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Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more Today is the 41st Death Anniversary of AK Gopalan. He was the (un-official) leader of the opposition in the first Loksabha. Here he is giving a speech during Emergency. Usage of mikes and loud speakers were banned during that time

A. K. Gopalan Biography . Ayillyath Kuttiari Gopalan, popularly known as A. K. G or A. K. Gopalan was one of the prominent communist leaders from Kerala. He was the first leader of opposition in India. He was born on 1 October 1904 in Peralasseri, Kannur District he become one of the most powerful communist leaders from Kerala.He has been an active member of Indian National Congress too before. AK Gopalan. Kochi: Has young Congress leader V T Balram, He served 5 terms, until his death in 1977. He joined the Communist party in 1939 after being in the Congress camp for over a decade A.K Gopalan was born on 1st October 1904 in Peralasseri, Kannur District of Kerala. He was educated in Tellichery and became a teacher. He became a part of India's freedom movement. He participated in the Khilafat Movement .In 1927 he joined the Indian National Movement and worked towards the upliftment of Harijans and participated in the.

The petitioner AK Gopalan, a communist leader, was detained under the Preventive Detention Act 1950 in Madras Jail. The petitioner challenged the validity of the Act on the ground that it is violating the freedom of movement under Article 19 (1) (d) and personal liberty under Article 21 through writ petition under Article 32 of the Constitution Introduction. A.K.Gopalan v State of Madras is marked as one of the momentous judgements delivered by the Supreme Court of India. It is remembered as the first case where the Supreme Court of India after is formation in 1950 delivered a judgement where the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has precisely examined and interpreted the key components of the Constitution of India, the fundamental.

Today is the 41st Death Anniversary of AK Gopalan

A.K Gopalan v. State Of Madras . Kania, C.J— This is a petition by the applicant under Article 32(1) of the Constitution of India for a writ of habeas corpus against his detention in the Madras Jail. In the petition he has given various dates showing how he has been under detention since December 1947. Under the ordinary criminal law he was. AK Gopalan VS State of Madras: INHUMAN TREATMENT - CUSTODIAL DEATH NILABATI BEHERA v. STATE OF ORISSA AIR 1993. SC observed that it is the duty of the state to give protection to the arrested person in police custody and to prisoners in the jail. TELEPHONE TAPPIN A.K. Gopalan Vs. The State Of Madras.Union Of India: Intervener Judgment Dated 21-10-1950 of Supreme Court of India having citation AIR 1951 SC 103 , [1950] 1 SCR 949 , (1951) 1 MLJ 333 , 1951 SCJ 171 , [1950] SCR 949 , include bench Judge HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE SAIYID FAZL ALIHON'BLE MR. JUSTICE B. K. MUKHERJEAHON'BLE MR. JUSTICE N. CHANDRASEKHARA AIYAR having Advocates For the Appearing Parties. Death. Gopalnath died on 11 October 2019 due to cardiac arrest at the age of 69 at a private hospital in Mangalore. He was ailing for a long time before his death, and could not attend many concerts. His dead body was taken to ancestral village on 13 October, and was buried there with full state honours

  1. A. K. Gopalan v State of Madras Supreme Court of India 19 May 1950 Petition No. XIII of 1950. The Judgment was delivered by : Saiyid Fazal Ali, J., Mehr Chand Mahajan, J., B. K. Mukherjea, J. and Sudhi Ranjan Das, J. were used in a statute guaranteeing that no person will be deprived of his property or imprisoned or indicted or put to death.
  2. AK GOPALAN V STATE OF MADRAS. In AK Gopalan v State of Madras, the Apex Court interpreted article 21 in a narrow and restricted manner and interpreted the expression 'personal liberty' as merely protection for one's bodily parts i.e the State can not damage or harm to the body of an individual.. Court also refused to read the phrase 'due process of Law' under article 21
  3. petitioner: a.k. gopalan vs. respondent: the state of madras.union of india: intervener. date of judgment: 19/05/1950 bench: kania, hiralal j. (cj) bench: kania, hiralal j. (cj) fazal ali, saiyid sastri, m. patanjali mahajan, mehr chand das, sudhi ranjan mukherjea, b.k. citation: 1950 air 27 1950 scr 88 citator info : f 1951 sc 157 (21) f 1951 sc 270 (5,6) f 1951 sc 301 (10) f 1951 sc 332 (344.

