When were zippers invented?

When was the zipper invented? And why does everyone use it

About 60 years after the invention of the clothing closure, Gideon Sunback invented the modern zipper in Hoboken, NJ, in 1913. He was married to the manager's daughter at the Universal Fastener Company plant, where he became the head designer The popular North American term zipper, (UK zip, or occasionally zip-fastener), came from the B. F. Goodrich Company in 1923. The company opted to use Gideon Sundback's fastener on a new type of rubber boots (or galoshes) and referred to it as the zipper, and the name stuck.The two chief uses of the zipper in its early years were for closing boots and tobacco pouches The Invention of the Zipper It was later in 1893, Whitcomb Judson invented and marketed the zipper which was originally called a clasp locker. It was originally used as a fastener for high boots and shoes. The patent mentioned that zipper could be used wherever it was desirable to connect two flexible parts In 1906 Swedish born Gideon Soundback joined the Automatic Hook and eye company in America and through trial and error in 1913 invented the first version of a zipper with interlocking teeth to prevent the pulling apart problem called hookless fastener no.1 A year later version 2 which ironed out any previous design faults led the way to commercial success

Interestingly enough, Romans also invented the fibula as an alternative to the button. This was an early version of the safety pin, though the design was lost until it was rediscovered again during the 19th century Industrial Era in the United States. The Middle Ages is when the button's use as a functional fastener started to take hold In December of 1913, more than twentytwo years after Whitcomb Judson's initial invention, Gideon Sundback showed yet one more model to Walker and his associates. This Hookless #2 (Walker first called it the Hookless Hooker) was the modern zipper A U.S born inventor, Whitcomb L. Judson created the clasp locker to clasp shoes and got patent on 7th November 1891. In the year 1913, the modern zipper was invented by a Swedish born scientist Gideon Sundback. ← When was the Airplane invented? When was Bubble Gum invented? Zipper were invented 1891 by Whitcomb L. Judson The first version of the zipper without any major design flaws and essentially indistinguishable from modern zippers was developed in 1914 by Gideon..

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Zippers were first introduced in a primitive form in the 1890s, but were not widely accepted in clothing until the 1930s. Invention of the Zipper The fastener that Americans most commonly call zippers can be traced to the invention of a Midwestern traveling salesman, Whitcomb Judson, in the early 1890s Earlier plastic zippers were available and were most often used as a decorative element. They were heavier and looked similar to the one shown on the left in this photo. Please see my follow-up article on early plastic zippers from the 30's. Nylon wasn't invented until 1935 and it's use for zipper coils did not come until much later The concept of a zipper got its start when an American, Elias Howe, earned a patent in 1851 for his Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure The earliest pants in the Western world were worn by equestrians of Asia minor and eastern Europe. Pants were worn in western Europe in 3rd century BCE. The zipper was invented in 1890. Jeans were first introduced in late 19th century

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The Talon Zipper company was the first zipper manufacturing company. It was founded in 1893 as the Universal Fastener Company, manufacturing hookless fasteners for shoes, but a move to Meadville, Pennsylvania led to it becoming the first manufacturer of zippers 1920s: Zippers were invented in the late 1800s but weren't used in clothing until the 1920s, and only in men's trousers and children's clothing because they were considered vulgar for women to wear! Reason being that a zipper made it too easy to take one's clothes off, thus only easy women would ever want to wear a garment with one The Ziploc bags were first invented by Borge Madsen, in the early 1950s, but he didn't know what to do with it. So, what he did was sold it to these brothers, Max and Edgar Austin. Who created a company named 'Flexigrip' manufacturing plastic zippers. Earlier it had a piece of plastic which had to be slid from one end to the other to seal.

The fasteners were brought to public through the Chicago World Fair in 1893. The response to the product was not good. In 1913, Gideon Sandbank, a Swedish born electrical engineer was hired by the Universal Fastening Company and he introduced the improved version of the zipper Before the zipper was invented, what kinds of fasteners did people use? In biblical times, men and women wore tunics. Tunics were garments made from two pieces of material that were joined. NASA later added Velcro to astronauts' space suits and helmets, finding it more convenient than the snaps and zippers that were previously used. In 1968, Velcro replaced shoelaces for the first time when athletic shoe manufacturer Puma introduced the world's first sneakers fastened with Velcro

