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When specifying Clear Walnut, a clear coat finish, the natural wood characteristics of walnut veneer are visible. These characteristics include, but are not limited to, color and woodgrain variation. The clear coat finish celebrates the natural characteristics of veneer making each piece of furniture unique. Variation WalzCraft Sealers and Topcoats are applied on a flat line finishing system which distributes a perfectly even amount of material throughout each product. Although a Natural / Clear Coat (no stain) is technically not a stain color, the application of just this clear finish will change the color and appearance of most solid wood and veneer Apply a dark brown gel stain as a glaze. Wipe it on, and wipe it off, but be careful when wiping off. This step loads the dark gel into the wood pores and also give a kiss of color to the surface of the wood. Don't wipe off too little, and don't wipe off too much. Allow it to dry, then apply your top coat with a warmer finish that brings out the rich, dark color. If you plan on using a water-borne varnish or lacquer finish, consider warming up the walnut first with a coat of dye. We used the aged walnut recipe diluted three parts to one. Allow the dye to dry. Then brush on a sealer coat of a 2-lb Also, you want an oil finish that offers up either a clear colorless coat, or enriches the color of that walnut timber. So, having said all of that, your two best oil finish choices are Tung oil and Linseed oil. Tung Oil On Walnut Tung oil is a natural finish that adds a warmth to walnut that is second to none

List of The Best Finish For Walnut: 1. General Finishes Oil Based Gel Stain, Antique Walnut Just like other wood types, Walnut also requires a good finish that exposes its natural beauty Clear Walnut Finish. Clear Walnut. Rustic Oak Finishes. Almond (ADRO) Clear (ERO) Mocha (MHRO) Portico (PTRO) Portobello (PBRO) Sable (792RO) Skyline (SKRO) Truffle (TFRO) Wood Finishes. Almond on Walnut (AD) Amber (MC) Autumn (AC My favorite finish is to sand out to 320 grit. Use Watco Danish oil, natural is my choice for walnut unless the customer wants it darker, following the directions on the can. After doing the second application, allow the surface to dry over night. Then apply the oil and wet sand with 400 grit wet/dry paper

Most clear finishes are available in gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens. Choosing a sheen is a matter of personal preference. The gloss level will affect the appearance of your piece, but not its durability. Clear finishes, sometimes called topcoats will protect your project against damage from water, household chemicals, and everyday wear Not every finish is available on every product component; please reference product specification guides and the COM database for finish availability details. For fabrics, wyzenbeek results above 100,000 double rubs have not been shown to be a reliable indicator of increased fabric lifespan Clear Walnut Finish Library. Email to a Friend Print. Share. Share This Page. 25L8 Clear Walnut. Clear Walnut. 25L8. Qty: Login to Order Samples. Add to Saved Items; Compare; Spec Sheet (2MB) Availability: In stock. $1.00. Product Details. Details. Clear Walnut . Type: Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL) Status We know how much you woodworkers love walnut for your projects! So here's an awesome way to finish your walnut project using 2 popular products to do two thi..

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In addition to Tung, Walnut or Linseed oils, General Finishes has several products that would work extremely well. Seal-A-Cell Clear is a penetrating oil that will bring out the natural color. Then follow with several coats of Arm-R-Seal wipe on Urethane Wood Finishing Tips for Woodworkers. Few people approve of pale sapwood in their walnut lumber, but in the words of Jim, a salesman at one of our faithful walnut suppliers back east, When people ask me for a 100% heartwood face in walnut, I just tell them they're dreaming. You may be tired of hearing that sapwood isn't considered a defect when it comes to grading lumber, however it.

A better quality brush translates into smoother finish application because a good brush holds more finish. Oil finishes deepen the color of walnut. That's a nice look and the oil adds protection, but it does nothing to warm the cool characteristics of the hardwood, especially the look of steamed walnut, which is grayish brown when freshly milled Instead, walnut furniture tends to get a clear coat finish; either of some type of varnish, wax, oil, or lacquer. Those hoping to get the walnut look in a quality-made piece of furniture without the premium cost of walnut wood may instead be happier with cherry wood furniture Natural is a clear cabinet finish allowing the beauty of the Walnut woodgrain to show through

