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  1. Ancient artefacts: The Richat Structure is not known for its archaeology or ancient ruins, yet some artefacts have been found there. The Visiting Atlantis documentary and the Indie Archaeology video feature artefacts in makeshift museums in the desert near to the Richat. These include stone spheres with a flat side, stone arrowheads claimed to.
  2. STRANGE EARTH MYSTERIES - Amazing new ATLANTIS evidence (2019) of artificial structures in and around the Richat structure, a location in West Africa popular..
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The documentary goes on to show that the distances between two of the sites on this line equals the distance of two other sites on the line times phi. This is shown multiple times with multiple sites. They don't stop there. But one location that was not included was the Richat Structure or the eye of Africa in Ouadane, Mauritania, Africa Atlantis (a) Legendary island in the Atlantic west of Gibraltar, said by Plato to have sunk beneath the sea. Sahara. Perhaps both Richat and Souss Massa were cities of Atlantis, one or both being the capital. Both sights are uncannily similar to each other - possibly one built based on the other or both build based on the sunken capital Most experts say Atlantis is a myth The Richat structure. A full-length documentary backing the Richat theory was released in 2011, but has only a tiny fraction of the views on YouTube. As if admitting its sins, Atlantis burst apart, dissolved into the ocean and desert, and was never seen again. The Eye of the Sahara, also known as the Richat Structure and Eye of Africa is located in the Sahara's Adrar Plateau in Mauritania, the Islamic Republic in Northwest Africa

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  2. STRANGE EARTH MYSTERIES - Amazing new ATLANTIS evidence (2019) of artificial structures in and around the Richat structure, a location in West Africa popularized by Bright Insight (inspired by documentary Visiting Atlantis) as being the location of the sinking of the Island of Atlantis. New evidence seems to indicate that the Richat structure is the most likely location of the fabled Atlantis.
  3. So these advocates of the theory would benefit by mentioning how broadly Atlantis in this region theories were proposed before the Richat Structure was even discovered in 1965. Like the theories of French geographer E. F. Berlioux first published in 1874, and expanded in 1883 in L'Atlas primitif et l'Atlantis , of the Saharian Sea, which.
  4. ent circular structure in the Saharan desert in West Africa. Its' name comes from its' striking resemblance to an eye when seen from space
  5. 1) Research, collect, organise and expand our knowledge on the hypotesis of Atlantis being in the Eye of the Sahara ( Richat Structure) 2) Start public discussions and open debates about the topic while developing the best platform for contribution and cooperation
  6. He said that the Richat Structure was the capital of the Atlantis empire and one part of it was in what is now Spain. Our team has recently traveled to Mauritania to research and create high-quality videography of the area of the Richat Structure, which we'll publish as we move forward with our documentary movie. We found ancient.

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we are heading for pole shift/geomagnetic reversal and the oceans will leave their beds and travel East when the earth stops spinning right after the sun micronovaes and short circuits our big electric motor we all live on, then the discharge from the sun burns the earth facing side of the sun instantly while the dark side of the earth at that. Please link Richat Structure to Atlantis, as it has been proven definitively to be the same place. 11:22, 27 September 2018 (UTC) . Not done - as explained above - this is a fringe theory, not a proven fact - Arjayay 12:18, 27 September 2018 (UTC) Besides, everybody knows that the real historical site of Atlantis is Read's Island.-Roxy, in the middle. wooF 12:47, 27 September.

TLANTIS DISCOVERY IN AFRICA (PART2) STRANGE EARTH MYSTERIES - Amazing new ATLANTIS evidence (2019) of artificial structures in and around the Richat structur.. The new shorter version of the origins of the Richat Structure in Africa also known as the Blue Eye of Africa or Eye of the Sahara and best example of an ero.. Most experts say Atlantis is a myth The Richat structure. A full-length documentary backing the Richat theory was released in 2011, but has only a tiny fraction of the views on YouTube.