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The word zip had appeared in the mid-1800s, meaning to move rapidly.. It is possible that this influenced B. F. Goodrich's choice of a name for the boot. They called the model zipper, and trademarked the name. By the Great Depression the boots were no longer popular, but the name zipper and the public's love of the. about the process he invented to rivet the pocket corners on men's pants to make them stronger. He suggests the two men take out a patent on the process together and Levi agrees. 1873 Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis are granted a patent on the process of riveting pants by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on May 20 Zipper, device for binding the edges of an opening such as on a garment or a bag. A zipper consists of two strips of material with metal or plastic teeth along the edges and with a sliding piece that draws the teeth into interlocking position when moved in one direction and separates them agai Zipper is also known as a pull lock. It is one of the ten inventions that are convenient for people's life in modern times. The appearance of zippers was a century ago. At that time, in some parts of central Europe, attempts were made to replace buttons and bows with belts, hooks and rings, and experiments began to develop zippers Question: When were zippers invented? Answer: First referred to as the clasp locker, or unlocker for shoes, the zipper was patented in 1893 by Judson Whitcomb

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Invented in 1890, zippers are certainly an interesting invention! Browsing through some files, I happened upon a short history of zippers in a Taunton Press article from 1991 by Kathy Sandmann. Whitcomb Judson devised this fastener system in 1890 and called it, the 'C-Curity Placket Fastener. However, the invention was not very successful The town of Meadville, Pennsylvania, where the first zippers were produced via mass manufacturing. In spite of a slow start and a rocky past, by the 1940s the zipper could be found all over the world and was especially well received in England, France, and Germany The toothed zipper tapes were called stringers.. This modern zipper was patented as the Separable fastener, US Patent 1,219,881 March 20, 1917. The B.F. Goodrich Company, which used the zipper for rubber boots, coined the name zipper in 1923. Along with boots, tobacco pouches were where most zippers were used Zipper makers (there were many companies besides the Meadville firm by this time) sold about three hundred million zippers in 1939, twice as many as two years before. As with a number of things—television, nylon, and so forth—consumers were cheated of their newfound marvel during the years of World War II (the basic zipper required precious. Zippers by Goodrich. Goodrich had them added to a new style of boot they were making, They head designer called the new boots, zippers. Though the term was intended to refer to the style of boot, the name soon became permanently attached to the fastening device. Soon after this success, the zipper was added to clothing of various types

A zipper (zip fastener or zip in British English) is a device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric together. It is widely used in clothing, bags and suitcases, purses, tents, sleeping bags and other textiles.. Alternatives that are also frequently used are buttons, Velcro, laces, buckles, and safety pins.. Description. The bulk of a zip consists of two strips of fabric tape, one. It first appeared in the US market in 1960, marketing zippers that were cheaper than Talon's and comparable, if not better. YKK's first US production unit followed 12 years later George Blaisdell invented the first Zippo in 1932 in Bradford, Pennsylvania. The Zippo came with a lifetime warranty and windproof flame that put it miles ahead of the competition. The design of Zippos hasn't changed much since they were first introduced The modern metal zipper was invented in 1914 and used in galoshes and bags until 1927, after which they were also used in men's trousers. They were not common in women's dresses until the late 1930s. YKK - Japan, since 1934. Talon Zippers - U.S., since 1894. Lightning Zippers - Canada. Eclair Zippers - France. KIN Zippers - Germany The name zipper was created in 1923 by B.F. Goodrich. During that time, boots and tobacco pouches were the primary use for zippers. At the time of World War II the zipper was accepted for fashion on the flies of trousers and the plackets of skirts and dresses. Gideon Sundback also invented the manufacturing machine for the zipper

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  1. This page will help identify types of vintage zippers and the time period that they were primarily used, as well as give a brief history about the company behind the zipper. Additional information with details about each type of zipper will be available in the near future by clicking on the photo below
  2. Buttons. Lots of them. And they used buttonhooks to do them up. > from the mid-Victorian era until just after the First World War, no home was without a selection of buttonhooks and most people - men and women - carried one with them.The.
  3. ated the zipper market up until the 1980's, when Japanese manufacturer YKK.

