and update the value in. Gaia build: Cannot find module 'mocha/lib/reporters/Spec' Categories (Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia, defect) Product: Firefox OS Graveyard Firefox OS Graveyard. FirefoxOS, or Boot2Gecko (B2G) is Mozilla's operating system built on web standards.. When I run mocha via the CLI with --reporter-options reportFilename=my-filename, it seems to overwrite the reporter-options from the config file. The reporter is still mochawesome, but there's no timestamp appended to the filename and the other options are reset to their defaults as well (e.g. an assets/ dir is created instead of having them. Thanks to @mohsen1's post the following is the minimum recommended configuration to get accurate TypeScript coverage with mocha. With this configuration, the all: true and cache: true options should work On-the-fly reporting via service messages for Mocha JavaScript testing framework

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WebStorm internal reporter for mocha. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets I set Mocha in truffle-config.js like: module.exports = { . . . mocha: { reporter: 'eth-gas-reporter', reporterOptions : { currency: 'USD', } } } to see some information about gas consumption in USD. I deployed my contract with Truffle in its development environment. So, i need a command used in Windows Powershell to present the desired. Run mocha reporter programatically Follow. Israel Barbosa Created May 03, 2019 15:14. I want to use the test functionality in webstorm, but the only way to use it is trough a mocha 'Run/Debug Configuration'. The problem is that I have a `runner. This configuration adds a Mocha task and two reports: Spec - A detailed console report that is very similar to Mocha's spec reporter.; List - Comprehensive list of all problems encountered which will be printed add the end of all test-runs.; As SUT, add the following lib.js file to the same folder Mocha, the lone videographer left, recorded this all while asking the police why they were arresting journalists, before immediately getting detained and ticketed as well. Something's deeply wrong with Montreal's @SPVM police. They arrest, handcuff & ticket our reporters, asking if we're Jews or Jew media

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The nyc command-line-client for Istanbul works well with most JavaScript testing frameworks: tap, mocha, AVA, etc. #Features. First class support of ES6/ES2015+ using babel-plugin-istanbul. A collection of reporters, providing both terminal and HTML output: Support for the most popular JavaScript testing frameworks (see our tutorials) Serenity/JS. Serenity/JS is a framework designed to make acceptance and regression testing of modern full-stack applications faster, more collaborative and easier to scale. Visit serenity-js.org for the latest tutorials and API docs, and follow @SerenityJS and @JanMolak on Twitter for project updates

Mocha - the core framework: it provides common testing functions including describe and it and the main function that runs tests. Chai - the library with many assertions. It allows to use a lot of different assertions, for now we need only assert.equal Value Description; full (default): all output is printed to the console: autowatch: first run will have the full output and the next runs just output the summary and errors in mocha styl Badge your Repo: mocha-multi-reporters We detected this repo isn't badged! Grab the embed code to the right, add it to your repo to show off your code coverage, and when the badge is live hit the refresh button to remove this message. Embed README BADGES x. If you need to use a raster PNG badge, change the '.svg' to '.png' in the link. Fixed Mocha adapter to keep the original reporter in place, allows browserstack-runner to still have the HTML reporter output ; Published js-reporters 1.0 on npm ; This week: Finish browserstack-runner integration: Fix loading js-reporters dist from node_modules. Fix globalSuite.runtime issue with Mocha adapter. Create PR, get it lande nyancat reporter for mocha. copied a lot from nyan-cat-formatter for rspec: https://github.com/mattsears/nyan-cat-formatte

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Mocha has been my go-to testing framework, as I get more disciplined in ensuring greater code coverage. It's a pretty easy framework to use, and works in conjunction with the built-in assertions that Node.JS provides. It also has a number of reporters that you can dump data to for external consumption mocha-should - for Mocha with should.js; Choose the <reporter> according to the Karma reporter that you use for printing the test progress on the console. The following reporters are supported: brief - a friendly reporter printing just the errors and keeping the progress on one line; dots - a built-in reporter printing just a dot for each. By default nyc uses Istanbul's text reporter. However, you may specify an alternative reporter. Below is a list of all available reporters, as well as the output it generates. #clover. The following is generated at coverage/clover.xml mocha {{folder/with/tests}} --grep {{^regex$}} --watch. I have created two scripts. One is for running all integration tests in the test folder. The other one runs only one specific test everytime the test or the class under test is changed. test:all runs mocha. with mocha-jenkins-reporter as reporter, sets the timeout to 20 seconds

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npx mocha --reporter mocha-reporter-remote --reporter-options address=12345 Each project uses its own socket and port which remains stable even if you quit Atom, so it's safe to persist the socket/port info in your project config/environment variables or any other suitable place This is the node module that will be used to generate report for unit tests using mocha framework. mocha-junit-reporter: ^1.23.3 4. In package.json file, add an entry in the script section. This is the script that will be used for executing unit tests in azure build pipeline Mocha tests run serially, allowing for flexible and accurate reporting, while mapping uncaught exceptions to the correct test cases. Karma belongs to Browser Testing category of the tech stack, while Mocha can be primarily classified under Javascript Testing Framework. Test Runner is the top reason why over 56 developers like Karma, while. Mocha has supported many reports like SPEC, DOT MATRIX, NAYN, etc. you can use any one of them or use any custom reports to generate a better report. I used Mochawesome. Mochawesome is a custom reporter for use with the Javascript testing framework, mocha mocha --opts mocha-testrail.opts build/test --recursive --reporter mocha-testrail-reporter --reporter-options domain=instance.testrail.net,username=test@example.com,password=12345678,projectId=1,suiteId=1 --no-exit Mark your mocha test names with ID of Testrail test cases. Ensure that your case ids are well distinct from test descriptions

