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SANA is a member-driven, non-profit organisation, which strives to promote gardening as a hobby in South Africa for ALL South Africans. To ensure the highest standards, SANA's garden centre members form part of the Garden Centre Association which strives to continuously improve the quality of products, knowledge and customer service within. 10 Stunning Red And Black Garden Bugs. Free Images Salticidae Jumping Spider South Africa Species. Common Caterpillar Vegetable Pests Wildlife Insight. Field Guide To Insects Of South Africa. Images Of Common Garden Pests Bugs And Natural Remedy Solutions. African Black Beetle In Horticulture Agriculture And Food Lawn Care Selected Pest Control Specialist branches offer a comprehensive lawn care service to homeowners and businesses throughout South Africa. We offer the following comprehensive 6 Step service to ensure a lush, green and healthy lawn Wilts and stunts growth. OFten accompanies by a black sooty mould which grows on the sticky honeydew deposited by aphids and other pests. CONTROL: Spray plants with Chlorpirifos, Garden Ripcoard, Folithion, Malathion, Rose Care. Spread insect granules on the soil surface at the back of the plan In fact, a recent look a Google's trending pest controls in South Africa reveals some very interesting results. While searches for how to get rid of common household pests spiked in the Summer, specific searches of known active winter pests also shows peaks of popularity in the time period from April to July

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  1. ts, pennyroyal, rue, marigolds, wormwood or artemesia, tansy and khakibos. You can also add rue, marigolds, wormwood (artemisia) or tansy to your basic garlic spray
  2. Among the most damaging of all lawn pests, white grubs (Phyllophaga species) are the larvae of a wide variety of scarab beetles, including masked chafers and Japanese beetles. In the spring, summer and early fall, these plump, c-shaped larvae feast on lawn grass roots just below the soil surface
  3. Underground, your grass could become a meal for white grubs and billbugs. Other insects, including armyworms and fiery skipper caterpillars could attack the stalks of your favorite turf grass. You also have to watch out for the ants, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, snails and slugs that simply live in your lawn and make life difficult for you elsewhere
  4. Also, visit Michigan State University's Turf Disease identifier. This site asks whether the turf is located at a home or golf course, offers checkboxes for 13 symptoms, then asks for irrigation status, time of year, and host plants. Both of the NC State and Michigan State sites help demystify a lot of hard-to-identify turf problems
  5. Dollar spot thrives in humid climates and causes brown to straw-coloured sunken patches in the lawn. It infects areas with low nitrogen levels and becomes worse in dry soils. To prevent dollar spot, aerate your lawn frequently and water it in the morning. Also fertilise your lawn regularly to improve its nitrogen levels
  6. Efekto is a market leader in garden and home pesticides with a broad range of small pack insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides. Efekto has been creating innovative solutions for the consumer gardening market since 1973. For more than 40 years, we have invested in producing solutions which lead the way in bringing gardens to life

Lawn caterpillars are ferocious eaters and if the population is left to build up, they can become a serious problem. Treatment: Spray with an insecticide containing cyfluthrin or deltamethrin or cypermethrin. Read about different lawn types, lawn diseases and lawn weeds common to South Africa We pride ourselves as being the leading Lawn Doctor Company in South Africa. A Lawnpro Lawn Specialist will carefully scrutinize your lawn and undertake a FREE 14 pt lawn analysis on the lawn. He will search for any weeds, insects and diseases before prescribing one of the many magnificent maintenance plans that he has to offer AAfrica Pest Prevention was founded in 2004 by Marelize Labuschagne and has grown from a small operation in Bloemfontein into a nationally recognised pest control brand with franchises across South Africa. We are experts in multiple fields of pest control. Our in-depth knowledge of pest control methods and the life cycles of pests enable us to. Pouring soapy water on a patch of lawn (called a drench test) provides an easy way to flush pests to the surface. Dissolve two tablespoons of dish washing detergent (lemony scents work best) in two gallons of water. Pour the solution over a square-yard area of lawn. Observe carefully We operate in Johannesburg, Midrand, Pretoria and Krugersdorp. The most common problem in lawns today comes from either insect like termites or mole crickets that eat your grass or weeds that are growing wildly across your lawn. The best way to treat a problem in lawns is to identify it as early as possible