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  1. Lacquer is the best choice for finishing walnut. It dries fast, you only need two coats to seal and protect, and it's user friendly. You can choose airless or pressurized spray equipment to apply..
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  4. In this video I show how I finish my live edge slabs. I give a few tips and techniques that are super easy that anyone can do. Check it out 5 Tips For Better..
  5. Linseed oil is pressed from flax seeds and has been used as a clear finish for hundreds of years. Boiled linseed oil is designed to enable quicker drying times. Lemon, walnut and soy oils are sometimes used for penetrating finish. Danish oil is a hybrid of oil and varnish that provides added durability
  6. excellent stability with tasteful beauty It's naturally rich, chocolate brown color is enhanced with some streaks of sapwood, adding tasteful beauty to almost any choice of settings. Straight and open grained with a variety of figures. Walnut hardwood floors are very strong with excellent dimensional stability

Note: When ordering a light to clear finish, the natural characteristics and variations in the grain of the wood will be more apparent. When ordering a dark or medium finish the natural characteristics and variations in the grain of the wood will be more subdued, providing a more uniform appearance. All colors shown in native wood species Finishing a Black Walnut Kitchen Table. I just finishing up a Black Walnut Kitchen Table, and I could use your advice on applying a finish. I want to keep the natural look of the wood, so I was just going to sand to 150 (should I go to 220 or higher?) then use minwax clear ploy for 4 coats then 2 coats of satin Steelcase's New Black material is made of 100% recycled scrap fabric, 99% of which comes from our plant in Athens, Alabama. Our Intersection fabric line was created as part of the SEAQUAL Initiative, which works with the waste management and recycling industries to transform marine litter into plastic. Every yard uses ½ pound of ocean plastic Walnut wood with clear finish. You are here: Home > Samples > Small Wood Samples > Walnut Wax Finish. Sold in liquid, paste, and solid stick forms, waxes are formulated in a host of colors. You'll find them in clear, amber, a range of wood tones and even white. Some waxes are softer, some are harder, but even the hardest waxes are softer than lacquers and varnishes

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3. Spar Varnish Exterior Clear Wood Finish. Spar varnish produces a hard, clear finish that protects wood from water damage and has been used for decades on marine-grade projects. 2,068 Reviews. Rust-Oleum 207008 Marine Spar Varnish, Quart. Ideal for use on exterior wood surfaces above the water line, including Factory Finish - Flush Wood Doors Environmental awareness and understanding the need for door opening solutions that provide beauty, durability, and #100 - Clear #175 - Barley #200 - Spiced Walnut #225 - Zin #250 - Copper #275 - Russet #300 - Medium Brown #325 - Rose #350 - Cocoa #375 - Hazel #400 - Dark Walnut Three great finishes (that aren't polyurethane) Many woodworkers choose polyurethane as a go-to finish simply for its familiarity. Easy to apply, it looks good on a variety of woods and provides plenty of protection. But poly may not always be the best choice. Consider one of these three other clear finishes for your next project OFS is a family-owned contract furniture manufacturer dedicated to crafting experiences and products that contribute to places where people want to be. Rooted in stewardship towards nature, community and well-being, OFS serves the office, education and lifestyle markets by putting people first Rule-breaker #3. Ask your finish retailer for a low-maintenance, clear, water-resistant exterior wood finish. Then wait ten minutes for them to stop laughing. You might as well be asking for rainbow-colored unicorn milk. The reason? Exterior finishes take a beating from the one-two punch of ultraviolet (UV) light and exposure to the weather

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Custom Grey (CGY), String (STG) - Dufferin and Bridges II only. Some custom finishes are available as an upcharge. Consult your Global Dealer for more information on availability and lead times. Due to color variations on different monitors and color printers, we recommend that you request a sample to ensure exact color and texture matches, etc I've built a number of walnut pieces, and I've settled on a decent method to get the beauty of an oil finish with the matte finish of a water-based poly. If you don't want the deep colors oil brings out, skip the first step, but my go-to method is to do an initial coat of formby's tung oil finish (can be purchased at Lowes) Finish a piece of walnut with just clear and try one with the filler and see what you like best. The grain filler can be tinted with a universal tinting color so I would recommend that. If you put the natural grain filler on walnut it will make white streaks in the grain. Once filled I would finish with an oil based polyurethane Hardwood floor finishes have varying levels of ease, durability, even glossiness. rich walnut, a warm cherry wood, or a rustic oak. Floors in need of a clear finish that dries quickly Pro

