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The principal cause for female guppies attacking other female guppies is while establishing a pecking order. A pecking order exists; the most dominant female guppy will chase and bully the other female guppies into prioritizing consuming the food. This trait gets even more intense when a dominant guppy gets pregnant While some levels of a guppy chasing is normal (especially when a male chases a female), constant chasing definitely isn't. If a male is constantly chasing other males, or if a female is constantly being harassed, then it may be bullying and fighting occurring, rather than mating behavior. (Find out more about aggression in guppies.

Male guppies chase pregnant female guppies as there is only a small window in which they can father the next fry drop. Basically, they are just motivated by their need to breed. The male guppies now know that she is viable in terms of carrying babies, thus strengthening their need to breed with her Each female give birth on average 20-40 fry. You have 5 females, so lets say each give about 20 fry thus you will have 100 fry, now add in 50% get's eat, you still have 50 remaining fry that will become an adult. Even if we say 70% (rarely)doesn't make it you now have 30 fry that will be adults Male guppys harassing one female guppy!! By Guppy problems, 1 year ago on Fish Breeding & Handling Eggs And Fry. I am at a loss for what to do. I have 11 female guppys and 6 males, yet all the males are almost always chasing one female. She hasn't gotten sick from stress yet but I am worried because she rarely has time to sleep, with the. One of the most common signs of aggression is when one guppy is constantly chasing another. This is because they're trying to assert their dominance by scaring them and attacking them. While it occurs more in males, it doesn't mean females won't do it either (you'll find out more about this later) The advantage I have is there are so many males and females of all ages, the males chase one female and then lose her in the crowd and go after a different one. The guppies in general spend a little more time resting. I think it would help your male guppy if you got three or four female guppies. He'd likely settle down a little

Male guppies tend to favor large females, virgin females, and females in their receptive stage. She just gave birth 4 days ago so therefore receptive. The other two new females are already pregnant. They of course will mate with pregnant fenalef but given the choice they prefer ones who are not pregnant Now i have 2 platys (male and female), 2 guppies, 4 corys and 6 tetras. As soon as i put the guppies.in, one of them kept.following the platys but wasn't biting. Just a few minutes ago, I saw the guppy chase my the platy and like, bolt at it and the other guppy would sometimes join in The recommended ratio of males to females is 1 male to 3 females. This spreads out the chasing so that no one female is harassed to death. Males are all about spreading their genetic code so a male will chase a female to breed, but also to try and remove the ***** packet left by another male so they can replace it with their own. #5. Fristtimer12 Guppy fish chase each other when mating. It is not uncommon for a male guppy to chase a female. This is not a sign of aggression. The only time chasing should be of concern is if the males outnumber the females. A female guppy can become stressed if males harass her too much

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That's because female guppies have the ability to store sperm inside their bodies, saving it up until the optimal time for fertilization. Are my guppies fighting or mating? Guppies Chasing Each Other. Seeing guppy fish chasing each other isn't uncommon at all. In fact, it's normal mating behavior Male guppies usually have very slender, long bodies, while female guppies are usually a lot rounder and bigger than the males, sometimes twice as big as a male guppy. If your female guppy is pregnant, her body may look boxy or stuffed and even lumpy. She may grow even rounder as she gets closer to birthing her young A male guppy chasing a guppy in my 5.5gallon planted tank as of October 10, 2008. The male must be having some 'urges'. The low-tech planted tank contains. using breeding box can cause female guppy to stress and lead to premature deliveries, but there are cases in which theu must be used...like in this case.in t..

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  1. Kimberley, Northern Cape She gave birth to baby guppies, then they got eaten (probably). That is why here tummy is smaller again. She is probably the 'most beautiful' and most mature female guppy in the tank, that is why all the female guppies chase her
  2. male guppy chasing female platy. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. X. xteenagedirtbag · Registered. Joined Nov 25, 2011 · 26 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 12, 2012. Ok so I added some male guppies and female platys today..
  3. Why do male guppies chasing pregnant female guppies? The males are constantly chasing the females to try and fertilise the females! Also your guppy could be very close to giving birth and your male guppy is looking to be the first to get to her and mate with her right after she is done giving birth and is ready to mate again
  4. Male guppies can change into females. An adult male can change into a female shape by losing his color and sex organs. Asian farmers use a special technique to do this. But such converted females are usually sterile
  5. Female-on-female aggression. The researchers also tested the aggressive tendencies of the guppies in all-female or in mixed-sex groups in the presence of a harassing male.By adding a food patch to.
  6. Female guppies can become pregnant when they are just a few weeks old, and if they are not separated from male guppies they can give birth on average once a month for several years. Guppy breeders quickly learn to recognize the signs of a pregnant guppy, including significant weight gain and the darkening of the gravid spot near the anus under the tail