A.K. Gopalan Vs. State of Madras Judgment Dated 19-05-1950 of Supreme Court of India having citation 1950 CRILJ 1383 , [1950] 1 SCR 88 , AIR 1950 SC 27 , (1950) 2 MLJ 42 , 1950 SCJ 174 , [1950] SCR 88 , 1950 -63-LW 638 , include bench Judge HON'BLE CHIEF JUSTICE MR. H.J. KANIAHON'BLE MR. JUSTICE SAIYID FAZAL ALIHON'BLE MR AK Gopalan Vs State of Madras - Custodial death is a cause for concern, according to the court, and it is even worse when it is committed by a citizen's guardian. As a result, the court ruled that this conduct is in violation of Articles 21 and 22 of the Indian Constitution AK Gopalan Case (1950): Until the 1950s, Article 21 had a bit of a narrow scope. In this case, the SC held that the expression 'procedure established by law', the Constitution has embodied the British concept of personal liberty rather than the American 'due process' Remembering Nani Palkhivala on his death anniversary. A tribute to the the best Attorney General India never had. On December 11, 2002, a banner flew high on Marine Drive, Mumbai which read We the Nation, We the People, have lost a Legend.. Belonging to a middle-class family, Nani Palkhivala was born on January 16, 1920, and spent his.

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  1. 22nd March, Com. AK Gopalan, death anniversary. Today, 22nd March 2017, is the 40th Death Anniversary of Com. A.K.Gopalan, M.P. PB Member, CPI(M) and one of the greatest working class leaders. His life was a continuous struggles and agitations in defence of the toiling masses. Both the British imperialists and the Congress rulers put him is.
  2. After 1955 the situation reversed, as life imprisonment became more popular and to give the death sentence the reason was asked by the court. Bachhan Singh's case redirects to AK Gopalan's case. There was the 5 judge bench in this case and it was stated that the death penalty has to be read in light of article 19, 21 and also 14
  3. Article 21 - Landmark Judgement #1: AK Gopalan Vs State of Madras. The above Judgement passed by the Supreme Court of India came into limelight since it was the first-ever matter that came before the Apex Court after its establishment in 1950. It was a case where the interpretation about Article 19 and 21 was set out by the Supreme Court
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  5. First, in the famous case of A.K. Gopalan v. State of Madras (AIR 1950 SC 27), where the Preventive Detention Act IV of 1950 was being challenged, Justice Saiyid Fazl Ali dissented from his.

The outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 prompted an upsurge in activism against British domination, and Gopalan was again arrested. But in 1942 he escaped from prison and remained at large till the end of the war in 1945. He was arrested again shortly after the end of the war and was still behind bars when India became independent on August 15, 1947 There are already 209 users and 573 genealogy profiles with the Gopalan surname on Geni. Explore Gopalan genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree Ayillyath Kuttiari Gopalan (1 October 1904 - 22 March 1977), popularly known as A. K. Gopalan or AKG, was an Indian communist leader, serving CPI with 16 members out of 489 since the first Lok Sabha in 1952

The Communist who showed how the avenues of parliamentary democracy could be utilized for advancing the cause of the people Her first foray into political activism was a student march led by AK Gopalan in 1938. That was before the formation of the first unit of the Communist Party of India in Kerala, in 1939 Early life and education. He was born on 1 October 1904 in Peralasseri, Kannur District of Northern Kerala and educated in Tellichery.By the time he became a teacher, India's independence movement was becoming energized by Mahatma Gandhi.Gopalan took part in the Khilafat Movement [1] which prompted a marked change in his outlook, transforming him into a dedicated fulltime social and political. AK Gopalan: Get AK Gopalan Latest News, Videos and Photos also find Breaking news, updates, information on AK Gopalan. Explore more on AK Gopalan at Dnaindia.com