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Sometimes you see insects and sometimes you don't but damage from insects and lawn diseases can spoil a lawns natural beauty and texture. Get A Quote. Insects Spots, weeds and bare patches on your lawn mean that corrective measures are needed. We'll treat the insect or lawn disease compromising your lawn These fertilisers are ideal for maintaining a healthy lawn and non-flowering shrubs and foliage. Wonder Lawn Pest & Green 4:1:1 (21) A fertiliser as well as a contact and stomach poison for the control of lawn caterpillars in lawns. See Product. Wonder Deep Green (17) + C (8 Description: Grubs live in the root systems of plants and cause severe damage over a short period. Unfortunately they are not easy to spot because they live beneath the grass blades, they often destroy large patches of lawn before one notices them. By digging up patches of lawn one will find them White grubs — aka White Curl Grubs due to the fact that they are usually curled into a half-circle shape —are the larvae of a number of different types of scarab beetles. Once fully grown, these.. Home - Kombat Pest Control Solutions. Home. Kombat is the premier producer and supplier of effective household and agricultural pest control solutions in South Africa, and internationally. Home and GardenAgricultural

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Identify common garden pests and garden bugs with our insect pictures. Know their life-cycles, how to identify insects that are harmful to your plants, and how to use organic and natural pesticides to get rid of garden pests when growing vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants. It is only possible to mention a few of the common garden bugs and pests, and I begin with one of the most frequent and. How to Get Rid of Porcupines Digging Up Your Yard. Porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum) are a nuisance to homeowners. The animals can weigh up to 30 pounds and be up to 2 1/2 feet long. Besides their. Home - Kombat Pest Control Solutions. Home. Kombat is the premier producer and supplier of effective household and agricultural pest control solutions in South Africa, and internationally. Home and GardenAgricultural The underside of these small black bugs reveals rusty brown markings that help distinguish it from other beetles. Native to Africa, these little black beetles are common agricultural pests in Australia and New Zealand. Some studies show that these tiny black beetle bugs are invasive pests in many tropical and subtropical climates The Weed Control skills program has been developed to enable the pest control operator to become proficient in weed control procedures. This skills programme has been designed to be. used in commercial, industrial and road shoulders, railway lines, substation environments and Working for Water programs. (The Weed Control Program is based.

Pest and Termite ProgramsPest Control. Our pest management and termite management programs will provide continued year-round protection for you and your home from all termites, ants, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, pantry pests, and more. We provide a safety barrier of protection to keep your family safe, which is why we will always use the safest. Plants 2 to 4 feet tall, It is a colony-forming weed, reproducing asexually from rhizomatous roots (any part of the root system may give rise to new plants) or sexually from wind-blown seed. The plant emerges from its roots in mid- to late spring and forms rosettes. Then, it will send up shoots every 8 to 12 inches This will go a long way in keeping bugs that might crawl under the door out. Address any moisture issues within your home such as plumbing leaks and dampness, and outdoors reduce mulch and leaf litter. Rake and dethatch your lawn to reduce the chances of moisture accumulation and trim tree branches to reduce shade