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8. Zippers. Although not called the zipper until the B.F. Goodrich Company coined the term in 1923, the hookless fastener was perfected by Gideon Sundback during World War I. The first major. Some zippers are visible, however others are hidden from view under special textile flaps, and these zips are particularly useful for dresses or camouflage clothing. The first patented zipper with a slider, filed in 1891, was designed by American Whitcomb Judson and it was called a 'clasp locker', and originally invented for use on shoes The word zipper finally entered the lexicon in 1923. The rubber company B.F. Goodrich introduced a pair of rubber boots with the name zipper. The name was originally used for the brand of boot, but the word became associated with the fastening mechanism. In the 1920s, zippers still weren't widely used

When was Zipper invented? A U.S born inventor, Whitcomb L. Judson created the clasp locker to clasp shoes and got patent on 7th November 1891. In the year 1913, the modern zipper was invented Read more Since my first day of kindergarten in 1995, my JanSport and I were inseparable. It was a fluorescent green SuperBreak model. My dad wrote my name on the front with a Sharpie (he did his best to. Zippers provide easy opening and secure fastening to luggage, clothing, and even plastic bags. Although zippers are found in many everyday items today, the zipper did not immediately interest people when it was first invented. Elias Howe (1819-1867), inventor of the sewing machine, patented the first zipper in 1851 THE zip didn't take off until 1918 when the US navy realised that it would make an excellent fastener for flying suits. The name zipper was coined in 1926, and has since been shortened to zip in. The magazine and fashion industry made the novel zipper the popular item it is today, but it happened nearly eighty years after the zipper's first appearance. Elias Howe, who invented the sewing machine received a patent in 1851 for an 'Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure.' Perhaps it was the success of the sewing machine, which caused Elias.

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  1. ers and workers who needed to wear something sturdy and reliable. 1990: Button-fly jeans were more popular than zipper-fly jeans. These sorts of jeans relied on buttons
  2. Others claim belt loops were also used, albeit rarely, on military uniforms during the Civil War. Levi's historian Lynn Downey says, We first put belt loops on our 501 jeans in 1922. However, we didn't remove the cinch and the suspender buttons. Older customers just kept using the cinch and suspenders
  3. If Waldes zippers were not used before 1946 then it cannot be earlier but my first thought when you first posted was late '30's- early '40's. If 1946 is the earliest it can be then I think the dress is mid-late '40's - very early '50's. I definitely think the zipper is early and original. Lin
  4. Reclosable zipper bags had gained interest but they were still expensive and complicated to make, mainly due to the fact that the zippers had to be heat sealed to the bags, which added time and cost. This all changed when Steven Ausnit learned of a Japanese company, Seisan Nippon Sha, that had incorporated a zipper right into the bag

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Among the first applications were its use in loose leaf binders and flat briefcases. The expense of manufacturing the tab style plastic zippers prohibited them from becoming widely used by consumers initially, but then Steven Ausnit - one of the founders of the family-owned Flexigrip company - came up with the idea of a press-and-seal. YKK initials on a zipper stand for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha, which is the biggest zipper manufacturer in the world. The Zippo lighter derived its name from the zipper because the inventor liked the way the word zipper sounded. It took almost 20 years before zippers were used in children's clothing and men's trousers in the 1930s 10 Everyday Items Brought To Us By the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. In 1892, when Christopher Columbus was still considered a hero, the United States wanted to hold a world's fair to commemorate the 400 th anniversary of his mis-navigation. Chicago, which existed on the blood of slaughterhouses and continued to rise from the ashes of its. The zipper came into common use for children's clothing and men's trousers in the 1920s and 1930s, but it was not until World War II that the zipper was widely used in North America and Europe. You have to remember that pants had not been invented when Deuteronomy 22:5 was written and didn't start appearing until thousands of years later. However this is not the argument, the argument is that pants were made for men and belong to men, and so should not be worn by women. Let's look at the scripture. Deuteronomy 22:5

History of Thimbles. A thimble is a protective covering worn over finger tips generally during sewing. The first thimbles date back to about 30,000 years ago that were used when mammoth hunters sewed pearls onto pieces of leather. A Dutch metal worker made the first thimble as we know today in England around the year 1695 10 Military Inventions We Use Every Day. Many inventions that we use today were invented by the military—from zippers to Super Glue and even computers. FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and. Zippers as Garment Fasteners. The first zip as we know it today was invented in 1913 by electrical engineer Gideon Sundback, though it was in 1851 that the first patent for an 'automatic continuous clothing closure' was filed

Zippers abound in the show, which takes place before the zipper was invented. But what Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy definitively did not have were fucking zippers,. It had actually been patented in 1851. The Judson C-curity Fastener was not a commercial success. In the '30s, BF Goodrich renamed the fastener the zipper and it became popular. Of course, any Army vet knows Uncle Sam calls it a Standard Slide Fastener. Why use one word when three will do? Speaking of snaps, when were ginger snaps invented?

