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Free Shipping Available On Many Items. Buy On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Top Brands On eBay This double drop longboard is the same as the LRV1 version, only this is a drop-through. Also available in black. Hold up to 280 pounds. Great moon, bird, road signs graphics on this freeride lunar longboard. Please be safe and wear your helmet. The LRV2 longboard is Made in the USA

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The deck of a Double Drop Longboard is very low to the ground and as such provides greater stability when you ride them. Due to the lower deck, your center of gravity is closer to the asphalt/concrete which results in a more comfortable ride which is great for newcomers as well as for people who want to go really fast DB 2021 Paradigm 41 Blue and Gold Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete. 41 x 9.9. $185.95 (out of stock) Arbor Dropcruiser Flagship Series Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete. 38 x 9.75. $204.95 (out of stock) Arbor Dropcruiser Flagship Series Longboard Skateboard Pre-Assembled Complete. 38 x 9.75 The double drop longboard design is the newest trend in the longboarding community. These boards have a unique design that includes an extended deck and shorter trucks to create a lower center of gravity. Such features make the board more attractive and appealing to beginners and intermediate riders DB 2021 Paradigm 41 Blue and Gold Longboard Skateboard Deck w/Grip. 41 x 9.9. $109.95 (out of stock) Rayne 2021 Bamboo 42 Ninja Frog Demonseed Longboard Skate board Deck w/grip. 42 x 10. (3 reviews) $179.95 (out of stock) DB Longboards Paradigm Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip. 41 x 10

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A double drop longboard deck is a drop-through mounted deck which is also a drop deck. For the newbies out there, drop-through refers to the trucks being mounted across the deck through cutout holes, with the truck's baseplate sitting on top of the deck and the rest of the truck beneath it Deck. Skateboard Double Drop Through Longboard's deck sports a Canadian Maple construction for the ultimate strength and sturdiness. It's super reliable and will take on the longboarding abuses like a champ. For instance, it doesn't break, or even chip as most of the wooden decks do

Phantom 40 Double-Drop Longboard Complete from Mercer. 7-ply maple construction. Medium concave, drop deck. 180mm reverse kingpin Compound trucks. Abec 5 bearings. 70mm 80a Mercer wheels. Black grip tape applied to top of board with custom koi graphic. Width: 9.25 Mercer Botanical Trip 40 Double-Drop Longboard Complete . $174.95. 25% OFF HELMETS OR PADS W/THIS PURCHASE . Quick View . Sector 9 Striker Aina 36 Drop Through Longboard Complete . $219.95. 25% OFF HELMETS OR PADS W/THIS PURCHASE . Quick View. Double Drop Longboards. Lower than the lowest bar at limbo, double drop longboards feature both drop through trucks and the drop deck style to get your feet as close to the ground as possible (double drop). This is the most stable deck style, but it is also the least common due to its high degree of difficulty to construct, which can also. DB Longboards was founded out of the sheer love of longboarding. In the summer of 2003, Richard Docter, Tim Mackey, and Bryce Hermansen started building boards by hand in a Tacoma, WA garage. Bryce's grandmothers barn was the next stop for the factory and helped the trio refine their craft. Today the guys build DB boards in a state of the art. Our Longboards are designed to get you out exploring your environment, no matter what kind of terrain you have surrounding you. The boards in this category come in two deck styles; Top mounted or Drop-through. Top mount boards give you tons of leverage over your trucks, giving you a deeper carving, surfy feel and a li

INNOWEIGH 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard Through Freestyle Longboard Complete Drop Down Through Deck Cruise Professional Beginners Longboard 4.7 out of 5 stars 579 16 offers from $35.3 Double drop aluminum deck with sleek cut out pattern. 41.5x10, 2 drop. EFP 26 Paris V2 180mm black trucks. Durability & performance. Guaranteed for Life! Bones Reds precision skate bearings with high speed nylon ball retainer. Orangatang In Heat wheels. 75mm/80a. Perfect for grippy hard carving, pumping & speed. More >

