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  1. In this VBA Excel automation, we are copying the files from source to target folder. First we have initialized source and target folder, then we check if source and target folder exist or not.If they exists then we copy all the.pptx files from source to target folder
  2. Instructions: Open an excel workbook. Press Alt+F11 to open VBA Editor. Insert a new module from Insert menu. Copy the above code and Paste in the code window. Specify the required file and folder locations. Press F5 to execute the code. Now You should see your file is copied to specified location
  3. Copy or move files from one folder to another based on a list in Excel with VBA code To move the files from one folder to another based on a list of files names, the following VBA code may do you a favor, please do as this: 1. Hold down the Alt + F11 keys in Excel, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window
  4. VBA to copy a File from one folder to another and rename it - on a command button click User's download a file from an application, in the downloads folder (using Windows 7), the download option does not allow user to select folder, it's by default gets downloaded in the Downloads Folder
  5. Hi cool people, I have been trying to make/find a VBA code to perform this task but no luck. Using FSO I was able to copy files form that folder and first layer of it's subfolders, but their subfolders and their subfolders were not reached

There are a few ways to copy & paste data with VBA. We are first going to use the Range.Copy method. This allows us to perform the entire action in one line of code. Workbooks (New Data.xlsx).Worksheets (Export).Range (A2:D9).Copy Excel VBA - Copy or Move files from one folder to another. Details: Open an excel file and create a table and add few rows in it. Once the table is created, press Alt+F11 which will open a module in the visual basic IDE. Copy and paste the code below into the module and save the file as macro enabled file To move one folder to another folder in VBA Excel. Approach. In this excel automation ,we are moving a folder to another folder. This can be done in two ways-Move command in command prompt; MoveFolder Method from FileSystemObject . Using Move Command In this VBA Excel automation, we invoke the command prompt shell using VBA These files do not necessarily need to be Excel workbooks; they can be any file type. Download the example file. I recommend you download the example file for this post. Then you'll be able to work along with examples and see the solution in action, plus the file will be useful for future reference. Download the file: 0041 VBA copy, move. If you want to learn how to rename a file, you can click on this link: VBA Rename File . Copy A File / Workbook. We will show how to copy the existing file Sample file 1.xlsx in the folder VBA Folder. In this example, we won't rename the file, just copy and overwrite it. The folder currently has only this one file: Image 1. File in folder C.

This Tutorial explains how to copy specific file from one folder to another folder by using simple VBA Programming or Macro Option 1 - Copy and Paste VBA Code. The first option is simply to copy the code from whatever source you are taking it from and then paste it into the VB Editor. Copy the source code using the Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut (or the right-click menu). In the example below, I've copied some code from this Excel Campus post Copy Sheet After Last Sheet. Use the After property to tell VBA to paste the Sheet AFTER another sheet. Here we will copy and paste a Sheet after the last Sheet in the Workbook: 1. Sheets(Sheet1).Copy After: = Sheets(Sheets.Count) Notice that we used Sheets.Count to count the number of Sheets in the Workbook Press with left mouse button on File on the menu, or if you have an earlier version of Excel, press with left mouse button on the office button. Press with left mouse button on Save As Press with left mouse button on file extension drop-down list Change the file extension to Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (*.xlsm)

Excel chooses which pdf -files it copies from it and copies the selected files into folder Y. In Excel we have a list which files is to be copied. List starts from cell A1 and goes downwards (A2, A3..). There can be 1-20 files in the list. As extra, it would be nice to get the files moved to folder y, merged into one single pdf In the workbook you will create a master worksheet, press the Alt + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 2. In the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window, click Insert > Module. Then copy below VBA code into the code window Copy all Excel Files One Folder to Another in VBA Excel Opening Files Using File Dialog Box in Excel VBA Customize File or Folder Dialog Box in VBA Excel Excel VBA File Dialog Box - Displaying Vanilla Dialog Box to Pick Files One of our customers wanted to copy Office documents (.docx, .xlsx, .xlsm) from a folder of a SharePoint document library into another one using Excel macros. The Excel document, that contains the macro, is located in the root of the document library.. For some mysterious reason, that we could not have really identified, the files were created having a size of 0 bytes at the target location. Copy a Range from each workbook in a folder using VBA in Microsoft Excel In this article, we will create a macro to copy data from multiple workbooks in a folder to a new workbook. We will create two macros; one macro will only copy records from first column to the new workbook and second macro will copy all the data into it