Das AK, Mishra S, Saraswathy Gopalan S. 2020. Accuracy is a measure of correct classification of death cases as death and survived cases as survived (Huang et al., 2020). Sensitivity is a measure of correctly predicting death among all those who died, whereas specificity is a measure of correctly predicting survival among all those who. Shyamala Gopalan (April 7, 1938 - February 11, 2009) was an Indian-American-Canadian cancer researcher and civil rights activist who was born in India.. Early life and education. Shyamala Gopalan was born on April 7, 1938 in Madras, Madras Presidency, in British India (present-day city of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu) to Rajam and P.V. Gopalan Ayillyath Kuttiari Gopalan was born on 1 October 1904 in Kannur District of Northern Kerala and educated in Tellichery. By the time he became a teacher, India's independence movement was becoming energized by Mahatma Gandhi. Gopalan took part in the Khilafat Movement which prompted a marked change in his outlook, transforming him into a dedicated fulltime social an Death: February 11, 2009 (70) Oakland, Alameda County, California, United States (colon cancer) Place of Burial: Chennai, India. Immediate Family: Daughter of P. V. Gopalan and Rajam Gopalan. Ex-wife of Donald Jasper Harris. Mother of Kamala Harris, 49th Vice President of the USA and Maya Harris Communist Party of India (Marxist) Spouse (s) Susheela Gopalan. Religion. Atheism. Ayillyath Kuttiari Gopalan (1 October 1904 - March 22, 1977), popularly known as A. K. Gopalan or AKG, was an Indian communist leader and first leader of opposition in India. YouTube

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AK Gopalan, on a tour of Punjab, was served an externment order on March 12. Three days later, Gopalan would report to the Communist leaders in Delhi that the morale of the agitators was high and. An RSS worker was hacked to death by a group of men in Kannur on Monday night. Its legendary leaders like AK Gopalan, EK Nayanar and KPR Gopalan belonged to this area. When RSS started making. AK Gopalan A.K Gopalan (Ayilliath Kuttieri Gopalan) was an outstanding leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Left and democratic movement in the country. Joining the Communist Party in 1939, he became a member of the Central Committee of the united Communist Party in 1951, a member of the Party's central secretariat in 1958.

Bulk of the party's star leaders including AK Gopalan, EK Nayanar and KPR Gopalan come from this area. When the RSS started making inroads, tension was bound to rise paalanhaare, nirgun aur nyaareTumre bin hamra kaunon naahinHumri uljhan suljhaao bhagwanTumre bin hamra kaunon naahinTumhe humka ho sambhaaleTumhe hamre rakh.. K Kelappan was the leader of the Satyagraha and AK Gopalan was the Volunteer Captain. After ten months, Kelappan began an indefinite fast, which was later given up on the advice of Gandhiji. The Guruvayoor Satyagraha failed to achieve its immediate objective, but it produced a climate in favour of the eradication of untouchability Gaurav Gopalan was 35 years old when he was murdered on September 10, 2011 in Washington, D.C. The medical examiner attributed his death to hemorrhaging in the brain due to blunt impact trauma. The same week that Gaurav was assaulted and killed, several other transgender individuals were violently attacked in the D.C. area In the case of AK Gopalan vs State of Madras (1950) where the petitioner was detained in Madras Jail under the Prevention Detention Act, 1950, Supreme Court upheld the detention and held that it.

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Today is the 41st Death Anniversary of AK Gopalan. He was the (un-official) leader of the opposition in the first Loksabha. Here he is giving a speech during Emergency. Usage of mikes and loud speakers were banned during that time AK Gopalan Case (1950): Until the 1950s, Article 21 had a bit of a narrow scope. In this case, the SC held that the expression 'procedure established by law', the Constitution has embodied the British concept of personal liberty rather than the American 'due process'. 2 25 Most Important Supreme Court Judgements. Case. Relevance. A.K. Gopalan Case (1950) SC contented that there was no violation of Fundamental Rights enshrined in Articles 13, 19, 21 and 22 under the provisions of the Preventive Detention Act, if the detention was as per the procedure established by law. Here, the SC took a narrow view of. Constitution & various dimensions added by SC:- 1. AK Gopalan V State of Madras : procedure established by law 2. Right to have fair procedure- Maneka Gandhi V UOI 3. Right to legal Aid- Hussainara v Home Sec , Bihar 4. Right to Public Trial- Vineet Narain V UOI 5. Right to go abroad- Satwant Singh Sawhney v Shri.Gopalan has referred to Government Order No.A-38011/7/87-PE-I dated 28.12.1990 (P-9) and has alleged that DR has been sanctioned by the Government beyond CPI point 250 as on 1.4.1985. Accordingly, pension had been granted to him at CPI 250 points and DR beyond CPI 250 points but it was withdrawn

