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1 year ago · edited 1 year ago. If you are MECEP and you fail at OCS, you get sent back to the fleet to fulfill your remaining contract. Depending on why you failed, you may get an adverse fitness report (integrity will definitely result in this). Also depending on why you failed, you might or might not get a chance to come back OCS: What does it take to get kicked out Under the impression (perhaps the wrong one) that at enlisted bootcamp, you have to REALLY be a screw up in order to get kicked out. But for the most part, you will be pushed to end of the finish line to get through it In my platoon we had two guys kicked out for integrity. One was caught cheating on a test, the other was caught in a lie about a relationship with a female candidate, but I don't know all the facts on that so I can't really say much more. We had one guy who just didn't adjust well and was kicked out at the week 5 boards

OCS Candidates Cheating on LandNav Kicked Out. According to a recent Marine Corps Times story, Record number of OCS candidates booted amid cheating allegations, twenty-one candidates were kicked out of OCS in one day for Integrity Violations. Ten additional candidates were suspected of benefiting from or having knowledge of cheating, but. Kicked from OCS - That one cycle where an entire platoon was booted. Question. Hello everyone, A couple years ago, I attended OCS. It was going as well as one might expect. I was making it through alright. That is, until, night time land nav. A couple of paint huffing retards decided to tap on the ammo can objectives to reveal their position

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  1. Hi We are running OCS 2007 R2 on Windows 2008 servers, and the client on XP machines. We also run the OCS 2007 client on our Blackberry devices - for this we have a Communicator Web Access R1 server, since R2 is not supported by RIM. On both clients, I notice that users are occasionally disconnected
  2. A few years back an entire platoon was kicked out of OCS after the night land navigation. Yes, you read that correctly. An ENTIRE PLATOON got sent home. The gist of the story is that several candidates collaborated to help each other out by tapping on the target points which are ammo cans with sprayed on letters
  3. A few other people didn't fare so well - about 3 from our platoon of 60 failed the PFT and are probably kicked out of OCS. So, that stinks for the, plus we probably lost a few more to medical disqualifications. They lost Sean's (the other Cornellian) medical physical so he waited to get a new physical from 5:30 AM until 3:30 PM just.

Kicked Out of ROTC. Parents Forum. Officer candidate school.</p> <p>Enlisted personnel who earn college degrees can apply to OCS to become an officer - this is quite common. Many college graduates enlist. Some just don't want to be officer and some like the specific job better.<br> He did miss out on about $100 of other stuff, though. The manager's name was Mark Smith, and he said that loss prevention had pointed me out to him. I doubt that it's corporate policy, so I'll be calling that in when I get the chance, probably tomorrow. I've never heard of anyone getting kicked out of Meijer's, so we'll see where this goes

13 Logical Reasons To Why Kids Get Kicked Out Of House. 1. Indulgence Into Drugs. Most kids are kicked out of their houses because of their unwanted indulgence in drugs. Drugs are wrong for every age. Kids aging 15-19 are more prone to becoming drug addicts Repeated offenders of rules will result in being kicked out and/or banned from group. If you have any questions, please be civil about it when asking.-----OC Folders - For Original Characters only. FC Folders - For fan characters only. MLP Ponies - For MLP fan characters OC Pairings - For original character pairings only A Marine officer is getting kicked out of the Corps after pleading guilty to attempting to sell Ecstasy on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C. and for using illicit drugs at a dubstep concert. 10 Miyamoto Shizuka's road to piracy » by Chisaki Kouu Miyamoto Shizuka, having been recently kicked out of a dojo for the advanced reason of not being rich, decided to become a pirate to make up for all the freedom she'd lost. OC, Devil fruit user

We have friends who came from West Point, some who did ROTC ( both on scholarship and not), few who did the OCS route. Some are great Officers, some have been kicked out. Be sure you understand what Army life is like. There's good and bad. There's mornings it's -20 degrees out and my husband had to shovel to get to outside PT I'm bored let us talk about OCs! I'll start us off with a new OC I just coloured and Aulonocara: Name rough. She isn't that loyal to Queen Coral, because she got kicked out of the SeaWing palace. The reason she got kicked out of the palace is because she is immune to animus magic, and the spell to forget she (herself) and Noctiluca was. OC is on track for a major drop in homelessness spending as certain state and federal money scales back. But the county could be getting a massive boost later this year from an enormous new state. Weeks later — in the middle of a global pandemic and state shutdown orders — Baglien was left jobless and homeless, thrown out of the $1.2 million house by two sheriff's deputies despite.

