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  1. Re: Moto Z Droid transfering pictures to computer. 12-02-2016 07:14 PM. There's no doubt that transferring information from your phone is essential and we'd be happy to help you today. Let's go over a few additional details to make sure you can complete the transfer
  2. I show you how to add transfer (move, copy, download) files such as photos and video from any Motorola Phone to any Windows computer, PC, laptop or notebook...
  3. The most common and effective way to copy photos to your PC (from your Motorola Moto Z4) is to do it via a USB cable. Just plug your phone to a PC using a USB cable and wait for a notification to pop up on your phone. This notification usually tells you that your device is charging
  4. But with the release of the Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Force, you can use a new software called the Motorola Smart Switch. The Motorola Smart Switch is similar to Motorola Kies and allows you to easily transfer files contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars and more to your Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Force
  5. I'm trying to add & remove videos & pictures from my Moto Z Force to/ from my Win10 PC. When I plug the phone into the USB port it shows up like a normal device like an ext. hard-drive. (it shows XT1650. is there a way to change that to a custom name?) But when I click on it there is nothing inside, no folders or anything
  6. When your phone is connected to your PC, slide down the Notification panel. You should see an option for USB Charging This Device. Tap for more options. When you tap that Notification you should then see options for: Use USB to - Charge, Transfer Files, Transfer Photos (PTP), Software Installation, etc

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  1. To transfer photos from your Moto G4 to your computer via email, you need to make sure your Moto G4 has access to internet. First go to Gallery and select the photos you want to transfer. Then, tap on the Share icon represented by two dots connected to one. Select Email or the emailing app you use
  2. Re: Broken/blacked out screen, can't transfer my data. Of all the times I've tried to connect these phones to a computer, I had to manually tell the device to make the connection for USB transfer. I don't understand why they don't default to that when it's plugged into another device, since it charges anyways when it's connected that way
  3. Connect Motorola to your computer via a USB cable. Open the Android notification tray. Select the Transfer Files or MTP option. Go to My Computer/This PC and double-click to get into your Android device
  4. To transfer Messages, the procedure is quite similar like transferring messages. Only this time click on SMS > Export > Save as type (XLSX or TXT) > Save. That's all required to transfer all messages from your Moto phone to computer. Here is the screenshot of this step so that you can understand better. Conclusion
  5. Transfer Moto G7's Photo File to computer. In order to choose certain photo file to backup, please double click the certain photo folder to open the folder, then you can choose multiple photo files of your willing. After selection, click 'Export' button to transfer these Moto G7 photos to computer
  6. First, get MobileTrans from its official website on your computer and then follow the below guide: Select Phone Transfer feature Run MobileTrans and from the main interface, select the Phone Transfer feature. Also, connect your both old and new Motorola phone to the computer
  7. Select Videos to Transfer. Select Videos tab. Once your media loads, click Add > Add File or Add Folder. Step 2. Transfer Videos from Computer to Moto Z. This brings up your file browser window, from which you can select videos to import from your computer. All videos imported can be watched with the built-in player

How to manually transfer your photos to a PC. 1 Connect your smartphone to your computer using the USB cable supplied in the box. Please note: if you are not using the original cable, make sure the USB cable you are using supports MTP or PTP connections. 2 If asked to Allow access to phone data? tap Allow to accept Transfer photos to a MAC. In the same way as for the COMPUTER, the first step is to connect the Motorola Moto G7 to the Mac via the USB cable. Then choose Multimedia Device or USB Storage in the notification bar of your Motorola Moto G7. When done, you can open the Finder on your Mac and you should observe the Motorola Moto G7 appear in the list of devices on the left Support Device: Moto G, Moto E, Moto X, Moto Z, Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S8+/S9/S9+, Galaxy Note 8 and 2000+ more.. Step 1 Installation. Downloading the executing file from the official website and install the program on a computer. Step 2 Enable USB Debugging on Moto and Samsung Smartphone . Run the program and connect both phones to PC

JeremiahWasABullFrog LurkerThread Starter. I would like to upload photos and video from my Moto Z Force to my PC or iMac, don't care which. When I connect to either machine, the system says there is nothing in my folder to upload. The folder is found, as you see in the attached screen shot, but the message is folder is empty Transfer files between your computer & Android device You can use your Google Account or a USB cable to move photos, music, and other files between your computer and phone. Important: Some of these steps work only on Android 9 and up