VBA CopyFolder Syntax fso.CopyFile source, destination, [ overwrite ] source The source location of the folders. You can use wildcards such as *.* to specify more than a single folder matching the pattern. destination The destination location (folder) where the source folders are to be copied to. overwrite Optional Hello, I need a macro to copy about 300 files that are scattered in different subfolders in between other files, into one single folder. I have got a list of file paths in Column A in the format: C:/_Music_RBox/HOUSE and TECHNO/TO PROCESS/Luis Sole - Cartago (Original Mix).mp Excel VBA code to move files from one folder to another folder. Sub Copy_files() 'www.comexcelhub.com 'This Code will copy the file form one folder to another Folder 'Source Folder name. Excel Vba code to Copy File from one location to another location. It is a dynamic code wherein you can change the FileName, Source Folder& Destination folder

According to your description, you want to move files from one folder to another using VBA. Here is an example for your reference, which will copy all files and subfolders from FromPath to ToPath. Then you can delete all the files in the source folder manually or programmatically with Kill function To move all the specific types of files from one folder to another as quickly as you want, the following VBA code may help you, please do as this: 1. Hold down ALT + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 2. Click Insert > Module, and paste the following code in the Module Window Is there any VBA code in excel for folder searching and copying. 10 files list is given excel column B In column B, updated as MOVED if document found in A folder and moved to B folder. In column B, updated as Does Not Exists if document not found in A folder and gives an message. Please modified the below code and it should.

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Re: Copy Excel Files from one folder to another. My apologies, 2 issues. Specifying /T will only create the directory structure, not copy files, so drop that. Spaces in the directory name mean the directories must be enclosed with quote () marks Copy all Excel Files One Folder to Another in VBA Excel. 'In this Example I am Coping all excel files from one Folder (C:\Temp\) to another Folder (D:\Job\) Sub sbCopyingAllExcelFiles () Dim FSO. Dim sFolder As String. Dim dFolder As String. sFolder = C:\Temp\ ' change to match the source folder path Set WB1 = Workbooks.Open (Pathname1 & vFile & \ & fileName1) WB1.Application.ScreenUpdating = False WB1.ActiveSheet.Range (M1:M30).Copy WB1.Close (False) Note that your usage of parenthesis in method calls is going to cause a bug one day or another, when you pass an argument like that into a ByRef parameter Open the Macro dialog box (Alt + F11) Select CopWKBooksInFolder. Press with left mouse button on Run button. A folder dialog box appears. Navigate to a folder you want to search. Press with left mouse button on OK button. The macro starts opening workbooks, one by one, copying values to a master worksheet I am trying to create a function that will move a single file from one location to another using VBA in MS Access (the files to be moved are Excel files). close the table so the connection to the Excel-file is closed. try this. I want to click a button, that will open a dialog. The dialog will prompt for source object and target folder.

Here is a suggested solution with direct copying from folder to folder. Option Explicit Sub Copy() Dim rngC As Range Const cstrPfad1 As String = c:\Bilder\ Const cstrPfad2 As String = c:\Bilder\relevant\ If Dir(cstrPfad2, vbDirectory) = Then MkDir cstrPfad2 End If For Each rngC In Range(Cells(2, 1), Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp)) Name. Copy Excel file from one folder to another. Posted 12-06-2017 12:57 PM (5914 views) I have an Excel file generated from my program and can be output to a folder. How I can copy that file to the other folder via program. My version is SAS 9.3. Many thanks In this blog, You will learn how to import data into Excel file from another excel file. We will cover two methods for copy data into an excel file from other excel files. Solution: Copy data by using a specific path of excel file. This code will copy data from a given path of excel file and paste them into the main workbook Let's start by creating three variables: one for the folder, one for the name of the file you want to open and one where you'll store the workbook. Dim myfolder As String Dim myFile As String Dim wbData As Workbook. The built-in 'Dir' function lets you transfer a file or folder to a variable Copying files from one folder to another folders becomes tedious and time taking task at times when moving too many files. Even there are chances to miss out any of important file to move. Generally, If you receive multiple files to work upon and once the work on that file is completed, you now need to move that file in Completed Folder