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Overview. Officer Training School is a part of the Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accession and Citizen Development, formerly the Air Force Officer Accession and Training Schools (AFOATS). Named for the late Major General Jeanne M. Holm, the Holm Center falls under Air University (AU), which, in turn, falls under the Air Education and Training Command (), an Air Force major command (MAJCOM) NEWPORT BEACH - It's been nearly a year since 200 men, women and children were kicked out of their church, St. James the Great Episcopal in Newport Beach. At first, some members of the Aug 4, 2019. #1. Hey all I was looking at Navy OCS pfa requirements and it appears you need a satisfactory medium for the in PFA and mid Pfa. However it appears that you need a good for out PFA. I've tested my self for quite some time and keep on getting between medium satisfactory and good Nikocado Avocado Got Kicked Out, Nikocado avocado uploaded a video the other day talking about Orlin cheating on him and apparently he got kicked out of hi..

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  1. But because he did his junior term OCS, he was deemed to have qualified as an infantry section cmdr. So he was posted to my unit. The other friend, suffice to say , he was a jee-seow kia ! He is a nice chap but just too playful. Finally, got up the [email protected]@ of the wrong instructors and mentors in OCS and was kicked out. Then served.
  2. We had a good 20 roll in/out. Only one who got kicked out was NPQ. They are gonna make you an officer unless you quit. Rolling isnt that big of a deal. I dont reccomend it though. When I was their 4 - 5 people rolled on average for RLP, but, most rolling was medical related
  3. This will boost your peer evals and will make your time at OCS more enjoyable since you will be closer to your classmates. There is ZERO tolerance for integrity violations. An example... 5 guys in my buddies platoon were kicked out for meeting with an active duty Marine on liberty which was strictly forbidden

Photo via Shutterstock. A group of Muslim women suing a Laguna Beach restaurant alleging they were kicked out because of their religion said Tuesday they were shocked at being expelled from the. OCS Class Rosters. The most recent version of the Artillery OCS class graduation rosters includes 49,184 names. The rosters listed below are all in a searchable PDF file format. Saving the PDF file to your computer is recommended (especially for the Master Alpha List file which is quite large). Just right click on the roster you want and select.

Repeated offenders of rules will result in being kicked out and/or banned from group. If you have any questions, please be civil about it when asking.-----OC Folders - For Original Characters only. FC Folders - For fan characters only. MLP Ponies - For MLP fan characters OC Pairings - For original character pairings only 12 Flame's Beginning » by Webster Johnston Kicked out of the streets of New York, Sam Jackson had been forced to move to Gotham City. But, when evil starts to lurk in the timid streets, Its up to him to don on the motorcycle goggles of justice and kick its butt, one fiery fist and take out meal at a time. (Shadow Warriors Backstory The teen actors on The O.C. were plucked from relstive obscurity and turned into A-listers overnight. Some of the biggest names to come out of the early-00s teen drama are Adam Brody, Rachel. Any member(s) caught doing this will be kicked out of the group. This is a group for Metal Fight Beyblade OCs ONLY. Bakuten Shoot Beyblade OCs, Beyblade Burst OCs and Beywheelz/Beyraiderz OCs are NOT allowed. For Bakuten Shoot Beyblade OCs, join this group For Beyblade Burst OCs, join this group For Beywheelz/Beyraiderz OCs, join this grou