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  1. Male guppies will typically chase a female around the aquarium when they are ready to mate. The female guppy will try to swim away from the males until they are exhausted and are unable to, it is at this time the mating takes place. Even when the female guppy is pregnant the males will keep chasing the females
  2. Female guppies tend to be 'choosy' and want to mate less often owing to the high cost of egg production. We were surprised when we found so few effects of sexual harassment on females
  3. Keep 2 to 3 female guppies in the tank. This will ensure that your male guppies will be busy chasing the female guppies and will not bully each other. Keep at least 6 or more male guppies together. This will again ensure that no particular guppy will be harassed or bullied continuously
  4. Why do male guppies chasing pregnant female guppies? The males are constantly chasing the females to try and fertilise the females ! Also your guppy could be very close to giving birth and your male guppy is looking to be the first to get to her and mate with her right after she is done giving birth and is ready to mate again

Because guppy fertilization does not depend on seasons, female guppies must work continuously to avoid unwelcome attention from males. During mating season, male guppies either attract females with their brightly-colored bodies or harass smaller females into mating by nipping and chasing them The male guppy keeps chasing the pregnant female but not the other female. What's going on? Should i separate the pregnant female? 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think 4. Freshwater. My dad's nearly 20 year old clown loach Fred passed away Monday morning. I grew up with him and I miss him a lot, so I wanted to share a few pics as well as the gravestone I made him. Fred loved showing us the flappy dance of his people and chasing his various siblings, swim in peace buddy. 1 / 3 How many male and female guppies can live together in a tank? Male guppies will continuously chase and try to impregnate female guppies. So, it is ideal to have more female guppies in the tank to avoid harassment by the males. A ratio of 1 male for 3 females is perfect. One male for two females will also work

Next you have plenty of Guppies, which do better in a group with lots of Guppies rather than just a few. Also the Ghost Shrimp and the Java Ferns are good for Guppies and for Guppy babies. So it surprises me that your female Guppy, BrightTail, chases and nips other Guppies Guppies are live-bearers. Male guppies want nothing more than impregnate the females. They will chase after the female guppies 24/7 nonstop. It will be quite stressful for the female guppies as a direct result of always being chased after. Then the female guppies will become pregnant and give birth to guppy fry every now and then

Female Guppy Hiding Hiding between plants or staying in a corner of the tank is another sign that your female guppy fish is in labor and ready to give birth. This is not a normal behavior of guppies. So it is easy to spot. Just before giving birth, she will separate herself from the rest 6) Pregnant female guppy often becomes aggressive in order to protect its babies. I will show aggressive behavior like fin nipping and chasing when a male tries to mate with her. 7) Pregnant guppy fish color starts to fade a little, it's a natural camouflage instinct to blend it with their surrounding Guppy Gestation Period. The gestation period for Guppy's usually last between 22 to 40 days. The female Guppy can give birth to anywhere between 20 to 200 fry per spawn. Try to feed your Guppy more quality food during their gestation period. The quality of the food you give them often directly reflects on the quality of fry's you'll end. Guppy swims upside down or keeps tail high while swimming. A curved structure of the spine, as well. Causes. Low water temperature and over-eating is the main cause of swim bladder disorder in Guppies. Parasitic infection or other infection may intensify the problem. Treatment. Let the Guppy fish fast for three days and feed a boiled pea on the. Male Guppies usually have very slender body. Female Guppies are almost twice as big as male are. Males can grow up to 1-1/8 inches (3 cm), females can grow up to 2-1/8 inches (6 cm) when they're fully grown. The difference in size between a male and female Guppy is very apparent early on. Colors — Male Guppies are much more colorful than.