Find answers to Excel VBA to Copy files from one folder to another from the expert community at Experts Exchange Pricing Teams Resources Try for free Log In Come for the solution, stay for everything else Consolidating Data from different Excel files - the setup. There is one master file (or sheet) which needs to be consolidated by pulling data from multiple source files containing raw data (having the same data structure). Lets try to make a generic consolidation macro so that we can use this almost anywhere Once you have copied the data from different workbooks into your master workbook you may need to move the suppliers workbooks from the folder into another fo.. How to copy specific files or all files from source folder to destination folder with VBA.At 8.01 the code for the message box should be:MsgBox destinationPa..

The MoveFile method moves one or more files from one location to another. Set VBA Reference First, when using FileSystemObjects, you may have to set a reference to the VB script run-time library: open the Visual Basic Editor (ALT+F11), select Tools > References from the drop-down menu and tick the check-box of 'Microsoft Scripting Runtime' This macro will copy all the worksheets from all the workbooks in one folder into the active workbook. Discussion: Suppose you have several workbooks each with one or more sheets and you want to put all the worksheets from all the workbooks into one workbook. This macro does all the work for you. Code: instructions for us I was about to copy data table from one excel workbook to another excel workbook which had been existed with an existing data table. For clearly explanation, I attached two .xlsx file which named Excel 1 and Excel 2. Excel 1.xlsx (8.0 KB) Excel 2.xlsx (10.4 KB

This method will introduce a VBA to solve it easily. 1. Press the Alt + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 2. Click the Insert > Module, and then paste below VBA code into the opening module window. VBA: Vlookup data and return values from another closed workboo Hello I'm very new to VBA , at the moment I'm using the following code to Copy files from one folder to another based on a list in Excel, and it work perfect but it search just folder not subfolders any idea how to edit the code to achieve this taskSub copyfiles() Dim xRg As Range, xCell As Range Dim xSFileDlg As FileDialog, xDFileDlg As FileDialog Dim xSPathStr As Variant, xDPathStr As.

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  1. g skills. I am trying to copy all files within the network folder \\account\man\ as well as its sub-folders that contain *Template*2020.xlsm* for e.g. BR1 Sothern template Sales 2020.xlsm, BR2 Sothern template Sales 2020.xlsm etc and copy these to C:\Sales Reports\
  2. Complete Course: https://courses.xelplus.com/p/excel-vba-excel-macrosUse this simple Excel VBA macro to allow the user to browse for the file they need to im..
  3. Bottom line: Learn 3 different ways to copy and paste cells or ranges in Excel with VBA Macros. This is a 3-part video series and you can also download the file that contains the code. Skill level: Beginner. Copy & Paste: The Most Common Excel Action. Copy and paste is probably one of the most common actions you take in Excel

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In-addition, I have another excel file, which would automatically get the figures from the source file, without opening it. I do not want to copy data manually from the source to the destination. This procedure would spare me from entering the figures repeatedly on multiple files, reducing possible errors, duplication etc 2013. Posts. 17. Re: VBA Macro to Copy Data from Another Workbook in Excel. Indeed the main file is always saved on a specific folder however the bloomberg new file not. The following is the code that I am using. Imagine that my main file is regression and I want to get data from game which works fine Even if we've created a zip file, we still need to get the files into it. The native VBA code is not able to copy to/from a zip file, so the code uses the Shell.Application to copy the files. Using the Shell.Application is similar to using the Windows environment, which is able to copy and paste files into a zip folder