Copy. outputDir defaults to ./allure-results. After a test run is complete, you will find that this directory has been populated with an .xml file for each spec, plus a number of .txt and .png files and other attachments. disableWebdriverStepsReporting - optional parameter ( false by default), in order to log only custom steps to the reporter Figure 3-1 shows an example of nyan cat reporter with the command $ mocha test-expect.js -R nyan. Figure 3-1. Mocha nyan reporter. Usually, when it comes to choosing a type of framework, there are a few options. Mocha is one of the more robust and widely used. However, the following alternatives to Mocha are worth considering Compare npm package download statistics over time: karma vs karma-junit-reporter vs mocha-junit-reporter Mocha joins Andrew Says for a behind the scenes breakdown of what it has been like covering Rebel News' most exciting (for better or worse) interactions, his move from Turkey to Canada, and on Rebel News+, gives a detailed recap of the Montreal boat fiasco where Montreal police created a 'crime scene' out of journalists doing their jobs istanbul + mocha + grunt. Instrumenter = istanbul. Instrumenter # 計算用のファイルを作る. Collector = istanbul. Collector # 集計する. Reporter = istanbul. Reporter # 出力する

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To output junit tests with the Mocha test runner you can use mocha-junit-reporter. A working .circleci/config.yml section for testing might look like this: steps : - checkout - run : npm install - run : mkdir ~/junit - run : command : mocha test --reporter mocha-junit-reporter environment : MOCHA_FILE : ~/junit/test-results.xml when : always. Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on node.js and the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and fun. Mocha tests run serially, allowing for flexible and accurate reporting, while mapping uncaught exceptions to the correct test cases. test-framework test automation unit-testing


The mocha-lcov-reporter is a reporter for mocha. In order to get coverage data, the same instructions are to be followed as for the JSONCov and HTMLCov reporters: For example, the following script can be part of your build process (add jscover, mocha, and mocha-lcov-reporter as devDependencies to your package.json file and run npm install ) The mocha-lcov-reporter is a reporter for mocha. In order to get coverage data, the same instructions are to be followed as for the JSONCov and HTMLCov reporters: Install jscover or node-jscoverage. Instrument your library with jscover (or node-jscoverage) Run your tests against your instrumented library and save the output Each revision of Mocha provides upgraded JavaScript and CSS build for different web browsers. Number of ways to offer test reports : It provides users with a variety of reporting options like list, progress and JSON, to choose from with default reporter displaying the output based on the hierarchy of test cases Compare npm package download statistics over time: allure-js-commons vs cucumberjs-allure-reporter vs hermione-allure-reporter vs mocha-allure-reporter

Mocha Style Reporters in PhantomJS with Jasmine. Dec. 10, 2012 - Posted by Thurloat Everyone and their cat knows that the test reporters in Mocha are much more nicely put together than those in Jasmine. However, in the latest version of PhantomJS (1.7) there is a new API that allows Jasmine console runners to catch up Compare npm package download statistics over time: ava vs jest vs mocha-junit-reporter Mocha has multiple test reporters built in and you can create your own as well. The test reporters have full color and makes it easy to see if your tests fail or not. Pro. Easy to add support for Generators. Aside from the numerous benefits with generators in your application, You can now also integrate generators into your test suite. By using. ERR_MOCHA_INVALID_ARG_VALUE: This signifies that an invalid or unsupported value was passed for a given argument. ERR_MOCHA_INVALID_EXCEPTION: This signifies that a falsy or otherwise underspecified exception was thrown. ERR_MOCHA_INVALID_INTERFACE: This signifies that the interface specified in options is not found. ERR_MOCHA_INVALID_REPORTE Compare npm package download statistics over time: karma vs karma-junit-reporter vs karma-junit-sonarqube-reporter vs mocha-junit-reporter

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Imee Marcos, Mocha Uson part of Duterte&#39;s delegation tomocha de parisGetting started with Mocha - w3resourceChick-fil-A is testing new drinks – cold brew and teaMocha&#39;s resignation reaches Duterte | Inquirer NewsWebdriverDocumentation: Modern Web

There are other test reporters compatible with Mocha such as Nyan, Dot Matrix, Landing Strip and Progress. ADVANTAGES Mocha is flexible It is open source Has an active community (BrowserStack, 2019) Clear simple API (QualityWorks, 2018) CS415-Semester 1-2020 Seminar 3 06/28/2021 14. DISADVANTAGES Mocha requires more configuration Mocha snapshot. If you want to run a single test, run mocha --reporter spec --compilers ts:ts-node/register --grep TestName 'src/**/*.test.ts' where TestName matches any describe or it. What's also quite cool, with IntelliJ you can setup your unit tests such that you can execute single tests right from the code! Here is the manual Mocha reporter for Allure framework. mocha-allure-reporter . Allure reporter for Mocha. Installation. Assuming that you have mocha installed, install reporter via npm: npm install mocha-allure-reporter. Then use it as any other mocha reporter: mocha --reporter mocha-allure-reporter. After running tests you will get raw tests result into allure. pytest-mocha. Pytest output in MochaJS format. It uses docstrigs as a tool to create the sections that mocha creates using the describe and it structure. Example: # file examples/test_example.py def test_case (): '''Section :: subsection :: Should execute test''' pass. outputs this The default Mocha reporter for client tests is the spec reporter when running headless and html otherwise. You can set the CLIENT_TEST_REPORTER environment variable to change it. $ CLIENT_TEST_REPORTER= tap meteor test--once --driver-package meteortesting:mocha Run with code coverage