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The violence in the region began at Tirurangadi in Kerala's South Malabar on 20 August, 1921, and lasted for over four months, resulting in the imposition of martial law in six out of 10 taluks in the then Malabar district. More than a lakh Hindus were displaced. It was the Marxist historians who first appropriated the communal pogrom as a peasant uprising to suit their ideological. AK Gopalan V State of Madras : procedure established by law 2. Right to have fair procedure- Maneka Gandhi V UOI 3. by the imposition and execution of death sentence, except according to procedure established by law. That is but one aspect if the right to life. An equally important facet of the right to life is the right to livelihood. Congress MLA sparks row over remarks against Communist icon AK Gopalan January 7, 2018 by qayam Thiruvananthapuram: Congress MLA V T Balram has courted controversy by allegedly making some unsavoury remarks against Communist icon, the late A K Gopalan, triggering widespread criticism cutting across party lines Today, KK Shailaja, fondly known as Shailaja Teacher, has been denied a berth in Pinarayi Vijayan's second ministry in spite of excelling as health minister, containing the Nipah virus outbreak in 2018 and the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic last year, and winning the recent assembly election by the widest margin of any candidate 1st Case: Supreme Court's take on meaning of word, Law for article 21 in A. K. Gopalan Case: Due process of law and procedure established by law A.K. Gopalan v. State of Madras was the 1st landmark case in the process of evolution of article 21. This case challenged the validity of the Preventive Detection Act. 1950

AK Gopalan: Interpreted scope of Art 21 and gave the concept of procedure established by law: Golaknath: Held that Parliament cannot curtail any of the Fundamental rights: Kedar Nath Singh: Clarified the scope of Sedition under Sec 124A: Hussainara Khatoon Judgement on the plight of undertrials. Genesis of PIL. Olga Telli AK Gopalan Susheela Gopalan CPI(M) Congress Respond to this article with a post. Share your perspective on this article with a post on ScrollStack, and send it to your followers.. Article 21 of the Indian constitution reinforces. Equity, dignity of a person and the right to development are the inherent rights of every human being. Life in its expanded horizon includes everything that gives meaning to a person's life including culture, heritage and tradition with dignity of a person. Noise Pollution (V), In Re, { (2005) 5. This study aims to determine the functional roles of microRNA-34b-5p (miR-34b) in the suppression of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. We used hydration-of-freeze-dried-matrix (HFDM) formulated liposomes (liposome-loaded miR-34b) for effective delivery of miR-34b to anaplastic thyroid carcinoma in vitro and in vivo. Real time polymerase chain was used to determine the level of miR-34b A.K. Gopalan v. State 0/ Madras, A.I.R. 1950 S.c. 27 where section 14 of prevention detention act was found out to be in violation of Article 14 of the constitution. It was held by the Apex court that it is section 14 of the act which is to be struck down not the act as a whole

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It overruled its judgement in AK Gopalan case, held that the doctrine of due process of law is inherent in the doctrine of procedure established by law. Because of activist judges like P N Bhagawati, Supreme Court instituted PIL (Public Interest Litigations), which strengthened the rights of the weaker section But his heroes were two veteran Indian Communists, SA Dange and AK Gopalan. In the 1950s, Sen observed land reform in Communist China and met Mao Zedong, Chou Enlai and Liu Shaoqi Also Read: AK GOPALAN vs STATE OF MADRAS Preventive Detention: The Safeguards The aforementioned section elucidates the Preventive Detention statutes in not only the pre-independence British Empire but also the post-independence India, wherein Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, and the National Security Act, 1980, are the only.