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As with all wood finishes, good results depend on smooth, clean wood surfaces, but this goes double with clear finishes such as polyurethane. Sand your wood with at least 220-grit sandpaper. For open-grain woods (like oak, ash, or walnut), you can apply a wood grain filler before the polyurethane, to create an ultra-smooth finished surface Generally speaking when it comes to finishes, you want to build coats with something clear and reserve the matte finish for the final coats. That lets more of the wood grain come through in the final appearance. If you use matte for every coat, it tends to look more cloudy and obscures the grain Transparent Finishes. Transparent finishes range from a clear finish that allows wood to weather gray naturally, to a slightly tinted finish that provides a hint of color that accentuates wood grain and its natural appearance Watco Lacquer Clear Wood Finish. This product is known for its high-quality lacquer. Though it is a bit more expensive than the other clear coats, it has some amazing qualities. The most excellent feature of this product is that it can be used to fill the little gaps and cracks that are present in the kitchen cabinets These finishes are made with strong chemicals and have strong smells. Here mentioning down some types of finishes: Oil Finishes: add some great and deep colors to the unfinished wood. These finishes protect the wood. Water Based Finishes: these finishes give a dry clear and glossy look. Varnish: it dries out slowly and not difficult to apply

I prefer the oils specifically for woodwork. I think the heating and removing the protein makes for a better finish as the oil polymerizes (essentially hardens up over a period of time.) Doctor's Woodshop produces a line of premium walnut oils. This oil is very clear and doesn't darken the wood at all However, it is exactly these properties that make it possible to use red alder to imitate a wide variety of woods. With very little work, red alder can look a lot like natural cherry, dark walnut, or deep red mahogany. Even clear finishes allow you to alter its appearance (Photo 3) Best finish for walnut live edge slab. Attached is the image of a beautiful walnut live edge slab that I'm going to use as a wall hanging. The piece has been kiln dried. I don't want any yellowing. Black Walnut is a plentiful species throughout the Eastern U.S. The beautiful grain and rich color made it popular for furniture, paddles, gunstocks and even coffins. The shells of the Black Walnut fruit contain natural dyes that stain anything they come in contact with, and were used by early American settlers to dye hair

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  1. A clear wood stain finish allows the wood to weather gray naturally. Because of its transparency, it shows the most amount of woodgrain. Our clear waterproofing sealants provide durability, waterproofing protection, a mildew resistant coating, and industry-leading guarantees. Compared to other types of finishes, clears provide the lowest amount.
  2. Finish Spotlight: Osmo Polyx Oil & Clear Extra Thin Subscribe Since we've been carrying Osmo's Polyx Oil in our store, we've gotten some great feedback from our customers - it's easy to apply, it has low VOC content (so it doesn't stink up your shop and kill your brain cells), and it gives a real natural look to wood when it's fully.
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  4. eral spirits (boiling) or heated (polymerized) to speed up the time it takes for the oil to cure. 5. Danish Oil. Danish oil is a super common finish among woodworkers, although it isn't clearly defined
  5. Only $3995 Walnut Finish: Mahogany Craftsman Doors SC-18 RH 3' 0 x 6' 8 Clear Glass Only $3695 Walnut Finish: 21: Modern Mahogany Doors SC-19 LH 3' 0 x 6' 8 Rain Glass Only $3295 Walnut Finish: Modern Mahogany Doors SC-20 LH 3' 0 x 6' 8 Rain Glass Only $3295 Walnut Finish: Modern Mahogany Doors SC-21 RH 3' 0 x 6' 8 Rain Glass Only $3295.