5 5. Seconds. Over watering a lawn may cause the grass to die. Herbicides may be responsible for dead lawn problems. Insects can negatively affect the quality of a lawn. Improper mowing can cause lawn problems. Dead spots on a lawn. A healthy lawn. Some herbicides may cause lawn problems Keeping your lawn grass healthy and competitive provides the best defense against lawn weed invasions. Follow these four steps to a healthier, stronger lawn: 1. Always mow at the recommended mowing height for your type of lawn grass. This helps promote healthy root growth and increases resistance to pests and disease. 2 Add to compare. From R6 799.00 at Everyshop.co.za. View Offer. Wolf Raider VX160 Petrol Lawn Mower. Write a Review. The 5.5HP Petrol Lawnmower is perfect for gardens up to 1600 square meters. Key Features: 160cc 4-stroke Engine 48 Litre Grassbox 11 Setting Metal.. Instant Lawn Pretoria (Justgreen) have been successfully providing healthy grass for the last two decades , we are grass suppliers of the highest standards. Your cost effective quality grass supplying for Pretoria and grass supplying for Johannesburg and grass supplying for the larger part of Gauteng You may have to force the end of the can into your lawn or dig a small hole prior to setting the can up. Fill up 3/4s of the can with water and let it sit for ten minutes. After the ten minutes are up, stir the water so that you agitate everything inside and see if any chinch bugs float to the top

Many insects have larvae that are commonly described as worms. For example, inchworms, — the caterpillars of geometrid moths — have three pairs of legs at the front of their bodies and two to three pairs at the back, and move with a looping motion. This, combined with the fact that many types grow to around an inch (2.54 cm) long, gives. Physan 20 works on a variety of disease outbreaks affecting lawns, turf and grass. Use 1 Tbsp per gallon of water and thoroughly soak the problem area, repeat as needed. One pint diluted treats 6,400 square feet. Practices that promote a healthy lawn will help to reduce the occurrence of this turfgrass disease

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It is found in the United States, southern Mexico, South America, South Africa, western Africa, the Caribbean, the Hawaiian Islands, Australia and the South Pacific. To keep your St. Augustinegrass lawn in good condition, Controlling insects Chinch bugs and white grubs are the two most serious insect pests in St. Augustinegras Scientific name: Scapteriscus borellii. This insect is an invasive species from South America. It is fairly large—about 3-5 cm (1.2-2.0 in) long, and can be found in yards all over Florida where turf-grass is planted. Mole crickets burrow beneath the turf, feeding on the roots of the grass, causing damage to lawns A dusting of diatomaceous earth works well indoors and could presumably be used outside for getting rid of crickets. This is a natural abrasive, white powder made of sharp ground up shells that wear through the cricket's outer shell causing it to dehydrate and die. Finally, insecticidal baits can be used for controlling crickets in the garden

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Cynodon dactylon occurs on almost all soil types, especially in fertile soil, e.g. loamy soil. It is common in disturbed areas such as gardens, roadsides, overgrazed, trampled areas, uncultivated lands, localities with high levels of nitrogen, and is often found in moist sites along rivers Ants. One of the most successful of all insects, ants can be a serious nuisance pest in homes, hospitals, restaurants and other buildings. Their ubiquitous nature and social structure makes them particularly difficult to control. There are two main pest species, the Black or Garden Ant (Lasius niger) and the Pharoah's Ant (Monomorium pharaonis) Masked Hunter. Dear Stacy, This is a Masked Hunter, an immature Assassin Bug in the species Reduvius personatus that has a sticky exoskeleton. All manner of dust and debris sticks to the insect, effectively masking it in its surroundings in an interesting example of adaptive camouflage If you're dealing with muskrats on your property, the St. Louis, MO pest control and wildlife specialists here at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions are trained in the humane capture and removal of muskrats and other wildlife. We offer a free inspection and continued monitoring throughout your service to ensure your muskrat issue is resolved Manure can be an effective supplementary organic fertiliser if handled and used correctly. It can, however, be very harmful if applied in excessive quantities. Dr Gerhardus Nortjé, a senior lecturer at the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of South Africa (Unisa), notes that all manures are not equal

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Contact the Termicon Pest Control Team today and let us help you sort out your Pest infestation, quickly and safely. TERMICON is the professional Pest control company specialising in Subterranean Termite Control & Treatment. We service all areas daily, which include Gauteng, Limpopo, North-West and Mpumalanga provinces Orange oil is used to treat a variety of insects by destroying their cell membranes. You need to drill a small hole in the infested wood and pour the oil into the hollow spaces. Results will be seen within a week or two. 3. Sunlight. As discussed earlier, sunlight is the most non-cost effective way to kill termites