To copy the data from one excel file to another excel file using VBA Excel. Approach. Below code opens the source and target workbook, then copies the data from source to target file. Delete all the files from folder and sub folder using VBA Excel . Uncategorized copy data from one workbook to another in excel vba,. Hold down the Alt + F11 keys in Excel, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 2. Click Insert > Module, and paste the following VBA code in the Module Window. VBA code: Move files from one folder to another based on a list in Excel

Copy a file from one folder to another and replace the existing file I have a code that will take the file and copy it over if the file doesn't exist already, but if it does it doesn't replace it. I tried Application.DisplayAlerts = False, but there are no pop up when I try the code Hey Up, Another bit of code that is driving me to the brink!? Ok I have 2 workbooks in a folder one is a xlsm file and the other is an ordinary xls file. All I am trying to achieve is to copy the xls folder to a Archive Folder after the xlsm has done it's bit with it then to delete the xls file from the main folder as this is then replaced with a new one I am trying to copy a list of files from one folder to another one. I have an excel list of the files that need to be copied to another folder. The list has one column only. File names are long, the longest one is 109 characters. I guess I will need a macro. Please help. Thanks Hi everyone, I have 2K+ names in Column A which are reffering to file names in a folder. I need a macro which will let me to select source and destination folders. Then when i execute the command, it will automatically copy the files which are named in Column A and paste them in to the destination folder. PS: File names are written without file extention but all files in source folder are jpg

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Hello All, I need VBA coding for the below requirement On File 1 we will be having complete data, so we need only particular data to copy for file 2 E.g on File 1 ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC 810278952 V090700101 20-Feb-19 810278952 V096025001 26-Feb-19 810278952 V096025002 20-Feb-19.. Copying files from one folder to multiple folders based on a list. Thread starter praveentheone; Col. A is the file names for copying Col. B is the folder names for transfer Col. C source path Col. D destination path Excel Ninja. Sep 11, 2018 # Feb 19, 2018. #2. it is possible using vba - you'll use regex to grab the values. Two samples: Use RegEx to extract text from an Outlook email message. Use a Macro to Copy Data in an Email to Excel I am using Access to pull in some excel spreadsheets and create tables from them. They appear in one particular subdirectory. However after these spreadsheets are in Access, I'd like to move them all to a new folder. I have been able to code the program to move one - but I need them all to be moved over. Here's what I did

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Each folder (inside the source) may have any number of files in it. Before copying the files to the destination, the VBA code will check if the sub folders already exist inside the destination folder. If not, it will create the sub folders. I am not defining any file type with any extensions, as I did before in my previous article. The code. Actually, we can quickly convert formula to text by Kutools for Excel's Convert Formula to Text feature with only one click.And then copy the text of formula to another workbook, and at last convert the text of formula to real formula by Kutools for Excel's Convert Text to Formula feature.. Kutools for Excel - Includes more than 300 handy tools for Excel Learn how to transfer data from one workbook to another automatically with Excel VBA.Source Code: http://thebillion-dollar.com/excel-vba-transfer-data-one-wo.. To start with it, we will save two excel files 1) Open.xls 2) Closed.xls in path D:\Test Folder. Following is the snapshot of Closed.xls workbook: To automatically save data from Closed.xls file to Open.xls file, we need to follow the below steps to launch VB editor. Copy the below code in ThisWorkbook (Closed.xls) Copy. On your new computer, download the PERSONAL.XLSB file from your email or where ever you have it stored. Follow steps 1-3 to open the correct path on your new computer and drag the PERSONAL.XLSB file into the Excel folder. *If you do not have the Excel folder, you should create a Macro in Excel as a place holder so that one is created for you