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  1. How NOT to Attend Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS) I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon on the phone with one of oldest and dearest of friends. My buddy Wade Chapple is a retired.
  2. Marine OCS Sample Schedule. With the help of our good friends over at USMC OCS Blog , we have a sample Winter OCS schedule from 2008. While your daily routine at OCS might vary slightly this year, the weekly layout is almost identical to what our interviewed OCS 2016 graduates went through. See the schedule
  3. Navy Officer Candidate School (OCS) Part 3 Navy Officer Candidate School. Candidate Officer Phase. These are the days that everyone in OCS looks forward to. Once you dawn the brown or put on those khakis you will be given more responsibility and more liberty. too many idiots have come back drunk and got kicked out of the navy or sometimes.
  4. If you have been previously kicked out of Starlight Justice, there may be a chance you can return if we can see that you have actively improved on the reason you were kicked for. Ex. If you were kicked for copying other member's designs, we would need to know that you have stopped and made your own original content
  5. Be careful at the blueberry, just in case you didn't realize, there is an small Elementary School just east of the main food area. If your'e not from Plymouth, or depending on how you walked in, you wouldn't know the building is a school. But it wouldn't matter unless you were actually ON..
  6. FOUND OUT, KICKED OUT !! // Origins of Olympus S2 [Minecraft PERCY JACKSON Roleplay] Besties Merch here: https://teespring.com/en-GB/origins-of-olympus-best..
  7. This kid thought it was funny to jump in and ruin our 40 person group photo earlier in the day....As we headed inside I seen his ass crying his eyes out cuz.

NOW THIS IS MESSED UP!!!! And 24hrs later our presidents are QUIET!!! Thank you for all of your support! Please Subscribe to our new channel: @Dr Mumbi LIVE. Alexis Gets Kicked Out. Tamra has had enough of Alexis and kicks her out of her dinner party. Watch the Full Episode. 10 Years in the OC Tamra's Steamy Bathtub Tryst 1:52 10 Years in the OC. Huh!, kicked out? For - they haven't posted for a while so you deactivated them? So, how much time do you get from a previous post before you deactivate them? There is never more than 30-50 people on average on this blog, the highest posters ever on this board was 385?; probably during some exceptiona One night, planet Earth and planet Mobius come together when a massive spell created by the evil sorcerer, Ixis Naugus, threatens the entire universe. Only two Earth girls, Jessica and Kimberly, can join forces with Sonic the Hedgehog and company to save. Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,182.

For MotoBroo T-Shirts: http://motobroo.bigcartel.com/Get MotoBroo Keytags Here: https://motoloot.com/collections/partners-key-tags-1/products/moto-broo-motor.. Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Waring marries George Peterson in a spectacular, sky-is-the-limit fairytale wedding on Bravo, Tuesday, January 22 at 10 p.m. Show Caption o Second day of OCS. Published on October 22, 2014. October 22, 2014 by L's. Before the commerce of OCS, I thought booking out on the second day for Deepavali is ridiculous. Personally, I believe this holiday could be postponed to some other days for better use - when we are more exhausted from the trainings. But when the day strikes, I. Foxy's OCs play Among Us. aquamarine winglet and friends plays among us with a bunch of phones in Fade, Brightness and Swiftlet's cave dorm room. Waverly was kicked out of the discord call forever. Fade's P.O.V. Fade: okay, I made a total mess of myself, and they're gonna throw sus on me. So I'll just go and try to catch the real impostor

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  1. Ex-NBA Star Kicked out of OC Carnival for Winning Too Many Prizes 635 Gilbert Arenas (Instagram) William Bigelow 28 Jul 2015. On Sunday, vendors at the Orange County Fair barred former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas, 33, from winning any more prizes after he swished too many basketballs at carnival booths
  2. Couple sues Disneyland after they were kicked out of Club 33 - OC Register. Thread starter Darkbeer1; Start date Dec 15, 2017; Darkbeer1 Well-Known Member. Original Poster. Dec 15, 2017 #1 For many, this is old news, but a fresh look at the matter
  3. OCs. Rajani Dark One. Backstory: After being kicked out of many schools she was kicked out of her parents small apartment being she Wasn't successful enough. This caused her common trust issue and disrespect towards others. She has lived on the streets for a while, but she likes it. Plenty of freedom she never had before
  4. In its heyday, The OC wasn't just a TV series; it was a phenomenon. Debuting on FOX in the Summer of 2003, the Josh Schwartz-produced show hit the ground running with its unique blend of jaw.
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Edgar Nava-Ayala, 34, of Anaheim has been charged with three felony counts of attempted murder with premeditation and deliberation, three felony counts of assault with an assault weapon, and one felony count of shooting into an occupied building.He has also been charged with seven felony enhancements of personal use of an assault weapon and three felony enhancements of causing great bodily injury Now leaders at El Centro Cultural de Mexico, where Voice of OC rents office space, and City of Santa Ana officials could strike a deal to clear the encampment out within 45 days while also.