Paradise Longboard Complete 9.75 x 39.75 Sun Splash Double Drop Down Though. $. 139.95. Buy It Now. $0 Shipping. Condition: New. Location: Mount Clemens,MI,USA. Search Our E-Bay Store: PARADISE Longboard Complete 9.75 x 39.75 SUN SPLASH DOUBLE DROP Thru. Down This is a newer concept Longboard Professional Skateboards Drop Through Longboard Double Kick Deck Skateboards Drop Through Deck Complete Maple Cruiser Freestyle, Camber Concave 8-ply Maple and Smooth PU Casters for Freest. 42-inch Drop Through Longboard Skateboards/Maple Double-Warp Deck Adults Beginner Brush Street Long Board Outdoors Sports Double Drop Drop-Through Symmetrical Cutaway: Great board for pushing or freeriding. These boards create an extra low riding platform by using a dropped deck and also a drop-through truck mount. The low platform is perfect for pushing long distances and the dropped deck creates nice pockets that lock in the feet for freeriding

Top 7 Best Drop Through longboards- Reviewed 1. Atom Drop-Through Longboard. Atom Drop-Through Longboard (41-Inch) is the current favorite board for youngsters. Its Reverse King pin trucks make it extremely stable, particularly at high speed. This board is absolutely perfect for cruising due to its wheels with 41 inches and 70mm Moose Longboard Complete 9.75 x 39.75 Double Drop Down Through Zebra Bamboo. $89.95. Was: $99.95. Free shipping Daddies Logo Drop-Thru Longboard Deck - White . $54.95. Daddies Logo Drop-Thru Longboard Deck - Orange . $54.95. Rout Plume Pintail Longboard Deck . $49.95. Rout Pinstripe Pintail Longboard Deck . $49.95. Rout Peaks Pintail Longboard Deck. Drop-throughs are a good option for distance commuting and learning how to slide, whereas topmount boards are well-suited for tight areas and sidewalks riding, responsive carving, and tricks. Dropped / double-drop decks ride even lower to the ground and hence are even more comfortable for distance pushing and more stable for fast freeriding Pantheon Trip. $ 170.00. or 4 interest-free payments of $43 with Affirm. Learn more. The Pantheon Trip is a truly optimized double-drop distance longboard. Our longest-standing deck in our entire lineup, the Trip has been a staple favorite for years. Skaters from all over the world have ridden the Trip, and it has gotten increasingly better.

L: 41.5 W: 9.5 WB:28.5 Liberal Radial Slight Double Drop Slight Double Kick Tip and Tail 9-Ply Bamboo Hybrid Construction Art by Tai Taeoalli View full product details Nuclear Narwahl Sold Ou Decks are either lowered by a drop going down, changing your foot placement and weight distribution, or your trucks being mounted through the board (drop through). If you're really looking to be closest to the ground, the double drop mounting style combines a dropped platform and drop-through to get you as low as possible. Pros of Drop Decks.. Our stiffest double drop platform, we describe the Nexus as a meeting place between longboard disciplines. This board makes for an excellent commuter / pusher longboard because of the low, double dropped platform, and it also equally manages sliding and speed with ease due to the low center of gravity and downhill stiffness Blank Maple Double Drop Longboard Deck (Deck Only) 42.5 x 10 31.5 Wheelbase 8-ply Maple Recommended Setups: Beginner: Boards on Nord default setup. *BEARINGS: BON Abec 7 *TRUCKS: RKP 180mm *WHEELS: Blank 70mm Intermediate: For seasoned riders. *BEARINGS: NordiK Abec 9 *TRUCKS: Paris V2 180mm 50-degree *WHEELS: NordiK Freeride Center Set 70mm.

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Skateboard Double Drop Hybrid Longboard. Love the shape of this board! With the trucks dropped through the deck, and then sporting a dropped deck to boot, you get a super low centre of gravity. You can push off easily, fly around super fast, and remain completely stable the whole time, even going downhill Aloiki Aloiki Longboards Hifi Drop Through 9.5 x 40. Now: $167.95 $144.95. Add to Cart. Quick view