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The gravid spot is only present on female guppies. It is located near the tail and it looks like a dark spot. When a female guppy gets pregnant, the gravid spot gets bigger and darker in color. How do Guppies Breed? Guppies are active swimmers. Most of the time, the male fish will be seen chasing female fish in an attempt to mate with them Discussion Starter · #8 · Jul 7, 2012. NeonShark666 said: Female Bettas get along fine with almost any small fish. They tend to hang out at the top, usually where the Guppies are. Femaile Bettas are much more active swimmers than the males because they don't have those long fins to carry around While in the aquarium, the male guppies will often be seen chasing the female around the tank. They display their vibrant colors to the female in an attempt to please them and mate with them. If you have more males in an aquarium, they will continually chase the fewer females in the tank causing them stress Once a guppy becomes pregnant, male guppies (and other male fish in general) will begin to harass and chase her. In order for a female guppy to have a successful birth, she needs to remain as strong and healthy as possible. Male fish are relentless towards a pregnant female and they will literally exhaust her to death

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SKU 1816-3291 Categories Fancy Guppies, Miscellaneous Aquarium Fish Tag Poecilia reticulata. $ 6.99. Quantity. Bulk Purchase Pricing. 12 or more. $ 6.49 Per Item. Guppy - Fancy Female Assorted Live-bearer Guppy Aquarium Fish quantity. Add to cart. Description The ideal guppy male to female ratio is 1:3. Suppose you have a higher number of guppies. In that case, you can simply multiply the ratio—for instance, 5 males for 15 females and 10 males for 30 females. If the ratio of guppy male to female is not matched, it can lead to an overpopulated tank, fights, territorial frustration, and mating. Stressed out female guppies may suffer miscarriages, or give birth prematurely. How To Spot A Pregnant Guppy The Guppy Gravid Spot Darkens And Enlarges. The gravid spot is a dark spot located right beside the anal fin in female guppies, and is typically used as a visual indicator of a pregnant fish A female guppy is able to give birth to 20-60 fry at a time. Guppies give birth once every 30 days up until the age of 2 to 2.5 years. Normally, guppy fry start swimming soon after birth. They seek out hiding spots to protect themselves as other tank mates, including adult guppies will eat the baby fry Poecilia reticulata, or guppies, and the ways in which they select and pursue their mates, is an important area of research for scientists studying sexual selection in fishes.This study investigates how the size of female guppies influences male guppy mating behavior and selection. Since much of the prior research regarding size and selection shows that female guppies are attracted to larger.

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2 Female Fancy Blue Grass Halfmoon - Live Aquarium Guppy Fish Premium Grade A+++. $39.70. $15.00 shipping However, guppies are active swimmers and move a lot in the tank. Most of the time, the male guppy tries to impress the female guppy by chasing them by wiggling their tail. Is a cobra guppy aggressive? Yes, it depends, and very rarely, these peaceful species will turn aggressive and attack each other or harm others

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I got another female guppy in order to maintain the ratio less than a week later. The first guppy gave birth (i think) over the weekend to 4-5, maybe more fry and still looks pregnant. She is also now aggressive towards both the other female and male and is constantly chasing them and nipping at them 1 guppy male is usually enough for 3 to 5 female guppy fish. You could add more male fish, because guppy males don't compete amongst each other, however, too many males can and will stress out your female guppies. The gestation period takes about 21 to 40 days. When the female guppy is carrying eggs, a dark spot will appear just above her fins Watch the female every day, they don't all act the same way but in my experiences they tend to hide away and try to find a good place for delivery, this of course is not always possible with the male Guppy chasing her around the tank. Because of this it is important to have a ratio of at least 3 female Guppy per one male In addition, compared to Fancy guppies, Endler's males rarely display jumps and chasing behavior (a mating behavior) because females leave promptly if uninterested in the male's advances. Endler's male will attempt to become visible to the female in the face-to-face position. Next, he turns both sides to the female, like the common guppy