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The Lawn Doctor focuses on preventing lawn pests from damaging the beauty of a garden, yard and other outdoor areas. Central America, South America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia, the Mediterranean and Africa. Orkin is committed to studying pest biology and applying scientifically proven methods.. Cardiology. Aspirin™. A pain-reliever that works against headaches as well as acute back, muscle and joint pain. Low-dose Aspirin™ is also used during suspected heart attack to help reduce damage to the heart, and as cornerstone therapy for reducing risk of recurrent CV events, specifically, heart attack and ischemic stroke. Consumer Health

How to Control Termites. This is where we as the Pest Control Pros come in! Our pest control services extend to providing free quotations with recommendations and a termite control plan. Where a subterranean termite infestation is prevalent we would need to treat the nests. This is done by drilling through your foundations under the floor and injecting a termiticide to prevent future infestations Quali-Pro 1 Gallon Insecticide. Quali-Pro contains 7.9 percent bifenthrin, which is perfect for getting rid of a host of different garden pests, including cutworms. It can help to eliminate any current pests and can also help prevent them from returning The African Black Beetle ( Heteronychus arator ), also known as the Black Lawn Beetle or Black Maize Beetle, is an introduced pest species from Africa and is found in most parts of Australia (excluding Tasmania). Adults. The adult beetles are glossy black, oval-shaped and generally 12 - 15mm long

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Talstar XTRA Granular Insecticide. (183) $49.98. Free Shipping! A professional granular insecticide in lawns for most ants (including fire ants), chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, mole crickets, crane flies and other lawn insects. Compare Bermuda grass can be easily planted from grass seed, sod or grass plugs. Bermudagrass is planted for beautiful, durable grass lawns, nutritious and traffic tolerant pastures, sports turf, golf courses, athletic fields, and more. This perennial grass grows in tropical, sub-tropical and the transition zones. Bermuda grass is one of the few warm. Prevention for Lawn Grubs and Pests. Unfortunately attack by these grubs can happen to any lawn and can occur numerous times during a season. This is why we recommend Acelepryn GR. Acelepryn provides safe and effective control of black beetle while minimising the impact on the environment and non-target organisms, such as bees and earthworms Henchem offers a comprehensive range of insecticides, baits, fumigants, rodenticides, traps, devices and other non-toxic solutions to control, repel and manage pests. Hygiene-on-site is the first step in an integrated approach to pest management, regardless of whether it is a domestic house, food processing facility, hospitality or medical site

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Lawn Grubs Lawn grubs is the collective term for several lawn pests. This includes the adults and curl grub larvae of the Argentine and pruinose scarab beetles and African black beetles; lawn army worm and sod web worm which are the larvae of moths as well as the Argentine stem weevil. All grass types are susceptible, but infestations are more. Description. Napier grass is one of the important perennial tropical forage crop belong to family Poaceae. It is also called Uganda grass or elephant grass. It is native to Africa but is now grown in many tropical countries. It is C4 plant and can grow well in marginal land. The grass grows tall and forms large clumps like bamboo The Weed Control skills program has been developed to enable the pest control operator to become proficient in weed control procedures. This skills programme has been designed to be. used in commercial, industrial and road shoulders, railway lines, substation environments and Working for Water programs. (The Weed Control Program is based.