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To find photos or videos: Open the Photos app. Do one of the following: To view photos and videos you uploaded to the cloud, touch Photos. To view photos and videos stored on your phone, touch > Device folders. Touch a thumbnail to open an album, photo or video 7. Select your Android's photos. Click and drag your mouse across the photos you want to move onto your computer to select them. You can also hold down the ⌘ Command key while clicking individual photos to select them independently. To select all photos in a folder, press ⌘ Command + A Photos should scan for USB devices, and then load a list. Select your phone. After you select a device, Photos immediately starts looking for images stored on the phone. This could take a bit of time, so just let it do its thing. When the photos list loads up, go through and click on all the photos you'd like to import

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Access files on phone with broken screen. 1. I spent a night in the desert in Jordan and the next morning my phone was all wet and the screen went black. That was a few days ago, I'm home now and have bought a new phone (same one). I disabled Google Drive backup and want to access my numbers and photos and whatsapp messages and a couple of. Transfer WhatsApp Photos From Android Phone to Windows PC. 1. Connect your Android Phone or Tablet to Windows PC using a USB cable. 2. Once the Phone is connected to PC, unlock your Android Phone and then swipe down from the top of the screen to access Notification Center on your Android Phone. 3 Before starting these steps, you may have to download and install the Motorola USB Drivers for Windows. Mac users may want to use Android File Transfer. Connect the device to the computer using the included USB cable. Slide the notification area down by dragging it from the top of the home screen Connect your tablet to your computer with the supplied USB cable. If installed, MotoCast USB will launch automatically. When MotoCast USB opens, you can enable and disable the type of content you want sync by selecting the ON/OFF button to the right of each Music, Photos, Videos, Podcasts. You can also choose which direction you want to sync from for each content type

To transfer Messages, Music and other files between your Android Phone and your PC you need to install Droid Transfer onto your PC and Transfer Companion on your Android device.. Transfer Companion and Droid Transfer communicate with each other over your local network or a USB cable, so that your phone content can be copied securely But photos can add up quickly, taking up valuable space on your phone. Here are a few simple tips that allow you to transfer the photos to a safe place: Transfer to a storage device. By connecting a USB cable from your phone to a computer, you can quickly transfer your phone's photos to the computer's hard drive or to a USB flash drive

How to transfer pictures from the phone to a flash drive via a computer: Step 1. Link the Phone to the Computer. Please connect your phone and the computer with a USB cable and select the MTP option on your phone. Step 2 How to install Moto Z4 Driver. Download and extract the Motorola USB Driver package on the computer. After extracting the USB Driver package, you will be able to get the Driver Setup File. Double-click on the Driver Setup file to launch the Setup Window. Click on the Next button and follow the Screen instructions

Once you set up your Motorola Moto Z2 Play and Moto Z2 Force, you will asked to with a pop up link to download the software, click on DOWNLOAD AND OPEN to begin the installation. With the help of your iCloud service, you will be able to transfer your files like pictures, messages, contacts, call and browsing history including your. By using OneDrive, you can quickly transfer files from PC to PC or Mac to PC, so your files are organized like they were on your old computer and you can get right back to work. You can use an external storage device such as a USB drive, SD card, or external hard drive to help you move all your favorite files off a Windows 7 PC and onto a.

Learn how to transfer to photos to an SD Card on your Motorola moto z4. A visual guide for how to take a picture with the flash on using your Motorola moto z4. Learn how to zoom in and out when taking photos on your Motorola moto z4. Here's some info on supported file types for picture / video messages The app introduces an easy way to transfer files from old phone (Android, iPhone, etc.) to Moto. In contrast, it also supports users to transfer data from Motorola to the old phone. Tip: If your Motorola phone or device of other brands run on Android 6.0, Motorola Migrate doesn't work with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and you may try this Motorola.

Set Moto X as source device and Moto G target device. Step 3 Transfer Data from One Motorola to Another Choose the data you want to transfer between the two phones, such as contacts, photos, messages, etc. Then, click Export to Device>Moto G to start the data transfer process. When finish, click OK to end the process. Tips: 1 Can't transfer photos to PC from Moto e3 even when USB MTP connected Both Photos and Windows Live are telling me there are no new photos and to try again. USB connected properly. Since we're able to isolate the issue that the issue occurs not only just to your computer, we recommend that you contact the support of the manufacturer of your. Step 1: Have a USB cable ready because you need to power up your phone or tablet and connect it to your PC. Let's go through it step by step: Power on your Android device. If the screen went to the point where you can't see anything, wait for a minute or two after turning it on to ensure it's activated Since the limited storage on Android phone and the risk of losing phone, it is better to transfer and back up the important pictures to PC. And here we are, taking about how to selectively transfer pictures from Android to PC by Cloud, which performs as an album.Now that you can take as much pictures as you like with the camera built-in Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google Nexus, etc. and never.