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Right click on the tab that you want to copy, and then click Move or Copy. In the Move or Copy dialog box, do the following: Under To book, choose the target file. To place a copy into a new workbook, select (new book). Under Before sheet, specify where to put the copy. Select the Create a copy box. Click OK Mar 24, 2019 — To copy the data from one excel file or workbook to other excel file using VBA Excel ,we are opening both the file using dialog box and copying. The following Excel VBA procedure copies data from the active sheet and pastes it in the first blank cell at the bottom of a range in another worksheet. We can copy between worksheets using this Excel VBA method. The only thing that will change in the code is the worksheets that we use. ' UsingRangeCopy () ' ' HOW TO RUN: ' 1. Create a workbook called Data.xlsx and place it in the same ' folder as the workbook with the code. ' 2 VBA CopyFile Syntax fso.CopyFile source, destination, [ overwrite ] source The source location of the file or files. You can use wildcards such as *.* to specify more than a single file matching the pattern. destination The destination location (folder) where the source files are to be copied to. overwrite Optional The VBA Code (Macro) You need to write the Macro (or the code) in the Master file, as it will extract data from other files and write the data in it. I have a Button on my master file. The button is an ActiveX control. The click event calls a functions to read all the files in a folder. Option Explicit Private Sub CommandButton1_Click.

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  1. Step 1: Open an Excel Worksheet. Step 2: Press Alt+F11 to Open VBA Editor. Step 3: Insert a Module from Insert Menu. Step 4: Copy the above code for activating a range and Paste in the code window (VBA Editor) Step 5: Save the file as macro enabled Worksheet
  2. Listing filenames in a worksheet, printing all the files to PDF, or making changes to every file in a folder, there are many reasons why we may want to loop through each file in a folder. VBA provides us with a few ways to achieve it (1) Dir function (2) File System Object
  3. Export Data From One Excel File to Another Without Opening Them. Sometimes one might need to export data from one Excel file to another and if one wants to do so without opening any of those files (Source and destination files), then it can be done using the following procedure. 3. strSourceSheetName : Sheet name from where data needs to be.
  4. What I ended up doing was (1) copy the template worksheet to a new workbook (within the same instance of Excel), (2) populate the worksheet of the new workbook, (3) save the new workbook to the file system, (4) close that workbook, and then finally (5) open that workbook again within a new instance of Excel
  5. Solution 1. Accept Solution Reject Solution. Open the excel file. Right Click the image --- Select Copy. Open MsPaint. Now Paste the image. and Save the file. Permalink. Posted 27-Jul-11 5:24am
  6. Using the FileSystemObject (FSO) in Excel VBA. The FileSystemObject (FSO) gives you access to a whole range of functions for accessing your computer's file system. You can use these methods to copy a file or a folder to another location. CopyFile. This method will copy a file from one folder location to another
  7. Making you clearer on this. In my data folder, I have two files, as you can see in the below screenshot. (Picture 1) When I open a file I get 3 sheets like 1, 2, and 3 (Refer screenshot below) for all the files, It's the same in all the spreadsheets. Now I have another file called Master where I need to merge all the sheets

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To Add or Insert Multiple objects from a folder in Microsoft Excel, you need to follow the steps below: Create the object of FileSystemObject (Link) Create Folder object using FileSystemObject and GetFolder (link) method and count the number of files. Get the files Object. Run the Loop for each files in folder Hi Pro, Hope someone able to help me please!!!!! I have a worksheet contain a few thousand or more data. My criteria is if COLUMN A IS = CHARLIE AND column AD is blank, macro will copy the data that i want to the next sheet RESULT Really appreciate you help. I attached the file here with the result i want. Hope it help The game-changing Macro Mover add-in powered by Ribbon Commander allows Excel users to move entire VBA projects from one workbook to another within seconds. Forget what you knew about exporting and importing modules from within the Visual Basic Editor (VBE)

Begin by opening the Visual Basic Editor by pressing ALT-F11 on the keyboard.. The process of presenting a dialog box to open files can be accomplished by accessing a built-in method of the Application object. The method is called GetOpenFilename.. To use the GetOpenFilename method in a macro, start a new procedure and enter the following code.. Sub Get_Data_From_File() Application. Copying data from one worksheet to another is a pretty often and routine scenario. Fortunately, we have a way to VBA Copy Sheet data from one to another using Excel VBA Macro. What is more there are many ways for us to approach this presumably simple problem. VBA Copy using Range Copy Functio