The deep grain lines in woods like oak or walnut will telegraph through the clear finish, no matter how many coats you apply. And that's fine; it's part of the character of coarse-grain woods. But if a perfectly smooth surface is the look you want, use a grain filler. You'll find several products online or at woodworking stores Potential sources can include buying guides for Clear Wax Finish, rating websites, word-of-mouth testimonials, online forums, and product reviews. Thorough and mindful research is crucial to making sure you get your hands on the best-possible Clear Wax Finish This Bistro Style Metal Chair is the perfect seating option for any upscale restaurant or patio setting. Constructed of clear metal frame and a solid wood walnut seat, this metal restaurant chair ensures long last durability in high traffic commercial environments. Moreover, this chair is lightweight and easy to stack making it convenient for storage. Water and rust resistant, this metal chair. DB-112_Mahogany-Walnut Classic Entry in-Stock Door Available In Stock Mahogany Wood Furniture Quality Finish True Divided, Insulated, Clear, Beveled Glass Flat Shaker Wood Panels Aluminum Adjustable Threshold in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Solid Wood Frame/Jamb Brass Ball Bearing Hinges in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Q-Lon Weather Strip Insulation | Leading supplier of solid wood entry doors of. These will dictate which sealer is the better choice for your needs. If you want to chop directly on the surface of a wood countertop then you're going to want to use a mineral oil finish or other 100% food safe oil like butcher block wax or walnut oil to name a few. This type of finish offers very little in the way of protection from stains.

General Finishes focuses on state of the art water-base finishes and waterbourne coatings, and is the country's leader in waterbased finish technology offering wood stains, dye stains, top coats, gel stains, exterior wood finishes, liquid oilbase stains, water based lacquers furniture paint. Appropriate for mill work, furniture, cabinets, garage doors, windows, decks, and more WATCO® Danish Oil is a unique blend of penetrating oil & varnish hardens in the wood, not on the wood. WATCO® Danish Oil penetrates deep into wood pores to protect from within and to enhance the natural look and feel of the wood. It creates the rich, warm glow of a traditional hand-rubbed finish To speed up this process, finishers tend to rub a few coats of thin oil, such as Walnut into the wood then because of time and cost restraints, finish with a few coats of. oil with a hardener or French polish. This looks good for a time, but as you have found, soon wears off

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  1. um Adjustable Threshold in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Solid Wood Frame/Jamb Brass Ball Bearing Hinges in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Q-Lon Weather Strip Insulation | Leading supplier of solid wood entry doors of.
  2. Finishing Walnut . Walnut has a reputation for being temperamental to finish, which is to say that achieving a long-lasting finish will require a little more work than simply applying a stain and polyurethane. Many older walnut pieces that were originally finished with linseed oil or tung oil tend to have a grayish pallor which many people find.
  3. Nov 17, 2017 - Rugged wood finish floating hollow fireplace mantel.Look of a solid beam. Made out of wood, with DARK WALNUT stain and clear lacquer finish. Light weight and easy to install, see picture seven for reference. This hollow floating mantel/ shelf is available in a variety of popular lengths, tall an
  4. Highlights of the Ciata Vintage 52 Inch fan includes 5 reversible blades in Walnut/Oak finish that complements with the Polished Brass finish ceiling fan and complements any décor. The brightness of the indoor fan is equivalent to three 60-watt incandescent bulbs and uses only 13.5 watts of energy
  5. Rustic Walnut. Rustic walnut wood flooring is dark in color and features hints of the original milling marks left behind by the sawmill. Walnut hardwood floors have a straight grain pattern with a coarse texture. Walnut flooring is available in a beautiful array of colors, from the blonde sapwood to the deep coffee brown heartwood and.
  6. um tubular side rails for added strength, with a Satin Clear finish. (Bright Clear, Bright Gold, Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Satin Gold, or White (High Gloss) finish
  7. It will lighten with age. The clear water based finish is new and will look similar to the unfinished wood. Darker finishes are often used to cover the color differences in the heart and sapwood. Walnut is the most expensive wood we carry. 00 unfinished. 01 clear water based. 01 clear lacquer. 07 oiled walnut. 09 ebony