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Longboards. skateboards. what's new. 5 REASONS SKATEBOARDS MAKE GREAT GIFTS 1,027. 12. 1. 5 easy skateboard tricks 523. 8. 3. Hospital flip vs. casper flip 292. 6. 1. do it for the gram. Follow us on Instagram. keep in touch. cali since 1997 abou t yocaher. Yocaher is an online skate shop and wholesale company based out of Los Angeles. ThreeSix Double Drop Deck. ThreeSix Topmount. ThreeSix Team Shirt. ThreeSix Wedge Risers. ThreeSix Downhill is not just an attempt at making aluminum longboards. ThreeSix Downhill is the product of hundreds of hours of design and testing to create the ultimate aluminum downhill decks. ThreeSix decks are designed to pack the rigidity, precision. Double Drop (2) Double Kick (3) Downhill (7) Drop Down Moose Longboard Moose Longboard Deck 10 x 39.8 Drop Down NATURAL. $70.00 $54.95. Add to Cart. Quick view . Moose Longboard Moose Longboard Deck 9 x 47 Pintail NATURAL $51.95. Add to Cart.

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Longboard skateboards include kicktails pintails bamboo splittails flex and more wholesale cheap prices. 39 X 9.5 FIBERGLASS-FLEX DROP THROUGH DOUBLE KICK (#FG39) LIMITED . $54.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 41 X 9.25 FIBERGLASS-BAMBOO-FLEX TOP MOUNT (#FTM41) 2 Reviews. $59.99. WHOME is a skateboard designer and manufacturer,Designed in Los Angeles. We research&develop Street Cruiser Longboard Special Design&Collaborate 5 major 20+ series,Standard double kick,Pro street,27'' Cruiser,Led cruiser,Downhill Dancing longboard,Mini&Portable skateboard & Accessories etc WHOME dedicates to skateboar Drop Through Pros and Cons. We get a lot of questions about drop-through trucks. Believe it or not, we were the first longboard company in the world to make a commercially available drop-through speedboard way back in 2000 with the first Spooky, and the legendary Kilima that followed it in 2004 was the first non-race board to feature this system

San Clemente Longboards Peony Double Drop Longboard Complete Skateboard - 9 x 39 Bomb hills and cruise the streets in style with this killer San Clemente longboard complete. Don't know how to ride a longboard? No problem! Just start with the basics and you'll be carving with style in no time The Apex 37 DiamondDrop adds a 0.925 inch full drop to the 0.400 at 9.5 inch concave, enhancing the Apex's freeride/sliding making it a durable, symmetrical, double-kick deck that takes on any challenge, and kicks ass. The platform size allows for easier trick initiation, and the locked in comfort of the full drop ensures the landing 40412 - Atom Electric B18-DX (2-in-1) All Terrain / Street Longboard Skateboard - 180Wh Lithium Battery - 1800W Dual Motors - SOLD OUT - ETA September 899.95 10001 - MBS All-Terrain Drop Deck Longboard - 39 Inc

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The ThreeSix double drop design was subjected to the same in-depth testing and simulation as the downhill deck. Its truss-like chassis is engineered to evenly distribute the forces of freeride and fast cruising across the frame while allowing material to be cut away where it is needed the least. The result is a super fun drop-through drop deck. Gravity Double Drop Aloha Spirit 41 Longboard quantity + Add to cart SKU: D-DD41C-W Categories: Completes, Longboard, Skateboard Tags: Gravity longboard, Gravity Skateboar

This San Clemente Longboard measures 9 wide x 39 long and is ideal for every skill level. The San Clemente Longboards Tribal Double Drop Longboard Complete Skateboard is perfect for riding hills, carving sidewalks, or just kickin' through your hood. It comes factory pre-assembled which includes trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape Mirrored Sea Double Kick Longboard. $84.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Blank Double Kick Longboard. $81.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View as Grid List Gravity 55″llumunati longboard. $243.99. Go pro with a board that can take even the worst fall. Made with a whopping 12-ply Chinese maple, this double drop longboard will take your higher every after ride. It offers a tricky deck space that can both challenge you and gift you at ease with its lightweight overall build Arbor Dropcruiser Photo Longboard Complete $199.99. View Selections. Compare. Please select at least one more item to compare. Sector 9 Lei Lookout Longboard Complete $199.00. View Selections. Compare. Please select at least one more item to compare. Landyachtz Battle Axe Paper Tiger Longboard Complete $219.99