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While new state Congress chief, K Sudhakaran has opened up against his old foe, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan now faces an outburst from former CPI-M leader from his home Pinarayi village in Kannur district, Pandayala Shaji, who calls him a gangster. Shaji is son of Pandya Gopalan, the volunteer 'captain' of the undivided Communist Party in the state which was formed at Parappuram. Present view: In Maneka Gandhi's case, the court overruled the view of majority given in Gopalan's case and clearly stated that Article 21 is totally connected to Article 19 as it takes its content from Article 19 also. Article 21 does not exclude Article 19 and if any law deprives the right of life and personal liberty of an individual.

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The Author, Rahul Gupta, is Practicing Advocate at the Delhi High Court, New Delhi. As rightly said the Indian Constitution is known as a living document because it is not static and ever evolving and having survived after 103 amendments and still moving ahead to match up the needs and requirements of the society. As said by Justice Field in the celebrated case Munn v Referring to a newspaper report on Gopalan published in 2001, Balram wrote on Facebook, Gopalan, a middle-aged revolutionary had married Susheela after a decade-long love affair. As per historical documents, Susheela was 22 at the time of marriage. In that case, one can assume her age at the beginning of their decade-long love affair AK Gopalan vs State of Madras SC AIR 1950 : Only section 14 of Preventive detention act is void and not the whole act. Doctrine of Eclipse Bhikaji vs State of MP SC AIR 1955: Applies to pre-constitutional law Deep Chand vs State of UP SC AIR 1959: Does not apply to post - constitutional law

June 12, 2021. June 9, 2021 by Legal Blogger. Landmark Judgements on Article 21- Article 21 in The Constitution Of India - Protection of life and personal liberty No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law AK Gopalan was the first Leader of Opposition in the elected Lok Sabha. Meira Kumar was the first female speaker of Lok Sahba and remained in office from 2009 to 2014. John Mathai presented the first budget in the elected Lok Sabha of Independent India Scroll below and check more detailed information about Current Net worth as well as Monthly/Year Salary, Expense, Income Reports! The estimated Net Worth of Shyam Sankar is at least $139 Million dollars as of 19 February 2021. shyam rangeela Photos. Movies & tv shows. Shyam Sankar is Exec VP/COO at Palantir Technologies Inc. See Shyam Sankar's compensation, career history, education. This entry about A.k. Gopalan & Anr V. Noordeen has been published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0) licence, which permits unrestricted use and reproduction, provided the author or authors of the A.k. Gopalan & Anr V. Noordeen entry and the Encyclopedia of Law are in each case credited as the source of the A.k. A.K Gopalan vs. the State of Madras, 1951 For example, death sentence while satisfying rarest of the rare case theory. Scope Of Article 21. The right to life does not mean only animal existence. Under this article right to life means all the aspects of life which make human life dignified

The court overruled the Ak Gopalan case and by re-interpreting the article 21 by giving a broader interpretation thus implying many more fundamental rights. There was a Nexus established between the article 14, 19 and 21. Any law that describes a procedure for depriving personal liberty of a person has to meet the requirements of article 19 Mar 15 Hubert Aquin, French-Canadian novelist, political activist and editor, dies at 47; Mar 18 Marien Ngouabi, president of Congo-Brazzaville, murdered; Mar 18 José Carlos Pace, Brazilian racing driver (b. 1944); Mar 19 Buck Shaw, American football player and coach, dies at 77; Mar 22 Witold Friemann, Polish composer, dies at 87; Mar 22 A.K. Gopalan, Indian Communist leader (b. 1904 AK Gopalan v State of Madras. o In ordinary language, personal liberty means liberty relating to or concerning the person or body of individual, and personal liberty in this sense is the antithesis of physical restraint or coercion. In the discussion of death penalty, public opinions are divided into two main categories, one who. AK Gopalan Bhavan: Get AK Gopalan Bhavan Latest News, Videos and Photos also find Breaking news, updates, information on AK Gopalan Bhavan. Explore more on AK Gopalan Bhavan at Dnaindia.com