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Skylanders OCs: Cadets who never became Skylanders These characters were Cadets at the Skylanders Academy who either were kicked out or failed their exams and never became Skylanders. Blast-o-matic 2: Blast-o-matic 2 is a battle robot who realized his potential to be greater than his bretheren and decided to try to become a Skylander Re: Kicked Out. Post. by Ramon » Thu Mar 04, 2021 11:21 pm. Hi Everyone! I just wanted to pop in and say hi before HS Football returns. Yeah, I've been gone for a while! LOL. PS: Still doing exceptionally well since my Open Heart Quituple Bypass. Down to my High School weight, Sexy Wifey is still Cancer Free, and my boy is in 2nd Grade (This oc is based of my personality cx and what I would actually say. But not every thing everything such as somethings disturbing ) Published July 23, 2017 · Updated July 30, 2019. 32 pages · 9,143 reads. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Love Naruto Kicked out Mana pov..

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'Lucy gets kicked out for Lisanna' cliche with my own little twist. Lucy, easily one of the strongest members of Fairy Tail, hides her strength under her invisible cloak of safety and privacy. Sting and Rogue, childhood friends of hers, know her as Frost, the mysterious and intriguing mage they met long ago If you continue to submit after the third time, you will be kicked out of the group. If you rejoin and continue to submit what was declined, you will be blocked from the group. Submission Guidelines Sonic OCs only! No NSFW/mature art. Gore needs to be kept at a minimum. No fetish art. yes, this includes all types of fetishes. (giant/giantess. Lucy is kicked out of Team Natsu because Lisanna is back and Natsu says she is weak. Lucy leaves Fairy Tail to train and become stronger. After seven years she comes back and is surprisingly strong. everything is going fine until Mirajane notices the Diamond Ring on Lucy's finger. Everyone finds out about the ring No, quite the opposite. As a prior enlisted soldier, you will be expected to set the example and show the new college graduates what right looks like. You'll likely be tapped for leadership positions earlier, will be the first to execute a task, a.. When they and their two sons were kicked out of a Dana Point baseball league, Michael and Malissa Rogers decided to do something not many parents do: Sue.The Rogerses, who live in San Juan Capistr

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  1. The two German Shepherds belonging to President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden have been removed from the White House after displaying aggressive behavior. Major, who was adopted by Biden in November 2018 from a Delaware animal shelter, had what one of the people described as a 'biting incident' with a member of White [
  2. There's a waiting list to join, even though initiation fees are now $50,000 and annual dues are $15,000, according to the lawsuit filed Dec. 4 in Orange County Superior Court by Carlton.
  3. A veteran looks out to the proposed veterans site located between the 91 and 241 toll road. Credit: JULIE LEOPO, Voice of OC This tumultuous year has proven the essential nature of nonpartisan.
  4. Transgender women 'kicked out of' Machakhela restaurant in Tbilisi as 'unwanted clients' 4 April 2019 By OC Media The link is copied. Support Us. A branch of Machakhela in Tbilisi. (Mari Nikuradze / OC Media) Two transgender women were denied entry into a Tbilisi branch of restaurant chain Machakhela, being told they were 'unwanted.
  5. can your oc die?: yes (ok) flaws: her weaknesses basically. (Ah ok) owner of oc: Moonstone the NightWing assassin (I give Thunder a 7/10 she isn't too thought out and is a bit over powered, just a few improvements and she is goood

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To get kicked out of A school you would have to have a serious infraction, I would guess. Now, WASHED out and just not able to get through the school. Yes, you would go back into the fleet as a non-rate, choose another rating, back on the list. With the exception of AST, I'm not sure there are many other ratings that will wash out a student It started in seventh grade, when two childhood friends aged out of hanging out with me. Already depressed and on the verge of friendlessness, I was desperate to preserve life as it had been. This bucolic life ended in 2008, when the city unceremoniously kicked him out to raze the grove for a maintenance yard. The Weekly covered Lujano's saga in 2008 , and the story quickly went national