It's quick and easy to access files in each category. -File operations - allows you to copy, move, rename, delete, compress and decompress ZIP files, create encrypted ZIP files and share files. -Storage info - Easily see the location of each category file and the SD card usage. -One key transfer - One click to transfer all picture, music and. Info Phone Brand: Motorola Phone Model: G4 Can't download pictures from phone to my PC. I have downloaded pictures in the past but now I can't. When I connect my phone to the PC, the explorer tells me the folder (Moto G4) is empty and will not display any of photos or videos on the phone. I've turned off the phone and restarted the phone but it still won't display any of the pictures Click OK on the computer screen to continue after activating USB Debugging. Allow USB Debugging on Android -- Step 2. Step 3. Select PhotoTypes to Scan. The next screen will ask you to mark and choose the files you need to recover. Since we want to recover pictures, go to Media, and mark the files you need such as: pictures, videos, audios, et Part 2: Transfer Photos from WhatsApp to PC with WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web is a very entrusted extension provided by the WhatsApp authorities that provides you with the ability to not only have your media exported to the computer but even use it for sending messages to your friends and colleagues

Download and install dr.fone - Phone Manager on your computer. Select the Phone Manager from all the models. Connect both your Android phones to the computer. dr.fone will recognize them and display them like below. Select the Android phone which you would like to transfer photos from. Go to the Photos tab on the top Part 2. Extract lost data from screen-broken Android phone without password input. Step 1 Still run FoneLab for Android on your computer. Enter Broken Android Data Extraction Mode on the left.Select Start to enter the fixing feature of your phone.Step 2 Select your phone name and model, and check I agree with the claimer, then click Confirm.. Step 3 Follow the three steps that. To transfer photos from your iPhone to a PC, start by using your phone's USB cable to connect your iPhone to the PC. Once your devices are connected, unlock your phone and tap Trust or Allow when you see the message asking whether you trust this computer. Then, click the Start menu on your computer, followed by File Explorer. Next, tap on the + icon and this will open attachment options.. From the attachment options, tap on the Photos icon to browse Photos from the Photos App or you can tap on the Camera Icon to take new photos.. Select Photos that you want to send by tapping on them. Once the Photos are selected, tap on the check mark located at the top-right corner of your screen

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When I transfer photos on my Moto G they are all called image.jpg, so they get overwritten and only the last one is on the laptop. Other than doing it one by one, and changing the name, I can't get it to transfer multiple photos. Help. Reply. simon says. November 11, 2014 at 12:07 am Switch from an Android phone. Turn on your new phone. Tap Start. If you don't see Start, you can copy your data manually. When asked, choose to copy apps and data from your old phone. If you have a cable to connect your phones, follow the on-screen instructions to copy your data. If you don't have a cable

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Very basic question here: I received an email, with a picture attached. I was using my work email that I have configured to be picked up by my droid. I press on the picture. I then do a long press and upcomes the option to download or save. I press save- there is now a long list of folders that.. How to Restore Deleted Photos from Motorola Z3. Step 1.Run Program & Connect Motorola. To get started, run U.Fone Android Data Recovery on the computer. Connect your Motorola to the computer using an Android USB cable, the program will detect your device when it successfully connects. Select Android Data Recovery option to go on Connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable. Drag the notification bar down. Tap USB charging this device, or Use USB for. Tap Transfer files or File Transfer. Click your phone's model on the PC desktop. Click Open device to view files. In the window that appears, click Internal storage. When finished, eject phone before unplugging It's convenient to take pictures and videos with Motorola phone, and easily for users to check and enjoy photos/video at anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone. However, when you accidentally deleted some precious photos or videos from your Motorola phone like Z3/Z2/Z Play, X4, G6/G5/G4, E5/E4 and other models, especially you do not have. To transfer data from Samsung to Motorola, my most recommended method is to use Android data switch. Android data switch is a data transfer software dedicated to the same system and between different systems. It can smoothly transfer photos, video, audio, music, WhatsApp message, contacts, call logs and so on. This software is very powerful and.