Zippers were invented in 1893. Buttons on sleeves were Napoleon Bonaparte's idea. First seen during the time he ruled, buttons on sleeves are now taken for granted. Rumour has it that Napoleon. A GG medallion zipper pull on a brown Gucci nylon canvas tote bag. But a medallion zipper pull such as the ones above DO NOT guarantee authenticity! Just a little warning. Metal Pulls. The first photo of this post is the ugly and fake metal zipper pull. Below is an example of an authentic metal zipper pull The soy sausages were not the only ones Adenauer invented in his lifetime. But, the meatless sausages were his lasting contribution to humankind. 8. Zippers. Gideon Sundback is credited for the invention of the zipper which was first used extensively by the army in WW1 The history of adhesive tape occurred during its first appearance in 1845. Dr. Horace Day, a surgeon used a rubber adhesive applied to strips of fabrics to make a new invention called Surgical Tape. In 1921 Earle Dickson, a cotton buyer for Johnson and Johnson invented the Band-Aid. The surgical strips created by Horace Day kept falling off his. Zip ties were first fabricated by Thomas & Betts in 1958 under the brand name Ty-Rap. The idea of the zip ties came to Maurus C. Logan while he was excursions a Boeing aircraft manufacturing facility in 1956. He noticed aircraft wiring was a bulky, unmanageable, and intricate work which involved the use of boundless feet of wire kept on sheets.

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Squirrel Nut-Zippers. When Necco's brands were picked over after the company's closure last year, the poor Squirrel Nut-Zipper didn't find a new manufacturing home. Named after a prohibition-era cocktail and originally produced by Squirrel Brand Company, the nutty-vanilla caramels were a penny candy akin to BB Bats and Tootsie Rolls First jeans and zippers were made by hand and in small numbers. In time methods of making jeans and zippers changed as technology advanced. Here you can find out how jeans and zippers are made. How Jeans are made? Like every other product, blue jeans to have a method of making - a manufacturing process which goes from the cotton field to the. We invented ski-doos, jet-skis, velcro, zippers, insulin, penicillin, zambonis, the telephone and short wave radios that save countless lives each year. We ALL have frozen our tongues to something metal and lived to tell about it. A Canadian invented Superman. The handles on our beer cases are big enough to fit your hands with mitts on Marc Zorn. -. November 29, 2014. 0. 15754. Bobby pins were invented during the flapper era that happened after World War I. The bobbed hair that was being worn needed to be held in to place. Luis Marcus, who invented the Bobby pins, originally sold them as a pair $0.35. At one point, he was going to name his new invention the Marcus pin

Zippers; Stainless Steel; Let's take a closer look at these inventions of World War 1. Trench Coats. Trench coats were not created to be fashionable. Designers of trench coats created them purely to satisfy a practical need. That need was as a replacement for the heavy wool greatcoats that were issued to British military officers It's so desirable that some people were robbed of their high-priced sneakers, and a few were murdered. 2000: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art hosted an exhibit called Design Afoot: Sneaker. Many inventions that we use today were invented by the military - from zippers to Super Glue and even computers. Find out more in this episode of History Countdown. Related Videos. 0:21. Food That Built America | Sundays at 9/8c. HISTORY. 13K views · June 11. 9:22. 9 GREATEST UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT HISTORY. HISTORY

Early on, zippers were mainly used on boots and pouches that held tobacco. It would be another 20 years before the fashion industry began to use zippers on clothing. One of the first uses on closing was replacing the buttons on pants with zippers. Today, zippers remain very popular. They can be found on all sorts of clothing and other products The origins of the zipper date back to 1851, when Massachusetts machinist Elias Howe patented the Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure. his zippers were reportedly used in U.S. Navy. Let's learn some facts about zippers. 1. Invented - Zippers are not like buttons, they are a modern invention. Modern zippers were invented in 1913, that's relatively recent! 2. Inventor. Inventions You Didn't Know Are Swiss: The Zipper. Dimitri Burkhard. December 6, 2010. 1 min read. Apart from cellophane, the invention of the zipper is a nice example of what happens when Swiss and Americans collaborate. But more on cellophane later. First patented in the United States in 1851, the pre-zipper differed from today's model in.