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  1. go Guppy can display a yellow or albino-like body color with a red dorsal and tail fin. The Female Red Fla
  2. Guppies are known as 'million fish' for their impressive breeding rate. They don't require any input for breeding. So, if you have a male and a female Guppy, they are likely to engage in this activity when they reach maturity. You can use a breeding trap for preventing the mother fish from eating their own fry
  3. A female guppy can usually get pregnant when she is about two to three months old. When you breed guppies, it's important to make sure you're paying attention to the signs of pregnancy. This is because male guppies can get a little aggressive with the pregnant female guppies, resulting in unwanted stress and potential pregnancy complications
  4. Only breed male guppies to female mollies. The size of the fry will kill the female when she is giving birth, if the female is the guppy. Also, make sure that you have 1 male guppy to 4 female mollies ratio in your tank. And do not try to sell or give them away as a pure breed
  5. e the sex of the guppy. Male guppies have wide, long caudal fins that are often brightly colored, with elaborate patterns. Female guppies will have shorter caudal fins that are not as wide and long as the males
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  1. Guppy fish. Guppies are small freshwater fish of the family Poeciliidae. Guppies are often kept as pets in aquariums. The name guppy is a colloquial term and seems to have been coined in the early 1800s by American ichthyologist Dr. Theodore Gill for informal use among his students at Harvard University, derived from the appearance of these fish's eyes
  2. The Guppy is often called the million fish because of rate at it which they breed. Guppies are known as livebearers and this means they do give live birth to their young. A female can lay eggs up to three different times on one same sperm fertilization. Each and every pregnancy laying up to a couple hundred baby fry
  3. Male guppies, for the most part, have extremely thin, long bodies, while female guppies are typically significantly rounder and greater than the guys, in some cases twice as large as a male guppy. b) Body Size. Female guppies can grow up to 2 ⅛ inches (6 cm) and are regularly significantly bigger than male guppies
  4. go Guppy Pair (One Male/One Female) requires at least a 10g tank and is very tolerant of changing tank conditions. Plants should be hardy varieties such as Java Fern and Java Moss that can handle the increased hardness in the tank. Other peaceful fish would make good tank mates. With Fla
  5. Snakeskin Blue Tail Guppy Pair (1 Male/1 Female) $ 30.00. 80 in stock. Snakeskin Blue Tail Guppy-sold in a Pair (1 Male/1 Female) the males are smaller in size, have brighter coloration, along with a bigger tail fin, and pointed anal fin. The guppy fish have a defined snakeskin pattern on the body and a big blue delta tail
  6. Endler fry will grow very quickly when fed a few times per day. Males attain breeding age and will produce adult color in 3-5 weeks but usually take a few months to develop full color depth & intensity. Females can usually produce small fry drops at about 8 weeks. As a final note, Endlers will easily hybridize (crossbreed) with the common guppy.

Mar 19, 2017 - Guppies are popular pets and make attractive additions to a home aquarium. Male and female guppies will reproduce quickly once they mate, though guppies are known to eat their young. You can identify male and female guppies fairly easily.. Some might consider that pushing the bio load a little bit. But in my opinion that is just perfect amount for a 10g and should be fine as long as you maintain the tank and don't neglect it. In a 10g you'll want to do a 2 gallon water change every. Guppies Chasing Each Other. Seeing guppy fish chasing each other isn't uncommon at all. In fact, it's normal mating behavior. Usually, you'll see males chasing female fish all the time as they're trying to mate. If you see slightly smaller and more colorful fish with larger tails chasing the slightly bigger, less colorful fish with.

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IFGA Annual 2016 — A Few Female Guppy Winners. I just returned from the IFGA Annual in Detroit Michigan. So I'll start posting photos and videos I took over the . Continue reading. IFGA Annual 2016 — A Few Female Guppy Winners. Albino, Albino RREA, Blues, Deltas, Doubleswords, female guppies, Mosaic, Reds, Snakeskin, Swordtail Guppies Female Guppies for Sale A Female Guppy, like the one just above, offered for sale on this page is pregnant. The dark spot at the rear of her abdomen is actually her babies. Click here for information and advice about how to keep and care for Fancy Guppies. Click here to shop online for Male Guppies Some Colorful Female Guppies. This is actually three different females. I mainly wanted to snap some photos of the female with the extended dorsal fin. This female below is so gigantic it's like trying to navigate the Titanic around a corner Both male and female fancy guppies have adapted to inbreeding. Although common deformities and diseases can be still transferred to inbred offspring. For example, an albino body color is a recessive trait. When this albino trait was first observed, it should have been deleterious. This albino trait should have been developed by maintaining good. Guppies' female at the bottom and male . The male guppy will chase the female around the tank. When he is close enough, he will quickly extend his gonopodium, a long, narrow adaptation to the anal fin. He will pass a sperm packet to the female's anal vent, located just behind the gravid spot

When the male guppies are kept alone with the female, they become aggressive in chasing the female. When there are more female guppies, compared to the male, the male guppies' attention is split between the female guppies making less stress on the one female guppy. #3) Breeding Tank: You should have sufficient space in the breeding tank As well, if you see the male frantically 'chasing' the female frantically all around the tank, chances are they're trying to mate. Why Do Male Guppies Chase Pregnant Female Guppies? Male guppies will often chase expectant females as there is such a small window of opportunity for them to impregnate a fertile fish Normal guppy breeding, the male chases a few fems around untill one gets tired and sinks to the bottom of the tank. Then the male nips in an impregnates her. With that many males, there will always be a fresh male to keep chasing her, even after she's preggers. She'll be exhaused all the time from too much attention. This eventually wears out.