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  1. Setting the water levels to 425 shows the Richat Structure having the same zones of sea and land that Atlantis was described to have, as well as making it an island. However, the Richat Structure is 215 miles inland from the ocean and is 1300 ft above sea level, making it unlikely that the ocean would have reached it
  2. I just saw the National Geographic documentary on Atlantis which zoomed in on the Azores, then Morocco, and finally Mauritania. Checking names of people I found that the Hübner links no longer worked. I think the referenced documents are still available on the web. Then I went to the Wikipedia article on the Richat structure in Mauritania
  3. Let us at least include a link to the Richat Structure in Mauritania as a possible location and link sources to Plato's writings on Atlantis 16:58, 8 November 2018 (UTC) We do link to Plato's writing, as to the Richat Structure, this is a fringe theory even within Atlantology

ATLANTIS IN THE DESERT - JOURNEY TO THE RICHAT STRUCTURE (FULL 2019 DOCUMENTARY) 24. Mai 2021; Secret Files on The Eye of The Sahara & The Lost Ancient City of Atlantis | Richat Structure Africa 24. Mai 2021; Rettungsmann berichtet: Immer mehr Jugendliche töten sich selbst 24. Mai 2021; Gravitas: China celebrates India's suffering 24. Mai 202 Atlantis Together. 124 likes. The Richat Structure is the most likely location of Atlantis, according to Plato's description. Together we can organize the first crowdfunded interdisciplinary..

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Folks, this new video has gone viral with over a million hits in 5 days. The theory — that Atlantis was located in Mauritania, deep in the Western Sahara — isn't new: there's a website about it here, where the notion was first presented back in 2011 Paul Theroux interview (1998) - The Best Documentary Ever Pillars of Hercules - VLOG Evidence From The Ground That The Richat Structure Is Atlantis Ancient Map Shows The Lost City of Atlantis is The Eye of The Sahara - Ancien AboveTopSecret forum: Ancient & Lost Civilizations, page up-front-sex-and-the-post-mastectomy-woman 3/4 Downloaded from www.australian.idolblog.com on August 5, 2021 by guest Linda Dackman was just 34 years old when she found out that she ha For example, the earth/ionosphere system is a capacitor with the earth being one pole and the ionosphere being the other, with atmosphere being the insulation between the two with the cloud layers being circuit breakers as the voltage from the ionosphere grounds to earth

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  1. Atlantis is the Richat structure in North Africa. The dimensions are completely exact to Plato's writings and all of the evidence points towards it. I've watched this documentary movie but it's too short :(From the short movie i watched, there's some question i wanna ask you all
  2. The Mysterious Richat Structure (Atlantis?) Initially this structure in Mauritania was thought to be an impact structure. It is now believed to be an eroded salt dome, but how it was formed is inconclusive. It is 50 km in diameter (23.5 km largest inner ring), about the size of modern city
  3. The Richat structure was the focal point of this discovery, with most researchers declaring that the Eye of Sahara is in fact the place that Plato was talking about when he talked about the Ancient City of Atlantis in the first place
  4. The ancient historian Herodotus placed a nation called Atlantis in exactly the location of the Richat Structure in a map that he drew up 2500 years ago. Herodotus, incidentally, is known as the Father of History and was born 58 years before Plato. The map is dated to 430 B.C., three years before Plato was even born
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  6. g a new documentary series called Atlantis Rising using much of the same deep-sea exploration equipment used in his previous dives to the bottom of the.
  7. According to the channel, the Richat Structure has a outer circle diameter of 23.5km, according to Google maps. In Plato's writing, the city of Atlantis was said to measure 127 Stadia, which would equal 23.49km in today's terms

and re the Atlantis part, mentioned in the Joe Rogan convo: THIS video was just posted this week. Guy who's been researching Atlantis and makes a compelling (and I mean might-convince-some-hardened-skeptics level compelling) case that the Richat Structure in Africa might be connected to Atlantis The Greek philosopher furthermore cited the diameter of Atlantis as being 127 stadia. Since a stadia is known to be a measurement of 607 feet, this means Solon's and Plato's recordings closely correspond to the actual size of the Richat Structure in Mauritania

I just watched a documentary about this same feature in Africa. I felt that maybe this could be the location of Atlantis but then I started going through my head about the description of Atlantis from Plato. Plato said there was a rectangular plain. I do not see that on the Richat Structure Crotalo Sesamo expands our awareness of the complexities of time as we explore the structure and geography of parallel timelines and the effects of time travel. 80%. 20%. View All 18 Comments. new episode. 80%. 20%. Damanhur: Journey Through Time. Temple of Time Travel. S2: Ep9 28 mins. Seasons. 1 2. Gaia. About Gaia I've recently stumbled across a video called Visiting Atlantis, by George S. Alexander and Natalis Rosen (A&R).The pair advance the hypothesis that the Richat structure (aka the Eye of Africa, alternately referred to herein as RS) is the original site of the fabled city of Atlantis. Actually, this has a lot of merit. And the video does ask the single best question a historian can. Check out the documentary Visiting Atlantis by George S. Alexander and Natalis Rosen @visitingatlantis as they posit that the Richat Structure also known as the Eye of the Sahara located in the country of Mauritania in Africa is the resting place of Atlantis