Orange County: Really, it was only a matter of time before the health department—any health department—made headlines by cracking down on this current wave of new street food vendors. And it. Fundamentally, I'm at a crossroads in terms of figuring out the most optimal timing for me to apply to OCS. That is my deliberation. That is my deliberation. Some MOS's I'm eyeing require a rank greater than lieutenant, and I know just going to OCS after B.S. graduation (or even w/ M.S.) won't yield more than an O-1 A thumb-sized mage, who specializes in offensive magic. As his people are largely pacifistic, this eventually got him kicked out of the clan. He's very in tune with nature and such, but found better company in a human settlement. Sheepish and quick to admit his mistakes, but pretty easy to get riled up, positive or negative. If you get him. OC woman's death after vaccination spurs concern from family. April 29, 2021, 11:38 PM. The Orange County Coroner's office is investigating the death of a woman who died just days after she received her second dose of the Moderna vaccine. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions Charlie Sheen 'hauled out of OC bar in a headlock' after 'drunken disagreement with musician'. By Heather Waugh For Dailymail.com. Charlie Sheen outstayed his welcome at a bar in Orange County on.

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On July 6, the 1st Battalion, 169th Regiment (Regional Training Institute), kicked off its two-week OCS Phase I with over 100 Candidates from more than a dozen states descending upon southeastern Connecticut to take the first giant step towards commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army SANTA ANA (CBSLA.com) — Seven Muslim women are suing a Laguna Beach cafe, claiming they were kicked out because of their religion and were treated like animals. One of the plaintiffs, Sara. Angela Weiss/AFP via GettyA popular tourist attraction in New York City may shut down for good after a 14-year-old boy leapt to his death on Thursday—while his loved ones apparently looked on.Police say the teen jumped from the eighth story of the Vessel sculpture in New York City's Hudson Yards shortly before 1 p.m

The LA rapper, 24, got kicked out of the Anaheim amusement park Tuesday after someone in his entourage was alleged to have threatened someone with a gun, according to TMZ For some reasons I love these stories, ya'know when Lucy's kicked out or leaves, trains, becomes a Sabertooth mage or just comes back to Fairy Tail or maybe even becomes a rouge mage. She can go alone or with others and only five Lucy pairings are allowed NaLu, RoLu, StingCy, LaLu, or ZerCy

Getting kicked out of med school is the least of this person's concerns, but in terms of that, this person is done and there is no point in trying to fight it. A lawyer will say the same thing. As others have said: as an adult who threatened another adult, simply getting expelled from school is dodging a huge bullet Fragile, it's a word you might use to describe Eli Trace. He was kicked out of his parents kicked him out when he was 10 because they found out he was Transgender (FtM). After that he worked at a cafe. But he had a secret. After he developed his Soul marks (age 12) he was surprised to find out how many he had. !Avengers Doesn't Belong to Me A blooming hearts OC. I think I've seen you around before, it's been like a month since I actually did these soooooo. Sorry. Anyway. Name: Richard Zane Deal Reason for name and It's meaning: Richard was his grandfathers name (mom's side), Zane is because of his mom's middle name, Zinna- she liked odd middle names and made her feel closer to him, Deal was his mom's maiden name.

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You Tell Us: Did Kim Zolciak's Mom Deserve to Get Kicked Out of Wedding? All day long, the mama drama built and got to be too much for Kim and Kroy. By Mike Hess Canon-Compliant OCs; Annie Leonhart; Rogue Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Female Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) One Shot Collection; Comedy; Dark Comedy; Action; Original Character(s) Horses; Summary. If you've ever wanted to be kicked out of the Survey Corps and/or in the face by Levi, this is the guide for you They will find out and you will get in trouble. ___ 1. Poor Grades: College is hard work and you're expected to work hard. If your grades are dismal, say hello to academic probation. If your grades still don't improve, you could find yourself kicked out the door newsthump.com - Katie Hopkins, the moron-herding harridan who has made a career out of calling for migrants to be kicked out of the country, has today been kicked