Lawns are prone to not only pathogenic infections but also pest infestation such as from crickets referred to as mole crickets. The pests are the most destructive lawn insects in the southeastern regions of the United States and cause serious damage to lawns, sod farms and golf courses, cites Daniel A. Potter in Destructive Turfgrass Insects Following are seven of the most troublesome and common lawn insect pests with tips on how to identify and control them: Armyworms and cutworms: Armyworms are most common in cool, moist spring weather. Cutworms prefer new lawns. To see whether you have cutworms, drench the soil with a soapy water solution (2 tablespoons of dish soap in a gallon. This is a major breakthrough as an infestation of either lawn beetles or lawn grubs (or both) can occur over an extended period. Quick guide to lawn beetle attack. A preventative spray with imidacloprid is warranted if. You experienced serious damage (bare patches, loose turf (easy to pull)) from either lawn beetles or lawn grubs last season That's why it's a good idea to protect your lawn, or fight back if disease has already taken hold, with Scotts® DiseaseEX™ Lawn Fungicide. It starts to work in just 24 hours to prevent and control 26 different lawn diseases for up to 4 weeks (when applied as directed). Here are some of the most common lawn diseases and how to identify them There are a total of [ 972 ] Flying Insects in the InsectIdentification.org database. Always pay close attention to color variations and body shapes when trying to identify a species. To remove entries below, simply click on the 'X' in the red box of each respective insect

Gardena Weed Killer Cone. GARDENA Weed Killer Cone is the perfect tool for your garden shed. The large cone shape ensures chemicals or other spraying products are accurately... Brand: Gardena. Model: 894-20. from R139.00. at Eco Depot (Pty) Ltd. View Offer. Add to compare Removal of pests (with water or vacuum), garlic sprays, insecticidal soaps, horticultural oils, pyrethrin-based sprays, yellow sticky traps, whitefly predators (such as ladybugs, lacewings, whitefly parasite, hummingbirds, and dragonflies), neem oil, reflective mulches, and sticky ant traps around fruit trees Pest management Weed control Fertilising Lawn edging etc. There are also supplementary services you can offer such as irrigation and roll on lawn or artificial grass. Business Model To turn this into a profitable and sustainable business you must go from doing an occasional lawn now and then to weekly, fortnightly or monthly contracts

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Examples of wading birds that nest on the ground. Flamingos. Rails. Cranes. These ground nesting birds tend to spend their time around freshwater—ponds, rivers, bogs, mud flatts, marshes, and flooded areas. Most prefer very wet habitats, oftentimes with standing water Numerous insects are pests on peach trees in South Carolina. They cause damage to the peach flowers, fruit, twigs, limbs, and trunk. Some of the most common of these are plum curculio, Oriental fruit moth, peachtree borer, lesser peachtree borer, shothole borer, catfacing insects, scale, Japanese beetle, and the green June beetle In summer the larvae of African Black Beetle, white curl grub, hatch and live under the soil, feeding roots and organic matter. It is at this stage and through early Autumn that lawn owners start seeing large dead patches in their lawn. Like armyworm, these pests have been known to destroy entire lawn areas completely within a matter of weeks

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1. Water your lawn only when necessary. Most yards need only 1-inch (2.54 centimeters) of water weekly, but homeowners may water their lawn more than is necessary. Many fungi thrive in moist conditions, so overwatering makes it easier for fungi to grow. On the other hand, don't allow your lawn to get too dry, either Welcome to Peststore South Africa - DIY pest control at your fingertips. Your DIY pest control store providing you with top quality products to help you in your fight against the unwanted pests in your home or business. We have branches across South Africa that offer fast & reliable shipping options or you can collect in-store At Lawn Addicts, we specialise in weed identification and can help recommend the best herbicides and lawn care products for warm and cool season grass weeds.. There are many types of weeds. Easy control is either manual selection with hand removal or painting a general-purpose non-selective herbicide like a Glyphosate base product. Or we can use a selective herbicide to do the work for us, but.