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Moving Sheets Between Workbooks. If you've ever moved a sheet from one workbook to another, you may have used the right-click menu to select Move or Copy.But you can actually drag and drop the sheet directly from one open workbook to another.. Just click on the tab that has the sheet name on it Workbooks: Excel files are workbooks.You can have several excel workbooks (files) open at the same time, but there will only be one Excel application open. You can test this by looking at the task manager.. Worksheet: Each workbook consists of at least one worksheet. By default workbooks have 3 worksheets (Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3) Open Excel Workbook. Press ALT + F11 shortcut key to open visual basic editor (VBE) To insert a module, go to Insert > Module. Paste the complete VBA script below. Specify the path of folder in myPath variable. It is the folder location where your input word document file is stored. Make sure to mention backward slash at the end Stop me if you've heard this one before: I need to make a pivot table but the data is spread out in lots of different Excel files Damnit! This situation blows, since your analysis depends on a pivot table and combining a bunch of workbooks together by hand is terrible. Fortunately, VBA will make short work of this pain in the ass. Here goes

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If a workbook contains a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro that you would like to use elsewhere, you can copy the module that contains that macro to another open workbook by using the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).. Macros and VBA tools can be found on the Developer tab, which is hidden by default, so the first step is to enable it.. For Windows, go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon All the files will be stored on a server; A:\Month\Main Folder\Regions\[file name here.xlsx]. Number 2. When running the code as it is, it copies the two regions currently added to worksheets contained within the workbook, however, for Abdereenshire, the data is pasted from row 19, when it should be row 2 Using the FileSystemObject to Get the List of Files in a Folder. We will show how to get a list of files in the folder C:\VBA Folder and put it into the first column of the Worksheet. This folder consists of 5 files, as shown in Image 1: Image 1. Files in folder C:\VBA Folder. Here is the code: Sub LoopThroughFiles () Dim oFSO As Object Dim. And let's start by taking a look at what is, perhaps, the simplest case of opening an Excel workbook using VBA: How To Open A Workbook Using VBA: The Basic Case. Within Visual Basic for Applications, the method that opens an Excel workbook is the Workbooks.Open method. The Workbooks.Open method has 15 optional arguments. Each of these 15. VBA to open excel files in teams. I wrote a VBA script to loop through a folder and open any .xls files and it has been working great for 3 months. Since then my team has migrated to Teams and I need to change my file path to the teams folder. Can anyone please assist with a VBA Script that can loop through a teams folder and open any excel.

The above formula works great when you want to get a list of all the file names from a folder in Excel. But what if you want to get the names of only the video files, or only the Excel files, or only the file names that contain a specific keyword. In that case, you can use a slightly different function Hi,I have a macro in Sheet1 that selects data and appends values to Sheet2Here's my code:(Code, 9 lines)The formatting in both sheets is different (Sheet2 contains conditional formatting). Therefore, I cannot simply bring in formats from Sheet1 int Macro in Excel VBA to Import Sheet - Excel VBA to Import Sheet from Closed Workbook This Excel Chart will grab your attention (Infographic template included) Excel Magic Trick 1331: Import Multiple Excel Files \u0026 Sheets into Excel: Power Query Get \u0026 Transform Excel VBA: Copy Data from one Sheet to Another (Absolute Vs VBA to Append the data in multiple Worksheets to a newly created Worksheet in the same workbook at the end of the column. The ranges in all worksheets are Append into the 'Append_Dat' Worksheet(final Worksheet) one after another in column wise at the end of the column

Disable Cut, Copy And Paste Functions With VBA Code Please do as follows to disable the cut, copy and paste functions in an Excel workbook. 1. In the workbook you need to disable the cut, copy and paste functions, please press the Alt + F11 keys s..

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Convert multiple excel files into csv files in VBA ExcelImport multiple csv file to single worksheet by vba excelHow to merge Excel Files and SheetsVBA Module | Insert, Remove, Restore, and BackUp2 Methods to Copy the List of All File Names in a FolderHow to Quickly Copy Watermark from One Email to Another in