Step 2. Backup Moto X to computer. Use USB cables to plug your Moto X into your computer and wait for the software detects it. After your Motorola showing up on the interface, you can select contents that you wish to backup to the computer. You can backup data like SMS, call logs, videos, photos, music and apps How to Transfer Contacts from Motorola to iPhone Instantly. There are plenty of 3rd party apps that claim to transfer contacts from Motorola Android phone to iPhone. What we're going to use in this article is an all-in-one tool named Phone Transfer, which moves all your stuff from one device to another easily and quickly

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Step 1: Start the Program. Start Syncios Toolkit on your computer after its installation. On the main interface, choose Phone Transfer to install the Syncios Data Transfer. After the installation, tap Phone Transfer again to launch Syncios Data Transfer. Get both old device and new Samsung Galaxy A51 connected to computer via USB cables Step 3: A .vcf file will be downloaded. Transfer this file to your Moto G by copying it to the local storage. Step 4: Now, open the People app on your Moto G and from the Menu button on the bottom. Steps To Restore Files On Moto Z3/ Moto Z4 From Google Drive Backup . Open Google Drive app on your Phone. Now select and hold the file you want to restore. Click option download to restore. Alternatively, you can download the Moto Z3/ Moto Z4 phone's back up files from Google Drive on your computer too, the steps are as follows To transfer files from your phone to a computer, you will need to connect the two devices through a USB cable. The computer must also have the required drivers for it to be able to recognize your.

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There are more ways to transfer photos and videos to your computer: Use AirDrop to quickly send photos and videos to your Mac. Import photos and video from storage media, such as a hard disk or SD card, to Photos for macOS. Use a scanner and Image Capture to import photos that were taken with a film camera Tap Send data on the old phone, tap Receive data on the new phone, and then tap Cable on both phones. Smart Switch will scan the old phone for transferrable content. Select the data you want transferred to the new phone. An estimate of the transfer time will be displayed. If the transfer will take more than an hour you may want to use a. Step 1: Connect two both phones to the computer. Run the software on your computer and choose Phone to Phone Transfer from its interface. Connect your old iPhone and new Motorola phone to the computer via USB cables. On iPhone, tap trust to analyze the data. And activate USB Debugging mode on Motorola Step 1. Make sure the Contacts option under iCloud is enabled on your iPhone. Step 2. Go to visit iCloud.com on your computer, sign in with the Apple ID you use on the iPhone, and choose Contacts among the options. Step 3. Select the contacts you want to transfer to the Android phone and click the gear icon

Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool. Android 9 + moto. Specials. $100 off moto g100. All specials. Finance With Affirm. Military Discount. Online Exclusives. Student Discount The Motorola Droid takes pictures that rival many digital cameras. The Droid can also take video. A nice option to have if you are out and about and do not have your digital camera with you. Capture your photos (or video) on your Droid, and then transfer them onto your computer for editing Connect the Moto Z Force Droid to your computer via USB. At the prompt, turn on File Transfer (MTP) / Media device (MTP) , otherwise enable the option from the Notification area. Open the File Explorer on the computer. Use the Explorer to locate the audio files on your computer I plugged my new phone into my Windows 10 computer via the USB C cable provided. It sees the device, but displayed nothing under it (I have installed a 128gb MicroSD card that I wanted to dump some music to). I went ahead and installed the Motorola Mobile Drivers Installation 6.4.0 which installed the Motorola Device Manager 2.5.4, still nothing. I enabled Developer Mode on the phone. You have to blindly pull the notification bar down and try to choose the Data Transfer option. Tbh I had 2 Moto Z Play at the time but failed to do this method, it's very hard if you don't have another one to mirror your actions from. However, the pin should be easier to unlock since you don't have to move your finger on the screen as the schema

2. To download / save a photo to the computer, click on the photo, then click on the 3-dot icon at the upper right corner, then click on option Download. ; Also, you can open the Photos app icon on your phone in order to see your photos on your phone. If you need help with anything else, please come back any time Click the Review, Organize, and Group items to Import button, and click the Next button. Windows examines the time and date you snapped each of your photos. Then the program tentatively separates your photos into groups for your approval, as shown here. Windows offers groups of pictures based on the time and date you took them

USB Debugging is a way to enable connection between your Android device and computer, so that you manage and transfer data from Android device to PC and vice versa. For example you have to enable USB debugging mode when you have to transfer data like pictures, video recording and other personal data from your Android device to PC Transfer contacts using your SIM. On your old phone, copy all the contacts you want to your SIM card. Insert your SIM card in your new phone, see Assemble & charge. Import the contacts from your SIM card, touch > Contacts, then touch Menu > Settings > Import from SIM card How to transfer photos from Android to PC. If you are wondering how do I transfer photos from Android to PC, you are at the right place. Let us have a look at how we can transfer photos from Android devices to our PC with these easy and simple methods