One day Radiant copied one of Error404's sentences to the smallest detail. This made 404 decide to tutor Radiant!Sans and, in a few months, Radiant knew how to speak, walk and manipulate code. Error404 saw Radiant glitch once and kicked him out of the anti-void so Radiant's code wouldn't become damaged as his own The Vegas Golden Knights were kicked out of their luxury hotel on a game day. (Getty) (Getty) After a big overtime win against a division rival, Vegas boarded its bus to leave the SAP Center. Don't add or remove any authors or else you will be kicked off; Sorry if the rules are a bit childish, but if you don't follow them, you and your story will be kicked out. What to do: So, if you need some ideas on what to do, here they are: create a fun backstory for your OC; make up an OC; tell the features of your OC; hair, clothes, style, etc -See my main OC as a reference (example) while making your OC ~Warnings~-Warning 1- We'll only let you slide once, but that's all-Warning 2- You will be kicked out for 3 days-Warning 3- You will be kicked out for a week-Warning 4- You will be banned from this studio. Overall, have fun!!! OCs:-April: @midnight286-Sarah: @ishamc We've analysed the pilot episode's of Seinfeld, the OC and Veep to see how they've aged, to search for bonus nuggets, and to see how representative they are of the rest of the show. Here's how.

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William Brown, 42, is one of dozens of homeless people camped out on CalTrans property. He said he's been homeless for five years, and is legally blind. Credit: BRANDON PHO, Voice of OC This. Things are not looking great for Princess Devin Nile. In the past 24 hours, she and her four best friends have gotten kicked out of school, banished to the Hollow Woods, and declared as outlaws. (That's what happens when you accuse the Headmistress of Royal Academy of being in league with villains.) But Devin's not about to go down without a fight Owens helped out with Joe Grubbs, who started the OC Batbusters, an American Girls Softball Association team out of Westminster, California, in 1979. Haning said it was Grubbs and a guy named 'Curly something.'. Haning saw the OC Batbusters reach the state finals in 1982. In those days, only the state champion went to ASA nationals Alex Morgan, Orlando City Soccer Club players kicked out of Disney World: report although the Orange County Sheriff's Department requested one, which will be a public record upon completion Jimmy Cooper didn't stick around The O.C. for long — much to the dismay of Tate Donovan.The actor, who played Marissa Cooper's dad on the teen drama, was notified early on that he wasn't.

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The Anchor by MissAllySwan. Sam Atwood came from a broken home. She and her brother, Ryan, had lost hope. And then her oldest brother Trey got her and Ryan arrested and kicked out of the only home they've ever known. What they didn't expect is for their public defender to take them home for the weekend Emma's P.O.V ~~~~~ Me and Lloyd we're in the very high up mountains, it was also really cold. Fortunately me and Lloyd became close friends in those few hours! Apparently he got kicked out of his school for bad boys because he wasn't EVIL enough. See! I knew he wasn't bad! The only downer of him being kicked out was that he didn't have a home According to data provided by the Navy, just 15 aviators were sent to FNAEB from VFA-106 between 2013 and 2017. In 2017, Savage was one of three to go to FNAEB. At VFA-122, the other F/A-18 fleet. They were considered evil demonic-like beings and taking their name and making an OC out of it just seems a bit of a slap in the face. For reasons that would probably get me kicked for saying, let's just say that they aren't nice and were supposed to instill fear. I feel like this is a bit problem in the WoF community as a whole, taking the.

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sucks, they drained it. That was a KILLER fishing hole. Probably the best in OC ever. Blew away siphon and rattlesnake. Buddy of mine caught a 14lb'er out of there. There was a ridiculous amount of big bass in there, huge crappie also. When I first was fishing there, I was using small spinners and castmasters 1 Early Life 2 Wrestling Career 3 Personal Life 4 Finishers 5 Tag Teams/Stables 6 Wrestlers Managed 7 Title Reigns/Accomplishments 8 Entrance Music 9 Twitter Account Kirsten is the youngest between her and her sister Michelle McCool. She started training to be a wrestler as soon as she got kicked out of her house at Age 17. Afterwards she lived at a friends house and trained till she went to.

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A street in Marneuli, city in Kvemo Kartli. Photo: Gulgun Mamedkhanova/OC Media. 'To be able to say you are a homosexual in Kvemo Kartli or to post it on social media is just a dream', Namig said Pirate!Gaster is an out!code created by LunarSnowCross. He travels the multiverse by jumping from AU to AU in a ship that he stole from the first AU that he visited. The ship jumps directly to different AUs without stopping in the anti-void. While in other AUs, he pillage it for resources, collects the human souls for the ship, and gathers the Gasters, Papyrus, and Sans to conducts experiments.

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