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Male Guppy Chasing Platy Female. When watching or feeding your fish, you might find out that, male guppies will chase platy females. Male guppies might also flare and mate with platy females. Guppy males are so active, that they will often mate with other fish, even male platies. Often they don't care, just want to reproduce A Possible Female Guppy/Molly Hybrid. Photo: A possible Poecilia reticulata (guppy) x Poecilia mexicana, Campeche (molly) hybrid in front of a grid to show size. We found the fish in the above photograph January 15 th of this year. Before I describe the fish and argue why I think it might be a hybrid, let me give you some background

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2 Female *New Gene* Dumbo Ear Red Dragon Ribbon Live Aquarium PREMIUM Guppy Fish. $79.70. Save up to 9% when you buy more. Buy It Now. +$15.00 shipping. Watch. Last one. S p o n s o r e d. Black Metal Lace Guppies trio The male guppy is smaller in size, has brighter coloration with a bigger tail fin, and a pointed anal fin. The female is larger in size with duller coloration, has a rounded anal fin, and a pregnancy patch on the lower portion of the body. Ideally, the aquarium should have a covering of floating ferns and a breeding box to protect the fry Optimum Guppy Male To Female Ratio In Aquarium Fish Tank Is Very Important. Guppies are generally kept in the ratio of 1 male over 2 to 3 female guppies. Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are one of the most popular tropical fish. They are very popular among the fish lovers across the world Male Endlers are usually smaller than guppies; however, female Endlers can grow as large as female guppies. Gonopodium. The gonopodium is the male sexual organ used to impregnate a female Endler. Endlers have one small hook on their gonopodium while guppies have several hooks

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  1. Guppies are an attractive, easy-to-keep tropical fish that can be a colorful addition to your aquarium. They can get a bit territorial, though, and when that happens your peaceful little guppies may end up taking bites out of each other's fins and tails, or perhaps fighting with your other fish
  2. 3 Assorted Female Guppy Guppies. 3 Assorted Female Guppy Guppies. $15.00. See 2 more pictures
  3. PROCESS OF SEX REVERSAL IN FEMALE GUPPY 171 Figs.7-11. Cross-sections through gonads of genetic female guppies of a single, female-unisexual, brood affected by maternal treatment with methyltestosterone for 7 days before birth, showing the sequential transformation of ovaries into testicular gonads
  4. What if the betta starts chasing my guppies? While chasing is a sign of aggression. This usually happens when the guppies stray a little too close to the betta infringing on its space. Most of the time, this is only a reaction from the betta and is not something to worry about. However, that said, if your betta is actively chasing and showing.

Sexing Guppy Fish - Male or Female. The main difference between a female guppy and a male guppy is the lower fins on their body. This is the diagram that gets passed around the guppy fish facebook groups. Hopefully it is helpful to you. I know it's difficult because they're are lots of different types of guppies The female guppy has several folds in her genital area that can store sperm for up to 10 months. In the wild, this allows female guppies to move to new areas without guppy populations and populate them with her young. The different broods can have different fathers, providing genetic differences to avoid interbreeding and restricted gene pools The Female Guppy is suited to a densely planted community tank with other peaceful fish. Guppies are probably the most popular livebearer among both aquarium owners and advanced breeders. The once humble, dull-coloured guppy has become a sort after fish for hobbyists with selective breeding resulting in many varieties of spectacular. At each birth, the female can have anywhere between 4 and 60 or more babies. If left in a community tank, the guppy fry will be quickly eaten if not secured in a breeding net or breeder's box. Sadly, even the guppy parents will partake in the baby guppy feast. Please be responsible and have a plan for what to do with the guppy fry