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Asthma associated with pesticide exposure among women in rural Western Cape of South Africa. Few studies have investigated asthma and pesticides among women farm workers in developing countries. A cross-sectional study was conducted to investigate the association between pesticides and asthma among rural women (n = 211) Fertiliser is essential for ensuring plants receive the nutrition they need to flourish and grow. Our fertilisers are available in easy to apply granular formats and in a variety of pack sizes to suit every garden size. Wonder's range of fertilisers are expertly tailored to specific plant needs. For ease of reference, we have categorised our fertilisers according to their usage so it's. 6. Use Borax. Borax, which is sold as a laundry and cleaning product in many grocery stores, can help lend a hand in the yard as an herbicide. Add 10 ounces of powdered borax to 2.5 gallons of. Dolomite is recommended to correct calcium and magnesium deficiencies. Depending upon magnesium levels, dolomitic lime can often cause more harm and trouble, however, than its initial cost. Excess magnesium is often associated with soil stickiness, crusting, compaction, reduced aeration, and releasing nitrogen from the soil pound for pound

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Hungry crows are tearing up Seattle-area lawns and parks to reach hundreds of tasty grubs, the larvae of a scarab beetle that is invading Western Washington. The European chafer could pose the. Moles usually feed on insect pests, grubs, and soil organisms, including beneficial ones like earthworms. Unlike vegetarian voles, moles dig deep. Their tunnels are usually at least ten inches underground, unless they're scanning the surface in search of a mate. Check your soil and lawn for their tunnels Suggested varieties: Bison, Bowie, Cody, Plains. Zoysia ( Zoysia spp, zones 6 to 9). This warm-season perennial grass can have either coarse or fine texture, and is adapted to a wide range of soils. In southern climates it performs fairly well in semishaded areas, but the farther north you go, it'll need more sun BugGuide notes that they overwinter as adults, and large milkweed bugs from colder climates will migrate south for the winter. Large milkweed bugs aren't actually all that large at 10 mm-18 mm long. They can be identified by their markings: black diamonds on a reddish-orange background at front and back, and a solid black band across the middle Pest insects and disrupting the pH balance will have negative effects on your lawn. For me this lawn food recipe works best when applied late afternoon as a foliar feeding, then early next morning I water the lawn for a deep soaking


Inexpensive: For between $5 and $15, insect foggers offer basic household use for temporary relief from small insects. Mid-range: Insect foggers that are priced between $15 and $25 will, many times, offer a more highly concentrated compound that can kill larger insects than the standard inexpensive range models Follow this easy 5-step guide to get rid of ticks from your yard. 1. Clear out yard debris. Well-kept lawns are surprisingly important for deterring ticks. Since ticks like shaded and moist areas, it's important to keep yard debris to a minimum. Cut your grass short and frequent Jones WA, Sullivan MJ, 1982. Role of host plants in population dynamics of stink bug pests of soybean in South Carolina. Environmental Entomology, 11(4):867-875. Joubert PH, Neethling C, 1994. Kernel damage to pecan nuts in the Nelspruit area of South Africa. Journal of the Southern African Society for Horticultural Sciences, 4(2):42-44 Beneficial nematodes as pest control will attack soil borne insect pests with no harmful effects on earthworms, plants, animals, or humans, making it an environmentally friendly solution. They are morphologically, ecologically, and genetically more diverse than any other animal group with the exception of arthropods Moles are a common pest that affect people's lawns all over the world. These small mouse-like animals live in tunnels under your grass, and by eating and tunneling as they will, they not only make your lawn look a mess but they also damage your grass. It can be a challenge to get rid of these critters, but we're here to help

From pests to weeds, maintaining plant life is an ongoing struggle. But if you have pets, or there are free-roaming animals in your neighborhood, it adds a whole new set of complications. Cats and. St Augustine Grass A Deep South Favorite. In the deep south, from Florida to central Texas, St Augustine grass is the turf of choice. It is a tropical grass being found in several countries and islands from Africa to Australia. The southern states in the warm/humid Climate Zone in the U.S. forms the range for this grass. A line from South. Raid Essentials. Raid Essentials is made with essential oils, and is specifically designed with plant-based ingredients to attack bugs. Now you don't have to choose between being safe (when used as directed) and effective when selecting products to protect your home from bugs