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The zipper is an American product, Chicago-born. In 1893, Whitcomb Judson, an Illinois inventor, introduced his patented Clasp Locker or Unlocker for Shoes at the World's Fair. Judson's. Possibly the Most Radical Innovation to Zippers in Over a Century. By Liz Neporent February 12, 2014. After more than 100 years, the zipper has finally gotten a makeover, thanks to inventor Scott. History was made when zip ties were invented in 1958 by an electrical company named Thomas & Betts. Ty-Rap was the original name of the device. Initially, zip ties were designed to harness airplane wires. The original design used a metal tooth inside the pawl The button was invented in the late Middle Ages, and because of the sumptuary laws, only wealthy women were allowed to have buttons on their clothing, Hally, who runs The Ultimate Fashion History YouTube channel, explained. Wealthy women were dressed by their maids, and so the buttons were positioned where they were for maids, as most.

When you research the inventor of the ballpoint pen, one name always pops up at the top: László Bíró. And, while it is true that he's the inventor of the modern ballpoint pen, another man paved the way for Bíró. John J. Loud. His name is John J. Loud, a Harvard-educated lawyer, leather tanner, and inventor born on November 2, 1844 Imagine being a parent in an era when zippers and snaps were yet to be invented and the pants that were available were too complicated and had too many accessories, which made it almost impossible for a small boy to put them on all by himself The boots, which were originally going to be named the Mystik Boot, were renamed the Zipper when Goodrich employees reported that the company's president showed boundless enthusiasm for the new design. The term zipper, initially the name of just the boot, eventually came to signify Sundback's invention as well The Story of the Invention of the Potato Chip Is a Myth. Everyone knows the potato chip was invented in Saratoga Springs, NY in 1853. Except it wasn't. In the summer of 1853, in the cavernous dining room of Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York, Cornelius Vanderbilt, a wealthy steamship owner, waited for his dinner 13 things invented by Canadians: 1. The Zipper. The zipper has a long history of innovation, but the man credited with the invention of the modern version of the zipper is Gideon Sundback, a Swedish-American electrical engineer. In 1906 he moved to Canada to work for the Universal Fastener Company in St. Catharines, Ontario where he married the.

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Zippers were prohibited and hook and eyes closures were limited, so corsetieres turned to lace up fastenings and elastic fabric. When the war ended in 1945, it was time for a breath of fresh air after years of going without. Although rationing continued in most countries, by 1947 Christian Dior was able to revolutionise fashion by launching his. It's a zipper manufacturer named after Tadao Yoshida, who founded it in 1934. By one estimate, the company makes half the zippers on Earth, which is more than 7 billion zippers each year. Yoshida didn't invent zippers. In fact, zippers were invented by an American, Whitcomb L. Judson, in the 1890s. He called it a chain lock fastener It's a battle fought between two camps, button believers and zipper zealots, with each side believing their method superior. For denim puritans, it's button or bust. The button fly has gained widespread appeal in recent years for its classic vintage look, and traces roots all the way back to the original pair of 501s created on May 20, 1873 WE INVENTED MAGZIP. I really want to thank you for your amazing zippers!!!! My 9 year old son has autism, as well as many fine motor difficulties, and last year we were lucky enough to come across your Under Armour hoodies! It was life changing for him. He can confidently zip his own without asking for help

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  1. The A-2 Flight Jacket arrived in the early 1930s. The A2 flight jackets were created mainly out of horsehide or goatskin. The A2 jackets were designed with heavy duty fasteners, cuffs and knit waists. Both of the A1 and A2 jackets have similar cuts, but unlike the A1 jacket that had buttons, the A2 were fitted with sturdy zippers instead
  2. The idea for zipper was born earlier. In 1893 there was shown a device called a clasp-locker. 1916 - Radio tuners were invented, that received different stations. History of the radio began far away, in 19 th century, but first tuning system was patented in 1916. That was work of Ernst Alexanderson
  3. The zipper wasn't technically invented during World War I, but it became mainstream during the conflict, when military suppliers suddenly had a massive need for flight jackets and other military.
  4. He recalled that sometime around the early 1960s, his company persuaded Columbia Records to try a plastic sleeve with the zipper on top for albums. At the final meeting, we were all set to go
  5. In 1841, insignia called distinguishing marks were first included as part of the official uniform. An eagle and anchor emblem, a forerunner of the rating badge, was the first distinguishing mark. In 1886 rating badges were established, and some 15 specialty marks were also provided to cover the various ratings
  6. By 1989, Body Glove invented the non-zip wetsuit. New materials such as spandex and other thermoplastic materials were developed for warm water wetsuits, since these materials provide little thermal protection. Titanium was added to some wetsuits in the 90's and is now is a regular feature of high-end wetsuits
  7. 9. Zipper . Elias Howe perhaps invented the idea of the zipper with his 1851 patent of a Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure, but his idea was never marketed seriously as his sewing machine company was doing well at the time. In 1893, Whitcomb Judson received a patent for a Clasp Locker, which was a similar idea to Howe's patent in 1851