This is our complete longboard section we have pintail longboard completes, kicktial longboard completes all skateboards are made with dedication. We have all sizes and colors mini longboard skateboards drop throughs and more red blue green purple pink black orange customize your longboard skateboar This is our complete longboard section we have pintail longboard completes, kicktial longboard completes all skateboards are made with dedication. We have all sizes and colors, mini longboard skateboards drop throughs and more red blue green purple pink black orange customize your longboard skateboard on the websit Drop through boards have a cut out where the baseplate sit on top of the board with rest of the trucks coming through underneath. This lowers the centre of gravity making the board feel more stable and easier to push and footbreak. However, the drop through longboard trucks will be less reactive to your input. Recommended drop through Longboards

We are on vacation until August 14th, 2021. If you have urgent questions, please contact us at: info@Landpaddling.shop In very urgent cases via 06324-820088 or 0177-381481 7 Layers. Z-Flex 45° 180MM Reverse Z-Flex 45° 180MM Reverse Powder-coated Trucks. 69mm 83A Z-Flex Longboard Wheels. Spray Grip. The Design. The Banana Train Series is a representation of the Mystery Island ride at the end of the P.O.P (Pacific Ocean Pier) of Venice Beach, and takes influence from on-trend tropical patterns Double Drop construction combines the Drop Down & Drop Through methods which allows for a very low traction and very low ride height. The angled section leading to the truck mounting can be used as a comfortable foot stopper. This is a freeride style board which is great for sliding and other tricks

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Rayne Longboards. Rayne is a premium manufacturer of longboard skateboards for downhill, freeride, dancing, carving, and freestyle longboarding. At our North American factory we use the best eco friendly materials to build the best longboards in the world. See what makes a Rayne longboard as step above the rest. See Our Tech > I've used the name of this category rather loosely as I'm referring to any board that isn't a drop through or a drop down. Keep in mind that this also includes everything from single kicks to double kicks and pintails to fishtails etc. The sizes should fall within about 34-42, but I've definitely seen some pintails that are longer than 42

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  1. PINTAIL STYLE LONGBOARDS. The pintail is the most classic and recognizable longboard shape. Its lines are sleek and look very similar to a teardrop surfboard. This deck profile is far less technical looking and much simpler to create for board manufacturers. Most commonly associated with its surfy feel, it's the board that most people gravitate.
  2. The Longboard Decks types in our range include Top-Mount, Drop-Through, Freeride, Downhill, Pintail, Dancer, Cruiser and Drop-down decks. Shop Longboard Decks
  3. Double-drop. Similar to the drop-through type, you also have the design with wheel cutouts and trucks that go through the board. However, the main difference here is that double-drop longboard decks are even lower. This is, arguably, the most stable longboard deck type
  4. Botanical Trip 36 Double-Drop Longboard Complete from Mercer. 7-ply maple construction. Medium concave, drop-through, drop deck. 180mm reverse kingpin Compound trucks. Abec 5 bearings. 70mm wheel sizing, 80a durmoeter hardness rated Mercer wheels. Black grip tape applied to top of board with custom koi graphic. Width: 9.25

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Complete Blank Lowrider Longboard The lowrider provides the notable features from the Drop Through and Drop Down deck styles. The trucks are top mounted and the foot platform sits lower than the trucks. This shape deck allows for gnarly shredding and free-ride capabilities. This deck shape is designed for experienced riders Arbor Mission Groundswell 35 Complete Longboard marbled / black trucks / trans amber wheels $189.95 Compare. Arbor Shakedown Foundation 34 Complete Longboard v2 silver trucks / trans amber wheels $179.95 Compare. Arbor Fish Groundswell 37 Complete Longboard marbled / black trucks / trans amber wheels $189.95 Compare Aug 25, 2019 - For a stable ride from cruises to hill bombs, grab the Mercer Botanical Trip 40 Double-Drop Longboard Complete. A classic double-drop construction offers a lowered center of gravity for additional stability, while also making it much easier on your leg Loaded Boards is a leading manufacturer of high performance bamboo longboards, longboard wheels, longboard skateboards and snowboards. Makers of Tarab, Icarus, Overland, Dervish Sama, Tan Tien, Fattail, Vanguard, Bhangra, Poke, Chubby Unicorn, Motherboard, and Tesseract longboards; and the Algernon snowboard Double Drop Longboard Sold Direct - eBay Official Sit . Drop-down longboards have a special shape that makes the section of the deck where you stand on (aka the standing foot platform) closer to the ground than the truck mount points. A drop-down deck curves and drops down between the trucks so your feet sit lower to the ground than the mount hole