The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of Africa, is a natural, geological formation near Ouadane, Mauritania, one thousand miles south of Hübner's Atlantis (the region north of Agadir, Morocco). Geologists have concluded that the formation contains rocks that are at least one hundred million years old In the video above, a young man Jimmy connects the dots between ancient history and the geological mystery that is The Eye of Africa. The theory he has come up with is that the Eye of Africa or Eye of the Sahara formally known as the Richat Structure may have been the location of the ancient Lost City of Atlantis Plato wrote that Atlantis was destroyed in a single day by a massive flood. A flood of that size would have drastically altered the landscape. This would explain why the Richat Structure is 300 miles away from the ocean today, and why the entire area bears the scars of a violent movement of water

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Plato states that the city of Atlantis was 127 stadia in diameter. According to Dictionary.com, one stadia is approximately 607 feet. This is the conversion used in the video, which works out to 127 stadia equaling 77,089 feet and 23.49 kilometers. Measuring the Richat structure in Google Earth gives a diameter of between 22 and 24 kilometers Atlantis found in west Africa the evidence is overwhelming. You have to give credit to the amateur archaeologist/historian that goes by the name of Bright Insighton YouTube, as he has a knack for assembling highly relevant facts and evidence to demonstrate that history is not always what we think it is or what has been recorded.. He recently crafted, very skillfully I might add, three. The true Irony here is none of them ever saw the Richat Structure in East Muritania. To be clear nobody saw it until 1959, and even today nobody really knows it's there. But this Richat Al Guleb is a large formation in the desert and it looks like it is Atlantis. It is located in the exact spot where Plato described it The Richat Structure is many thousands of kilometres from Athens, so to suggest that an attack was launched from Mauretania on Greece is simply ludicrous. There is a relatively recent website (m) dedicated to promoting the 'Structure' as the location of Atlantis. It is well presented by its author Gergely (Gregory) Dzsida with plenty of.

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47:22 Legend of Atlantis (Full Episode) | Drain the Oceans 50:36 Lost City of Atlantis ~ Naked Science Documentary (Full) 38:12 The Lost City Of Atlantis | Full Documentary 2:14 The history of Atlantis and The Lost Trident of Atlan | AQUAMAN (IMAX) [HD] Clip 3:56 VISIONS OF ATLANTIS - Lost 4:14 Lost In Atlantis - Hypnotic 4:38:16 PC Longplay. There was an anomalous underwater pattern in the Atlantic discovered on Google Earth by various sources that was about 50 km x 50 km. The images are reportedly collected by government resources and given to Google for their Google Earth and Google Maps products. The grid pattern of this image looks like a very large, somewhat symmetrical, city Traditionally, Atlantis is thought to be lost underwater, but perhaps that is not the entire story. If we are to take Plato's account as fact, then a very suitable candidate arises for the lost city. It exists in Africa, specifically in West-Central Mauritania, and it is called the Richat Structure, or more colloquially, the Eye of the Sahara

The Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara or blue eye of Africa, is a prominent geological circular feature in the Sahara desert in Mauritania near Ouadane. It is nearly 50 kilometers across and very visible from space. Initially interpreted as an asteroid impact structure because of its high degree of circularity, and then as a. In a viral video that racked up over half a million views in just two days, YouTube blogger Jimmy Bright argues that the Richat Structure, a geologic dome in northwest Sahara also referred to as the Eye of the Sahara, is the most likely location of Atlantis. He cited measurements from the famous Dialogues of Plato, which gave birth to the legend Graham Hancock also mentioned Orion correlation theory in the BBC documentary Atlantis Reborn Again. The latest candidate, propagated mainly by the youtube channel Bright Insight, is the Richat Structure in Mauretania. Claims of this video are thoroughly analyzed by an actual historian in two videos from another youtube channel,.