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As a guppy breeder, the 4 signs of female guppies about giving birth are one of my guides to achieve lots of guppy fries and avoid the sudden death of their mother. I feel so excited when I see my guppies have massively produced fries. Imagine that pairing guppy with one male and one female can multiply up to 5x FRESH WATER FISHES Guppy Home » Our Products » Fresh Water Fish » Fresh Water Fish - Guppy assorted female guppy 1789-1795 Poecillia reticulata assorted male guppy 1562-1566 Poecilia reticulata assorted endler male 1397 Poecillia wingei assorted endler female 1398 Poecillia wingei assorted endler pair 1399 Poecillia wingei assorted neon lyretail male guppy 0248-0251 Poecillia [ Comments: These are nice premium quality Dumbo Ear Female Guppies . Almost everyone is different and will have very pretty babies. You do not need a male. These females are all pregnant, and can deliver over 100-babies without a male in the aquarium. We get lots of Female Guppies. In fact we get thousands of them. We are also a pet fish wholesaler, so we have lots more fish than any retail stor These male guppies will harass females into mating by using nipping and chasing behaviors. This harassment stresses out the female guppies and distracts them from searching for food and defending. Yellow Flame Guppy (Female) Poecilia reticulata. Appearance Male Guppies are smaller than Female Guppies but with larger flowing caudal or tail fins than the females. The males are also found with a variety of tail fin shapes and colors. The males like all live bearers have a long, thin anal fin or gonopodium which can be maneuvered in any direction

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Guppy (female) Tropical Fish Learn all about the Guppy (female)'s feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Use our fish community creator tool to plan your tank set up and ensure that the Guppy (female) is the. In order to test whether male guppies increase their reproductive effort in the presence of receptive females and whether olfactory cues are used by males to make this decision, we used a free-swimming experimental design, in which pairs of males were tested in four treatments: (1) non-receptive female—control water and a non-receptive female. The Female Black Guppy is one of the many color variations of Poecilia reticulata guppy. The hardiness of the Female Black Guppy, as well as the fact that it matures quickly makes it an excellent fish for beginning hobbyists. Similar to the Male Black Guppy, the Female Black Guppy features an alluring color scheme with the latter half of its. Male guppies often mistake female bettas for guppies. And try to breed with them. Obviously, the betta won't be pleased with this and may end up attacking your guppy. What is the lifespan of a guppy? Depending on the tank, water quality, food, stress levels, and other deciding factors, a guppy can live anywhere up to 5 years Experienced experts recommend your guppies should always be held as trios if there are both male and female guppies in the tank. Starting from these three, they should be provided with 4 gallons of water and for any additional guppies, you should stick to the 1:1 ratio rule, which is at least one gallon of water per guppy

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Female Guppies Risk Their Lives To Avoid Too Much Male Attention Date: May 12, 2006 Source: University of Chicago Press Journals Summary: Sexual harassment is a burden that females of many species. Why do female guppies attack male Guppy? On the internet, there are hundreds of thousands of articles proclaiming the peaceful nature of Guppies. I have written myself a few articles on Guppies professing the same thing; Guppies are calm, friendly species, easy to care for, are a great addition to a peaceful community tank, etc. [ Guppies are known for their beautiful appearance. They have long trailing fins, which resemble skirts. Like the Koi and Goldfish, the Guppy is a show fish. They come in a variety of colors, from red to blue to black. Wild guppies will have a brownish gray appearance. At maturity, Guppies will reach a size of one to two and a half inches Guppy Sex Hi, this is Lauren and I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 male balloon belly molly, 1 male guppy (was 2), 2 female guppies, 1 glass fish, and 1 sucker fish. I think that both of the female guppies are pregnant, they have the gravid spot but they are both still small

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The male guppy is easy to distinguish from the female guppy because the male is usually more colorful with extremely colorful and large caudal fins (tails). The female is usually larger, thicker bodied, with less color and a smaller cuadal fin (tail). Black Metal Jacket Lace Guppy Breeding The female also has the innate ability to store unused sperm for later would always make her pregnant. This would even happen after she just had given birth to a large number of babies. How to Identify Male vs. Female Guppy. You can start to tell the difference between the male and female when they are a week old The female guppy takes a few hours to produce all of the fries. The average female guppy gives birth to 40 or 60 guppies only. Are guppy fish easy to keep? The Guppy is one of the most popular freshwater fish for beginners and seasoned aquarists. They add vibrant color to fish tanks, are peaceful, cheap, and very easy to maintain..