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A double drop is when drop-through truck mounting is used in conjunction with a dropped deck. It's important to select the right sized wheel diameter to counteract how low your board is. In doing so, you will prevent rail bite, which is when your board comes into contact with and bites the ground The Demonseed is a pushing, freeride, sliding machine!!! For more than a decade the Demonseed has been revered by downhillers and long-distance pushers for good reason. This board was made to make longboarding feel easy and look good. It's double-drop through mounting (drop deck + drop through truck mounting) has a .75 linear drop that drastically lowers the standing platform of the board. 42 Oat Soda DTP Longboard with custom design grip tape included. Special setup with: 1.75 deck drop Seismic Speed Vent 85mm/77A wheels Limited Double Drop 42 Oat Soda DTP Longboard

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Complete with a featured photo taken by Cole Beal of a surfer getting pitted and a classy car photo in the center, this is a truly prolific longboard that is a great choice for cruisers of any skill level. Drop Cruiser Photo Collection 38 Double Drop Longboard Complete by Arbor. * Part of Arbor Photo Collection series Sep 14, 2016 - Explore The Longboard Store's board RAYNE LONGBOARDS, followed by 4664 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about rayne longboards, rayne, longboard

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The double drop longboard is much embraced by hill riders. It is an amalgamated advanced design derived from drop through and drop deck longboards. These too are speed machines with the speed easily manipulated, owing to the low center of gravity. 16. Dancer Longboards This Jersey Boards longboard features a double-drop design, meaning it has a dropped platform and drop through mounting holes. PRODUCT FEATURES. Full coverage raised deck grip; Full wheel cutouts provide more clearance for large wheels & avoid wheelbite; Drop-through truck mount; Reverse kingpin, cast aluminum bayonne trucks; High rebound cast. If you're looking to get your fix in a big way then the drop down/drop through construction of the Stella Double Dose is the recommended prescription. Warning: Side effects include but are not limited to a lowered sense of gravity, unusually high speeds, chronic stability, a feeling of euphoria, increased stoke and frequent trips to the bottom. Drop Through Longboards are used mostly for Freeride Longboarding but also commuting too. The lowered foot platform serves a dual purpose for the longboard. First off a lower center of gravity for when free riding and sliding and also the double drops help hold the rider in place. Paired with some FunBox skateboards Super rough longboard grip tape your sure to get the best ride. Check out the. Landyachtz is a premium longboard company, and I've have included their Switchblade 40 chief night because heavy riders recommend it. The switchblade is the ideal longboard for freeriding, which comes in a double drop freeride shape. This forty-by-twenty longboard ensures thrust, safety, durability, and top speed for taller and bigger riders