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  1. Also the centre of Atlantis was a mountain whereas the centre of the Richat Structure is a crater almost 4 nautical miles or 40 stades in diameter. By comparison the Atlantis centre island was a mountain 5 stades in diameter. No Silver or Tin deposits. Etc etc. Video of visit to Richat Structure by Indie Archaeolog
  2. The Richat Structure is a deeply eroded, slightly elliptical dome with a diameter of 40 kilometres (25 mi). The sedimentary rock exposed in this dome ranges in age from Late Proterozoic within the center of the dome to Ordovician sandstone around its edges. The sedimentary rocks composing this structure dip outward at 10-20°
  3. The site of the City of Cerne, Plato's lost city of Atlantis, is also known as the Eye of the Sahara or the Richat structure. The Richat Structure from Landsat satellite. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. ( voran /Adobe Stock

Very Cool! The Richat Structure...The Mysterious Eye of the Sahara 10/12/13: 2: Visiting Atlantis: Short documentary provides very compelling evidence that the Richat Structure, aka Eye of the Sahara, is Atlantis: 04/11/19: 3: American Goes to Mauritania to See the Richat Structure / Atlantis? 10/14/19: 4: The Richat IS Atlantis! 04/16/19. 50 km west-southwest of Richat is a similar though smaller feature, the Semsiyat Dome, having a diameter of just 5 km (o). In 2008, George Sarantitis put forward the idea that the Richat Structure was the location of Atlantis, supporting his contention with an intensive reappraisal of the translation of Plato's text (g) Maverick's Big Adventure. 484 likes · 2 talking about this. Hi, my name is Jack Cox although my friends tend to call me Maverick, probably because I.. As we explained in Atlantis Rising Magazine #133, November/December 2018, there is an area in the western Sahara once known as the Richat structure, also called the 'Eye of the Sahara' that is composed of immense concentric circles of raised ground—once, perhaps, serving as waterways

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Looking at the geology of Africa, the Richat is high ground 300km from the Atlantic ocean. But there may have been a time when it was submerged. Matt also added that no one can ever know for sure, as there are so many unknowns when it comes to reporting historic events. The legend of Atlantis originates in Plato's The Republic Atlantis is the story of the minoan civilization which flourished in the greek islands circa 2500 1600 b c. However the only sources of the information about atlantis available today are plato s writings. It is where. According to the legend the city of atlantis sank into the sea as it was hit by a giant earthquake volcano or tsunami. RELATED. > Q: What is the most agreed upon theory on Atlantis? A: Most historians and literary scholars think that Atlantis is an allegory by Plato and a moral story about hubris. Plato described Atlantis in two dialogues, Timaeos and Critias. That is the.. Finding Atlantis - Full Science Documentary The Revelation Of The Pyramids (Documentary) Death In The Dark Continent Year 2058! Evidence From The Ground That The Richat Structure Is Atlantis 5 Signs ATLANTIS Page 3/17. Acces PDF Atlantis The Dark Continent Is Actually Hidden Under ANTARCTICA The Lost City Of Atlantis 2020 - Full Documentary STRANGE EARTH MYSTERIES - Amazing new ATLANTIS evidence (2019) of artificial structures in and around the Richat structure, a location in West Africa popular... youtube.com. ATLANTIS FOUND - 2019 STRANGE NEW EVIDENCE & ARTIFACTS at Richat Structure (Africa) PART 1 Aliens Documentary aliens documentary - (#mind blowing documentary.

Finding Atlantis - Full Science Documentary Atlantis Rising Rundown Stargate Atlantis Shield Fail And The City RisingPlay This, Not That: Atlantis Rising vs. Pandemic Atlantis Rising (2nd Edition) - How To Play ATLANTIS RISING REVIEW Jongleurs of Time - Now in High Quality! Richat Structure Is Atlantis The Lost City Of Atlantis 2020 - Full. Jul 25, 2021 - Explore Russ C's board Geology, Flora and Fauna - ancient and newer, followed by 2927 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about ancient, geology, flora and fauna (PressReleasePoint) - The 'Eye of Africa', also called Guelb er Richat, is a prominent circular structure in the Saharan desert in West Africa. Its name comes from its striking resemblance to an eye when seen from space. George S Alexander and Natalis Rosen claim that it is the most plausible site of Plato's Atlantis Iranian Zionism with Jason Reza JorjaniAtlantis Rising - Trailer ¦ National Geographic James Cameron Atlantis Rising Tutorial \u0026 Playthrough - JonGetsGames Atlantis Lemurian Storytime Ø<ß Evidence From The Ground That The Richat Structure Is Atlantis The Lost City Of Atlantis 2020 - Full Documentary ¦ Paul Wallis / The 5th Kin We were camping in the centre of the Richat the first day and we planned to visit Fortress 4-5 the next day, but haven't expected such difficulties. We tried to cross the middle ring with car, however it turned out to be impossible, because it was too steep, full of rocks or deep sand

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