Steps Download Article. Log into Facebook. Go to Account on the top right. Go to Account Settings. Set up your phone to receive SMS messages from Facebook. Now you can send a picture to 32665 and it will be on your wall. You can also do the steps above, then go back to account, account settings, mobile 2. From the applications folder click on the Android File Transfer application. 3. Ensure your Motorola XOOM device is powered up and connect it to the USB cable and then connect to the MAC PC. The Android File Transfer tool will recognize the Motorola XOOM is connected and it will pop up the file folder. 4 Transfer files from your Android device to the Wireless Stick. 1. Use the Connect mobile app to access your Wireless Stick. 2. Select the add file button +. 3. You will be prompted to Select from Photos by default. You can change the option from drop down menu at the top left to select from videos/music/files. 4 Step 2. Backup Moto X to computer. Use USB cables to plug your Moto X into your computer and wait for the software detects it. After your Motorola showing up on the interface, you can select contents that you wish to backup to the computer. You can backup data like SMS, call logs, videos, photos, music and apps

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Share files with your computer Share your data connection. Connect with NFC Print. Sync to the cloud backup your stuff. You can see your Google apps, contacts, calendar, photos, and more. Tips » To add, edit, or delete accounts, swipe up > Moto Mods are sold separately. To view the complete collection, tap the Moto Z : Market app on. The moto z play allows you to expand your memory by using a micro SD card. To insert the microSD card: 1. With the phone facing down, insert the tool that comes with your phone into the small hole on the card tray and pop out the tray. 2. Insert the microSD card with the gold contacts facing up. 3 Motorola Mobility LLC. Video Players & Editors. View and share your photos and videos in an immersive, full-screen experience. Easily personalize your photos with frames, filters and more in just a few taps. Create a Highlight Reel - a collection of your photos and videos set to music, and easily share it with friends and family So you've plugged your USB to micro USB cable into your computer and Android phone and are ready to start downloading files. Staring intently at your screen, you wait for a drive, a window — something, anything — where you can drag-and-drop your files, but it just doesn't come. Well, chances are, you are missing one simple yet critical but step. Here's how to transfer files to your. If you use Chrome as the main browser on your computer, you will also find all your bookmarks and passwords up to date on your phone — nothing else to do here. Next up is photos

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For those unfamiliar, when an Android device is connected to a computer, three connection options are available; 'Charging', 'Transfer files' and 'Transfer photos'. Usually 'Charging' is the default one. In order to have your phone show up on your computer, though, you need to select the second one. Unlock your phon Many people will opt to transfer the data to a computer and then to the new phone. Historically, that was what one had to do. Or, users would back up what they could to a microSD card Photo Transfer App allows you to easily transfer, share and backup photos and videos from your Android device to your computer as well as exchange photos from and to another Android, iPhone or iPad using your wifi network. IMPORTANT: Free version allows you to transfer up to 5 photos in medium resolution. Upgrade to PRO version and transfer. And, most importantly, you can do that quickly, safely, cable-free and without going through complicated instructions. Related Xiaomi phone date and file transfer tool. Here we will talk about new Xiaomi phone date and file tranfer tool: Mi Drop, an ad-free P2P file transfer tool that works without connecting to the internet. It is more. Unfortunately, you can't sync the media on your smartphone with your Kindle Fire without using a third-party application or service. The easiest way to share photos between devices is to use your computer. If you have the iPhone or an Android device, you can import your photos to your Pictures library using the.

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Try it on another computer to make sure it is not the computer's problem. If the above factors can be excluded, please try solutions below. 1. Reboot Windows 10. Many computer issues can be easily solved by restarting the computer. This process will end all running programs so that any conflicts that may cause the problem will be closed If you want to transfer Android files to Windows 10 computer, you need to connect your phone to PC in MTP mode, which is related to Windows Media Player. While the N and KN versions of Windows 10 don't have it, you have to go to Microsoft's official site to download the Media Feature Pack for your computer running Windows 10 N or Windows 10. Connecting tablet to PC using the USB cable. On the device, tap the USB computer connection notification. Select Media Device (MTP). On the computer, select the device. Choose from the files to do the transfer onto the device or computer and vice versa. Once done, eject the device from Windows and unplug the USB cable Now playing: Watch this: Transfer voice mails to your computer. 3:40. Step 1: Install Audacity, a free audio recording and editing program, on your Mac or PC. Launch it, then head to Edit. Step 3. Log in with your Google account that's being used on your phone. Step 4. From the left panel, select your phone from the list and tap Erase Device. Step 5. Then, your device will be unlocked, and you can set a new password. Method 2. Recover Photos from a Locked Android Device with a Recovery Tool