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  1. DB 38 Urban Native Drop Through Longboard Complete. MSRP: Was: Now: $189.95. Largest Selection of Madrid Longboards. Sector 9 | Check Out The New Arrivals. Largest Selection of Stella Longboards. Largest Selection of DB Longboards
  2. A shorter list of double-drop decks with a kick. Other. Close. 17. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. A short list of double-drop decks. A shorter list of double-drop decks with a kick.
  3. There are also longboards with 2 kicktails better known as Double Kick boards, which allow you to kick independent of which direction you ride it. Most double kicks are fully symmetrical and can be used as bi-directional boards. For stability you want the wheels as far apart as possible - have a long wheelbase
  4. Dusters California, longboards and cruiser skateboards originating from the heart and soul of skateboarding
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  1. longboards. Check out various series of longboards we currently offer. Before you begin your longboard adventures, it is important to be familiar with all the various shapes, functions and what works for you. Check out our shape guide to help you get off on the right foot (no pun intended)
  2. This Broken Glass Double Drop Longboard by San Clemente Longboards is perfect for bombing hills, carving sidewalks, or just rolling to the store. This is a drop-down as well as a Drop Through, so your center of gravity is low to the ground, which gives you a very stable ride. Great for downhill, and freeride
  3. Gravity Double Drop Aloha Spirit longboard skateboard. The 41″ Aloha Spirit is an 8 ply drop down deck with a drop thru feature so it sits extra low to the ground for better balance and easier pushing. Triumph 180mm Trucks. Gravity 70mm Blazers, 80A Wheels. Gravity Abec 5 Bearings. L: 41″ / W: 10 / N: 2.875″ / T: 2.875″ / WB: 31.25″
  4. Atom Longboards. Established in 2005, by ridersfor riders, we make a wide range of affordable longboard styles, all while refusing to sacrifice quality. More than ten years down the road, Atom is running stronger than ever featuring drop deck, drop through, freeride, cruiser, downhill, all-terrai
  5. The Bomb Board is the ultimate sidewalk surfing longboard, ideal for beginning and intermediate boarders who want a complete, top quality, ready-to-go board right out of the box. Description With roots in 1960s Hawaiian surfing culture, the Bomb Board is a fusion of surfing, snowboarding, and skating - anytime, anywhere. The double-drop design offers totally [

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Longboard Living Double Drop 38 Complete. $280. Add to Cart. CALL ME BACK. Our signature style 38 Double Drop Complete is designed for; beginners, commuters and more advanced riding styles. This all around board is low to the ground and stable to make pushing easy and the ride more comfortable. Pressed with a 1 drop deck, concave and. Lower your center of gravity with these CALI Strong Double Drop Through Longboards! With a LowRider board you can bomb those hills with confidence, carve with precision, freestyle with grace, and slide like boss. Double Drop LowRiders utilize a unique design where the truck actually mounts on top and passes through a notch cut in the deck Boards made for freeride can vary dramatically and feature different concaves and cambers for more secure foot placement with slides, and to maintain control at higher speeds. Some are built with a double-drop. Double drops lower the board to the ground even further than the truck mounts on both sides

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Jersey Boards Jersey Girl Double-Drop 40 in Longboard $ 124 99. 1. 2 3. Manual Scooters. Let your kid ride around the neighborhood in style with his or her very own manual scooter from Academy Sports + Outdoors. Our selection of scooters includes choices made from aluminum and steel, ensuring your little one's new scooter is lightweight and. 38″ Kray Drop Through Double Kick Longboard Skateboard Deck. $45.98 - $57.98 Select options The Apex 40 DoubleConcave can do all of that. More mellow, a 0.25 micro-drop, than the DiamondDrop, the DC gives riders stability, versatility, and finesse without losing any comfort. Plus, that carbon fiber construction is sure to give you extra life for all the riding you're about to do. Construction: 3 Ply Maple + Quad-Axial Fiberglass. Description. All boards are made to order specifically for you and leave our shop 2-7 days after placing the order. 42 Oat Soda DTP Longboard with custom design grip tape included. Special setup with: 1.75 deck drop. Seismic Speed Vent 85mm/77A wheels. Shipping & Delivery Find quality drop double kick longboard you need and begin your skateboarding journey. Alibaba.com offers a wide variety of recreational and pro drop double kick longboard from trusted suppliers

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One of the best features of this Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboards is its Sidewinder trucks, which are made to have double-pivot quality. These brilliant trucks are unlike the usual single-pivot trucks that are found on other longboards found in this price range, as they will give you quicker speeds The bamboo used in our decks come from managed bamboo forests and is of the highest quality. Our Double Kick board is 42 long with a maximum width of 9.25. The Wheelbase is 23.5 and the nose is 5.75 and the tail is 7.625. The board weighs 4.5 pounds. Skip to the end of the images gallery Abec 7 Bearings, Oiled, Serviceable, Smooth. Black Diamond Griptape.Includes 1 Longboard assembled & ready to ride! Double Drop construction combines the Drop Down & Drop Through methods which allows for a very low traction and very low ride height. The angled section leading to the truck mounting can be used as a comfortable foot stopper YOCAHER Drop Down Longboard Complete - Earth Series - Ripple. $99.99. Out of Stock. Compare. Out of Stock. Quick View