52 in. Polished Brass Finish Reversible Blades (Walnut/Oak) Clear Ribbed Glass (7216500) Call For Price $172.99. Westinghouse. 52 in. Polished Brass Finish Reversible Blades (Walnut/Oak) Clear Ribbed Glass (7232400) Call For Price $172.99. Westinghouse. 52 in. Antique Brass Finish Reversible Blades (Oak/Walnut) Frosted Ribbed Glass (7232200). NEW - OAK LIGHTENING HARD WAX OIL - A lightly tinted Hard Wax Oil that once applied maintains the natural colour of the timber.Extremely popular on Oak and lighter woods such as Ash, Sycamore and Maple. A NEW 5ml Sachet is now available, for all Tinted Hard Wax Oils. Ideal for testing colour shades prior to application. Clear Satin, Matt and Semi-Gloss are available in 250 ml, 1 liter, and. Wood Finishes. Wood is a natural product that is beautiful in its individuality. Although Krug selects veneer for color and grain consistency, wood's inherent characteristics may result in natural grain and color variations within a piece of furniture. These variations should be expected with wood furniture Above: Clear Walnut Wetbar. Below: Peruvian Walnut Tabletop Ultra Wormy Butternut Island Countertop. In 1995. Raging River Counterworks quietly perfected a water-proof, wood countertop that revolutionized the kitchen & bath industry. Choose a Finish. Choose an Edge. Choose a Color. Craftsmanship. Raging River Counterworks leads the. After removing the wax, lightly sand the piece and then apply the clear finish. 4. Make sure to wait until walnut oil has completely dried before applying a clear finish. Walnut oil is a very slow drying oil. It can often take weeks or months before for the oil to cure. If you apply a finish within 12-24 hours after applying walnut oil, the.

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  1. An oil based poly should be sufficient to bring out the grain on walnut. It works better if you do the finish with gloss poly using the satin for the last coat. A satin finish has a flatting compound in it that looks like baby powder when dry. It can cloud the finish with multiple coats. Gloss is clear. Shellac as a finish is not very water.
  2. Antique Walnut is the selected finish for all Lillian August upholstery pieces unless otherwise specified. Upholstery orders do not require the two digit number (-00) for the chosen finish. Lillian August uses the highest quality materials in all of its products
  3. Finishing School. Clear finishes for woodwork typically are blends of natural plant or nut-based resins or oils suspended in (or mixed with) oil, alcohol, solvents, or water. Historical finishes like shellac and tung oil may not wear as long as modern polyurethanes, but they have their own desirable characteristics. 4
  4. A clear finish will help keep the wood free of stains, make it easier to clean, and reduce any possible irritation for kids who may be sensitive to certain nut or oily woods, such as walnut, cedar or cocobolo. Clear finishes also enhance - and usually darken - the grain

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Walnut Wood Works provides every customer with unique, This finish has the look and feel of a traditional oil finish, but is a slightly lighter color than the tung oil and beeswax finish. Conversion Varnish. Much like the clear coat on a car, conversion varnish forms a very hard layer over the top of the wood Physical samples are available through your Oregon Door distributor-partner or by contacting the factory sales and customer service team. Due to natural variations in texture, wood density, and grain patterns, color tones may differ. For custom color matching, please send us a physical sample at least 3 x 4 of the finish color you desire

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Surface. Finish Library. The Surface Finish Library is not a specification tool. Please refer to current price lists for the most accurate approval information. To view finishes in person and for specification and ordering assistance, please visit your local Knoll Showroom or Dealer. Images shown are representative of our finishes; they are not. Stains are a great way to get the look of premium species on a tighter budget. Stains also help mitigate color and grain variation. 9Wood offers both standard and custom stains on solid wood and veneer. All of the images below are standard stains applied to either solid Western Hemlock or Cherry veneer. (Stains are in stacked pairs to show each. Oil finishes penetrate down into the wood, bringing out the color and luster of the wood, and allow you direct contact with the warmth and distinctive texture of the wood. Oil finishes can also be spot-repaired without sanding the entire surface -- a huge benefit -- but they will likely require more frequent maintenance than poly finishes. Black Walnut is a plentiful species throughout the Eastern U.S. The beautiful grain and rich color made it popular for furniture, paddles, gunstocks and even coffins. The shells of the Black Walnut fruit contain natural dyes that stain anything they come in contact with, and were used by early American settlers to dye hair A beautiful, clear, russet finish with a high sheen, light burnishing and slight spatter affording a more casual easy to live with presentation. Mineral J7 (L) A very clean, clear grey stained finish which accentuates the clarity and character of the wood species beneath

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Explore cabinet finishes and door colors for kitchens or bathrooms from Omega Cabinetry. Filter by wood type, finish type, and finish tone Walnut is generally straight-grained, but sometimes with wavy or curly grain that produces an attractive and decorative figure. Walnut works easily with hand and machine tools, and nails, screws and glues well. It holds paint and stain very well for an exceptional finish and is readily polished Description. This 3 1/4 Brazilian Walnut Prefinished hardwood flooring is being sold as a Clear Grade and is known for its rich color. Clear Grade will be free of natural imperfections and include pleasing, natural color variations