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A.K. Gopalan v. State of Madras (1950): Prevention Detention Facts: In this case, the Petitioner, a communist leader, was detained under the Preventive Detention Act, 1950.He claimed that such detention was illegal as it infringed upon his freedom of movement granted in Article 19(1)(d) of the Constitution of India and thus also violated his Personal Liberty as granted by Article 21 since. [TODAY AT 5.30 PM] Gautam Bhatia's Lecture Series On Landmark Cases Of Supreme Court (1950-2020)-Episode [1] AK Gopalan Vs State Of Madras 15 Aug 2020 1:35 AM GM 10.AK Gopalan v. State of Madras, 1950 SCR 88 (1950). 11.The State Of Bombay v. Narasu Appa Malli, AIR 1952 Bom 84 (1952). 12.The State Of Bombay v. Narasu Appa Malli, AIR 1952 Bom 84 (1952). 13.Krishna Singh v. Mathura Ahir, AIR 1980 SC 707 (1980); Maharshi Avdhesh v

A.K. Gopalan v. The State of Madras. Union Of India: Intervener, 1950 SCR 88. Section 354(3) reads : When the conviction is for an offence punishable with death or, in the alternative, with imprisonment for life or imprisonment for a term of years, the judgment shall state the reasons for the sentence awarded, and, in the case of sentence. IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA Petitioner D.K. Basu Respondent State of West Bengal Date of Judgement 18 th December, 1996 Bench Hon'ble Justice Kuldip Singh; A.S. Anand, JJ. Introduction: At least 591 people died in police custody in 2015, most of them are arrested and have not yet appeared before a magistrate Kamala Harris, 49th vice president of the United States (2021- ) in the Democratic administration of President Joe Biden. She was the first woman and the first African American to hold the post. She had previously served in the U.S. Senate (2017-21) and as attorney general of California (2011-17)

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Kasem K, Gopalan V, Salajegheh A, Lu CT, Smith RA, Lam AK. JK1 (FAM134B) gene and colorectal cancer: a pilot study on the gene copy number alterations and correlations with clinicopathological. In, AK Gopalan V. State of Madras [16] The SC attenuated the concept of personal liberty in Article 21, by narrowly interpreting it without reading it in conjunction with Article 19, and hence said personal liberty means nothing more than the liberty of the physical body- freedom from arrest and detention from false imprisonment Sundarayya was the first founder politburo member to leave the party's highest decision-making body well before his death in 1985. But the first who died in saddle was the beloved mass leader Gopalan who passed away in 1977, followed by Dasgupta in 1983 Communists like EMS, AK Gopalan, Krishna Pillai and many others were in the forefront of movements for social justice including the temple entry movements that occurred in the '20s and '30s. They were beaten and jailed during these movements and were, of course, the most uncompromising of the participants The Indian Coffee House has added a moment of great pride to its 61-year-long history. For the first time since it was introduced in 1958, the restaurant chain has recruited women

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The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) is saddened to hear about the death of Gaurav Gopalan in Washington, DC. Gaurav died on September 10, 2011 and his death was pronounced a homicide ten days later. As a federation of Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) lesbian/ gay/ bisexual. Apoptotic cell death in the GI tract Apoptotic cell death in the small intestine sections of control and NM exposed mice was analyzed using the DeadEnd Colorimetric terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (tdt)- mediated dUTP-biotin nick end labeling (TUNEL) system according to the manufacturer's protocol as described earlier (Jain et al., 2011.

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151 Sanjayan, and social reformers like Manath Padmanabhan, Ayyankali, Sahodaran Ayyappan, A.K. Gopalan, K. Kelappan, E.K. Moidu Maulavi and Muhammed Abdul Rahiman, cooperated in different ways with the social renaissance endeavours of Atmavidyasangham. Renowned persons like Koodali Yajamanan, Mattannur Illath Madhusoodhanan, K.T. Chandu Nambiar, Kadathanadu Sankaravarma Raja and Oyyarath. The clinical course of COVID-19 may vary significantly. The presence of comorbidities prolongs the recovery time. The recovery in patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms might take 10 days, while in those with a critical illness or immunocompromised status could take 15 days. Considering the lack of data about predictors that could affect the recovery time, we conducted this study to identify.

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