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(Reinforced buttonholes weren't invented until the mid-13 th century). Percent% Buttons in this period almost never appeared in straight rows, but were used singly as sartorial flourishes According to design curator Paola Antonelli, the hoodie's history stretches back over 3,000 years to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Yes, your fave sweatshirt's ancestors were invented before democracy itself. Hoodies would once again have a moment with Medieval monks. Think: piousness but make it fashion. By the 17th century, women had. Making stringers — metal zippers. 1 A stringer consists of the tape (or cloth) and teeth that make up one side of the zipper. The oldest process for making the stringers for a metal zipper is that process invented by Otto Sundback in 1923. A round wire is sent through a rolling mill, shaping it into a Y-shape

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  1. 3/ Zippers come in many different colors and sizes. 4/ In the past, in the United States, people used buttons for their shoes and clothes. 5/ It was not easy for people to put on or take off their shoes or clothes. 6/ People wished that clothes were easier to put on and take off. 7/ An American engineer, Judson invented the zipper in 1893
  2. Made for children up to 14 years old, the garments were a hit a sold in more than 3,500 stores. Zip It Up. Because the zipper wasn't invented until the early 20th century, most of Dr. Denton's blanket sleepers featured button closures, which fastened the front opening and rear flap
  3. Designs for color TV were proposed before 1940, but CBS researchers invented and produced one, looking at the earlier designs. Then CBS sold some color TV sets and began broadcasting on some East Coast stations. CBS was sued later on and these lawsuites along with low sales stopped production. New companies redesigned color televisions after that
  4. Invented by the American physician Sidney I. Russell. The Zip A Swede, Gideon Sundback, working in America, invented the zipper. Belgian chocolates Chocolate pieces filled with a soft fondant center were invented by Jean Neuhaus II, a Belgian chocolatier. Slot Car
  5. The familiar black or green plastic garbage bag (made from polyethylene) was invented by Canadians Harry Wasylyk and Larry Hansen. The new garbage bags, intended for commercial use, were first sold to the Winnipeg General Hospital. They later became popular for home use. 1954. Robert W. Vergobbi patented zipper storage bags
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In 1418, an Italian engineer, Giovanni Fontana (or de la Fontana), constructed a human-powered device consisting of four wheels and a loop of rope connected by gears, according to the. The subject of zippers is brought up most often when men are told theirs are down. When I see a twistem on a loaf of bread or a clip on a bag of chips, when I see a roll of double-sided tape or a magnetized picture frame, I ask myself why I didn't think of that. The only things I ever invented were teenage excuses for being late There were inventions made during World War I made for the civilians in WWI and not for soldiers. Many inventions were used by the soldiers though because they had low supplies. Sun Lamp: In 1918, children in Berlin were suffering from rickets which was a disease that had deformed your bones. The cause of this disease was unknown at the time Whitcomb L. Judson was an American engineer from Chicago, Illinois, who invented a metal zipper device with locking teeth in 1890. Judson patented his clasp-locker'' on Aug. 29, 1893; later in 1893, he exhibited this new invention at the Chicago World's Fair The zipper is an invention that has changed the world, it was invented in 1913, but we still use it today. In 1851 a man named Elias Howe created something like it called an Automatic, Continuous clothing closure which inspired the invention of the zipper Some very weird and wonderful things were created during the Industrial Revolution (c. 1750-1900) and the 1850s in particular - the same decade that Ballarat's gold rush got underway - saw some fascinating inventions and innovations. Seafaring Inventions SS Great Eastern (ship) - Isambard Kingdom Brunel was an incredible engineer and designer during the earl