Walnut Podium w/ Clear Finish. This walnut podium that is a church pulpit can be used for business or other types of ceremonies. An iterior shelf is removable to make storage space for supplies and supporting lecture equipment. This walnut podium, also known as a convertible lectern, can be used standing on the floor, or mounted to a desktop or. Clear film formers bring out the beauty and depth of the wood. Available in a variety of sheens. High quality products provide the longest lasting protection of all exterior finishes. Clear film forming finish can be expected to last twice as long as water repellent wood preservatives (or more). Paints can last a decade or more. Weaknesse Plastic Laminate. Clear Finish Wood Veneer. Stained Wood Veneer (Brown) Stained Wood Veneer (Red) To give your Podiums and Technical Furniture the look that's right for your style and to fit with your interior design, AvinED offers a range of materials, colors, stains and finishes for your lecterns or podiums. We have created a finishes.

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  1. Finishing - Once the wood is properly filled and stained, the piece is ready to finish with two coats of varnish. Black walnut is usually finished with a polished glass varnish that is applied by hand with a soft cloth. Use a cloth that will not drop lint pieces into the finish. It is important to apply the finish evenly to ensure a uniform look
  2. Minwax Wood Finish is a penetrating oil-based wood stain, which provides beautiful rich color that enhances the natural wood grain. Our innovative formula delivers the same premium oil-rich color as before, but in a single coat that dries in just two hours. Start your project today and finish today with faster dry time
  3. g CWF-UV ® finish that offers more protection from sun and water damage. Acrylic/Oil resin provides durability of acrylic and richness of penetrating alkyd. Fortified with Penetrol ® additive to drive protection below the surface. Tinted with transparent iron-oxide pigments for more protection than CWF-UV ®
  4. Find a sample of Walnut Veneer Wood Finish Clear Finish from 9Wood at Material Bank. Order a sample before midnight and have it delivered the next day
  5. Penetrating tung oil finishes come in three varieties: pure tung oil, oil/varnish blends, and wiping varnish. They all share the benefits that tung oil imparts to a finish—durability, water resistance, resilient hardness, and color stability—depending on how much of the oil they actually contain and what form it takes
  6. Clear Or Colored For In-The-Wood Or Built-Up Finishes. Use Red-Brown Classic to match all those pre-'64 guns that actually had the stain in the finish. Gold & Brown warms walnut, gives light woods a rich color. Tint Clear with Spirit Stains for any look wanted, faster finishing. Fills pores easily, dries hard
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The main problem with walnut cabinets is the fading that occurs with time. Oil finish alone doesn't prevent that or water damage. There is a very helpful youtube video titled How to finish walnut for great color in woodworking projects. You may find it useful Clear Wood Finishes. Clear wood finishes help you seal your wood and a touch of shine without adding color that may take away from the natural beauty of the wood. Seal wood items like hardwood flooring, driftwood furniture, and more. Clear wood finishes look goegrous with very visibly grained wood. Find Clear Wood Finishes If the finish is just for show and a gentle clean every now and then, then a Wax will be ideal, it is a surface sealer that will alter the wood very little and is easy to apply and maintain. A good choice will be the Colron Refined Beeswax which comes in a Natural Clear or some subtle colour finishes Varnish. As step one of this finish, we hand-rub oil into the wood to bring out the natural color and depth, then we apply two coats of polyurethane varnish. This is the most impervious to liquids, but must be professionally repaired. See Varnish for details. ‹ › × Additionally, this finish is waterproof, heat- and stain-resistant. it gives a rich, hand-rubbed appearance while enhancing the grain and penetrating and sealing the wood fibers beneath the surface. The finish will not chip, peel, crack, or wrinkle. Waterlox® finishes are available in satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss

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Just like you, we're in love with the gorgeous character and grain of real, honest-to-goodness wood. ZAR ® products, including stains, sealers and polyurethanes, are formulated to reveal, enhance and preserve the beauty within. Whether you're considering remodeling or building from scratch, browsing for ideas is a terrific way to help you. Easier to maintain than other interior clear or surface finishes. Non-toxic when dry and fully cured. Handcrafted in small batches in Cleveland, Ohio by a 4th generation, family-owned company. Available in gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens. Available in gallon, quart and 2 ounce sizes. Learn more about our ORIGINAL Sealer/Finish product

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